136 - Tom’s favorite software for 20 years: Tom talks Screen Capture Video - Screw The Commute

136 – Tom’s favorite software for 20 years: Tom talks Screen Capture Video

Screen capture video is something that I’m pretty sure you’ll want to embrace after you see all the cool stuff it will do for your business. And the very last segment is how I make really big money with it. Most people understand a basic screen capture. That’s where you pretty much take a picture of what’s displayed on your screen. You can even do it on cell phones by pressing a certain button combination. That’s not what I’m talking about here. It’s similar, but definitely not the same.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 136

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[03:15] Tom's introduction to Screen Capture Video

[06:04] Employee training

[06:51] Tech support

[07:35] Customer support

[09:48] Making and selling products

[12:43] Affiliate sales

[15:11] Grab streaming videos from anywhere

[16:43] Create content for membership sites

[18:07] Software to use

[19:45] Making BIG money

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 136 Screen Capture Video I’ve been using this technique for 19 and a half years now and It’s still making me and saving me money every single day.
Episode 135 Gene Ehmann Wait till you hear the stories from this Private Eye and former FBI special agent. He really brought some international intrigue to the show.

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Main Event
Screen capture video
Folks screen capture video is something that I’m pretty sure you’ll want to embrace after you see all the cool stuff it will do for your business. And the very last segment is how I make really big money with it. First, I should make sure ya’ll know what I’m talking about. Most people understand a basic screen capture. That’s where you pretty much take a picture of what’s displayed on your screen. You can even do it on cell phones by pressing a certain button combination. That’s not what I’m talking about here. It’s similar, but definitely not the same.
Screen capture video does capture your screen, but it captures it in the form of a video so it’s not just one moment in time like a basic screen capture is. It’s a moving picture of everything you can display on your screen and in addition to that, you can also record audio either from your computer, your own voice or both. It’s basically a video taken internally of your computer screen. I remember when I first saw this in the year 2000, I thought someone was using a camcorder to videotape their computer screen. Hahahaha.
Here is a list of things you can do with screen capture video and then I’ll go more in depth on using it.
Improve customer service, do employee training, do customer training, make products, sell products, do affiliate product sales, show people how to fill out forms, show tech support the problem your having (that is if you can turn on your computer and it’s at least working). You can capture webinars without having to wait for the replay, create content for membership sites. You can grab steaming videos from anywhere and no one can stop you. You can use it during speeches. I’ve made a fortune doing that instead of using PowerPoint.
Wow that’s a heck of a list isn’t it? That’s why I love it so much. I use lots of powerful software, but rarely do I find software that pays me back in so many ways.
OK before I get into how screen capture video makes me lots of money, I’ll be talking about how it saves me time and gives better customer service.
Employee Training
One way it saves me time is on employee training. This may not matter to you if you don’t have any employees right now, but it even works if you outsource some of your work. Instead of telling employees or outsourcers the same thing over and over again, you do a screen capture video showing them maybe how to fill out an order form for your business, or how to record a customer comment or complaint. Maybe you have a special piece of software that helps run your business. You can do a screen capture video showing the new employee how to use it. I swear to you; you will find lots of ways to use this software internally.
Tech Support
OK Now let’s say you are having some computer problems. How many times have you tried to explain what’s happening to either your inhouse tech support who is located in another building ….or another state or tech support from your hosting company or email provider or shopping cart company. It seems that us marketers don’t really speak the same language as many tech support people so instead of trying to explain what’s happening, if possible, do a screen capture video and they will get what you’re trying to say about 100 times faster and save a lot of frustration for both you and the tech support person.
Customer Support
Now let’s talk about customer support. I just have to tell you this story. If you’ve been listening to this podcast for long, you know I push heavily http://www.KickStartCart.com because of all the great things it will do for your business. I cover shopping carts in Episode 10. I know for a long time I was the biggest reseller of this cart for a big company. One of the reasons was that I would give a three-hour one-on-one consultation with new users to teach them how to use the cart. With 1500 users over time this was eating me up, plus it was boring as heck to be saying the same things over and over again. So, one weekend I think it was a 4th of July weekend I was finally at the end of my rope doing this three hour consults so I sat down and did 45 short videos on all aspects of using the shopping cart and put them on a website https://www.HowToUseAShoppingCart.com The new cart users could pick and choose the features they wanted to concentrate on and they could watch them over and over again any time day or night when they needed a refresher on how to use a certain function of the cart. Then when they talked to me, I could just concentrate on their individual questions and could knock them out in no time. So, this was great for the customers and great for me in that it knocked out hundreds of hours of boring one-on-one phone calls.
If you sell anything like software, eBooks, or online courses you can use screen capture video to show people how to use what they bought and how to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong. They have access 24/7 and they love this. Plus, you’ve potentially averted a situation where you have an irate customer who wants a refund because they couldn’t get help right away.
Making Money
Now let’s make some money with screen capture video. I’ve made lots of money with all these ways so they are in no particular order.
Make Products
First let’s talk about making products with screen capture video. If you’ve ever bought a house, you know there is a stack of paperwork 5 inches thick that you must sign. (Ha. whatever happened to the paperless society people talked about 10 years ago?) What if you really knew what all those documents meant and what to watch out for so a person doesn’t get taken advantage of by a mortgage company? You could go over each document and explain what each line meant and tell prospective home owners what to watch out for on each line of the documentation. You could tell them what things are negotiable and what things weren’t. You could tell them ranges of amounts that should be paid for closing costs, title fees, origination fees etc. You could easily sell this as a product and promote it by saying something like it will most likely save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars when getting a mortgage.
I had a $199.00 CD that I sold for years that had 50 screen capture videos on it that were many tips and tricks to be successful in Internet Marketing. So, you can make a product with screen capture video.
Sales Tool
You can also use screen capture video to help sell certain types of products. Let’s say you had an online course like I do at https://www.CopyWriting901.com Most of the product is screen capture videos teaching you how to write advertising copy that sells. What if I took a couple of the videos and put them out there for free as samples of the full online course? Do you think they would help sell the course? Of course, they would.
Remember those customer service videos I did for the shopping cart so I wouldn’t have to say stuff over and over. They do double duty because in addition to helping the people that already got the cart, they are good sales tools for people thinking about getting the cart. I can freely give them away to show people how powerful and easy to use the cart is, but the people watching the videos can’t do what I’m telling them about unless they buy the cart. So, it’s a great sales tool you can just giveaway because they can’t do what you’re telling them unless they buy stuff and you get your sale or commission.
Affiliate Sales
Now let’s talk about affiliate sales. I’ve made a ton of money with this idea and you don’t even have to develop a product to make this idea work. I’ve use this primarily with software or online services that others have created.
One that comes to mind is animated video maker that’s pretty easy to use. I bought it and loved it. So, I became an affiliate and I would get a commission for each person that bought the service through my affiliate link.
I logged in to the service and went through the easy and fun steps to make an animated video and I encouraged people to click on my affiliate link to get the service for themselves. Many people did and I got paid for each one.
I did this same idea for another service I just love. It’s the service that’s transcribing this podcast to put in my show notes. I’ve not paid for one transcription in over 130 episodes of screw the commute. In this case, I didn’t get paid for referring people with money. I got paid in free transcriptions. The service is crazy good and I’ll have a link to the video and my affiliate link in the show notes. I love the service because my transcriptions are back in 10 minutes, but it’s only 5 dollars per recorded hour. I’ve never paid less than $30/hr. and many times $60/hr. and I had to wait a long time to get the transcriptions.
https://youtu.be/VmPtVuke0OE Video describing how it works
https://sonix.ai/invite/qgzogvk my affiliate link gets you 30 free minutes
I’ll have a couple more samples in the show notes
https://youtu.be/8Ye6vj4JqLA 4-minute video proves I’m a jerk (Funny Fake Text Message Creator)
http://tinyurl.com/q8gdzdb Unbelievable new headline, subject line and title creator.
So, all you have to do is watch the videos, if you like it, great. You buy it and I get an affiliate commission. If you don’t, at least you learned something. So, this is a really powerful thing.
Some Cool things
Here’s a couple other cool things you can do with screen capture video. You can grab streaming videos from anywhere and they can’t stop you. I’m not saying to do anything illegal with the videos but if you see one on a site and there is no download provision and you don’t think it will be up there that long, all you have to do is fire up your screen capture software and record it. There’s absolutely no way to stop this. And like I said, don’t repost it somewhere if you don’t have the copyright or don’t claim it as your own or don’t sell it and again, I’m not even telling you to do it. I’m just saying you could.
You could do the same thing with a webinar where they either claim there won’t be a replay or you don’t want to wait for the replay. And let’s say the webinar starts at 8pm and you can’t be there until a little after 9 pm. Again, fire up your screen capture software and as soon as you get home you can watch the end of the live webinar and then watch the beginning that you video screen captured. Or if you didn’t get home till 11:30, then you can immediately watch the entire webinar without having to wait till the next day. And you get an advantage because a lot of webinars give out freebies for those that attend live that aren’t on the replay. Hey, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that cause you won’t show up for my webinars LOL
Now the next thing I mentioned briefly above, but you can create content for membership sites or for products in https://www.Copywriting901.com the bulk of the product is screen capture video even though I also include PDFs and here’s a good sidebar point. Someone might watch your video product and love it, but they don’t always want to go back and watch the entire video again just to get one concept they missed. So, I usually include a PDF of the big points of the video training. Also, people like to have multiple formats of the same information so you might want to take the audio track off the video and give them an mp3 download. Here’s another sidebar. Yes, I frequently do give mp3 downloads, but there is a slight peril in this. If you just take the audio track off a video, the audio may not be understandable because people won’t be seeing what you’re talking about like they would be if they were watching the video. In that case if you want to have an audio, you probably should just record a separate audio with more detail in it since they won’t have the visuals.
So, what software do I use? I happen to use the gold standard Camtasia. It’s probably one of the most pricey pieces of software I’ve ever bought other than Final Cut Pro for the Mac for our high-end video editing. Camtasia at the time of this recording is about $250 bucks. I know you might be on a budget, but this would be chump change if you diligently did all the things in this podcast.
I’ve heard some people like Screen flow, but the only one I’ve ever used in 19 and a half years is Camtasia.
One thing you want to make sure that’s included in whatever software you get is the ability to capture system audio in addition to what you say through a microphone. You will get much cleaner audio if you are capturing an audio or video segment if the audio or video is going directly digitally into your screen capture video recorder rather than going through your speakers and back into your microphone which can cause lots of problems.
In the show notes I’ve included a link that reviews 10 different options in all price ranges. If you don’t get or can’t afford Camtasia right now, check out the other cheaper options and get moving on this one way or the other.
Now for the big money way I use it.
I use screen capture video extensively in my speeches. People love it and it’s made me a fortune because everyone else uses PowerPoint and I don’t. One thing I teach pro speakers that’s bad about PowerPoint is that you are locked into a sequence. If your time gets cut as it frequently does, you have to jump through a bunch of slides and the audience feels cheated. I just play individual screen capture video files or show individual graphics off my desktop and I can adjust my time with no sweat at all and the audience never knows the difference.
I can tell you though, they’ve never seen the way I present and it sets me far apart from all the other death by PowerPoint speakers they’ve seen. Plus showing them how something works is way more impactful than just telling them. Here’s another cool thing it does. It gives me a break onstage and while they’re watching the video, I have a chance to gauge the audience and make adjustments to my presentation as I go. This means I’m right in the moment with the people in the audience and they can tell. This all leads to great evaluations, extremely large back of the room sales and being invited back over and over.
So, I guess you can tell, I just love screen capture videos and I’m pretty sure you will too if you do the things I’ve covered.

OK. If you want someone to hold your hand through this and all the other things you need to know to be successful on line, check out my mentor program. it's the longest running most successful and most unique and one thing I didn't tell you. It also includes a scholarship to my licensed Internet marketing school that you can either use yourself or gift to someone else.
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