229 - Lead generation quizzes: Tom talks Quizzes - Screw The Commute

229 – Lead generation quizzes: Tom talks Quizzes

There are all kinds of quizzes and personality tests that you can do. So today's episode is going to give you a bunch of tips to get more people to take your quiz and when I do some of those other ones, I'll do a whole episode giving you greater details on those types of quizzes. We're going to concentrate today on lead generation quizzes.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 229

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[03:26] Tom's introduction to Quizzes

[04:43] The title for your quiz

[07:44] Questions and Answers

[10:08] Pictures

[11:12] Explanations

[11:45] Lead generation

[13:08] Display form after last question of quiz

[14:34] The results

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 229 - Quizzes
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with episode two hundred and twenty nine of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, I'm going to talk about this very specific lead generation quiz. Now, if you like this topic, and I think you should. Because these things can go viral and bring you a lot of traffic and a lot of money for free. But I do have two other episodes you might want to look at. Episode 46 was on viral marketing, which covers quizzes also, and Episode 121 also is about quizzes. But today, I'm going to give you a specific lead generation quiz that I'm working on right now so you can go look at all the examples and see the latest software I'm using. I hope you didn't miss Episode 228. That was Alain Burrese. He's the first guy who's been on here three times. He's an active shooter expert and got a great story of how he's used his skills to have a lot of different revenue streams coming in to take care of his family. So check that out, episode 228. Make sure you grab a copy of our automation e-book. Just one of the tips in this book has saved me seven and a half million keystrokes. And that's a true estimate right there. You can grab a copy of this book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And these are the same techniques. I've used the handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and forty thousand customers over many years. So it's really powerful. Make sure you grab it while you're over there. Grab a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app and you'll see all the cool things it'll do on your cell phone or tablet. And we've got complete instructions. I know a lot of these apps come and you don't know how to use them. And there's hardly any instructions. They figure they want you to figure it out on your own. But we've got screen captures to show you how to use all the cool functions of it. Now, our sponsor is the Internet Marketing Training Center in Virginia. It's a distance learning school which teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living, either working for someone else or starting your own online business. And and because of the topic today, I have spent the past holiday weekend creating a quiz for my school, which we're gonna use as an example today. So I want you to check that out in the show notes if you're on. If you drive and wait till you get home and click on the show notes and go through the quiz at IMTCVA.org/quiz, that's my school's Web site. It's the only licensed dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. So anyway, check out the quiz. And it's called the Seven College Rip Offs. So this shows you how regular colleges and universities are really robbing you basically nowadays.

[00:03:29] Ok. Let's get to the main event. Whenever possible. I kind of like to do episodes about things I'm currently working on over the holidays. I developed a viral I mean, I hope it will go viral, quiz. And I talked about viral stuff before where it doesn't have to have millions of views to be considered viral on a niche topic and make it a lot of money. So anyway, I hope it goes a little bit viral and it's called the Seven College Ripoffs. It's only been running for four days. And after only two days, it brought in a high quality lead for my school. You might not think one lead sounds like much, but in this case we're talking about a big ticket item. So one really good lead from this free and cheap source in the first two days is fantastic. I was thrilled to death. So today's episode is going to give you a bunch of tips to get more people to take your quiz before I tell you about that. I must tell you, there are all kinds of quizzes and personality tests that you can do. And when I do some of those other ones, I'll do a whole episode giving you greater details on those types of quizzes. We're going to concentrate today on lead generation quizzes.

[00:04:46] Let's get to the tips. First of all, the title. The first thing you need is a good title that makes people want to take the quiz. Now, remember, we're talking about niche topics here to bring in targeted leads for your products and services. You could do lots of fun general quizzes that won't bring in targeted leads. They might bring in a lot of people to your Web site. I mean, maybe even an enormous amount of people to your quiz page. But you won't make money from sales of your products and services, or least too many when you're just doing general stuff. Now, general quizzes will bring in general audiences. And yes, you can make revenue from that traffic in other ways, but that's not what I'm talking about today. I want high quality targeted leads for you that will be interested in your products and services.

[00:05:44] Let's get back to titles now. The quiz I'm working on now is designed to bring in targeted leads to my Internet marketing school. I want parents with teenagers to take this quiz and learn about my school, which could save them literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and keep them from mortgaging their house and and keep them from having their kids be in debt the rest of their life or come out with a job that they kick or they can't get a job when a graduate and they move home. All these bad things that are happening nowadays. This quiz can teach them what to do to not have that happen. So it's very valuable to parents with teenagers, even the teenagers. But I will target that with different targeting and maybe change the quiz slightly to target actual people, young people that are paying their own way through college. That'll be a different target. But for now, this quiz is targeting parents with teenagers and it's telling them how colleges and universities are systematically ripping them off with outrageous fees, tuition hikes, text books, scams and poor quality education.

[00:07:01] Now, one of the overriding principles to make a quiz like this successful is to keep things really short. So seven college rip offs. Take the quiz is all I'm using to grab their their interest and tell them what to do. Yeah, I give them more info in my video ads about the quiz. But the basic title is Seven College Rip Offs. Keep it short. I even made the seven written as the numeral seven instead of the word written out as SEVEN. So remember, keep things short. So you've got to think for your quiz. How can I grab them with a really short title?

[00:07:47] Now the questions and answers. And by the way, you can see again all this in action at IMTCVA.org/quiz. So keep the questions and answers as short as possible. This is what took the bulk of the time over the entire holiday weekend, I was working on the quiz, making everything understandable but as short as possible. And here's a quote attributed to Mark Twain. If you want me to give you a two hour presentation, I'm ready today. If you want only a five minute speech, it will take me two weeks to prepare. OK. So it is harder to make sure that something is short but understandable. Now, I know on one of the answers sets it had to do with how many times have textbook costs gone up compared to the rate of inflation. Now, I originally had written out as two times, four times, six times, eight times with everything written out like t w o t i m e s and for all of the four different answers it ended up to X the numeral 2 to X the numeral 4 X the numeral 6 X the numeral 8 X that cut out I don't know, six, seven, eight characters and made it shorter. So make sure you do everything you can to keep them short. And now the total number of questions should be 10 or less. Mine has only 7. And the total time to take the whole quiz should be three to five minutes or less. Now, there are exceptions. Let's say you have a health quiz that's really trying to dig deep into a person's health problem. Well, they may be willing to answer 20 questions to learn about their problem and even spend 10 or 15 minutes. But that's the exception, not the rule. Three to five minutes and 10 questions or less is what you want to shoot for. And true and false questions can be sprinkled in because they're short along with multiple choice. And yes, you could put in fill in the blank questions, but that's much more complicated and will most likely reduce your response.

[00:10:11] OK. Pictures. Having pictures that tell the story of your quiz with minimal text on them is a good way to attract attention to your quiz and keep it interesting throughout the quiz. You don't want much text on the pictures or sometimes none at all because it will take attention away from your actual questions. I've had an account at clipart.com for many years, it's a paid service that has both photographs and cliparts on millions of topics. I'm keeping that account for sure. But for actual high quality copyright free photos, I discovered pexels.com. And all the pictures on my current quiz came from that source. Really great. Now any adjustments to the pictures like sizing them or putting a little text on, I use a free photo editor called iPiccy.com.

[00:11:15] Now let's talk about explanations. In my quiz, when people try to answer, they get either a right or wrong graphic that appears and an explanation of the answer. These explanations can be longer, but you should still make them relatively short and easy to absorb with simple short sentences. Bullet points in space between the paragraphs. Again, you can see examples of mine at IMTCVA.org/quiz.

[00:11:47] All right. Now the lead generation part. On this, you'll have to make a decision. Will you force an opt in page on someone to get the results of their quiz or make this part optional? My experience and I've consulted with some Quiz pros on this is that you will provide a better experience and get better quality leads by allowing people to skip the opt in. And I know that's blasphemous to a lot of email marketers. But the thing is, you do get a lot of people that will just blast through and they don't care a thing about you and then eat up your time and and so forth. And they never look at their emails or open them ever again. So having a higher quality person is important. So by letting them skip, you get less leads, but they are much higher quality because the person really wanted to get the incentive you promised them for opting in. Of course, your quote ethical bribe or whatever you're promising them for signing up should be related to your product or service. Now your email auto responder program can be hooked up to the opt in form to put them in your database and start them in an autoresponder series. We covered all this stuff in other episodes.

[00:13:11] Now, most quiz experts will tell you to display the form after the last question of your quiz, because people are more invested in the quiz. If they've gotten to that point and are more likely to fill in the form. Now you can expect much higher opt in rates with quizzes than a basic form on your Web site, which can be really low like 2 percent or less. In the first couple days, I've been getting a 17 percent opt in rate and good rates for quizzes can go from 10 to 35 percent. And now that I have some figures to work with, I will start making slight changes to the form and the quiz and the freebies that I offer to increase that rate. But how do I know it was 17 percent? Well, the quiz software told me so. It also keeps track of the views of the quiz. The number of people that started the quiz and the number of people who finished the quiz and how many opt ins and how long people stayed on the quiz. So if you have a good quiz software, you can check all these statistics question by question to see where people are leaving the quiz. So you can go in and change a particular question to try to get people to get past that question to go on and finish the quiz.

[00:14:37] Now the results. Well, good quiz software will have share buttons so people can share your quiz on social media and you should be able to customize the message so that it makes it easy for a person to just click a couple of buttons to share their quiz results and tell other people about the quiz. And they don't have to type anything unless they want to. They just click a couple buttons. And you can promote your quiz in all the standard ways that you promote anything else all over your social media, Web sites, blogs, YouTube, podcasts like I'm kind of doing right now. Chatbots and email. There's nothing special here, it's still a kind of a product service viral mechanism that you just want to get out in front of people.

[00:15:29] So please go through my quiz and study it carefully. And of course, I'd like you to be in my school or refer my school to someone else. But I also want you to see what a solid and inexpensive marketing tool quizzes can be. And the latest quiz software I use will be in the show notes. This is episode 229 and I've changed software over the years, quiz software that is, as cheaper and better services were introduced. So I'll keep updating this link. And of course, it's, you know, most of the time it's going to be an affiliate link.

[00:16:07] So so go out there, check out my quiz. Get us a quiz service like this one that I think is the best right now is the one that I'm promoting. I mean, that's the way I roll. I wouldn't promote it just for the money. And it's developing in their customer service is really, really great. I mean, they respond in minutes most of the time. Now they are in Europe. But I think there are American people in Europe. And I just do know that it's there's only one other service that's stealth seminar that has its good services, these guys. So so they're really on top of things. And there's a few little bugs here because it's a new service. But nothing that has stopped me from making this great quiz in it. Like I said, it's fantastic and up thrilled to death about that first lead. And by the time I get done recording this, I go back to my laptop, and there's probably more leads waiting for me. So anyway, that's that. And go out and check it out at IMTCVA.org/quiz and I will catch you on the next episode. See ya later.

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