230 - She's 55 and makes 18 year olds jealous: Tom interviews Becca Tebon - Screw The Commute

230 – She’s 55 and makes 18 year olds jealous: Tom interviews Becca Tebon

Becca Tebon missed 20 percent of her elementary years due to illnesses and surgery to remove a massive tumor from her left breast at age 14. So she also had a poor self-image and poor relations with herself and food. But as a college student athlete, she learned to make changes in her diet. She's shifted her mindset and decided to manage her health holistically. Today, she is 13 years med free and pain free. Becca works one on one with others to help pinpoint specific challenges and find solutions.

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[04:01] Tom's introduction to Becca Tebon

[08:40] Definition of “flexitarian”

[12:45] Becca's challenge to create a lifestyle habit

[16:03] US News & World Report diet rankings

[20:37] Getting rid of medications and being pain free

[23:34] Having other jobs before what she's doing now

[28:51] Sponsor message

[30:07] A typical day for Becca and how she stays motivated

[41:52] Getting blood tests to see where you're at

[45:10] Talking about diet and lifestyle

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Becca Tebon Fitness

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 230 – Becca Tebon
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with episode 230 of Screw the Commute podcast. We're here with one of my favorite people is Becca Tebon. She is a young lady who after struggling with she's like we just had a little pre conversation about ageism. After struggling with digestive problems asthmatic bronchitis and degenerative disc disease, since birth, she had chronic daily pain, excruciating migraines, chronic fatigue and multiple food intolerances that went undiagnosed. Even in to her teen years. So she decided to chuck all her meds. And she was just tired of treating the symptoms instead of the cause. And you're going to love her when we bring her on a little later. So that's what's coming up. And also, by the way, there are if you ever heard of Bumble or Tinder, where people go to date and stuff, there's thousands and thousands and thousands of 18 year olds on there that wish they look like her. I can tell you. So there you go. So I hope you didn't miss episode twenty nine. It was one of my Monday training sessions on quizzes. And I'm going to have a quiz for you here in a moment. And on Wednesdays and Fridays, I interview great entrepreneurs like Becca. So check out 229 later and I'll give you all the ins and outs of how you can do massive lead generation using quizzes. And let's see. Make sure you get a copy of my automation e-book. It's a freebie for listening to the podcast that we charge. Twenty seven bucks for it, but it's yours free for listening and you can check it out at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And by the way, all of these links and Becca's stuff and everything will be in the show notes for episode 230. And when you want to find an episode, you go to screwthecommute.com/230. You'll go right to Becca and see all her cool pictures and all her links and stuff. So grab a copy of that book then also get a copy of our podcast app so you can do all kinds of cool things with us on your cell phone and your tablet while you're on the road and that's screwthecommute.com/app. All right. Our sponsor is the Internet Marketing Training Center in Virginia. It's a distance learning school which teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living, either working for someone else or starting your own online business or both. You can check it out at IMTCVA.org and we give big scholarships for law enforcement, first responders and military. And we have a special Department of Defense scholarship for military spouses. So we want to thank all those people that keep us safe and allow us to do what we do. Now, speaking of quizzes, if you go to IMTCVA.org/quiz, if you have anybody in your family or you or a nephew or niece or grandchild or something that's thinking about going to college, you must take this two minute quiz. That's going to expose a lot of things that colleges and universities are ripping you off, both financially and with the quality of education. So just be prepared to be mad after you take this two minute quiz. But it could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

[00:04:05] Let's get to the main event. Becca Tebon missed 20 percent of her elementary years due to illnesses and surgery to remove a massive tumor from her left breast at age 14. And I have been begging her in a scientific fashion just to show this to me. She has refused. Science only, science only. It's only for our listeners so that they they get a lot of the podcast. So. So she also had a poor self-image and and poor relations with herself and food. As I said, you will see her in the show notes now. And when you visit her Web site, you just won't believe any of this is true. But as a college student athlete, she learned to make changes in her diet. She's shifted her mindset and decided to manage her health holistically. Today, she is 13 years med free and pain free. Becca works one on one with others to help pinpoint specific challenges and find solutions and train people how to strengthen their mind and body as well as nourish it in the most delicious. I have trouble pronouncing all the stuff she does, so it's plant based flexitarian style. Beeca, are you ready to screw the commute?

[00:05:36] You know, anytime I can screw anybody, I'm happy to do so.

[00:05:39] Oh, is that right. Well, that's a whole different show.

[00:05:45] Do you like lead generation for like dating sites too?

[00:05:49] Absolutely. But you don't need it. You got guys lined up from here to Toledo.

[00:05:55] I am in a yummy, delicious, healthy five year relationship. So, no, I don't need it. But you are so funny. And thank you. Thank you for all your you're humor. And you know, there was a time to be honest with you that I didn't feel pretty. So it's it's fun to be played like you like to play, because there's a lot of women out there that probably are feeling the way that I used to feel and very inept and not not happy inside. Not feeling that feeling pretty. Not feeling sensual or passionate. Maybe they don't even have a passion in life right now. Maybe they're going through some transitions and transformations of themselves and their relationships with their spouse or children or who knows? You know, especially I work with mostly women in their 40s, 50s and 60s. And all kinds of stuff happens in those years that, you know, we weren't prepared for school, didn't teach us. And if you don't have a parent or a mother figure that tells you the truth, you are screwed.

[00:07:01] Yeah. That that's for sure. And now on that, you still do the thing on Mondays. Monday mornings I think.

[00:07:08] I do them sporadically. So Monday morning, the motivation, it's going to start coming back on. Actually, this coming Monday. So I'm I'm excited to do that. I'm changing the time because I was I played with different times.

[00:07:24] Before some ungodly hour.

[00:07:26] At first it was at 6:00 or 6:30 I have clients. I'm out I'm out the door at 5:30 to meet my first client. And so, too, I had to leave it aside. So I'm doing things more at like one or 11-11-11. So I've definitely put that on my Web site. And there's a calendar that shows where I am. You can. It's like, you know, where's Becca today? So you guys can find me and what I'm doing and how I can support your life in some of the freebies and things that I have, which I don't really freebies. I can't give back. You know, there's two hands that God gave us. And I've been very blessed to have many people, including Tom, give me a hand up. And so because of that, I believe in helping others.

[00:08:13] I think that was when I patted you on the butt one time.

[00:08:17] You did not. He's not as he sounds, he makes him sound like a male chauvinist friggin pig. He's really not. He's a really nice and intelligent human being. Well, that's what I keep telling myself.

[00:08:28] I know you can you can give it back. So. So tell us. So tell us about this flexitarian thing. I've never heard of that before. What does that mean?

[00:08:48] Yeah. So I have you know, we talked about me helping people one on one, which I love to do because many people need a masterclass. There's not a cookie cutter thing. If you if you if you fall in to this cookie cutter world or think that there's a cookie cutter solution for your health, your weight, you're wrong. So I, like many others, have created a program that can suit many people. But there's still some oddities out there that need a little bit more hand-holding. The program that I'm launching right now and I'm going to be doing every month is a different program. A different challenge is a plant based flexitarian. In a minute, fasting. And that's how I eat and that's how I've been eating for five years. And it really changed my relationship with food. It changed my hunger. It changed my skin. You know, you laugh that I'm fifty five and I don't necessarily look fifty five. I think I do in my face. I've got I've got the Sharpay, you guys. And I'm working on that, too, with another company out in Texas that says get me some products. My body is still rock-hard.

[00:09:55] That's what I say. Nobody looks at your face. I got to stop you here because as soon as I. Read about as soon as I saw plant based, I kind of tuned out. So let's let's get that off the table right now because, you know, I got a whole freezer for a deer meat and stuff. So this is more than just vegetarian stuff.

[00:10:24] So plant based flexitarian, you guys, is how I eat. And it's taking me a while to be like ninety nine point nine nine nine percent plant based. And I don't think anybody can just dive in and change things overnight. So if you're trying a new diet, a new fad out, if you're trying in Mediterranean or the Keto or I'll talk about that in just a moment, because the top 30 different type of diets were ranked inside the top. Twenty five different diets were ranked this past year in U.S. News and World Report, which is a source that I highly value. And I'll share some of this stuff with you guys. But to step back to the plant based flexitarian is just that it allowed the flexitarian allows people to take what I share and make it flexible. So you like deer. So I'm talking about getting away from people thinking that plant based means salads. It means lettuce. It means eating like a bunny rabbit, because it's it's further from the truth. I do like to have a salad a day, but I have to tell you, I haven't had a salad in the last three days. Why? Because I eat my vegetables in other ways and in different forms. Grilled and broiled. And I have actually created and we're gonna be putting together a really nice program later on this year. My six main food programs, which is spiralizing grains, tacos, pizza, squashes and desserts. Does anybody want to know how to either healthy dessert or have pizza and make it healthy or tacos? Right. So I'm not about teaching people how to make a salad. I think that's pretty easy. People get sick of salads and so do I. So I decided to take on a different genre within the plant based mode and really dumbing it down and make it super, super simple and super tasty and super nutritious at the same time so kids can even make it. And kids like it. Right. So that's the key. If if kids like it. And dogs will eat it, then, you know, you're onto something. Dogs are pretty picky too. So you've got a couple of dogs.

[00:12:33] Yeah. I haven't noticed them being picky of not being picky. But I have been around dogs a lot. So. So, yes, you're right. Some will turn their nose up stuff. You got some kind of challenge coming up or what?

[00:12:51] Yeah. So every month my my personal members in my 17 minute program, my fit program. It's a it's a workout mindset and food program. Each month they get a challenge and they decided for 2020, my vision was to expand it out. I'm already doing the challenge. Why not share it with the masses and let them step into the challenges and see how they do and help them to better their health, better the life and makes things a little bit simpler. So this is our first month. It's January, and our first challenge for my group is a 21 day intermittent fasting challenge. Now there's multiple ways to do intermittent fasting. I'm going to be teaching three ways so that people can take on the one that is easiest for them. And I supercharge it with plant based and the flexitarian methods so that helps people to infuse things that they like to eat, but also infuse more plant based, more natural foods into their diet systems. So this is not about a diet as far as losing weight. You do lose weight. You lose weight fast. But it's not about a diet. It's about a lifestyle. And I'm a lifestyle. Healthy habit hacker. I don't put people on diets. I don't believe in diets as far as that sort of thing. I believe in creating lifestyle habits. And so everybody is, you know, all upset about the weight that they gained over the holidays or, you know, they take they're looking at themselves. It's that time here and they're trying to make resolutions and results patients about what they're gonna do. And if they don't have a good plan, they're not going to be able to do it properly. So I put together an uber thick plan to show people exactly what I do with my one on one clients. And through that, they are able to take that. We're gonna have daily emails. I have a private Facebook group for people who are on Facebook. We're gonna be zooming in on a weekly basis to make sure people are doing well on this. I'm hoping to open it up to two hundred people. I opened it up within 15 minutes. We had sixty two people that signed up. So I'm I'm hopeful that we will hit at least two hundred people and I can touch two more hundred people's lives than I normally would be touching on this kind of level.

[00:15:15] As you say, it was 21 days or 21 weeks?

[00:15:17] 21 days. It starts on the 13th. Ends on the thirty first.

[00:15:24] Can people jump in if they don't hear about it until after.

[00:15:29] No I don't. I don't want people jumping in mid-stream. They're going to have to work with me to one on one basis.

[00:15:37] But you said you had challenges come every month or so.

[00:15:41] Its challenges every month.

[00:15:42] Yes, they could. The next cycle they could jump in.

[00:15:45] Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And this program will be able to be bought off my website.

[00:15:52] So they can still do it on their own.

[00:15:53] Able to do this by themselves. So we're going to do it. We're going to videotape and get everything organized. So it's kind of like an evergreen program. And people people can can have this at their own there just won't be doing it as a group challenge. I guess I thought that's what you were asking me.

[00:16:07] I intermittent fast. I only eat between noon and 8 p.m. That's first. And then I am ketogenic. So I can't wait to hear what U.S. News and World Report has to say about this. And then the other thing that I just comment on, these like how would somebody possibly rank these things? Because I don't know. Let's say Keto was last on the list, but it's the only one in my whole life that worked for me. So who's doing the rating and how? You know, the last thing I hate is when somebody skinny's telling me how to lose weight, like to punch them.

[00:16:43] Okay. Well, let's not let's not be ego. Let's take the ego and check out the door. Let's talk about. So. Yeah. Keto was not favored. And I'll tell you why in a moment. And it has you've you've mastered it and that's good. It could be confusing and it can also be highly dangerous. So the way that it got ranked is very simple. Ranked on the emphasis of simplicity on plant based cooking. It got ranked on the emphasis of healthy, easy to follow and that was healthy for diabetics. It also was compared to a healthy heart, low risk of dementia, breast cancer.

[00:17:22] You say that all of them are rated on these different parameters. Is that what you're saying? This isn't strictly Keto you're talking about.

[00:17:30] No, no. No. No. So. So. No. So all these got ranked into all of them. Now the top honors, if you want to know the top honors and I'll be happy to share them. Becca Tebon's was not in there because nobody knows about it yet. Your listeners and my personal clients.

[00:17:46] Go right to the top, then.

[00:17:49] Absolutely to the top. Yeah. So Mediterranean hooked up first then dash and then guess what? Flexitarian and WW known as WeightWatchers. So the fourth rank was flexitarian.

[00:18:00] I thought you coined that term.

[00:18:03] I did. I coined the term. I just didn't put it out there and and get famous. So here's here's what's interesting. The Mediterranean flexitarian and the dash. That's pretty much like what my program exudes. So it focuses on I think about it, my recipes, the foods I choose, the spices I use to focus on thinking that people have high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol problems. So I try to take all those kind of ideas into habit, into thought and infuse in put together recipes that are just really some simple, easy, delicious and healthy, no matter what parameters you may be falling on to. I don't eat dairy, so that's easy. So that's out.

[00:18:51] How about almond milk? Do you believe in that?

[00:18:54] I I believe I believe I believe in God. I like almond milk. I like cashew milk.

[00:19:02] So those are okay.

[00:19:04] Yeah. And they all have different textures and different flavors. And so depending on what you're looking to do, they they definitely have value. They they absolutely fabulous.

[00:19:14] Do you ever try to make almond milk yourself?

[00:19:15] No, because it's so inexpensive to buy.

[00:19:21] I have to tell you, I didn't make it myself, but I was with somebody and we made it. And it is it is absolutely delicious and it definitely tastes fresher.

[00:19:28] How long did it take you? How many almonds did you burn up?

[00:19:32] You know, I have kids, I have a business. I have myself. I just I I choose what I'm going to spend time on. And that's what I really want your listeners to take away from this as well. Tom, is, you know, you have to choose your battles in life. You have to make things as simple and easy so that you don't walk away from it and say, I can't do this. You know, if something is is going to take so much time and you rather spend time gardening, then you're not going to do it. If you rather spend time working your butt off and you're a workaholic like Tom and I are. Then you're not going to do it. There's a lot of things that I do do and there's a lot of things that I don't do. There's some things that I used to do that I can't do right now. And, you know, depending on your stage and what you're able to do, you've got to make it flexible for your own self. And that's again where that word flexibility comes in. You can't be stringent on on anything in life, especially your food. But you have to. I believe I shouldn't say have to. You should. You should make the best decisions for your health. And if you're if you're not making the best decisions for your health, you're good. You could be screwed up later on. And that's you know, it's it's basic, basic science. Like you either take care of yourself or you're not taking care of yourself.

[00:20:41] When you when you checked all the meds, how long did it take you to become pain free and overcome those things?

[00:20:49] So it's funny. Like pain wasn't actually believe it or not, pain wasn't the first thing I was trying to fight. So being on all those meds and not being able to breathe all the time was really the first thing. It's survival. So being able to breathe was one. And so because I was so asthmatic and bronchitis laden in about five to six months of the year, I was on all kinds of meds to help me breathe. And you know, if you don't breathe, you might still not even worry about pain. So my breath was the first thing and I kind of got that nailed down to a bit of a science where it wasn't as bad. But I was still on meds for another twelve years until somebody told me about my household cleaning products and my laundry care products and my personal care products. And truthfully, I was like looking at them like they were cross-eyed. It was an MLM they were introducing me to. I thought they were just trying to sell me. And then the MLM became available for a penny. I thought, well, for a penny, I'll try anything. Right. And so I tried it. And I got to tell you, within two weeks, I was one hundred percent in my worse time of year ever. I was 100 percent perfect. And I called her up and I said, I know, I know. Twenty six people who either have asthma or their kids have asthma. I'd like to have a little breakfast at my house and can you tell them about these products? So she brought so she said, sure. So I brought them over. Twenty one of them signed up and she looks at me when they left. She goes, you're so good at this. You'd need to do as a business. I go. No, I knew twenty six people with asthma and that's it. I've got young kids. I'm not doing this as a business. I got calls from people above her in this, you know, ranking thing. How the hell signs up twenty one people in a day. What you've been doing, what other companies you like. No, that's not what I'm doing. I'm just helping people. So it came to me about a year, maybe eight months later, that I could do this as a business and I could create because I had advertising. I know branding. I know marketing. So I decided to create online ads that would target people with asthma. And so I did. And so this story continued. And so I helped a lot of people. Not having asthma. And to this day, I still get a check from this company 10 years later for the people who still use these products because they're not having asthma anymore.

[00:23:27] Wonderful. Now you have other jobs before this, though, before you got started. Did you ever have a job?

[00:23:34] I did have some jobs. I don't really think I'm a job now.

[00:23:37] No, no. I'm saying before what you're doing now you were in the dreaded J O B.

[00:23:42] Yeah. I had an ad agency for eleven years. And before that I worked in all different areas of media because that was really the expertise that I wanted. And so I wanted to learn how to do it. So I got jobs and got paid to learn how to do it. I went to school for it. And so I got a job in direct sales, direct mail, magazines, radio, newspaper and TV. So I can learn finally how I can learn how to produce a good TV show commercial. So, yeah. All right.

[00:24:14] So what was the last job before the business or was did they overlap or did you save money and then just quit and start your business? Or how did the transition from work in a job? Because, you know, a lot of people on your everybody's entrepreneurial.

[00:24:39] And I love sharing this story, especially with your screw the commute. Screwy people. So it goes. Yeah. So, yeah, you're screwballs and your bot. So I did overlap. Because I had to have a little security. So I was working at a cable TV company and I took that job that was gonna be my last job. I told them I would work for three to six months. And then I was leaving. I just want to learn how to do TV commercials. And I tell them I will be the best salesperson. So that was I told them I would not double dip. Double dipping, guys, is means that you're you're selling people that you're already working with from another company. And that is a no no. That is that is no. So I tell them I would never do that. And they hired me and I did really well and meet a lot of money with them. And then one of my clients who had a franchise, a surfing franchise, asked me to pitch his company. And so I went to my boss. I said I'd been asked to pitch a company that I really want to do, and I'm putting in my resignation. And they had so little faith in me. They said, well, don't put in your resignation until you get the job. So I got the job. I pitched it against a big ad agency who spent like fifteen thousand dollars. I spent about fifteen hundred dollars and I got the client. And what happened next? I'll tell you how I got the client too. That's as important for your your people. But I went back to my boss. I said, well, you didn't have faith in me, but I did get the client. So here's my resignation letter. And they said, can you do both? Can you work here and do that client? I said, I can, but I'm going to be making other media buys and TV. And that might be a a conflict. And they said, nope, it won't be a conflict as long as you still place them on here. So as long as the ratings for what I need are still here, I'll place them here. Right. So. So, you know, integrity, integrity wise, you've got to have integrity. So I've kept the job, but it had to be on my terms. Now I'm not on his terms. So but here's the thing. I got the client and this is how you want. This is what you want to know most. And most importantly, especially as we're walking into 20/20, it's about relationships. So I went to the seven different franchisees and asked them what was good about the franchise, what wasn't, what they needed help with and what they wanted to see more of what they want to see less of.

[00:27:03] I knew exactly what they wanted. They were the ones who were voting for the ad agency. Right. The other ad agency I saw. I found out afterwards. Never met any of them. They only took the owner to lunch and dinner and bought presence and whatnot and schmoozed him. So everybody knew me. Nobody knew the other company. They couldn't care. Because when the other company pitched and then I went in afterwards with this little rinky dink sandbox with lots of things in it that represented the problems that they had and how I was going to solve them. They loved my little rinky dink sandbox and all the things I was going to bring to the table. And I got the client. And I think that that's really important. So it did overlap. It overlapped for a while. But as soon as I got this client, I was ready to walk out the door. But because I had my other job and I was making a lot of money from that, I was immediately able to hire an artist and an assistant for my other for my ad agency. So I was able to start building my ad agency and work with other company at the same time.

[00:28:08] See, that's the great lesson here is you did such a great job at whatever you were doing with integrity. So you told him you were leaving, but you were there to learn and you did such a great job even though you knew you were going to learn. They didn't want to let you go. So that's one part of this. Then you got this client and the you still were getting money to finance your business startup because you did so great for the other company. I mean, if you hadn't had done great, they might have said screw you. Get out of here. You know, it is a conflict, but you were so good at whatever you did along the way. People noticed and they didn't want to let go of you. So so that's that's a great lesson. And it's really a tribute to the kind of person you are. That's for sure. So we're going to take a quick sponsor break and we come back. We're going to ask Becca, what's a typical day look like for her and how she stays motivated.

[00:29:04] All right, folks, I really want you to go over to my school Web site and take that college rip off quiz. I mean, only takes about two minutes. And even if you aren't considering going to college or sending your kids to college, I'm virtually certain you know someone who is. So please pass it on to them. I mean, it's a new era. And I know it's hard to overcome a hundred years of brainwashing where you had to get a college degree. But guess what? Only 20 percent of college graduates get a job in the field. They were they went to college for. And there's tons of things I could tell you that would really make you mad about colleges. But to take the quiz. Plus, carefully watch the quiz and think about how using quizzes could help your business. In fact, the next episode on Monday is about lead generation quizzes and how it's bringing in lots of new people that never heard of me. And I mean, some of the big places like BuzzFeed, just one of their quizzes might have 50 million users. So it's a really powerful way, but take the quiz at IMTCVA.org/quiz.

[00:30:12] Let's get back to the main event. Becca Tebon is here. She has overcome a lot of life challenges in the health and helps a lot of other people realize their best flexitarian health benefit. So, Becca, what's a typical day look like for you? You're a mom, you're a girlfriend, you're a business owner. You're a lot of things, a media person. So what's what's the day look like for you when you get up? How do you get going? All that stuff?

[00:30:46] Yeah. So I think we need to play like some rocking music. You know, the best way to get up is with GIA And when I don't hang out with GIA. It's gratitude, intention and affirmation. It makes me happy. It makes me stop. And just. Just appreciate being gratitude. It helps me to ask the universe what it wants from me and in state what I want from it. It helps me to just take awareness of more conscious level. Listen, we we as humans only live between a 1 to a 6 percent in the conscious zone. The rest of it is made up in our unconscious behavior. Our behaviors are made up in our unconscious level of pass incidences. And so I really want to be more on that 6 percent, 7 percent than that 1 percent, don't you, Tom? It does not matter how intelligent you are to tap into your unconscious mind and into your conscious mind. It takes training. And so I have been training myself for the last few years to be more conscious about this.

[00:32:06] Practically, though, do you get up at night, meditate or work on this?

[00:32:11] I get I get I get up. I get I get up to get down. So I get up, meaning I open my eyes and then I close my eyes and I breathe. I take notice of my breath, my circulation of my body, and then kind of move myself around the universe. I know that might sound silly to some people, but I kind of expand myself out and then bring myself back in. And so I do I go into a state of gratitude. And sometimes you guys, you know, there's not a lot of time, you know. Sometimes I feel like I have a little bit extra time. So I'll even set a timer so that if I go way out into the zone, real back end because I've got life to handle. Right? We have life. So definitely I do the GIA and then I do raw celery juice that has changed my skin has changed my digestion.

[00:33:01] You juice yourself, you juice it.

[00:33:05] I do have some really great companies that I recommend to my clients to juice where they ship it right to your door. It's absolutely delicious and fresh. It's not pasteurized.

[00:33:15] Yes, because I use the juice. Of course, it doesn't really go with ketogenic. But you have to get your pressure washer out to clean the darn thing.

[00:33:28] You didn't have a very friendly juicer. I think that if it takes me a minute and a half to clean my juicer, that's really not a lot of time out of my life. And I'm willing to do that.

[00:33:41] What juicer is that?

[00:33:42] I have a Breville.

[00:33:43] And Breville is supposed to be easy to clean?

[00:33:45] It is easy to clean. I'll do a demo for you afterwards.

[00:33:53] Well, that was one of the problems. It was just, you know, most of them are not. Put it that way.

[00:33:59] Yeah. So I have seen some that are not. And so, like I said, Tom, I'm about helping people to make some choices that make their life easy and delicious at the same time. And healthy. Right. My bottom line is healthy. But, you know, I'm about helping people to make it that. And so then I'm out the door with clients drinking my lemon water some times.

[00:34:20] Your kids are old enough that they're taking care of themselves at this point.

[00:34:26] Now I've got two in college and one is a junior. Oh, yeah. Two in college. One that's a junior. So yes, they take care of themselves. I sometimes do some stuff for them when they're eating.

[00:34:38] Do you like come down on them. Are they eating like you or they're eating like kids.

[00:34:44] They eat more like me. They eat more like me. And sometimes I bring some snacks in the house and they'll be like, I don't want that. I'm eating healthy this week. So they really do know how to make really good choices. And I'll tell you guys how I taught my kids how to make really good choices was it took a while to get them to eat salads. They didn't want salads. I started putting salads in front of them. I was like every other parent, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, you know, hamburgers. And then I decided, you know, we need to get healthier in our family. And then I put a salad in front of them and they were looking at it like that is not going in this mouth. And so I made it fun. And instead of making the salad, I put all the bits of everything into different little bowls and put the lettuce in the big center and little bowls around it and a little lazy Susan. And guess what? Dinner didn't come to the table until they made themselves a salad. So they made themselves a salad. It wasn't oh, it was even chocolate chips on that salad bowl. I put everything there that they could have some fun with.

[00:35:45] How old were they?

[00:35:45] So four, six and nine and a half.

[00:35:54] So you got them when they didn't have a choice, you know.

[00:35:58] If they they wouldn't eat. And it really made it like that. It was like, hey, we're gonna change things up a little bit. We're gonna do this first. What are you gonna make in your salad? It wasn't like, you know, it was presented in a fun way.

[00:36:14] Did fun. Absolutely. In their formative years.

[00:36:17] As an apples and berries on your thing. And then you put some, you know, some of the other stuff in you. Just because your kid doesn't like broccoli doesn't mean that they don't like raw or they don't like raw. Doesn't mean they don't like it boiled or hard with or, you know, on the barbecue. So we have to be inventive as parents and make it easy for them. But getting back to my daily day. So then I see a bunch of clients and then I come home and I eat.

[00:36:40] So you go to them?

[00:36:43] I go to them and they come to me. So I see a lot of people on the Internet as well. I meet people either at a studio or at their homes if they live in my vicinity. Otherwise, if they're out of my radius, I jump on a zoom with them. And I do it live with them.

[00:37:00] But when you see a studio, do you rent a studio or do you have a deal with somebody that does?

[00:37:05] Yes, and yes, I do. I teach at a place called Fit Space. I'll give a little perk up to them. And I also rent it out for my private clients.

[00:37:14] Got it. Yeah, but you do zoom. So anybody can can use your services through zoom.

[00:37:23] Oh, yeah. You know, and there's even people who are like, you know, I'm 71. I don't know how to use a computer.

[00:37:30] I'll show you exactly how it's a push of a button. It's not it's not complicated. I can help you. So, yeah, it doesn't matter how old they are. We can we can make this happen for them and what level they're in or or what's happening. I get a lot of people with bad back shoulders, necks, hips and knees because that was part of my degenerate disc disease. You know, I have all these pains and all these problems and arthritis and osteoarthritis in my spine. And as a result of that, it was pretty painful. So I found that not working out cause pain. So if you're one of those people with arthritis and you have pain and you're like, I can't work out. Let me tell you something. If you don't want pain, you have to work out because you have to strengthen the muscles. You have to move lymphatic juices that are stuck in your body. You'll get that through working out. And you have to strengthen and and kind of. I call it moving the joints. And if you don't move them, you're going to lose them and they're gonna get dried out. And by the way, if you're drinking coffee, that's drying out your joints, too. So if you have arthritis, go and drink some more coffee and get worse. You know, there's certain things that make it easier. And I'll tell you what, I have people that be like, well, Becca, I'm not giving up coffee. I'm like, well, how bad is that pain? You know, when the pain is that bad, it's like people in AA. When it when something is that bad, you will move past it. You will you'll find anything that you can do to stop the pain. And so. You know, I hate to have people had the worst pain being a doctor, telling them that they have cancer. Like that's not a good pain to have.

[00:39:02] Yeah, that's for sure. So. So basically you can help them with any kind of pains. And then what if they're just ugly?

[00:39:11] Yeah, we talked we talked about makeup and Photoshop.

[00:39:23] So if they're not you know. If they're not. If they're not pretty like I wasn't it's because they're not happy.

[00:39:30] You just didn't think you were. That's a difference.

[00:39:33] I wasn't. I know, right. I wasn't. Because you know what? You can see somebody. And if they don't have a smile on their face and their eyes are not shiny and they're not happy, they're not going to be looking pretty. There's nothing like a really nice smile. And somebody is kindness from within. To shine out, to share with others, that makes them.

[00:39:55] You get into all this kind of stuff. If you see if you notice that there's something about a person that really isn't what they think is wrong with them, do you bring it up?

[00:40:04] Yes, people usually come to me to lose weight and I help them lose baggage.

[00:40:10] I always say people are age when they meet, there's always gonna be baggage. It would be nice if you could put it under the seat in front of your airplane.

[00:40:21] Yeah. Get it lost right now. I think we have to reckon with that baggage. And then once we reckon with it, we can breathe differently. There's a whole system and process. I use Sanskrit and all kinds of tools in the holistic zone. Herbs and things of that nature to help people to feel better and look better and to think better, you know, clarity.

[00:40:43] You sell these products or you recommend products.

[00:40:47] I refer stuff out. I have a couple of things that I'm affiliated with, some some stuff that I absolutely love and have affiliate programs. So sometimes I do make a couple of pennies on something, but that's not my end all be all for recommending something, you know. But obviously I like to try it and taste it. But what I've also found, though, is I might like something that's chocolaty and chewy and somebody else likes it chocolaty and crunchy. So, you know, just because I like something doesn't mean you're gonna like it. But if it's on a supplemental health basis and there's science backing behind it, then you bet your bottom dollar. I'm gonna share it with people who have no emotional trauma or pain trauma, not sleeping, digestive issues, metals in their body, things of that nature. So I do how people detox from from the dilemmas that are in their life as well as the things that are going on in their bodies. And I work with doctors that people when they're working with their doctors, I help them work with their doctors to get off of some of their meds. You know, some people just really don't want to be on meds, believe it or not. They don't want the causal relationship from one med that leads to another med that leads to another med.

[00:41:58] I am not on anything at my age that's like almost unheard of.

[00:42:03] At your age Grandpa.

[00:42:06] So do you ever recommend people to get blood tests to see where they're at?

[00:42:11] Yes. I love blood tests.

[00:42:14] Like there's like a million different things you can test for. Right. How do you figure out what you're what kind of test you ask for and where do you go to get your blood test?

[00:42:24] So I'm not a doctor, but being somebody who's been studying in this arena for over 30 years for herself and with other clients, I've I've I've worked with people with IBS, with Crohn's, with congenital heart problems, with tumors, but with breast cancer, with who had intestines removed. I've had I've worked with so many people. And as a result of that, working with their doctor sometimes and sometimes just doing some massive research, I've been able to come up with ways to help people with migraines. And, you know, there's just there's there's the basis of it, to be honest with you, is the gut. If that gut is not aligned, then you can bet your bottom dollar if your gut and your spine and aligned your thoughts. I mean, basically, I start there. I usually start in the gut. You know, you might have a pain in your head, but it's it's caused by stuff that's in your gut or metals. And, you know, I look at people and ask them if they have metal in their mouth, if they have their metals in their mouth, you know. That's one of my first recommendations is drink more water and get the metal out of your body and you'll be in a head start in the right direction.

[00:43:42] So that's all day you do that. So then I mean, I went into the way you do in the evenings and when you actually work on your business, if you're working on clients.

[00:43:51] So I have actually a schedule. I don't see clients all the time. And usually between eleven to two, I'm working on my business with my assistant. On Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and on Tuesdays, Thursdays in that time I speak to new clients and then I'm depending on how many clients are in and what I'm doing. I hope to try to be done from now on. Working at 6:30 at night.

[00:44:19] You slacker. Oh my.

[00:44:21] Six six thirty to six thirty. But. It depends. You know, I'm the boss of my own business, so I get it. I get get to look in the mirror and say, can I have the day off? And sometimes I do.

[00:44:34] What do you do on the day off.

[00:44:38] I garden. I go back outside. I chill out, I read, I study.

[00:44:45] Did you ever grow anything that you eat?

[00:44:49] I don't have a garden right now, but I have two beautiful boxes that I will start back in March. And yeah, I have I have grown my own herbs and I have a huge I have a high rise box so I can do things like carrots and potatoes and root vegetables and I like them. Some people have negative things to say about them, but yeah.

[00:45:11] They're not Keto. That's why.

[00:45:12] Do you want to talk about that.

[00:45:15] I don't care because I don't trust any any US News and World Report with the people that did the research or probably financed by certain places. I don't trust any of that stuff. So. So.

[00:45:28] Well, here's the thing. Here's the thing with the keto diet. As with any diet. OK, let's let's be honest. So Keto is. These are all lifestyle opportunities. The Dukan Diet is a lifestyle thing. So yeah, the Dukan Diet is a lifestyle and I'll share with you a little bit about that. But but with what they have in common is both of them take you to a ketosis state. So it is it's a high protein diet as well.

[00:46:20] Keto is not a high protein diet.

[00:46:24] But this one is.

[00:46:27] So where was Keto on the U.S. news list?

[00:46:37] Last one of thirty five.

[00:46:39] That is so ridiculous.

[00:46:41] So here's the here's here's why it's so both of those are the ketosis. Metabolic state body burning fat. You know, both help burn fat fast. There's no doubt about it. But there's a system to be in ketosis. And if you're really not working with a doctor on the test yourself or get tests, then it could be detrimental to your health. So because there's a detriment attached to it. There is. And there's no long term studies on its effectiveness or people really sticking with it. Even you. Let me ask you a question. How long you been on it?

[00:47:17] Two years.

[00:47:18] Like steady. Never go home.

[00:47:20] No, not steady. Cause I got in that in that hunting accident. And during that six months, I had to go off.

[00:47:30] So why did you have to go off on that?

[00:47:31] Well, because the the doctors wanted maximum nutrition from every angle to to heal this big 6 inch incision in my stomach. So, yeah. And plus I wasn't able to even get up and around to do anything to do it. I had to have other people doing stuff for me and they couldn't do it.

[00:47:54] So I thought your doctors wanted maximum nutrition from every angle. And I believe that that is an angle that should be like every day. So because of that, I have taken in this is just, you know, the Becca the my intermittent fast. There's there's many different types of in a minute. I'll teach three different minute fasts. And basically that means that you're eating in a certain time zone and you're fasting in a certain time zone. Now, believe it or not, if you sleep for eight hours, you were then what, fasting for eight hours? If you wake up and you eat right away, then you are only fasting for eight hours. So there is there's science behind fasting for longer periods of time. But what's most important that they have found is and I'll just tell your listeners if they're interested in doing this intermittent fasting with me is it's not just about the fast. It's what you break your fast with. They have found way more results in science behind what you break your fast with than just the expansion of time, of your fast. So with that being said and done, I have created really simple, yummy, delicious recipes that people can do. And they here's the thing and this is important thing. You're not cooking every day. You're not cooking every day. And I don't believe in this meal prep stuff because I don't want to eat the same thing every day. But what I do is teach people how to food prep. And in those six delicious areas that I mentioned earlier, I create different and various meals using spiralizing greens like taco type of things, pizza type of things, squashes and desserts. And so thinking in those six different areas, I eat really delicious food and don't get bored or sick of it.

[00:49:44] So you say spiralizing. I have this thing that just stick like a zucchini in and twist and in a turn. Yeah, it looks like spaghetti. So that's my spaghetti.

[00:49:55] Yes. Yes, it's a spiralizer.

[00:49:58] So what's wrong with that?

[00:50:00] Nothing. Nothing.

[00:50:01] That's Keto.

[00:50:02] I love Kito now. I realize I did. Yeah. Yeah. So there's there's aspects of the keto diet or philosophy. I'll call it a philosophy because we don't want to call it a diet because you say it's a lifestyle. So there's philosophy is within the ketoism. That I believe are good. I think every plan has some stuff that is good. And every plan may have things that don't work for people. So that's why I built in my own rules into my own way of eating that plant based. And I tell you, for a long time I was still having sushi. So can you be plant based and be eating sushi? Only if you're a flexitarian. Because if your plant based. So here's the other thing that I read when I when I digested the word plant based, I read it as plant based. The basis of it is plants. The basis of it is plants. The foundation of it is because.

[00:51:06] You're smart and into this. The average person instantly thinks vegetarian. That's the problem with that term. And then you got those documentaries like Forks Over Knives, that's you know, it's all about veggies, you know, no meat and stuff. So, yeah. So I think there's a problem with that term.

[00:51:28] Yeah. So I don't eat meat. But that's not to say that somebody like you who thrives on, you know, a deer running across his yard and just takes a bite out of it, is is not going to be able to thrive on this program. Anybody anybody with any type of food love will be able to thrive on this because it's going to infuse better habits in their food system. And so we take what we have and then we take another step closer to what's a little bit better. What's a little bit what helps us to eat healthier? What's making our body feel stronger? What's energizing us at the cellular level? And when you look at it like that, then then this is something that anybody can do. Even you and I would love for you to do this, eat your deer when you normally do, and you'll see the similarities between this and your ketosis, your keto diet. But you'll also be able to see how this makes more sense.

[00:52:32] Some things will just kill the Keto diet in like a couple bites, you know? So you're either doing one thing or the other because you know you can't have berries and I mean not you're limited for weight loss to 20 grams of carbs a day. And and some people can handle 50 and still lose weight. But if you're really strict, you're 20 grams of carbs a day. So a couple berries puts you over the limit. So it kills it.

[00:53:02] Yes, I I probably eat, two pints of berries a day.

[00:53:05] Exactly. So you're hundreds and hundreds of grams of carbs. You're still hot. And you workout like 90 hours a day.

[00:53:20] No, I don't. We're clients, so I don't I don't necessarily work out and I have this my 17 minute program, so. My program is only 17 minutes. It's not like, you know, gangbusters. It's for people who don't want to go to the gym, don't have time, don't don't know how to work out by themselves. That's the 17 minute fit program.

[00:53:43] Yeah. So I don't think we're going to come to any consensus here on this call. But but but the one question I tell people when they start giving me crap about this. Number one, if if you so choose, you would go to dietdoctor.com and see the latest research, because a lot of the stuff that's out there is based on flawed studies from that are old. In fact, the the food pyramid that made people fat for the last 50 years was totally B.S., you know, the way evolve. So so anyway, when I asked people to say, OK, which is going to kill me faster being 100 pounds overweight or using a Keto diet, the only one that's ever worked for me long term. You know, pretty much the answer would be 100 pounds overweight.

[00:54:37] You know, it at the end of the day, I would suggest anything that really feels good to you and is doable and results focused if that's working for you, then.

[00:54:47] Yes, actually, does your blood does it go out of whack and you don't know that you're going to die like tomorrow.

[00:54:53] I mean, if we're replacing some of our stuff with chemicals and we're having meats that are not organic and we're putting poisons into our body, then I have to say no. You know, here's here's something really funny. I had one of my clients. His wife has. Has worked has worked from or lost weight, sorry, with Weight Watchers so many times. And he was like, I think she's going to be working with you. And so I met with her and talked to her. And she says to me, you know, I'm going to go back to Weight Watchers. I like I like going, too. I like going there and having to stand on a scale. And I thought, wow. Because she. She said, because I get mortified if I'm if I haven't lost any weight and everybody else has. Everybody's got different challenges. But here's the thing. If it works so good, why does she have to keep going back? That's what I say in my brain. Of course, I like what that works for you. You know, you should do that. But my my, my inside I go and I just had a little chuckle. I'm like, this is her fourth time.

[00:55:58] What did you tell her? Okay, I'll videotape you hear the thing and put it on Facebook Live.

[00:56:05] That's something Tom would do.

[00:56:09] Well, we got to pack it in. So, boy, this great catching up with you and tell everybody how to find your stuff. If you got anything for them on what Web sites to go to to catch all your stuff, you can go to beccatebon.com. And you can find all my programs and this and any current challenge that we're having right there.

[00:56:41] Beautiful. So everybody, I'm just thrilled because this I mess with this lady a lot. But she is really the real deal that cares. You know, so many people are just in it for the money. But she really does care about seeing the results from people. And in especially, she has lived this kind of pain and agony from sickness and bad things and over medicated. And and so she's not just giving you a book report. She's she's lived it. So so thanks so much for coming on Becca.

[00:57:12] And thank you for having me. It's always a pleasure to be on your podcast.

[00:57:17] Okey dokey. So, everybody, we will catch you all in the next episode. See ya later.

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