162 - Her clients love her: Tom interviews Christine Kloser - Screw The Commute

162 – Her clients love her: Tom interviews Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser is The Transformational Author, coach, and she's trained more than 70,000 coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders to write their transformational books through her popular programs. Get your books done with the Transformational Author Experience breakthrough live and the My Time to Write mentorship program.

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[01:15] Tom's introduction to Christine Kloser

[03:19] Had jobs but eventually got “real”

[05:16] Wasn't a moment, but an evolution

[06:42] Important tips that lead to your journey

[10:18] Invested in people that didn't help

[16:04] The best and worst parts of working for yourself

[17:37] To that person in a cubicle who wants to break out

[19:43] Crazy back and forth across the country

[24:43] Sponsor message

[25:25] A typical day for Christine and how she stays motivated

[30:23] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 162 – Christine Kloser
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:27] Hey everybody it's Tom here and we are at screw the commute boy I got a great guest today just a prolific prolific business person and I just love her to death. I'll tell you about her in a moment. Just a moment for our sponsor and I am on my knees I am begging the dogs think I'm trying to play with them. I am begging you do not buy higher education for yourself or nephews nieces kids that you have until you listen to the webinar I have about it on screwthecommute.com. Your eyes will just bug out at the money wasted on higher education that we can help you get out of. So go over to screwthecommute.com and you can check that out later.

[00:01:19] But right now the main event is here since 2004. Christine Kloser. Wait a minute. Since 2004 that can't be right. She only looks like she's 12 years old that can't be possible. But anyway I read it as it says she's the transformational author coach and she's trained more than 70,000 coaches entrepreneurs and leaders to write their transformational books through her popular programs. Get your book done. The transformational author experience breakthrough live and the my time to write mentorship program. Christine I got one big question for you. Are you ready to screw the commute that is.

[00:02:14] I haven't commuted to a job in twenty seven years. I know I screwed that world a long time ago.

[00:02:21] Twenty seven years that can't be. You've got to be faking your age so you can get in nightclubs or something. It's impossible that you've been working twenty seven years.

[00:02:31] Well that's very kind of you but I am definitely older than I look.

[00:02:35] Well tell us a little bit about what you do.

[00:02:38] Well I have the amazing blessing of working with people who are either entrepreneurs coaches leaders messengers people with something to say in the world who want to build a business of some degree whether it be a five figure business or a seven figure business around their work. I get to help those people write their transformational books in a way that does help them transform themselves impact their readers lives completely overhaul an up level their business. And of course help them make a bigger impact out in the world. So that's what I get to spend my days doing. And I love it because I swear I feel like sometimes I can't believe my clients pay me because working with them brings me so much flippin Joy.

[00:03:23] Well I got to tell the folks out there. People love her. I got to tell. They just love her. I mean and I hear I'm kind of a clearinghouse with my consumer advocacy thing and people that don't come through. Christine comes through and people just just love her. Now did you ever have a job at all.

[00:03:42] I did have a job. I have actually move across the country quite a few times and I moved because originally when I was in college I went to one too many of those on campus interviews and I was like in my you know my double breasted skirt suit and panty hose and patent leather heels. And I tell you I came home one day from come home back to my dorm and I said to my friends I'm like I can't do this I just can't do that to someone that's just so wrong. So that night over a pitcher of beer I remembered Miller Lite. It was club eagles and Providence Rhode Island where I went to a small private conservative Catholic college. And that very night I got one of my girlfriends to agree to hop in a car after we graduated and moved 3000 miles away to San Diego. And we got someone else to join us and we did that. We hopped in the car. We drove cross-country and I landed in San Diego. You know I got a temp job so I did have a temp job and I happened to get a job at KGB radio which is one of the top. Like rock and roll radio stations in San Diego. And it was amazing. But after a year of you know just continuing college living in Pacific Beach San Diego I thought it was time to get real. So I moved back to Connecticut where I was raised and I got a job in a radio station WTIC radio in Hartford Connecticut. Again one of the top radio stations in that city and I went in for an interview to be an administrative assistant and I walked out with a job as a sales executive and I worked in radio for two years as a sales executive for two different radio stations and that was the last job I had and that was nineteen ninety one.

[00:05:20] Now do you remember the moment when you decided you know what this is just not for me. I'm gonna go out on my own.

[00:05:26] Well it you know it wasn't a moment to be honest. It was an evolution. Now the thing that got me out of that job in nineteen ninety one was the guy I had met and was dating on the East Coast was moving back home to Bel Air California and I thought I was in love so I decided I would follow him. So I quit my job in nineteen ninety one as a sales executive. You know we're the top radio stations in all of Connecticut for sure. And I followed who I thought was my love across the country a number of different things happened once I got to Los Angeles. That led to me falling literally falling into entrepreneurship and thank God because I haven't looked back since.

[00:06:14] Well did you literally drive behind him across country or what.

[00:06:20] Well you know he flew out and then I drove I actually got my sister to hop in the car and drive with me so that I didn't make the cross cross-country trip alone but I had my you know I had my I was out a Nissan Maxima I had my U-Haul thing not tugging behind me but just on top of my car. And yeah we made the three thought a thousand mile jaunt cross-country that ended up leading to my entrepreneurial career but not without some twists and turns along the way.

[00:06:47] Let's say I got several tips on what what they could do to do what you do or to take advantage of what you do.

[00:06:57] Well I think one of the most important tips that I want to give all of you is that if you are going to you know make the leap whether it be a conscious leap at a moment of decision or like me you know I made one decision that led to a number of other decisions that brought me into the entrepreneurial world. Whatever it is however it is that you end up on that journey. Make sure that you are doing something that you love because the journey of entrepreneurship while it has tremendous rewards and tremendous joys and amazing successes things that I don't think could really happen in the corporate world if you will. I'm in the entrepreneurial world it's different but man it can be harder than anything you've ever done in your life. Honest to goodness. And if you're not doing something that you love that you really feel passionate about. I think it's too easy to quit when the going gets tough. And it's it's the people who quit in those tough times that never get to experience the joy of you know the level of success and impact they wanted to have when they set out on that path. And the ones who stick through those hard times and let their passion and their care and their drive for what they're doing navigate them through whatever the heck that dark time is. Lord knows I have had several of them in my business but through each of those tough times if you stay with it you get stronger you get wiser you become a much more savvy you you're able to get more aligned and more on target with what you're doing. So if you just and this is strictly my perspective but if you go after a business only for the money it might be a harder road than it needs to be because you could make all the money in the world but if you're not happy and not fulfilled and not joyful in what it is that you're doing the money kind of really doesn't have a whole lot of meaning. You know it makes you know yeah it makes life easier but that part of you that wants to feel fulfilled and purposeful and like you really are making a difference in some way that part can never be fulfilled by money. So you got to love what you do. I think in order to supply the tough times. So that's like Tip number one love what you do. Tip number two you know don't quit as long as you are passionate about what you're doing just don't quit because the only people who fail are the people who stop.

[00:09:20] You know I recently got to interview Scott Hamilton like four time world figure skating gold medalist four time national gold figure skating medalist and one time Olympic gold medal champion. And I love what he said you might want to write this one down he says you know failure means nothing. Failure is simply information and I couldn't agree more so you know those are some of the tips and if there's a third one that I want to throw in there it's make sure that along the journey of entrepreneurship you're taking care of yourself you will work hard you know it will require a lot of you to create what it is that you want to create and if you're sacrificing your own health and well-being your relationships exercise healthy eating and those things in the meantime I think it significantly decreases the amount of energy and vibrancy you have towards building what it is you want to build as an entrepreneur. So don't sacrifice yourself in the process because you want to be at the top of your game when you're experiencing all that amazing success.

[00:10:22] All great tips although there's one thing I am really surprised that you said you had some dark times. I thought everything was perfect the whole way. Yeah I'm only doing this forty years. It's all been perfect. Everybody out there don't think there's ever a downtime and you never get screwed. Right.

[00:10:52] Yeah. Been I've been screwed over a few times. You know I've invested in people who said they could help me and then they didn't and really didn't. I mean they took my money right. Tens of thousands of dollars. And then really didn't give a crap about me once they got the sale. And I mean I lost my house as a result of it. I went through bankruptcy. I mean it was it was hairy but I wanted to succeed and I believe that the people that I hired to help me succeed you know could do that. I think Tom that's part of why you know you mentioned earlier in the intro how people just love me and I don't say that with any sort of conceit or anything but I have been so screwed in business that I am so committed to making sure that nobody else has to go through what I went through in my business. I don't want anyone being told that you know well if you're not willing to put everything on the line you're not serious. I believed that crap when someone told me it and I did put everything on my line and I lost my family's home. Because I believed in them. So this is why I am a hyper hyper vigilant not just to deliver what we promised but to over deliver to blow people away. Because I mean like I said I've just been screwed in business too many times.

[00:12:19] She does folks. I mean really the feedback on her is just just unbelievable. Another thing we'll put in the show notes besides all Christine's stuff is a tomantionwebinars.com. The first webinar is all about the sociopathic mind in the coaching and consulting business and it gives you all the things to watch for upfront before you invest a bunch of money with somebody that's going to just steal it. These people are chameleons they'll say and do anything until they get your money and then you can just drop dead and sue them and then their lawyers are gonna eat you up. So. So she's not one of those.

[00:12:59] No. I mean we've been in a bit in business on my own for 27 years. We'd never ever at any one deal with any kind of legalities because we just you know we always do things the right way. If something ever slips through the cracks like we'll fix it immediately we'll send the refund we'll over deliver we'll give them twice as much as we promised them with a profound apology over whatever the oversight might have been that had them feel like they didn't get something that they were supposed to get our refund rate. It's like nothing actually.

[00:13:32] I forget how to do it a lot of times. That's the thing. You take care of people and you don't run into these chargebacks the credit cards and lawsuits and the bad reviews all over the place. The sign of a good business is what you do about it when you do screw up because you can't be in business 27 years or 40 plus years like me and not screw up with people around you and you're gonna screw up it's what you do about it that matters. And she does a great job.

[00:14:06] I just wish that I didn't get to this place by being screwed so many times.

[00:14:14] But now it all makes your own character. I mean maybe you wouldn't be so it about taking care of people if it hadn't happened to you. So yeah. Yeah. And I was in the situation when I had the nightclub the drinking age went from 18 to 21 in a small place and wiped me out. And in my case you know I didn't have a family to deal with. So I refused to go bankrupt. I went to every all the creditors and I said look I'm going to pay you off. You just give me time. And I paid off everybody over time. I refused to do it. No I'm not saying bankruptcy is not a good method for when things happen but it's all in what you do about what happens to you that has your character and you have a great one.

[00:15:03] So what do you like best about working for yourself.

[00:15:06] Just to stay that experience was by far. That decision was by far the most challenging decision I've ever had to make.

[00:15:16] That had to Tear up a person like you because I know you and you are a caring person.

[00:15:20] And yes it taught me. It did it tore me apart but yeah it was. It was it was one of those things.

[00:15:29] Things Like this happen. I mean the like said I was doing great and then boom while one legislative piece of ink wiped me out after six years risking my life bikers trying to kill you. I made this nice place and then boom is gone overnight. Well these things happen and. But the one of the keys is be prepared. Somebody on another interview said something about spend Like it's it's the bad times all the time. So just because you're doing well don't go out by airplanes and yachts and then get yourself in too deep. So what's the best thing you like about working for yourself and the worst thing I've heard a few little birds in the background and this is beautiful. We actually had somebody else that had birds in the background. Were you working from right now.

[00:16:21] I am working from my beautiful home office in gorgeous York Pennsylvania. A lot of people call this part of the country here God's country cause it's just amazing. I mean I'm looking out my window and yes there's birds there's Cardinals there's woodpeckers there's the little chickadees and the flora around me. I mean there must be eight different colored flowers that I'm looking at just right out my view at the moment and it's such a blessing to be able to work from home and adjust my business to my family. But I have a 13 year old daughter who's into you know dance competitions and theater at school and I have a husband who does a lot. You know he's a substitute teacher. He's an actor. He's a baseball coach and it takes a lot to kind of manage you know a life even though it's just the three of us every single one of us has a lot going on. And I don't have to answer to anyone. I don't have to be anywhere at a certain day or time. I get to make my own schedule and I get to take as much time off as I want for vacations. And you know it's just I honestly do not know that I could manage my life my family in a way that makes me a happy person like someone who really loves my life. If I had a job job.

[00:17:43] What would you say to somebody that's in that cubicle and say Man I want to I want to break out. What would you tell him.

[00:17:50] What would I tell that person who wants to break out. Well first I would say that anyone who has that drive and desire because there's a lot of people out there who are in that cubicle and they've kind of you know they've kind of just rolled over and been like well I'll get out when I retire. And if you're sitting in a cubicle thinking I want to break out of this like you're one of the ones who has it in you to do so. So I would strongly encourage you first and foremost to really get a sense of like what does bring you joy you know what do you love doing. What would you can wake up in the morning and you could create your workday to be anything that it was maybe you're out actually taking care of my lawn. You're right. Maybe you love you know grass and plants and flowers and you want to be a landscape architect then research what that takes you know maybe you're a woman who was a dancer growing up like I was I was a dancer and a competitive figure skater growing up and you know like my daughter's dance studio it was just a mom who was sick of what she was doing and wanted to do something different. So she opened up this little dance studio which has grown to be one of the most successful studios in our area and just a couple of short years. But she had that drive that desire that passion so find what is it you're passionate about. Do your due diligence do your research put together a business plan of what you'd want to do you know see if you can go to the SBA and maybe get yourself a small business loan to get started bootstrapping is how I did it and it's tough.

[00:19:21] We also have crowdfunding now. We don't usually have back back then. So that's another way to get started.

[00:19:27] Absolutely. Yeah. I forget about crowdfunding but. Absolutely. So if you want to do it if you have that desire deep in your heart like you can. That's the most important thing to have because in today's world I think more than ever with the power of the Internet and the resources that are available if you want to. It's not like there's any barrier to entry anymore.

[00:19:48] That's for sure. Hey you know something crazy funny happened to you in your 27 years.

[00:19:53] Well yes you heard me talk about how over a pitcher of beer I decided to move to San Diego.

[00:19:58] I thought that's a great way to start a business.

[00:20:02] Well you know and then you heard me say that I moved I think you heard me say that I moved back to Connecticut and then I'm getting serious in my life. Well the third. I moved cross-country fourth four times. Right. Afraid there might be a fifth in the future who knows I'm going back on the East Coast now but the third trip across country was that one when I fell in love and I was you know quit my job and You know driving cross-country with my sister to to go be with this guy in Los Angeles I think it was somewhere around Arizona where it dawned on me that I actually didn't really love the guy. I finish the drive. I remember knocking on his door. Me and my sister and I saw him in like oh my god this is is so over. So I think it might have been 60 days from the time I arrived that we were broken up and that was crazy.

[00:20:58] But here's the crazier thing. I was a nanny. Like when I first moved to L.A. I was a nanny or this four year old kid and his dad was like in his 70s the mother unfortunately died in childbirth which was devastating. But I was this I was a nanny and I had managed to make one other friend as a nanny this beautiful woman from Brazil. And she and I became fast friends as we would meet in the park to be nannies together with the kids that you know we lived like two doors apart because of her. I did I can picture her in the first moment I met her because of her. I decided to stay in L.A. even though you know this guy I didn't love him and it all ended I decided to stay in L.A..

[00:21:42] Maybe he just didn't have gas money for your eighth trip.

[00:21:48] I could've gotten back home. But something inside me said stay. And it was later that year in 1991 when I started my very first business totally by mistake. I was a personal fitness trainer working at a gym in West L.A.. Are there still members call L.A. Woman and I was a fitness trainer. You know at this little gym and one of my colleagues had said hey you know I'm gonna be out of town for a couple of a couple of months and I have this one client that I work with she's right around the corner which was right near where I lived in L.A.. She's right around the corner and she'd like me to find a replacement to come and you know do her workouts with her three times a week while I'm traveling. Would you be interested. I said sure this was because of this following this guy cross country that I didn't really love after all but it led to me knocking on that woman's door who to this day 27 years later is still one of my dearest friends I call her my West Coast Mom. You just saw her last trip to L.A. we had a sleepover at her house.

[00:22:53] And you were only 12 years old having a sleepover. Hey what do you promote nowadays. What's what's up. You always got something great coming out. What's up.

[00:23:03] Well the biggest thing that I'm working on right now is my seventh season of an online event that I run called the transformational author experience. It is a training in which I help people and it's completely free like the training is free and if people get to go and learn how to write how to publish and how to promote a transformational book that helps them you know impact lives. Grow a book based business learn how to do events around their book. And I only do it once a year and then it's sort of you know evergreened after that but that's the thing I'm working on. And I got to tell you it's the most amazing lineup. I don't like that's that's what I interviewed Scott Hamilton the Olympic gold medal figure skater or I've got the producer of Pretty Woman Gary Goldstein he's in that series and you know a lot of people don't know that he was a literary manager for 12 years and he launched his book using crowdfunding on Kickstarter and then it just goes on New York Times best selling authors from the don't sweat the small stuff. Christine Carlson from that series and SARC and the old publishers Eckhart Tolle his publisher and Neale Donald Walsh his literary agent and they just they spill the beans. I'm a great interviewer and I get them to talk about the stuff they don't usually talk about to help people who want to write a book that's going to help them build a business and build a movement and increase their impact and their income in the world.

[00:24:25] So we're going to we're gonna have a link to this in the show notes everybody and make sure you check this out because like I said it's free and did you hear the lineups. There are some of them say people are attracted there are like a magnet because of the quality of things that she produces just for free so make sure you check the show notes for this episode and we'll have a link to that and we're going to take a short message from our sponsor when we come back. Christine's going to tell us what a typical day is like for her and how she stays motivated. We'll be right back.

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[00:25:30] All right. We're back with super duper. Christine Kloser and Christine what's a typical day look like for you.

[00:25:38] A typical day is the alarm clock going off at five thirty a.m.

[00:25:43] That's not that's not the best thing to tell my audience. five thirty. Oh my God what time do you go to bed.

[00:25:51] Usually I'm in bed by 10:00. I don't recommended it for everyone but the morning time it's like my sacred time. You know I'm down on my sofa by 545 meditating and I do a 90 minute meditation journaling. I got hooked on Had Elrod's miracle morning so I do that. And it's about a 90 minute routine and then 715 I drop my daughter off at the school bus. You know I'm back by 730 making my protein shake with you know fresh vegetables and fruits and all you know organic healthy stuff and then usually by eight thirty I'm in front of my computer. I don't usually book any calls until 10:00 in the morning I like that first 90 minutes of my you know sitting in front of my computer trying to be my most highly productive time so that's when I do my biggest priority like the big rock that'll make a big difference in the business. That's what I do those and then starting you know 10:00 because usually when I'll be working with private clients or planning for my next retreat. Right now we're figuring out our details for a writing retreat we're hosting at Bob Marley's place in the Bahamas next year. So like I take care of all that stuff in the morning and you know then I'm usually done. You know my daughter either gets picked up from school around 330 or you know I'm like by 4:00 o'clock I'm in mom mode I'm thinking about dinner I'm running carpool I'm taking care of stuff around the house right now I'm tending to the garden and making sure it's watered and all that kind of stuff and that's it. I enjoy you know like I said I love cooking. I like a great you know relaxing evening at home on my deck and I'm usually in bed by 10:00.

[00:27:34] I'm still stuck on five thirty when I had the nightclub I would go to bed at five thirty and then get up there like the crack of one or two.

[00:27:48] I have never been a morning person but I tell you I read that book The Miracle morning and I did it. It had a huge impact on me and I started waking up early and I'm so much more productive. I feel so much healthier I'm getting so much more done my business moving forward further faster because of the value of that morning time.

[00:28:09] I think there is science behind that somehow with bio rhythms and that kind of stuff. So now how do you stay motivated and tell me about that 90 minute meditation. I'm like You know I try to relax for 10 seconds. My mind won't quit. How does that work.

[00:28:26] Well I don't meditate for 90 minutes total meditation time my reading time my journaling time I exercise time I like to hula hoop and rebound and I got my dumbbells and my bands and you know so it's 90 minutes total for my routine but I've taken care of myself before I sit down in front of my computer to work because I want to be my best so that I can be at my best for my clients and help them be their best. The work the reward of the work that I do is so Oh my gosh I don't even know that there's a word that describes you know how it feels to me when I get an e-mail from a client or a text or a call from a client saying oh my gosh you know my book just arrived and they're in tears and it's like there they are a new person They are transformed they believe in themselves they're rocking their businesses. They finally were able to say what they never knew that they could really say and now they're doing it and they're stronger for it. So yeah I mean their books are getting written and their businesses are growing and all that great stuff. But when I see a client's personal transformation in terms of who they've become and who they are now in the world and the positive force they are in the world. I just got to think of one of them and there you know there's so many but I could just think of one. And you know that's that's motivating I do what I do. The reward of the work is the motivation. Those clients are like. I love them.

[00:30:28] I so know that feeling. So any parting thoughts for all the screwballs that listen to this screw the commute show.

[00:30:37] Oh welcome to the screw the commute world. Don't be surprised if people who are scared to screw the commute tried to waylay you and sidetrack you every time that someone like you stands up and says screw this commute either screw it right now or I'm going to screw it in the next year whatever it is. When you stand up to do that and you say that and you start claiming it you trigger every single person around you who is the person sitting in the cubicle that feels like they're stuck and trapped and they can never get out and they out of love and care and support could try to tell you why how it's not going to work why it's crazy don't you know how hard that is. You know who do you think you are you don't have any business experience whatever and you just gotta know that that's about them and that it's not about you. So any one who comes out and you know tries to approach you and they're a naysayer just let it bounce right off of you because it really honestly has nothing to do with you you've just triggered something in them that makes them uncomfortable. Let them be uncomfortable and you go screw the commute and do what you want to do and sort of join. You know this party over here that is a party of people who love what they do who make good money who get to live great lives and make a great difference in the world. So don't let anyone stop you.

[00:32:06] Well said. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. So how do people reach you if they want to get in contact connect with you through products and services.

[00:32:16] At best it would be just to go to my Website which is ChristineKloser.com. So you can go you can learn more about me there and of course there is a contact page with a phone number email you know form you can fill out and all that stuff to get in touch but we'd love to hear from those of you screwballs out there who might feel like writing a book as part of that path would be a delight to help you.

[00:32:46] And that book writing leads to all kinds of other things that you'll find when you when you check out Christine's stuff. Christine thanks so much for visiting with us today. Everybody make sure you visit screwthecommute.com to see the show notes for this and the links to all of Christine's stuff and everything we've mentioned today and also make sure you check out IMTCVA.org. There's a webinar there that'll teach you about higher education and lets you make some serious decisions about your future in this world. Catch y'all later.

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