132 - Protocol is her game: Tom interviews Jacqueline Whitmore - Screw The Commute

132 – Protocol is her game: Tom interviews Jacqueline Whitmore

Jacqueline Whitmore is an international etiquette expert, a certified speaking professional, and the founder of the Protocol School of Palm Beach. She's also the author of Poised for Success mastering the four qualities that distinguished outstanding professionals, and Business Class Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work. Jacqueline's etiquette advice is sought by radio and television shows around the world including 20/20, CNN, Fox News, National Public Radio, and CNBC.

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[03:21] Tom's introduction to Jacqueline Whitmore

[11:38] Coming up through the ranks to entrepreneurship

[19:04] Crazy group teaching air conditioning mechanics

[25:15] The best and worst parts of working for yourself

[29:56] Sponsor message

[32:14] A typical day for Jacqueline and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 132 – Jacqueline Whitmore
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 132 of screw the commute podcast I'm here with Jacqueline Whitmore and this is a lady who knows etiquette. And I've known her for lots of years and I'll tell you the truth when I'm in Florida. I always wanted to invite her to a business lunch but I was afraid to because I'm such a country bumpkin I was afraid I'd use the wrong fork and she'd beat my fingers or something. So I didn't do it. But anyway she's she's a wonderful down to earth person and I'll introduce you in a minute. Let's see last episode is 131 Robyn Pearce. This lady knows about time and how to manage it. I met her 19 years ago at Buttcamp I had in Washington DC. We've been friends ever since. And she did gave great tips on time management for business people. Then I've got a great freebie for everybody listening to this podcast it's by twenty seven dollars e-book how to automate your business. And just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me over seven million keystrokes so it's really worth grabbing that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and I've got another special little gift over at that link for you. Now our podcast app's in the iTunes store you can go to screwthecommute.com/app and we got complete instructions on how to use it. Put it on your cell phone and tablet then take us with you on the road and save your favorite episodes and it does all kinds of cool stuff especially if you're driving it all paused itself automatically and and come back on after you make a phone call and also please if you know anybody that's an entrepreneur or wants to start a business or improve their business. Tell him about the show and really help us out. Now today's sponsor is the distance learning school the internet marketing Training Center of Virginia. You ever wonder how tens of thousands of people like me sit home earn legitimate money and don't have to listen to a boss or get up and fight traffic every day. Well it's because we have legitimate online businesses and the reason I keep emphasizing the word legitimate is because there's tons of scams out there in the online world. That's why I started the only licensed and dedicated internet marketing distance learning school in the country. IMTCVA.org and you can you can have here I go again. Legitimate lifestyle business as little as six months. So check it out. We'll have the link in the show notes and and by the way we're approved by the Department of Defense for their scholarship program for military spouses. So if you know any military spouses who want to work out of their home from wherever they're deployed please send them my way.

[00:03:22] All right let's get to the main event. Jacqueline Whitmore is an international etiquette expert a certified speaking professional and the founder of the Protocol School of Palm Beach. She's also the author of poised for success mastering the four qualities that distinguish outstanding professionals and Business Class Etiquette Essentials for Success at work Jacqueline's etiquette advice is sought by radio and television shows around the world including 20/20 CNN Fox News National Public Radio and CNBC. She's been quoted in The New York Times USA Today Wall Street Journal Business Insider U.S. News and World Report entrepreneur fortune. And guess what. The big Oprah magazine. Jackie are you ready to screw. The commute. I've always wanted to say that to you I held back. I held back so. Oh it's so great to catch up with you. How long did we meet. It's been a long time.

[00:04:30] It's been a long time Tom I've been in business since 1998. And I guess I took your Buttcamp in the early 2000s. Yes shortly after I started my business and I have to say what made such a difference in the way I did business. Such a difference in the way I. I manage my business and I still use some of the tools that you taught way back then.

[00:05:01] Wow. Yeah. I hope it seems I just sent you the latest update too because you know you get them forever for free once your a buttcamp graduate. So lots of new stuff. Did you get the link that I sent you.

[00:05:13] I sure do. I look forward to watching the video.

[00:05:16] A lot of new stuff. I'll tell you it's always that's the way it always is in this Internet field. So tell us what you've been what you've been doing with this etiquette and protocol school all these years.

[00:05:27] I started my business with the intent to help people become a little bit more polished in the business arena and I started out teaching children teenagers and then adults. But I quickly realized that adults were more of my forte. So I go all over the world men and well everything from dining skills techno etiquette how to dress. How to engage with other people networking. Anything that has to do with communication skills and customer service. I pretty much cover that.

[00:06:03] So when you say you go all over the world do you do speeches or consulting you're small groups big groups. How does that work.

[00:06:10] I do a little bit of everything in my second book actually my first and second book were printed in Chinese and I go to Asia quite frequently and give speeches on business etiquette Western business etiquette to people who would like to know how to do business over here in the United States. And I've been just all over the planet. But my main focus is right here in the United States I teach banks law offices accounting firms colleges universities you name it anybody with a green dollar bill.

[00:06:48] Well but do you do the opposite like you go to China and tell them how to do business here but what if we were going to China.

[00:06:54] I haven't had a request for that yet. However I am I'm very very interested in teaching Americans how to do business in China because I think it's extremely important.

[00:07:08] Well yeah I mean it's a big big economy over there and. And I just recently found out that their biggest search engine is called Baidu. It's it's one of the biggest in the world and there's a million searches a day in English on that search engine. So a lot of U.S. companies are you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get listed in Baidu you get a local Chinese person to help you. But yeah the back and forth is going to just keep increasing.

[00:07:38] Absolutely. The world is getting smaller and smaller. And we have to learn how to do business globally. And that's what I try to impart to my here is that even if we were solely in the United States chances are your workplace is going to be extremely diverse. So it's important to know how to do business with all types of cultures.

[00:08:01] Now what are some of the biggest mistakes that the typical person makes.

[00:08:05] Oh it just depends. Etiquette by the way is situational so what might work for me in a situation might not work for you. And I see everything from people who don't know how to compose an email or they might post Something on social media that they wish they hadn't posted. They might make a big mistake at a dinner table. They might order the wrong food or they might say something to someone that might be offensive. I mean the list just goes on and on and on.

[00:08:37] I heard family recently felt that it was the TV personality that got invited to this really swanky event. She took a sip out of this cup of clear liquid. Then the guy next to her said you know it's supposed to be you put your fingers in. I probably would have done the same thing. So. So what made you get interested in this.

[00:09:10] My background is in hospitality. And I work for the Breakers in Palm Beach which is a very luxurious hotel in Palm Beach Florida. I was in public relations and marketing at the time and to make a long story extremely short. I put together an etiquette camp for kids and children from all over the world in one week during the summer and they learned how to ballroom dance. They learned how to sit at the table and eat properly. They learned how to public speak and then in the afternoons they had all kinds of activities including golf and tennis and swimming and field trips and so forth.

[00:09:55] One week you got kids to do all this.

[00:09:57] In one week. So the instructor. My hired said to me why don't we expand this camp and open it up to adults. And we were starting to get inquiries from business people to come to a camp like this. And that's exactly what we did. We organized a camp at the same time of that same week so the adults were in one class and the children were in another class.

[00:10:27] And being the curious person that I am. I actually took the class because I am from a small town I guess I'm a country bumpkin as well. I wanted to learn how to deal with people get along with people from all parts of the globe and I took the class and the instructors so more you could turn this into a business if you wanted to and you can teach the staff here at the hotel so etiquette skills. Well see that's exactly right. I ended up going to Washington D.C. and I took a more extensive course and in my spare time I started teaching the staff at the hotel. As a side job in addition to my public relations and as fate would have it I got laid off from my job in 1998 and I decided that was the time to start my own business. So I converted my little 350 square foot attic into an office bought a printer a fax machine and a computer. And that's where I founded The Protocol School of Palm Beach.

[00:11:39] Wow. Wow. So. So take us back even before that. So obviously you had a job there but before that How did you come up through the ranks.

[00:11:48] Oh my gosh I've had such a colorful career Tom. I've done everything from I've. I've danced in a baby shamu suits at SeaWorld I've shown an improvisational theater world. I have been a flight attendant with Northwest Airlines. I've flown all over the world with with them. I worked for the Walt Disney World dolphin in special events I was a sales secretary. I I have done so many interesting and diverse jobs which in all actuality led to what I'm actually doing now because it has helped me understand other people's jobs because my background is so diverse but the pinnacle of my success prior to starting my own business was at the breakers when I was hired as the assistant director of PR. I got to meet people from all over the world people. Who worked in magazines newspapers and journalists. From like you mentioned some of the magazines that I've written for and I've been featured in I met all the editors and writers for those publications and I felt intimidated to work in that environment. When I started I thought to myself How in the world am I going to. Do this job because I'm just a small town girl and I really. I had all I did liked to learn. And that's one of my whit bits. Always surrounds yourself with talented positive people. Never stop learning because learners are earners and always keep an open mind. Minds are like parachutes they only function when they're open. I've always lived by that philosophy and that's always served me well. I've been laid off four times in my life and all four times it has propelled me to the next level. And so I'm really grateful that I had my own business and there are some challenges that go along with that as well.

[00:14:06] Well you're kidding. I thought everything's perfect all the time.

[00:14:11] It's only taken me 20 years to become an overnight success.

[00:14:14] Yes exactly. Okay so let's just take you take a situation Jackie let's let's say I'm getting invited to really to do a White House dinner. What kind of things should I really really watch out for to make sure I don't make a fool of myself.

[00:14:31] Well if you've been invited to the White House consider yourself extremely lucky. Or maybe some like depending on your political affiliation. I would. Have to put myself in that situation if it were me I would first first of all find out what to wear because that's important. You don't want to come to any event. Under dressed or over dressed. Chances are that you'll probably maybe dress up. Number two I'd want to find out who's going to be there. A lot of times you can ask for a guest list to find out who you're going to be sitting beside. And then if you know who's going to be at your table you might even want to do a little Google search and find out a little bit about these people. So you have some conversation starters you can go on LinkedIn. You can go on Facebook you can pretty much find anybody you want on line. And then I would also take an etiquette course in dining if it's a very formal meal.

[00:15:42] You have this stuff available online at all or is it all in person.

[00:15:47] I have webinars online. I have. classes that I do consulting. In-person and online. And I have videos. I have a YouTube channel. I have two books that people can refer to. That's probably the easiest way.

[00:16:07] This would cover all that stuff that I would need to know.

[00:16:10] Yes indeed.

[00:16:11] Ok. So what else would you do.

[00:16:14] Oh well I would. Those are the main things.

[00:16:19] You know the basics already about the forks and knives and all the place settings and stuff. That's the stuff you're saying to try to learn from of course right.

[00:16:29] I would. But if you don't have time to learn the forks and the knives and silverware 101 I would just watch the host and follow his or her lead and just be very observant. I would also make sure that you don't stand in the corner and wait for people to approach you. You're invited to an event for several reasons. Number one the host or hostess thinks you have something to contribute. Number two. The host or hostess wants to thank you for your friendship. And number three the host or hostess wants to introduce you to someone they know so you could be invited for one or all of those reasons. So that's even more reason for you to be prepared to have something called the five Ps which are. Prior planning prevents poor performance. And if you do your homework ahead of time the more prepared you're going to be the more comfortable you're going to be. And not everybody is real confident in social situations.

[00:17:33] That's for sure and when you're saying doing the research you might find out some some things not to say and not to bring up right if the right skeletons that people would embarrass somebody.

[00:17:45] Right. So. I would suggest that you read up on the people that you're going to be with. Maybe pull some general facts out of their biography. You can even call companies to find out where the bios are on the CEOs. I mean we can pretty much find anything we want nowadays. That's the that's the basic information. And then after the event you want to follow up and write a thank you note. That's the key that most people forget that they like going to these events but they oftentimes forget to follow up or send a gift or make a phone call. And those are the little things that will ensure that you're invited back to any kind of event. Now one other thing real quick we want to choose your guests carefully because. These events will sometimes allow you to bring a guest. And if you invite someone who is a barbarian then that person or manners are going to reflect on you. So it's important for you to choose that person who's going to represent you extremely well.

[00:19:03] An excellent point there. So anything crazy funny. Speaking of barbarians anything funny crazy happen at any of these events.

[00:19:11] Actually something just happened last Saturday. I. Teach a diverse group of people. And last week I taught. A group of air conditioned air conditioning mechanics.

[00:19:28] You just wouldn't think all of a sudden oh well you know us HVAC people need to have some etiquette.

[00:19:39] You wouldn't think so. But we didn't call it etiquette. You have to be very careful with that word because it can turn some people. So I don't I don't always use the word etiquette. So this was a customer service program involving etiquette meeting and greeting customers and reading body language and how to speak to customers how to follow up. Et cetera et cetera. Well I always start out with an exercise called Getting to know you. And this particular exercise I started out by saying to the group it was a group of twenty five men I was the only female and I said What does a perfect day look like for you. And here we go. This was our first exercise. So each and every person almost each and every person said the same thing. I enjoy sitting at home. On the couch drinking beer that on and on and on. Okay. Then we get to this one guy and. I mean this was a pretty rough group. These people no holds barred. This one guy said I enjoy fornication and then I enjoy sitting on the couch and drinking beer. And I never heard that before. I guarantee you no one to my knowledge has ever told an etiquette teacher they enjoy that. Not in those terms anyway.

[00:21:13] Well here's the thing. He was being prim and proper using the term fornication. He could have used a lot of other terms. He could have any money because their boss came in before I started and said I don't want any. Any curse words. I want you to behave yourself. Be on your best behavior and this guy must have felt like he was on his best behavior.

[00:21:39] It's great. So. So what did you do. What did you say.

[00:21:47] Well when you're you know being a professional speaker when people say things you can't let it rattle you because once it rattles you Then they've got to you know they're going it's they're going to take control and that's the main thing I learned a long time ago when I was teaching a group of wealth managers in New York City the CEO pulled me in his office and he looked at me and I was really just in brand new to the industry. And he said Don't let these people push you around because if you do they'll eat you alive. And I've always remembered that. And when you're an etiquette consultant They're going to expect you to be a certain way and dress and act a certain way. I like to have fun. I'm a little. different in that I joke around with them. I am not afraid to have fun. And by the end of the six hours that I spent with HVAC people it's a long day they really enjoyed it. And we've had a lot of fun because I'd like to put the spotlight on them and not necessarily the entire time. Talk about me because that's boring. It's not about me. You're in THE speaking industry it's not about you it's about them and it's about the things that they need to learn.

[00:23:11] Well take us to cracking up about that guy because I know you for a long time but if I didn't really know you and I just saw you you just so put together you like Miss Perfection and like I was the last person on earth I'd ever say anything off color. Now I know you get away with it.

[00:23:33] I think I said to him I appreciate your honesty. I gave him a real real sweet smile and then moved on.

[00:23:43] You say you're a country bumpkin where'd you come from. I grew up in the small town of Haines City Florida which if you look on the map of Florida it's directly in the heart. Of the state and it's about 35 minutes 40 minutes west of Orlando. It's in Polk County Florida. I grew up being raised by a single mother and a Southern grandmother and there were orange groves in the back of my house. We grew up playing in orange groves. Which when people think of etiquette consultant I think that I went to private school tea parties. I never had any of that. I don't even remember. Taking my first Tea Party and attending my first Tea Party until I was well in my 20s maybe twenty nine years And I was a late bloomer but I think that also looks more relatable to a lot of people because if you're in the etiquette business people expect you to be stuffy but when you come in and you're approachable and you're. We're just like they are then your audience lets their guard down and they let you into their world.

[00:25:01] Well I can tell you that I know some other people in this business and they would have fallen apart as soon as that guy opened his mouth there would have been talk about a long six hours but they might have left. I don't know. So. So anyway what's the what do you like best about working for yourself and what's the worst part.

[00:25:21] I love working for myself because of the flexibility it offers me. I think he's probably heard this many many times because you interview so many entrepreneurs the flexibility is certainly attractive. setting my own schedule not having to put. up with. A lot of people. In other words you know with a lot of personalities in the workplace I work with my two dogs and. The only time that I really go out and be among people is when I go to conferences and when I I teach so I have to find ways to stimulate my brain and to motivate myself. That's the hardest part is is motivating myself because I work alone. And I I love that and I had to get used to that. But I also like being around people too.

[00:26:22] Yeah. Y yeah I really like I mean you know you see me that events. MR Yeah. But I'm happy to come home and be by myself again you know. You know Jackie there's 30 dogs at my house right this moment 30.

[00:26:35] Well I think a year ago when we we spoke. We had one dog maybe two. Didn't you have a poodle.

[00:26:43] Well you know they multiply. No I had a Bichon Frise and I had a website. Yeah I had a Web site that says I am not a poodle. Everybody would call the Bichon Frises poodles when they're not a poodle, there a Bichon. Of course the dogs are getting the complex over here. We have a protection dog company on the side. German Shepherds here. But my professional trainers are staying with me till their new house gets ready and they raise besides training police dogs and protection dogs. They raise a Pomeranian and chihuahuas. They let the little ones out and it's like a sea of like it's lava flow at 100 miles an hour just flying by you know it's crazy. It's so much fun. All right so what how do people get a hold of you keep your website and how they find all your stuff.

[00:27:45] My Web site is super easy. It's etiquetteexpert.com and I I have a newsletter which by the way that's one of the things that I learned from you years ago is a newsletter is an effective marketing tool. And I have had this newsletter for years, a long time and I try to send it out once a month. Because out of sight. out of mind. And it is my. Besides my web site my newsletter's my number one marketing tool. So I have that. And that's free. And. Of course I'm on all the social media sites like Facebook or Twitter Instagram Pinterest.

[00:28:49] Yeah there's all would be from the if they could find him from etiquetteexpert.com right.

[00:28:55] That's right.

[00:28:56] Beautiful. So anything in particular you're promoting nowadays.

[00:29:01] Well I am working on a third book. So I can't really promote that at the moment. But. My second book was the number one etiquette book in China for two years. The Chinese publisher is waiting patiently for a third book. So I'm working on that. And of course I'm speaking. regularly and I have webinars all the time. In fact I think that we've both seen a lot of change in the speaking industry and if you're not doing webinars and teleseminars you're really missing the boat. So those are very very important.

[00:29:43] They can reach all of those and see the schedule for those that your site.

[00:29:46] They can join my newsletter. I also I I announce it on Facebook as well.

[00:29:55] Ok. Awesome. All right well we got to take a brief sponsor message and when we come back we're going to ask the etiquette expert what's a typical day look like for her. Maybe we'll ask her for two days when she's traveling and when she's at home. So folks our sponsor this week is me again it's the internet marketing retreat and joint venture program where myself and my staff worked with you for a year to either get you started in an Internet business or use the Internet to take your existing business to the next level. And you can check those details out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com. We'll have that in the show notes. But I do want to tell you I kind of turned the Internet marketing training world on its head around the year 2000 people were like me at my level were charging 50 or 100 thousand bucks a front to teach what we knew. But you know I'm a small business advocate and I knew many small businesses couldn't really afford that kind of upfront upfront money so. So I made all those gurus mad by charging a relatively small entry fee to my program. And I also got a percentage of profits that was capped so you wouldn't be stuck with me forever. So for me to get my big money you had to make way bigger money and plus you know I'm not going to disappear on you because I want to get my money. So that kind of turned the world on its head and seventeen hundred students later we're still going strong 20 years later. So. And also you get an immersion weekend in the great internet marketing retreat center where I'm broadcasting from right now and also a scholarship that you can either use yourself or gift to someone to the only internet marketing school in the country the internet marketing training center of Virginia. So if that interest you. Hey I some doggies in the back there we love dogs around here. So I mean I think the dog has said hey I want to go. I want to go to that school. But I think we have a TOPAL score you have to be able to speak so much English so we'll have to test test your dogs to see if they qualify. But we're glad to have them. So anyway that's the story check it out in the show notes. IMTCVA.org.

[00:32:16] All right. Let's get back to the etiquette expert my friend Jackie. So Jackie what's a typical day look like for you one when you're traveling and one when you're at home.

[00:32:28] When I'm home it's pretty simple. I usually start the day with a workout. I like going to the gym and then I run my errands after that and roughly I don't even get into the office until about noon. I'm not a morning person OK although I wish I were. But I usually start my day around noon. I apologize about the dog.

[00:32:56] You sleep in till the crack of noon.

[00:32:59] I'm up early but I usually go to the gym. OK. So when I run my errands and then I start my workday usually finish at about this time. And. Then my dogs let me know. They are right now it's dinner time. Then we'll have dinner. I cook almost every night. Sometimes I'll come back and go to the office for a little while. All my paperwork because that's something important. My day to be working on powerpoint Presentations it could be writing newsletters that could be writing articles that could be answering emails. It could be developing new. products or even writing articles for. Magazines or writing a book. So I I stay pretty busy. There's never. a dull moment here at the house. I do work from home which is nice. and when I'm travelling. That could be anything. I'm usually I usually fly in the day before speaking engagements and I prepare and oftentimes I'll go to the gym or relax because I'm away from my family distractions and then the next day I'll teach a class get on a plane come back and. start all over again the next day.

[00:34:25] So you have to stay two days just to vacation and party when you go somewhere. It depends. It depends on the location for example I was. Recently out near Lake Tahoe and I had never been to Lake Tahoe before. So I stayed a couple of days to go see that. But normally I don't like to be away from home more than three days because I have to get a pet sitter for my dogs. It's expensive. And. I just. That's pretty simple. I lead a very simple life. It's not complicated at all.

[00:35:05] See we picture you etiquette people is like you know going to a ball every weekend in a cocktail dress. And I guess you broke the mold didn't you.

[00:35:19] I've done all of that when I worked at The Breakers I went through a lot of galas I went through a lot of balls. I I love that but I live in a small town now I live in Mount Dora which is about an hour north of Orlando so this town is like Mayberry And I live in a small town in a small cottage and my days if I'm not working or spent gardening or I'm renovating a she shed a she shed is a place of my own.

[00:36:01] Like a man cave but the female version.

[00:36:02] It is cave for a party barn whatever you want to call it but. It is an old garage that was built on my property 40 years ago and it's a metal garage with a metal roof. And I recently added drywall insulation.

[00:36:25] We talk and you picked up a hammer or could you had it done. No I had it done had it then but I had to pick out all of these things and I designed it and new doors and windows and now it's going to be it can be an office that can be a yoga studio it can be. A TV room just about anything I want it to be. That's a she shed. But I do get out and do my own gardening and that's something I never knew how to do until I bought my own house three years ago. Well that brings me a lot of satisfaction.

[00:37:07] Yeah not too good at that I Kill everything. You gotta water stuff. I forgot about that. I had something sitting in the corner of my living room for about a year and a half I never watered it. Didn't do so well.

[00:37:22] I had no idea that I had said Martha Stewart skill. I moved into this part I live in a 1925 cottage. Oh and it's only a thousand square feet two bedroom two bath but the garden is beautiful and I have a lot of living space on the outside so it's a lot of work to maintain it.

[00:37:46] It's like well those tiny houses things.

[00:37:49] Well before I lived in this place I lived in a boathouse for a year.

[00:37:55] You broke the mold kiddo. You're not the typical etiquette consultant.

[00:38:02] No I lived in an 800 square foot. Boat house and I don't mean a boat on the water it's a house right on pylons on the water and I used to watch alligators swim by daily and that was an experience but it was a great experience. What a peaceful place to relax and start my business over again. Anytime you know anytime you move to a different city it's almost like starting over again. And even though you have had a thriving business you're in a new location and you have to change everything over business wise. So that's a lot of work. And I'm still not known in this community. So I'm going to events. And chamber meetings and it's like I'm starting over again.

[00:39:07] But you've got you've got business around the world going to like this. The only thing you got going.

[00:39:13] Right. A fun real fun at home. I'm not making. I shouldn't say I'm not making money because I've learned how to make money through buttcamp and I need to watch your videos so I can learn to make more money.

[00:39:27] Oh yeah a lot of there's lots of this stuff since you've been around as ideally who wants to get on a plane and go through all that. I've ever been on a plane for two years and I am thrilled about it. I'm so happy to just sit home and do my thing and play with my dogs and sell stuff.

[00:39:47] Well see I want to grow up to be just like you.

[00:39:50] Well though if that's the really great goal in life. But but certain parts of it maybe.

[00:39:59] I have this I I learn a lot from your videos and your buttcamp and that's. That's why I always recommend you to the people I consult work because they'll always want to at the always want to know well how can we make money in this business and the etiquette business My answer is always. Well how much do you want to work. If all you're going to do is teach etiquette seminars then you're probably not going to make a whole lot of money because you need multiple streams of income and I say that any entrepreneur if all you're doing is seminars all day long you're going to burn out and you're going to get bored and you're going to need another stream of income. So that's why I think it's so important to do other things especially electronically.

[00:40:54] Well yes. And I call it an insurance policy because you know I don't know if that's it or not but I was in a hunting accident a year ago and I mean it would have been a great story had it gotten shot. But no I just fell on a log tore my intestines up in the intensive care and my business is still run and bringing money in. So if you're just depending on you being there live to bring money in. That's a risky thing definitely risky. So you want to get all this stuff going.

[00:41:25] Oh it is. It absolutely is and that's. like you said. I mean it's an insurance policy. And the older we get. We know you need more stability and so.

[00:41:38] Yeah but you never get old. So that doesn't count for you that only.

[00:41:41] Well the good news is in the etiquette business you can be 75 years old and as long as you can get on an airplane and teach people really respect human genetics. Have it all together.

[00:41:59] You look like you're 12. That's your problem.

[00:42:02] Oh no I. I might look like I'm 18.

[00:42:05] Wow that's pretty darn good.

[00:42:09] You know I think happiness is the key and I think that's keeping the stress level low for anybody any entrepreneur is so important because when you have a lot of stress in your life that's going to age you and it's also going to make you unproductive. So it's really important to take care of yourself. Sounds like that's what you're you know you're striving to do.

[00:42:36] That's for sure. So it's been so good catching up with you Jackie and learning all this new stuff I never knew about you. Is very very cool. So. So everybody check the show notes and get it get on her newsletter and I mean if hvac guys can do it you can do it. All right. But don't be sending her any rotten notes. You know like that one guy. Thanks so much Jackie for catching up and now I'm not afraid to take it you to a business lunch if I come to Florida because I was afraid you smacked my fingers if I picked up the wrong fork.

[00:43:13] Oh I would never do that. Now my mentor always said never give advice unless you're paid.

[00:43:21] So there you go. All right well good catching up with you and everybody check out the show notes that get on her list and check your stuff out. That's good to make you a better business person. All right. Catch y'all on the next episode.

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