150 - The Diabetes Doctor: Tom interviews Dr. Jeff Hockings - Screw The Commute

150 – The Diabetes Doctor: Tom interviews Dr. Jeff Hockings

Dr. J. Murray Hockings has been an entrepreneur for twenty eight years and he's currently the CEO and founder of Help Your Diabetes, which is a diabetes reversal company with 15 locations throughout the U.S. and plans for 50 by the end of this year. He's given over 275 presentations over the past five years in six countries and he is known as the world's number one diabetes reversal Doctor.

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[03:09] Tom's introduction to Dr. Jeff Hockings

[06:17] Types of diabetes

[07:35] Early entrepreneur at 8 years old

[15:54] Picking a location in any given city

[19:52] Bragging about Tiffani

[23:34] Tips for someone starting in entrepreneurship

[29:53] Sponsor message

[31:36] A typical day for Jeff and how he stays motivated

[37:37] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 150 – Jeff Hockings
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 150 of screw the commute podcast. I'm here with an old friend of mine Jeff Hockings. This guy is a prolific entrepreneur and I always tease him unmercifully and that his his family is just so perfect it kind of reminds me of that Stepford Wives movie from the old days everything about him his wife his his child who we had on here by the way Tiffani Hockings is just so perfect so I know there's never been a challenge in his life right. So and then I hope you didn't miss Episode 149. Tom Terwilliger Oh my God this guy went from a bad world of bikers to literally the top of the world and became Mr. America the real Mr America and went on. He's now coaching and doing a lot of stuff. So make sure you check out episode 149 now our podcast app's in the iTunes store. You can check it out at screwthecommute.com/app where we have complete instructions to show you how to use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road and please do some of your friends a favor and tell them about this podcast that they're thinking about starting a business or they want to improve the business they have. This is the place to be. Now I've got a big freebie to thank you for listening to this podcast it's my twenty seven dollar e-book how to automate your business and just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me over seven and a half million keystrokes and I got another little special surprise over there for you too so check that out at screwthecommute.com/automatefree now our sponsor Hey guess who. It's me again it's the great internet marketing retreat and joint venture program actually. Jeff is here and I almost killed his wife when she was on the steps. Luckily I had a good visitor's agreement and he's a doctor so only she lived. Which is excellent. We've only lost two or three people. No kidding since I've had the retreat center. But anyway that's part of a year long program where we hold your hand through starting an online business or improving the one you have and it's all one on one. So you're not just lumped in with a bunch of people and don't know what's going on. You can check all that out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com and of course we'll have everything we talked about today in our extensive show notes. So when you went to find Jeff and all that stuff it'll be there.

[00:03:14] All right. Let's get to the main event. Dr. J. Murray Hockings has been an entrepreneur for twenty eight years and he's currently the CEO and founder of help your diabetes which is a diabetes reversal company with 15 locations throughout the U.S. and plans for 50 by the end of this year. He's given over 275 presentations over the past five years in six countries and he is known as the world's number one diabetes reversal Doctor. He's been married to his beautiful wife Traci who I tried to kill knocked her down the steps for 27 years and you would not believe it because she doesn't even look twenty seven years old and they have an incredible twenty four year old entrepreneurial daughter Tiffani who I interviewed as a special youth episode recently on this podcast. So Jeff are you ready to screw. The commute. Let's do it. Hey. So tell everybody what you've been doing then we'll take you back in through your entrepreneurial journey and see how you got here.

[00:04:25] Yes so right now we run a company called Help Your diabetes we've been exclusively doing this for about the last eleven years and we have 15 locations right now across the U.S. that we own 100 percent of we're not franchising. These are companies that we actually own and they're in all the major cities across the U.S. from Honolulu to Phoenix to Atlanta to Dallas to Houston. So we have them all over. And the whole purpose of what we're doing is getting people off of their medications and having them reverse the diabetes because my aunt died of diabetes complication that she was only 34 years old and I saw firsthand how devastating this was she left my two little cousins behind there were under ten years old you're raised without their mom. So that's what put me on this path of this is a mission for us to go around the world helping reverse diabetes and as many people as we can. So get a published author now with three books on Amazon. I've done a ton of lectures on this all over the world. I've been interviewing all the major TV networks. We had a documentary about our company on Discovery Health Channel on and on and on. So we're definitely the top dogs in reversing diabetes and it's pretty exciting because no one else is opening up diabetes reversal clinics in the entire world besides us. And it's exciting to see testimonials everyday of people. Their vision that was blurred is coming back and kidney damage that's getting healed and neuropathy in their feet that's going away at high blood pressure that's going away. All of these conditions are reversing by them going through our program now. So it's really saving people's lives and making sure they don't have to become a burden to their family as they keep getting older. So we're pretty fired up about it and we want to just keep opening up more and more clinics across the U.S. we can help more people.

[00:06:10] Well I'm sure plenty of need for it. I'll tell you you know I don't have children but I see the news and isn't there a big thing happening with young children getting diabetes.

[00:06:21] Yeah well there's two types of diabetes right there's Type 1 and Type 2 Type 1 is called juvenile diabetes and that's not what we really help. That's not reversible it's the adult onset Type 2 that is reversible which is lifestyle created. But to your point there are a lot more kids now getting it. And that's just because their parents are knuckleheads and feeding them Happy Meals from McDonald's five nights a week and they're not exercising and they're on their iPhones and tablets you know 15 hours a day not like what we used to do when we're kids running around climbing trees and breaking arms and you know being crazy that way so they're not getting the exercise anymore so they're getting more obesity in kids and so you're seeing kids that are 13 14 years old now getting diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which is insane.

[00:07:08] Exactly and I called a lot of the people that are in charge of the educational system highly educated idiots because they don't have to you know oh you don't want to do PE class. It's all right to sit there and spend a couple more hours looking at your cell phone or tablet or being on a computer which you know absolutely you know a freak on doing business on a computer but not if it's going to tear up a young child you know and put him in that situation before you even started life. So take us back were you always entrepreneurial when you were a child.

[00:07:44] Always. I did my first job and I was eight years old. I was in third grade. I had my paper route now. It was always you remember this Tom so I was up in Niagara Falls Canada. So you know four months of the year the weather's horrible with snow and cold. And I just always wanted my own money from the time I was that young and so I convinced my parents to give me a paper route and I would get up at my alarm at 5:00 in the morning. I'd go to the corner store where they dropped the papers off and I was there like almost to the second when that truck drop off my papers it just dumped them out of the truck and had my wire cutters I snipped it folded. I was like thirty five people on my route and I folded the papers into like three in my bag. And when it wasn't snowing I had my bike so I'd around. Took me about forty five minutes to do my route and I was just one of those kids driving along. I like see that they are like chuck the newspaper in the front yard and run around doing that and it was that was my first job and my paper route and I've been working ever since I had a job from valet parking to cleaning clothes to bar tending to working in distillery to busboy. Oh my God man. I was an amusement park one of those workers the carnival barker is one of those guys you know you name it. I did a pizza maker. I've been working literally since I was eight years old and it's pretty cool.

[00:09:13] Did you plan on I know you're a chiropractor right doctor right. Yeah. So how did that evolve. Did you. You went to college and then what. How did the whole idea evolve.

[00:09:26] I always knew I was going to be in health care. Because when I was four years old they had a really severe case of croup which I really don't people you don't see that more. Yeah. It's like they pretty much call it bronchitis now. Really severe cases in a hospital for two weeks getting worse. My parents thought I was going to die.

[00:09:43] I mean do you remember this.

[00:09:45] Yeah. Oh yeah I was four years old. I remember it explicitly. Yes I was in the hospital my parents literally thought I was gonna die my bronchial tubes are constricting so much I couldn't breathe. And back then they would put I remember that I said this tent over my head. I remember the nurses filling up behind it pouring his ice and hearing that awful sound of the ice kind of like pouring into the back behind my head. Well keep it keep the air moist so it could helped open the bronchial tubes. Well as a last resort my mom took me out of the hospital because a friend of hers worked for this chiropractor who saw a lot of children. And she's like like chiropractor. My son doesn't have that croup doesn't have back pain. Her friends like no no no no. This is really helps because yada yada. So anyway so I went. Long story short three chiropractic visits my croup was gone. Never came back. So medicine almost killed me. Chiropractic helped me. So that's what sort of set me on that path when I was growing up like hey I want to be a doctor. But medicine almost killed me so I'm not doing that. So I think I'd want to be a chiropractor. So that's what got me into chiropractic so you know four years undergrad for years chiropractic college I graduated in 1990 and and some real practices and throughout that whole phase I was still the back of my mind about my aunt who died of diabetes. She was 34 and like there's nobody helping diabetics and that's what sort of led me on this path of developing our current program which is taking a lot of years to get to this level. Again you and I met Tom back and I think it was two thousand five or six. I think when we first met I came to some event that you were speaking at about Internet marketing and I wanted to get into that. So I think there's like two thousand five or six I think.

[00:11:26] Yeah I call it turn of the century. All right now from a business standpoint you had a very unique way that you went kind of to the top of the chiropractic world right in your Palm Springs was it when you started that. Tell them about that.

[00:11:45] Yeah well I started my first practice of two in 1992. And at that stage I was one of like 75 other chiropractors. So I was the new kid on the block. Nobody knew me. And of course at that stage I'm like always thinking of Entrepreneurial Marketing thing how do I separate myself right from all these other guys because in all reality anybody who wanted a chiropractor they should've gone to anybody but me had the least amount of experience I had the least confidence I was a scared little rabbit. Just learning how to run my own business. I thought OK I got to somehow leapfrog this. So yeah it took a lot of struggle but a few years later I came across this thing this technique of running an infomercial. And so we're talking back in 1996 as you know Tom it was pretty much in Palm Springs it was me and Tony Robbins doing infomercial I ran this like hokeyest infomercial. Director came to my office had a little chiropractic spine sitting up on my table and my lap put on look like I was 15 years old. Hilarious. But I did it and I started running this thing at eight o'clock at night on Channel Seven five nights a week in Palm Springs and it literally kicked I mean from the very first month I ran. I was getting 30 new patients a month. And I all of a sudden became the TV chiropractor. I'd go to restaurants with my wife and they'd be people recognizing me and all this stuff like Holy crap. I went from the new kid on the block to all of a sudden the king of the heap. Within like one month in Palm Springs. And I ran those things five nights a week for seven years and helped me build five clinics and that's when I met you I was kind of I was doing the infomercial thing. Yeah. I think you came out to the studio.

[00:13:32] It's three of them three or four different topics and. Now. Have you ever kept up with the the the way to run them on Leased Access. Is that still a viable way.

[00:13:44] Yeah. Yeah I haven't really even looked into a time. Be honest with you in about eight years. Because again I had that really good run there for seven years I was back when there was only like a hundred channels. It would start at Channel 2 and they start channel surfing 3 4 5 6 and by the time they got the Channel 40 they found something they want to watch. And I was lucky to be on channel seven. So we got a ton of channel surfers and it was great but now there's a frickin twelve hundred channels. Now it's harder to do it. So I haven't really seen people in doing what I did have any success with it even though there's so people running infomercials. Haven't seen the success of that but again once it was so great for me that I had the chiropractors say how are you doing that then it would teach other chiropractors how to do it I made my own my first little infomercial infomarketing program back then and then I said well crap you know dentists could do this chiropractors or optometrist could do this.

[00:14:40] You know I'm a kind of professional I could do it yes.

[00:14:43] Then I basically just sat there for like two years I was just teaching chiropractic got our home I'm like wait a minute I could be doing this for anybody. And that's when we started our own studio in multimillion dollar production studio back then and it was it was crazy it was. It's the side business turned into a major part of the business. So that's kind of how that evolved it was pretty interesting.

[00:15:04] All right. So. That was in Palm Springs. What was the next phase of your entrepreneurial career.

[00:15:09] Yeah. Well then of course we kind of shut the studio down in 2010 because that's right around in the real estate market crash and economy went crazy and you know unfortunately that business was heavily determined and dependent upon me going out and speaking at big conferences promoting my infomercial program. Well that whole industry pretty much dried up back then nobody was doing conferences. So it just kind of killed our business. I didn't have a I was kind of a one trick pony then. And if I would have listen to you more back then I probably would've had more of an Internet presence to get business for that from the internet. I didn't do that. So that shut down. So we went full on back into the diabetes reversal. So that's kind of been since 2010 ish is when really we've just been 2009 2010 just hundred percent focused on diabetes reversal.

[00:15:58] All right now as part of that business and having so far 15 cities you must be pretty good at figuring out how to. How do you pick a location in the city. How do you go about that.

[00:16:12] Yeah Well the funny thing is I only had had done the research because from basically 2012 to 2017 that five and a half year period I was doing seminars in a different city every week.

[00:16:25] I remember you went to Virginia Beach so.

[00:16:27] Exactly yeah. That's weak. So we hung out there I did one there and so all the clinic all the cities we have clinics and now I've done at least two or three different presentations there over the last six years. So I already had my own demographic research on what good locations were. So that's why we're putting them in those locations because we know what ones are successful.

[00:16:47] How did you figure it out though. Just because you spoke there how did you figure out where to actually place the physical clinic.

[00:16:55] How do Yeah that was that was even easier Tom because with the way we have our clinic set up the the the patient only has to come to clinic at one time. Oh that they come in once they watch a video presentation of me explaining the program and when they're done with that video they want to buy or they don't want to buy right so they. And then once they get signed up all the support that the patient gets is by phone or by email. So they never have to leave their house. So it's not like a weight watchers where they got to come in two or three days a week for follow up and coaching and support. So when we pick a location we're really looking for kind of centralized in the city that's got good freeway access in a high traffic strip mall. So there's good visibility from the street in that it's not a pain for an older person to drive to. That's because they only have to come once we have people like in Dallas Fort Worth we have one location Atlanta one location Houston one location. Right. And so people are driving an hour and a half two hours to come to us because it's saving their life. And they only have to come once. Yeah and if we had to if you had the weight watchers model we'd have to have five six seven locations per city. But what then it's still five times the overhead five times the staff five times the headaches. So now these clinics that are lean and mean they're about 1200 square feet. We have one employee per clinic and we manage them all because we all we have video and audio surveillance and every one of these clinics I can pull up on my app so I can hear what they're saying how they're handling the scripting how they're doing a consultation et cetera and making sure they're not playing solitaire on their computer.

[00:18:26] So how do people hear about this like if I'm in Atlanta and worried about this how do I hear about you.

[00:18:34] Yeah we're pretty prolific at marketing as you know we do radio TV newspaper direct mail online referrals we get distributorship programs locally where we're physicians can send people to us. So we're doing everything to get the word out that hey you have type 2 diabetes you want to reverse it come in our clinic for a free consultation and we guarantee results we guarantee that when someone's done with our program Tom their doctor will have weaned them off of all of their diabetic meds otherwise they get their money back plus five hundred dollars just for trying our program.

[00:19:06] Wow. Wow. Each one of those things you just rattled off has its own learning curve. Direct Mail for instance you got to create the document and find out where to mail it. Lot of details through what you've created. But boy I mean when you have the incentive of saving people's lives.

[00:19:26] Yeah. We have a national marketing director and you know we've all kind of been trained by the same experts right. You know Dan Kennedy and the Jay Abrahams and the Tom Antions and all those people so we've all been trained by the same people. And so that's why each one of us has rolled separate little trick I guess if you want to call it to making sure they're successful and as you know everything's testing. So we just test test test because what works in Atlanta sometimes doesn't work in Houston. So you really got to be tracking everything to see what's pulling in a good ROI.

[00:19:55] So. So let's brag about Tiffany a little bit.

[00:19:59] That's easy to do.

[00:20:01] Staying at your house. She was I don't know eight years old. You know I wake up and I'm thinking what is my what am I listening to seems like eight years old. Listen to the Count of Monte Cristo. Thinking this girl is going to be something I don't know what is going to be something we had her on this special youth edition because tell us about her project that she's working on.

[00:20:28] Yeah. So she's created a company called discovering me and it's a online mentoring kind of Big Sister program for teen and college girls. And that's which what's the business is discoveringme.com. And it's totally online based on you know they pay a small fee. Twenty nine dollars a month to have the coaching and so that's what she's built up. She's written a book. So she's a published author on it now and so again she's either cursed or blessed to have been raised in my family.

[00:21:00] She was working in the business early on. She said you know doing whatever envelope or whatever it took.

[00:21:08] Yeah she was because we homeschooled her. She graduated high school when she was about a month before her 15th birthday.

[00:21:14] Right. So she graduated didn't want to do college yet. So then she was like 15 years old and she was working as a receptionist. And one of our clinics and you know she just like sat like she was twenty five on the phone. She's so crazy I just love her. She's like you and me Tom we're all unemployable.

[00:21:35] So. So how's Traci doing.

[00:21:38] Traci's awesome. So she's the CFO co-founder of our company so we're working together. And we've always worked together. There's really eleven years of our twenty seven year marriage where she didn't work in her business. That's when she was 100 percent focused on homeschooling Tiffani. By the time Tiffani was four till she was 15. I kind of like to call it the homeschool bubble. So we kept Traci in the homeschool bubble so she could just be the mom. And it was awesome. And to this day you know my wife and daughter they're still like best friends.

[00:22:07] It's really it's something it's it's the picturesque family like I always tease you about.

[00:22:13] So we're all working in it now. I'm kind of Tiffani sort of helping out as well while she's doing her business. So that's cool my mom you know we 78 years old she actually helps in our business.

[00:22:24] Oh I didn't realize that. I never met her.

[00:22:26] Yeah. Because my mom is the older sister of my aunt who died. So she's in it too. So my mom talk about a freaking rock star. So she's the one who whenever we did our events like two out of every five events around the world we had it's like a seminar. So we had that people call a number and then somebody call them back and register them. My mom did that for six years. My mom has registered tens of thousands of people. And the rock star part is we've done events in Australia and New Zealand. You know it's like 14 hour time difference. And my mom would register all of them so she's up at 2:00 in the morning it's for 74 years old registering somebody from Melbourne for a seminar I'm doing. And then like four months ago we went to Dubai. That's 14 hours the other way. Same thing at two hundred and sixty people registered for that event that she spoke to every one of them and their names and of course the names you can imagine some of the last names in Dubai. Saudi Arabia is like you know she's like could you please just spell that for me. Yeah to like try to sound it phonetically. So yes, my mom's involved in it. So this is a mission we're on and it's really really fun to do what we're doing.

[00:23:39] So what kind of tips would you give to somebody that's either starting a business. What are some of the big things you've learned. Being an entrepreneur for 20 years.

[00:23:48] Well you definitely want to do what you've got to have that desire that. Yeah I could get a job somewhere and I could have the the you know the phantom job security and I always tell people it's not secure because if you're not the boss Your boss can fire you tomorrow. You got no nowhere to go. So job security is a myth. And so if you you have that bug where you just you want to have your own money you want to get to make your own decisions and you're OK that if you fail you can't blame your boss. So you have to have that kind of desire in your belly and most successful entrepreneurs I know they did something like I did. Like from a very young age they were cutting lawns shoveling driveways. You know having lemonade stands. I mean it was just part of their DNA. You know I've never really seen a successful entrepreneur who was basically getting an allowance their whole life never had a part time job. Their parents paid for their college and they worked for three or four years at some company said I don't like this. Now I want to be an entrepreneur. I've never seen it. Maybe someone else has. But how did you. Is there something in your life. You know we have that bug and I don't know why I got it from Tom because my dad worked for John Deere for thirty five years and I was only college grad of my family. I think that's what sparked me once I saw my dad hate his job like my whole memory of my childhood was my dad hating his job and he was middle management so we had people above him that he was stressed about he'd manage a bunch of you below him and he would come home and he became an alcoholic God bless him he passed away six years ago from alcoholism and had high blood pressure and like there's no frickin way I'm doing that that I feel I. I'd already been working my own jobs used to give making my own money and I thought you know what I'm going to be my own boss as I got older and there's no way I'm going to come home and be stressed and see my family be stressed out about me I'd rather be stressed because it's my business it's stress and business model will be your own ceiling on your income as you know when it's your own business there's no ceiling. If you're an employee. I mean you pretty much you only make as much as your boss lets you make there's a ceiling to that I never liked that. I've always had that bug and I wanted to do something different. And how can I do something different from the crowd. And so that's the biggest thing is you've got to have that fire in the belly and you've got to have some thick skin because you're going to get your nose bloodied and you better be able to take a punch and get back up. It's not a straight line up and you've got to be OK with that. And so you have to have that in your belly and it's I don't think it's something that could be taught Tom and whether you agree with that or not. You either have that in you or you don't. And I've seen a lot of people who were business or work for somebody hated it became an entrepreneur got kicked once and then they put their tail between their legs went back and now they're still an employee took one swing they got pummeled and they didn't want to take another swing or get the training necessary to learn how to be an entrepreneur better. I still think you can be trained to be a great entrepreneur but you still have to have that foundation of that in your belly. That's what I feel.

[00:26:57] And that's exactly what happened to you and when you have to close the video studio it wasn't the end. You could it be the end of a lot of people. They would have just folded like a deck of cards. You know when I my nightclub when the drinking age from 18 to 21. Boom out of business after seven days a week for six years or so. So yeah that's that's more important than skills and sometimes it's the persistence and the ability and drive to get back up.

[00:27:29] Well and you know to Tom like some people you know they should be employees and a lot of these people they have a better life. They'll make more money and have less stress by being an employee. So it's not like it's giving up saying I'm just going employee because I need employees. I'm blessed that I got employees that are awesome. You know I don't want them to leave and start their own business. So it's OK if you get but it's so easy to see these seminars these young kids and they're making all this money they're entrepreneurs is like oh I want to do that. OK it sounds great but you know sometimes you know you can make more money by working for a rock star than trying to become your own rock star. And I think that's OK you know but if you have that someone else listen to this they have that fire like No frickin way am I working for somebody you know I'm going to figure this out. Well that's then there is you know dozens of people they can go to there's you and lots of other people they can go to for help on. OK. Now you've got that fire in your belly to be an entrepreneur. Now let's channel that into doing the foundational things to be a great entrepreneur.

[00:28:35] Right. Gaining the skills and then a lot of these young. Sucked in by these so-called influencers. But I just saw this article yesterday on on the an Instagram picture how it really came about and you know enormous numbers of more fake people were pretending to be at the beach. This one guy was laying on a pile of sand at a construction site but they put a close up of them and it looked like he was laying on the beach.

[00:29:02] Well we both know Tom we've both been around long enough and been every seminar and everything guru you think of and we know the ones that are just frauds and you know we you and I both know.

[00:29:14] Yeah. Oh yeah we have mutual enemies.

[00:29:18] Yeah exactly. And you know and that's the thing it's like I always like OK going to try and get a mentor and something you know try and find somebody who is actually not just making all their money as a coach or at least one point in their life. They actually did what they're trying to get you to do. So yeah. I mean you can say again I've done it. You've all got you've already run businesses. Now you can be a coach and mentor because you've actually done.

[00:29:43] And I still do. I mean you're still selling my own stuff and it's not just how to make money stuff. I mean I made my fortune so public speaking videos. And everybody hates public speaking. You know it wasn't these is they do sell up. So we got to take a brief sponsor break and when we come back we're gonna ask Jeff what's a typical day look like for him and how he personally stays motivated and I kind of got a little bit the answer already when you were you're saving lives that a little extra shot to keep going but.

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[00:31:41] So. So let's get back to our main event here. Jeff Hockings and Jeff what we do. We didn't do that. Tell them where they find you before we get into like what do you do all day. So how did they get in touch with you.

[00:31:55] Yeah. Our main website is the same name as our business so it's helpyourdiabetes.com.

[00:32:04] And that will be in the show notes folks. And the and. Yeah definitely. When they go there what are they going to see.

[00:32:10] Again it's gonna be like your typical Web site where you'll see tons of testimonials from patients. You'll see bios of us everybody who's involved in it. It's basically for potential patients is what you'll see information on there and what our program's all about and how we can help somebody reverse this disease and get them off the meds.

[00:32:29] Now with the model that you mentioned earlier really only have to come once they could just fly into one of these cities. Right.

[00:32:35] Oh they absolutely could.

[00:32:37] Yeah yeah. So so definitely if you're suffering from anything with regard to this look at their Website and think about hitting one of the cities closest to you so that you can get this reversed because man it's just it's insidious is what's happening in the lifestyle nowadays doesn't help at all. But what do you what's you know what's a typical day look like for you when you get up do you work out let's do two of them when you're on the road doing a presentation and when you're when you're home what's what's a typical day look like for you.

[00:33:11] Yeah. On the road it's pretty nothing different from when I'm at home I'm getting up at 530 every morning. And I do my journal I read a little Bible verse first than I do journaling writing down my goals and I'll do goals in the morning I do goals in the evening before I go to bed. So twice a day I'm reading my goals and I work out for an hour. I do about 20 minutes a cardio and then I'll do one body part per day as far as weight. So one day I'll do arms one day I'll do shoulders I do six days six days six days working out and and then from that. Once that happens they are ready for they have my smoothie and then then most days I'm on the computer you know looking at clinics watching them seeing how they're doing the consultations are working with our marketing director on more marketing strategies and then working with our guy who's helping us raise capital because we raise capital from private investors to open up more clinics. So that's a big part of my day. And so it's really just helping manage the clinics because we have 15 right now and there's five more that are in the process of being built. So we'll have 20 by August and then again big plans to have 50 by the end of the year.

[00:34:21] How do you supervise the building of a clinic from remotely you actually go to the location or do you know.

[00:34:29] Yeah. We haven't. My COO Michelle who's been with us for over six years. What she does is she's the one now that finds local contractors and they will be the ones that kind of manage the job because we've done enough of them now. We already have sort of a template a blueprint and plans and what the clinics look like they're all cookie cutter. So it's really the same title same ceiling same wall same paint colors all of that. That's pretty simple. And once they start the construction process they're sending us pictures and video at the end of every week so we can actually see the progress of what's going on. So that's the only way you can manage that from two thousand miles away. So that's how we do it. So you have a pretty good system down right now and it's it's working well and once the clinic is close to being open we do advertising to find an employee. Once we hire them we bring them out through our Dallas location here where we live now and they get trained for those two weeks by my wife Traci she's the main trainer for all new employees and then we send them out to their clinic and and they rock and roll and so. So that's pretty much it. So I'll work until about six o'clock and then rest of time the night it's as family time and with my wife and our daughter still living with us right now starting her business. So I think she's gonna be with us until she gets married which is something I prefer as you know Traci because she's an only child and my wife is an only child and you know my wife she was still living with her parents we got married so she had a ton of money in the bank and she was paying her parents rent and now she's like I'm like I'll get an apartment for you to stay with my parents. And we give Tiffani all the space she wants she's got pretty much the whole upstairs West Wing of our house is all hers and we don't give her any hassle so it's it's pretty cool. So yeah. So the days are very busy but as we talked about before the biggest thing I get a kick out of that I'm so fires me up after 28 years Tom is that we're getting you know half a dozen to a dozen testimonials per day coming in from patients now all over the world saying I'm off my meds and I feel great and you saved my life. Thank you so much. I mean how do you not stay fired up with that.

[00:36:33] Exactly. That's really really great. So are you doing any presentations anymore.

[00:36:38] Well actually it's funny you say that because you know I was in Nashville the last two days during that event and that's actually the last one I'm doing on the road because next month we're going to be doing. Starting next month in a studio here we don't own the studio it's a studio here in Dallas. We're gonna be using. And I want to be doing a basically a live event in the studio every week and then we're going to simulcast it and broadcast it to all of our clinic locations around the country at the same time. Oh and that way the travel anymore because you know how that sucks. I was doing like forty seven different cities events per year for six years ago. You know I got over 500 thousand miles I've traveled miles on American and it was rough and every week like a new city so. But again it built infrastructure tested our system know it works and now we're going to start using technology and get smarter so I can 15 minute drive to the studio do my thing. I drive home be in my own bed. No more traveling. So that's what we're going to do.

[00:37:41] So for the people who listen to as we call them screwballs. So what kind of parting thoughts would you have for them after 28 years in business.

[00:37:52] Yeah. That's the biggest lesson right again you got to take that punch and get back off. You're going to have ups and downs and it's OK but get yourself surrounded by some other people that are entrepreneurs like you that you're your own little mastermind group if you don't want to invest in some of the great mastermind groups out there so you can have some successes and be able to share it with somebody and not have them get jealous. You know like I just met with a guy last week who's very successful entrepreneur and we're both kind of lamenting that we have very few friends that are men but most people are employees and you can't tell them. Yeah we just you know brought in over a million dollars last month in revenue. You can't tell who the hell are you. Why. You must be ripping people off right. And so. So get your. Around some people that you can share some of those wins and failures with and they're going to support you and help you with your missions.

[00:38:45] You know what's the old saying it's the old saying about you know your income has to do with your like five closest friends.

[00:38:53] Yeah it's true. You do it on the bottom of all my emails time that I've been sending out for 15 years. It's like my favorite quote from Andrew Carnegie and it says As I grow older I pay less attention to what people say. I just watch what they do. So that's kind of how I base my life as you were mentioning some of the gurus a lot of guys can talk a great game and you know the fake Beach pictures whatever but watch what they do. Like what do they actually do in their life and not just how what they say or you know trying to sell you on the blue sky and the next shiny object which I've been a victim of myself many times you know. But again stay focused and stay in your lane. I've got distracted over my career trying to do some other things that I should not because I sound that great Oh hey here's another niche I can get into that I make another hundred grand a month. Alex. So now it's like we have where I'm in this lane of wellness and diabetes reversal. So I'm sticking in that lane and you can still have offshoots of that but it's still in that same overall category. I think that's really good advice to to just not get distracted by the shiny objects.

[00:40:00] That's for sure. So thanks so much Jeff. It's been great catching up with you. I just love your what you're doing. I just love every your whole family that's for sure. Now I love your mother and I haven't ever met her. You could clone her rule the world. So anyway thanks a lot. Say hi to to your wife and to Tiffani. And next time you're ever around. Make sure you can you call me up. I remember we had a great dinner in Virginia Beach when you were here but the good looks like you and me both go through but this is where I haven't been on a plane in two years and I love it.

[00:40:39] Yeah. Yeah. It's great to see you again Tom. Thanks man.

[00:40:42] Okay. So we'll catch all later and everybody check out the show notes and if you have anybody or you even know that this problem of diabetes. Make sure you send them to that site and get them to one of the clinics. I mean the track record is is just unbelievable. It's just so great what Jeff and all the folks working with them do so check that out and we'll catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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