234 - From waiting tables to top publicity service: Tom interviews Mitch Davis - Screw The Commute

234 – From waiting tables to top publicity service: Tom interviews Mitch Davis

Mitch Davis from ExpertClick.com and he's got news release wire, also, blogs, syndication and you get news, interviews, exposure and search engine optimization traction for all kinds of experts and consultants and speakers and other professionals.

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[03:49] Tom's introduction to Mitch Davis

[05:31] About Expert Click

[08:07] Different service levels and what people do with it

[14:18] You still need to produce quality to use this service

[20:07] The modern way to do press releases

[24:54] Had other jobs long long ago

[31:51] Getting in the Expert Click Yearbook

[34:42] This can be set-and-forget or be hands on active

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 234 – Mitch Davis
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with Episode 234 of Screw the commute podcast. We got a repeat guest. You know, I very seldom have repeat guests, but this guy can do a lot for you, so I want to have him back on. It's been quite a while. It's been a hundred and forty. Hundred and thirty episodes. He's been on so. So I want to bring him back because he. He has a very, very important service that every business person should know about. So we'll bring Mitch Davis on in a minute. Hope you didn't miss Episode 233. Boris Pfeiffer. He's a cancer survivor who quit the corporate life after traveling the world with high paying jobs. He had he had the most miles on two different airlines that has anybody ever had. So, however, you know, that sounds cool. He attributes part of that travel to giving him cancer. So he is a cancer survivor, but he decided it wasn't worth it. So he started a lifestyle business just like we promote here called Riddle.com, which is a lead generation quizzes and personality tests, which I use. And I'm going to tell you about just in a moment where you can go take one of the quizzes. So make sure you get a copy of our automation e-book. It's at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. It's the all the automation tips and tricks I use to to run this big business with a skeleton staff. And it used to be just me years ago, but I still use these same techniques. So check them out at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and we sell that book for twenty seven bucks, but it's years free for listening in. Now let's see. Oh wow. You're over there at screwthecommute.com, go to screwthecommute.com/app and get a copy of our podcast app for your cell phone or tablet. And we have complete instructions on how to use all the fancy features. So you have screen captures and you can use all or as little of the features as you want and take us with you on the road. And of course, our sponsor's the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, it's a distance learning school which teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living, either working for someone else or starting your own online business or both. And that's at IMTCVA.org. And you don't have to think about that because everything we do, including links to is all his great stuff well be in the show notes. This is episode 234. So to get to the show notes, you go to screwthecommute.com/234. Perfect for Mitch Davis and all the links that I tell you about. Now, if you want to see one of these quizzes I was just telling you about, go to the school Website, IMTCVA.org/quiz and you can see one of these fantastic quizzes didn't take me long to create. And it's already got, I don't know, six, seven hundred views in the first few days and brought me in and ninety five hundred dollar lead. So it's really powerful stuff and the services are really great rivals stealth seminar which you know that I brag about that guy Geoff Ronning and this new service Riddle has unbelievable service. Within minutes they're helping you and talking to you. Yeah. It's just crazy. So I'm not easily impressed. So anyway, check that out.

[00:03:52] All right. Let's get to the main event. I'm on the line here with Mitch Davis from ExpertClick.com. It's a Web site and he's got news release wire, also, blogs, syndication and you get news, interviews, exposure and search engine optimization traction for all kinds of experts and consultants and speakers and other professionals. The Expert Click Website's based on his annual yearbook of experts. And hey, you got to get on this right now as soon as you hear this, folks. This is the thirty sixth annual 2020 year book and it's got a January 31 deadline. So you want to definitely check out expertclick.com. And because you're listening to this show, you get a 15 percent discount by entering my name, Tom Antion in the special offer box. So, Mitch, are you ready to screw? The commute?

[00:04:46] Absolutely.

[00:04:47] Yeah. Yeah. Hey, good to talk to you, man. Has been awhile.

[00:04:51] Oh, yeah. We go we go way, way back now. Oh. How long you get there for PrankMasters? I'm like the sixth edition of the yearbook.

[00:05:00] That's true. For those of you who don't know, I had a custom designed practical joke company and I got worldwide publicity in part because of matches. Midge's LPO is in Washington Post. Washington Times. Associated Press, Australian Broadcast Network, Canadian Broadcast Network, Tokyo Today Show I did and hundreds of other things based on publicity. That's the power. That's why I said I want to have Mitch back to emphasize with you the power of publicity. So so tell him about expert click in the yearbook and tell him about what you're doing now. And we'll take you back later and see how you came up through the ranks.

[00:05:41] Oh, gosh. We started out as the talk show guest directory. It was just talk shows way back in 1984. And then when then we grew up to being the yearbook of experts, authorities, spokespersons before the Internet came around. And we did a lot of facts broadcasting that's got the talk shows, learning us and knowing about us. And then we went to the Internet with expertclick.com. Tens of thousands of news releases, expert profiles, a lot of inbound links from all the different profiles back to each member. Each member gets full activity by adding content, adding news releases. We actually have a method to automatically pick up and distribute people's blogs on the most powerful things we do. Like every one of your blog posts, everyone who did not cast Tom gets picked up and we've generated tens of thousands of page views for your podcasts as well. That's why it's so good you put up the whole podcast with text because that text is what these search engines or search engines crawl on. Right. So it's just not audio, but it's it's text. That's what makes your service so powerful.

[00:06:52] Yeah, that's that's what we call the show notes. For those of you interested in podcasting, which you should be because it's taken over XM radio and it's a powerful way to get your message out. But by adding the show notes, we have each episode transcribed and then that's what Mitch picks up automatically.

[00:07:09] I just sit here and I see and you know, you're your post has been syndicated by expert collectors, comes in three days a week, you know, every time I do a podcast.

[00:07:19] And that's really convenient. I don't have RSS ringer.

[00:07:23] Our system keeps looking at your Web site for new content. Right. That's not that we're it's a pull technology. And every time you put up new content, it takes us a little while to find it. We aren't looking all the time, but we look on a regular basis. And that's why you see the pick up in a few minutes or an hour after you put something in. We pull it in and push it out.

[00:07:43] That's called RSS feed.

[00:07:45] That isn't ours. You have an RSS feed and we pick it up and we clean it up. And then we just then we distribute it. That's the whole point.

[00:07:52] You clean up my language, bro. You're right.

[00:07:56] Well, you've got to clean up the RSS.

[00:07:59] There's a whole there's a whole syndication thing to make it work and pick up the content correctly. That's one of the things we learn how to do. Really cool.

[00:08:07] Yeah. You know, Lakia handles this for me, I think. And so I really can't remember. Are there different levels of service that you have resources all or nothing?

[00:08:20] Everybody gets the news release wire and the syndication is that's the key to making the system work. It's putting your content out on the Web to make that work for people. And then there's three levels, the signature of the classic and the premiere. And they're based on two different things. First is how big your listing is in the printed your. The signature gets 50 words, classic. It's 150 words and the premier gets a full page. But also on the Web site, when the results come up, the premier people get shown first and then the class people, then the signature people. So you get higher results in the system when you're at that level. Also, we have a couple other related services. One is called Radio Tour, which comes with the classic and the premier. Also, we run a speakers bureau called the International Platform Association, which everybody gets a platform speakers bureau profile in the system if you're a classic or your premier. The barebones is is the signature, but signature does get you the news releases and the blocks. Indications are the most powerful things we have.

[00:09:27] Yeah. And it's it runs like a top.

[00:09:31] You know, I I just told him about my six, you know, some of my successes. I mean, that's not even all of them. But I mean, it's just a few of them to tell them about some of what people have done with this.

[00:09:42] Well, what people do with it is will for you, you can go back and look at your blog posts to see which topics did best. That's one thing. People use the system for us to figure out what's working, what's not working. Also, we pick up and distribute the news releases of talk radio. We got a guy, Rason recently that a whole news release on the dangers of artificial intelligence. And he did very well with talk radio. So he's getting that word out. There's word about Robert Siliciano, as you know, Robin, who's been on air.

[00:10:13] Yeah, he did.

[00:10:14] He does identity theft and he does a lot of outbound links from our system to his Web sites so that he's building inbound links to his copy and in material. So he's very aggressively using the tools of news release wire to make the system work.

[00:10:30] He's a machine.

[00:10:34] And he's in so many different affiliate programs. I can't count on.

[00:10:39] But he's got all this stuff and it sends us news releases. He picks up his affiliate links and is making money left and right. That's what you've got to do with the system. That's what our winners do, is they drive the links, they drive the technology to get all those inbound links, to get more leads and more customers and more news media.

[00:10:57] So what does it take to get set up? Do you have to be a techie to get set up?

[00:11:03] Now, it's really easy. There's just an online form you go to expert click and click on the join button at the top. It's going to ask you a we have sort of three file folders. You have to fill out the first file folders. Who is the participant? Who is a release about. That might be you. It might be a client. It might be what you call your firm. That you get the participant name that you are l the city, the state, so people can find you. And then the subscriber is the person that's in charge of the account is sometimes a different person. The firm is in charge of the subscriber. And the third file folder is the media contact who the media should contact when they see the page. So it's not just Twitter where there's one thing, but we've learned all over years that you have to be three different levels of people to see who they are. And we have a number of PR firms that have lots of clients in the system. It's just amazing to me. Sometimes Scott Lorenz has like 20 authors in the system and he is a great PR service helping authors do PR. Scott Lorenzi, his website is a book marketing expert.

[00:12:07] So is it an agency fee for that, a different fee level?

[00:12:12] It's a different fee level because you can have a dozen, right? Exactly right. Right.

[00:12:16] Yeah. And then we work out a good price. And that's the whole key to the system. Instead of paying five ninety five a year, you're able to have a dozen accounts. Five hundred dollars a quarter.

[00:12:27] Ok. So they basically they fill out. That's that's the basic information. Ben, what's the next step.

[00:12:34] Well the next step is adding your content. You you can send us the link to your blog. We automatically pick up your blocks that goes in and we have a Web site. So we wanted to make news relations simple. So expert is our main site, but we build a Web site at newsclick.com because we wanted an entry page where people can send a news release with seven keystrokes. Cut and paste your headline. Cut and paste your text. Click Popsy. The proof goes live well and that really simplifies it. We wanted to make something as simple as Twitter so you could just go in there and put your content in.

[00:13:09] Yeah. And one thing about news releases, I mean, not all like when people see these free news release sites, you know, where you're being seen nowhere because they have no connection with anything like Google and being and so forth.

[00:13:25] Tell me about the.

[00:13:27] We've been qualified to be picked up by Google Nose, Big Nose, Yahoo! News. So we've done the work to have legitimate clean content that they want for the news release that they want for the news really systems. We also push our content to Lexis Nexis, which is a big online service, which is used by researchers. And, you know, we are way of an expert on child abuse who does Munchausen assists Munchausen syndrome, which is the syndrome where a young child will be sort of coached by the lawyers to say there's something because my lawyers sought to get the child to say, oh, yeah, they will say anything just to please the lawyer. And we got a call from that expert saying The New York Times founder at Lexis Nexis and their search on it. So it's a great tool to be legitimately found by top news media.

[00:14:19] Yeah. And I just have to give people warning just because you sign up with Mitch and he's connected. Don't put out of crap news release. You know, you still got to be news.

[00:14:32] Oh, I'm known to throw some people out when they just don't have good cop. Yeah, exactly. Because they're laughing at the system.

[00:14:40] They'll kill everybody system because. No, they'll quit paying attention to your service. So.

[00:14:44] Well we get we ask people to validate they aren't putting in duplicate content. And one of the things we had to catch people on was putting in these purloined images that are getting people to use these bogus images on our Web site. When you go back to the people say, no, you can't use bogus stolen images because that's duplicate content that hurts you with a search engine.

[00:15:07] Well, worse than that is that some companies, their whole business model is to locate those and sue you with a federal lawsuit.

[00:15:16] Oh, yeah. Copyright infringement.

[00:15:18] We've gotten those letters and then then we send them back. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice saying it wasn't us, it was x, y c expert. Yeah, I meant to throw some people out over that because they just put in crap.

[00:15:30] Well, you did him a favor because I mean the last two that I heard was sixty three hundred they settled for and forty five hundred for one picture on one blogpost.

[00:15:40] Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. And the people are people making means out of them. Nonsense. They use them commercially. They get dinged. Yeah. And they're, they're called the Jedi letter because you guys get the images to Vegas. And for the biggest enforcers of that now people have to watch out for that. Just just be very careful. There's a bunch of Web sites waiting to find free images. But even those images may not be really free because who knows who the original owner is.

[00:16:10] Well, here's the thing. I found a place recently called pexels.com that is totally clear. So you can give attribution if you want to, but you don't have to. It's unbelievable fact. If you go to that quizas mine, all the images that are C each quiz question has an image that goes with it and they're all free from pixels and they're licensing agreement is they don't accept the picture unless it's from an artist that a photographer that took the picture and gave them the rights to distribute it. And they ask you if you want to, you can attribute it, but you don't have to even look crazy. But. Yeah. You can't go to Google Images and trust, you know, they have a thing, OK, for commercial use. Well, you can't trust it. You know, so but pixels so far has been perfect and trustworthy.

[00:17:03] And there's a lot of sites that will sell you images for $2 dollars. And I really like those sites where you pay a small amount because you can go. If somebody comes back to you wanting to thank you for using the image, you can go back to them. So I bought this ad. I'm legitimate here, man. I didn't steal it. And if you want to go after the people as sober, they add here is their contact.

[00:17:24] Yeah. Right.

[00:17:25] That's that's very much so. Yeah. But that's that's just the business of images. Yes. We all get into that. I'm very glad you're using good clean images.

[00:17:35] Oh absolutely. Because I don't want to.

[00:17:38] I've had a federal lawsuit over copyright infringement in the 80s when I had my nightclub and played one song that ask CAP and BMI was sitting in the crowd and was writing down songs unbeknownst to me. And one song, Boom, got me a federal lawsuit. So I'm very attuned to this and teach my students this. Now, one thing you said a while back I want to go back to you said to hook your blog up. You just give them the link to the blog. Do you mean you give them the RSS feed to the blog or you can.

[00:18:11] Well, keep that yourself.

[00:18:13] Many people don't know where the RSS feed is. So we're able to go to a blog and figure out where the RSS feed is from the blog. And yeah. Five percent of the people to put on a resume, a blog listing don't have an answer. Don't you go back to the MSA? Check with your web master list, build that RSS feed. RSS feed is so crucial and being found. Because SEO picks are up too.

[00:18:37] Yeah, but almost everybody has it automatically if you're using modern like WordPress. If they have a blog. But if you're. And that's what they should be doing now as opposed to articles because they're treated they should articles but they should make an RSS on their articles. Well yeah I mean they should, I should. But if they don't want to jump through the extra hoops just make the blog and you'll be redone.

[00:19:00] Antion. You know, we set up our system so that on each profile there's also an outbound RSS feed. So your news releases and your blogs go into our system under your page and then go on to outbound RSS feed and we feed that RSS feed reciprocation into Twitter. Yeah. Yo yo UFL. You can look at your RSS. You can you can connect your Twitter, you can connect your blog up, your Twitter account. And there's so many things you can do with RSS. It's a great tool.

[00:19:32] Yeah, it's a little bit a learning curve. Get your geek to jump on it. Yeah, there is quite a few things. Most most non-techies wouldn't fool with it, but it's worthwhile to you to have had that stuff done.

[00:19:44] Have you heard my dog barking? It's my protection dog. Some squirrel ran by the wind. It's not me clearing my throat. Really?

[00:19:51] You get this break doors. They're sort of like portals. What are what are they, Tom?

[00:19:54] No, those are B Seans. But yeah, they they they're in doggie heaven now. But these are German shepherds here.

[00:20:01] So we have a protection dog company on the side because I like to make my hobbies tax deductible. So we sell protection dogs.

[00:20:09] Oh, that's cool. Yeah. Cool.

[00:20:11] Now press releases have changed a lot since 1980, right? I mean, you can put video and audio and everything else in it. Right.

[00:20:18] We built our press release system so that you can put in plain text. You can put it in HTML. You can put in HTML for opt in forms. Wow. So if you if you want to do a news release and we have a folder system, so it'll automatically pick up your opt in form at the bottom of your blog posts. So if you send one release and pick up that footer with your opt in form, every time we pick up a blog post, allow it opt in form at the bottom of it. We used to do a framed release system, but the frames don't work anymore because of secure sites. So we replaced that with a PIN system and the PIN system allows you to go to go to expert click, click on send pin release, put it into your URL, make a screenshot of that. You are الذي and then add a headline and the release goes out with a screenshot of your URL and that you all hot. So it clicks right to the page. It's really amazing. So when you're picked up by some other media and you want to share a story about yourself, you can pick up and share something. And we have some clients who use the extensively because on their Web sites. They might have a release which is all formatted in some fancy fashion and they don't want to try to figure out to pick up their fancy fashion, put it under our system. But with the HTML send out, you can pick up the same thing you put in your email newsletter as your email newsletters, HTML and put the HTML in our system and you can also pick up your YouTube videos and do a video news release with that system. The dogs love you, don't they?

[00:21:57] They love the squirrels. Yes. She's in a crate right in front of the patio door and the squirrels in the pool. So? So, yeah. And so and so any any of your little geeks can teach anybody out there how to do this? It's copy and paste. Basically, don't get worried with HTML because if they just show you where it is in your email newsletter, you just copy it and slam it into Mrs. system and you don't have to do any coding or anything.

[00:22:27] You just and you can copy and you even use the quick send news release to news click site for that because there's a button on the news click site that says you want to enter text or click here to enter HTML. So and when once people get the very basic summit done, they can do it very easily.

[00:22:44] Yeah. No, I can't remember. Is the yearbook still. Are you still printing it or is it all online, though?

[00:22:52] We still make a PDF of the yearbook and we still make a printed edition for those few journalists to want the printed edition. We send it to them free of charge. We also make it to make the printed yearbook available to Amazon at like $12 a copy so people can get a copy of the printed book if they want to go through.

[00:23:09] Oh, no. No.

[00:23:11] There's so much more information on the net these days. Right. Of course. Is the books just gonna have your profile or the 50 or 50 words on the net? You can have hundreds of news releases. Now, I have people like Robert Siciliano's who's been with me for 15 years and he probably has. I know he's got more than a million page views. I have a number of people like that. Just a very active sending license and the their blog. Getting those patients.

[00:23:41] Yeah. Yeah, it's it's really powerful. I mean, long before the Internet came along, before I met you.

[00:23:47] I my built my whole speaking career on media marketing, I call it, you know, and it was being seen on radio. Yeah, that's a good beat. It is being seen on TV, being on radio, being in print, every medium there was at the time and built my whole speaking career. And and then when the Internet came along, Ms. I'm thinking, oh my God, you mean I can sell my stuff around the world sitting here at my computer or you can be a journalist now you're having a podcast are a.

[00:24:19] So you're able to have people find you because you're now part of the information stream. Yeah. It's not that. It's just not Howard Stern with a million listeners.

[00:24:29] You have to get some press credentials. No press credentials.

[00:24:34] They don't like to really do press for that because there's so many people who are experts who distribute their content because they know by distributing their content, they have more people come to them.

[00:24:46] Now, I want to get into concerts, free concerts for a different. You know that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right.

[00:24:57] So so we. Last time we talked, we went back a little bit. We'll do an abbreviated version because I'm really into this all this new stuff you have on the system now to tell people how to use it. You actually had a job long time ago, right?

[00:25:12] Yeah, I worked in college. I waited tables way, way back and way, way, way, way, way back.

[00:25:18] Boy, that was in I was in the late seventies. Right. Boy was at a different world in Washington, DC. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:25:25] I can tell stories about that. Boy, oh boy. When I got my business degree out of Georgetown and I worked in a gold and silver store. Boy, I learned in business is not when you sell something, you make money, it's when you buy it.

[00:25:42] Good point. But wait, wait. I thought everybody went to Georgetown was filthy rich. Ron, would you be waiting tables?

[00:25:48] Well, some of us didn't have that great opportunity to be built house. Oh, yeah. You know, you really wish you were filthy rich. Georgetown. Wow. Well, I after I paid off my student loans, took me to yesterday. No, no.

[00:26:02] I paid off my student loans in two years. I'm like, I have to have this done. And then then I started having money and I started this business with three thousand dollars. I'm still amazed I can send out that many postal letters and get my first people to reply and bother ninety five dollar profiles in a book that I sent the six hundred talk radio stations, I created the network of people buying to be in the system to be distributing it. And that network has kept going. The first advertising was started in nineteen eighty four was with me for thirty four years.

[00:26:41] Wow. The guy just passed away and I'm going like oh my guy's got nerve.

[00:26:48] Well Tom I know a deal.

[00:26:50] I've been around, I've been around long enough that I've seen lots of members who join us in their fifties and they get great, great action out of it. Then they retire but they're still doing it because they still want to be fired. They have their skin in the game.

[00:27:03] Yeah, well, what's interesting is, is this is, you know, the old cliche, this is really gold for people. But you actually sold gold.

[00:27:12] Yeah. Well, you know, I learned in the coin store you made money when people brought things in to sell them to you and then you could sell them wholesale to somebody else. Oh, yeah. That was totally never marketed. But that's where you're buying. You know, you had the money on the line. I had to be careful buying it. Make sure you got something of value. And that's worth it's about because a lot of those have a lot of businesses. So that one way. Yeah. But you've got to have that value for people.

[00:27:43] So. So with three thousand bucks you turn this into a how many years now.

[00:27:48] Thirty as to the thirty sixth year. Thirty six year career. And you're not right in the DC traffic you screw in the commute.

[00:27:56] I'm screwed the commute because I went virtual eight years ago and I offshored everything. So I no longer have those employee creative problems. I no longer have payroll. I no longer printing. I no longer postage and time. I was in gasoline. I was putting half a million dollars a year on a printing payroll and posting.

[00:28:18] Yeah. Tell me about.

[00:28:21] Yeah. You know, it's just. Oh, my God. Yeah. But that was that was back when it was the Yellow Pages model.

[00:28:26] But even back in those days, I mean getting around town was a bad and nowadays it's, you know, unique features.

[00:28:33] So you got to shoot just off to get in the car to go someplace. Yeah. Yeah. And then I know you guys are out there listening to this podcast in the car.

[00:28:42] So you're saying how can I get out today?

[00:28:45] You know, that commute by creating something where people come to you as part of a network and so much of this business world these days is no longer just selling one thing. It's selling a subscription. Getting the person to buy something that they'll renew again and again and again. And I know when I go on to look for customers, I'm very interested in finding people who will remove. Right. Will who will have an ongoing business like a speaker or a consultant who can get ongoing business from me? No. They want to renew again and again and again. That's the kind of customer I can really help. You know, the guy who is just the children's book author who wants to have one big splash for a children's book. She's not going to last. She's going to be our system for six weeks.

[00:29:36] And you're being sexist. What if I wrote a children's book?

[00:29:39] Well, same thing with you. I would want your kid to read it. You're a children's book from you. Oh, my God. So smart.

[00:29:51] But it's very true that the whole the whole subscription economy, you know, there's there's a there's a barber shop down the street from me that now has a subscription service. You pay them a regular monthly fee and you go in there and get your haircut as often as you want. You know, I want this subscription show this year. There's actually a trade show for people who use subscriptions and membership sites.

[00:30:14] Regular retail, recurring income.

[00:30:16] You people want to start a business. They should really think about how can they do something where the buyer is motivated to come back every year or every month and gets value from you so that you get that recurring income. And I think a lot of people think they're going to start a business and they start selling something and realize, well, why is this guy ever going to buy it the second time?

[00:30:42] You know, that's a tough thing.

[00:30:45] Yeah. I mean, I've made a lot of money over the years. I mean, I say this and this is one of my media hooks, actually. I say I couldn't stop the money coming into my checking account if I tried.

[00:30:56] Right. That's a pretty good media hook. Yeah. Yeah. You got a ding every time in community on your computer key chain saying.

[00:31:03] But then, you know, you can't just do an outrageous hook like that without backing it up. So when I explain how it works, they're like, wow, you know. So but the other recurring income allows me to if we get sick or if I'm I mean, I was in a hunting accident last year, I almost died and my still money was coming in. So so. So I know I had to take three months off to take care of my my mother before she passed and came back with more money than when I when I left, I let myself back.

[00:31:36] So.

[00:31:38] So, you know, a lot of businesses are like ours are you get top line revenue. And if you can keep that top line revenue are not spending it because you've got that recurring revenue that comes again and again and again, you really are ahead of the game.

[00:31:53] That's that's for sure. So tell tell him. You know, you got a deadline coming up. If they're listening to this when it releases, they only have maybe eight, 10 days to get in.

[00:32:05] Or is January 30 first as the deadline for our 36 annual year book of experts authority? The spokesperson of being in the book gets you a whole year of everything we have, it's you and gets you the news release wire I to the blog. Syndication makes all the parts happen for you.

[00:32:21] So if they listen to this after that, which these things have a long life, they can still join. They just wouldn't be in the printed version and look at all the other benefits.

[00:32:31] Yeah, they wouldn't be in that particular book. They'd be down the road. It might take a year for them to get into the next book.

[00:32:37] Right. Right. Tell them where to go and what to do.

[00:32:41] Well, I mean, he knows about.

[00:32:46] Well, you know, I've told two people were to do they get to be on you?

[00:32:53] First, you want people to go and experience what it's about. OK. Go to the expert Web site and pull it down on the bottom, which says, what's your topic? Money, sex or death? And you'll see it when you click on that button. You'll see all the primary topics of people who are in the system. So you want to be able to choose Bendel's primary topics as you can. So you cross index and connect with other experts. It's a whole part of the system is connecting with other people. So their links and benefit, you know, you want to have something that's connected to these people so that somebody else sends a news release about podcasting.

[00:33:32] Well, it's going to link to your favorite topics and then link back to his right. Topics. Are you Connexions?

[00:33:38] So you're kind of in a giant network of people.

[00:33:41] Yeah, you're right. You're a network of people because you benefit from everybody in the system and the people higher level higher level listings benefit more because you're shown above the people that the lower list on what the Web site is expertclick.com.

[00:34:00] Or go to newsclick.com, you can join there to knowest click.com or expertclick.com. Click on the join button. It'll show you the options. We'll show you the different benefit levels. And when you click to join. There's a special offer box down there at the bottom and you have you fill out your participant and your subscriber information and your credit card. I'll ask you, do you have a special offer? A special offer is Tom Antion saying 15 percent? Tom here Antion in there and we know and give you 50 percent off. And because of a subscription, that 50 percent off is guaranteed for life. Never raise your rate. And I have people been with me 20 years. They still have that 20 year old rate. Wow. So we're able to do that going for people. Yeah.

[00:34:46] Yeah. And it's I mean, it really once you set it up, if you're not actively doing press releases, you're still automatically sending out through your RSS feed every time you do something else. So, yes, it can be set it and forget it or you can be more active. You can choose whichever whichever way you want to work it.

[00:35:04] The people that are active get value because they see their page views. Mm hmm. And from from different headlines and different stuff they're doing, they can see what gets traction. Some releases might get two thousand page views, some releases might get 200 based on what people are searching on.

[00:35:24] Well, and that knowledge can be taken outside of your system to there other things that they do. Oh, yeah. And there's have videos on Facebook mostly.

[00:35:34] And there's people that do evergreen stuff. Well, they find things that work and just keep doing those top topics because they're there. And there are also people that do news jacking. Well, I know Jeff is in the news. So let's put out a news release right away on the same topics. So they get found at Google knows because Google loses looking for them. More and more people are using Google alerts. Yeah. You know, you should make sure people know about Google Alert.

[00:35:59] Oh, absolutely. We started clipping several episodes ago. gecko's. I got my my buddy and one of my my students and I'm one of his students in martial arts.

[00:36:09] He's an active shooter expert. So he's on Google Alerts. And as soon as an active shooter happens somewhere, which unfortunately is more often than it should be.

[00:36:18] He gets notice and then he calls up the media and that puts out a press release and then calls up the media directly. Hey, I'm an expert and is doing I think he did 90 things in the last couple of months.

[00:36:29] You know, unfortunately, he gets value out. Well, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:36:34] I mean, it's it's a sad thing with somebody who's got to do it. And he's saving lives by teaching people. So you. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So. All right.

[00:36:41] Well, Mitch, thanks so much for bringing us up to date on this. Everybody get over there to expertclick.com or newsclick.com. Right. You got it, buddy. Yeah. Newsclick.com and get in there and put my name in there for a 15 percent discount.

[00:36:56] And then and if they have any questions how they get in touch with you.

[00:37:01] Well, there's a phone number all over the site. I've got a very basic phone number 202-333-5000. Butif, you know, I was easy to remember. We have what we know. The customer supports the most important thing we can do. Also, it's supported experts like.com. So we make sure you can get e-mail. There's actually a chat box on our Web site. So if somebody is here online, hit that chat box and we'll get back to as soon as we can. That sounds good to me. That box is a big deal. People should have more of those.

[00:37:32] Absolutely. Yeah. And we've we even have a thing called SpeakPipe where they can leave me a voicemail right through the computer. So I get an email and I click on it and I can listen to the what they said right into my Web site so that speakpipe.com.

[00:37:47] You can also get it transcribed. We have our system will transcribe the message and text it. Nice. Oh, I learned right away what's going on. So we can help people. That's the whole point of the system. That's it's not just do it yourself. It's. Yeah. A lot of stuff is do it yourself or automated. We made news like so easy. So watch yourself. But people have questions or people want to. I call people up and say, you know, why don't you have these five topics? Why do you do a news release on this topic? Because we know it's big. I like having a personal relationship because that's what makes it work.

[00:38:20] That's for sure. That's for sure. All right, everybody. So this has been my buddy Mitch Davis on here with expertclick.com and newsclick.com and jump right on this because you can get into the big catalog and then you'll be hey, you can get results very quickly with this system, too. So. So get over there and sign up for it and we'll catch everybody on the next episode. See you later.

[00:38:49] I'll leave that in, along with the dog barking.

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