124 - Mentor others for fun and profit: Tom talks How to Start a Mentor Program - Screw The Commute

124 – Mentor others for fun and profit: Tom talks How to Start a Mentor Program

How to Make a Fortune with a Mentor program. I prefer the term “mentor”. A mentor is a trusted advisor. In Greek mythology, Mentor was a trusted advisor to Odysseus. I’d rather be a trusted advisor than a coach and I think it would serve you better because of the reasons I outline about the market being flooded with worthless coaches. Just something to think about.

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[03:36] Tom's introduction to How to Start a Mentor Program

[05:34] Things to have in place before you start

[15:04] Paperwork and money

[26:22] Running the program

[31:07] Marketing your program

[41:34] More things you can do to promote your program

[44:20] Using YouTube

[45:24] Speaking

[47:02] Webinars and live events

[49:31] Facebook Live

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 124 this is my Monday Training. On Mondays I go in depth on topics that have made me and saved me lots of money over many years and of course, Wednesdays and Fridays I interview very successful entrepreneurs who bring their best tips and stories to you. Today’s training is “How to Start a Mentor Program” I run one of the longest running, most successful and unique programs in the field of Internet Marketing and that’s what I’ll cover today.

Last Episode 123 Rebecca Morgan I’ve known and respected her for many years. And hey. She’s been on Oprah, 60 minutes, NPR and many other media outlets, she’s written 27 books and invented a way to make money with your PowerPoint Slides. It’s so cool she’s trademarking it. Make sure you go back and listen to that episode.

I’ve got a big Freebie to thank you for listening to this podcast. It’s my $27.00 e-book “How to Automate Your business” Just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me over 7 million keystrokes. And I just might have something else for you over there I’ll know you’ll like. Visit: https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/automatefree
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Our on-demand TV channel is up on both Roku TV and Amazon Fire The first channel is “The Public Speaking Channel” We have several others coming. Brutal Self Defense, Protection Dogs Elite and various Internet Marketing Channels. If you have a Roku device or an Amazon Fire Stick, it’s a really good deal. You can get thousands of channels and you can hook up your Netflix and other favorite channels through the same device. I’ve got about $100,000.00 worth of free training on the channel. Just search for ‘the public speaking channel”
Today’s sponsor is the “How to Start a Run a Lucrative Mentor Program” 4 webinar course. It’s 7 hours and 40 minutes of every single thing I’ve learned about this in over 20 years of running a high-end mentor program. Plus, it has all the agreements I use that took me years and thousands of dollars to perfect. If you want to grab it right away, visit https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/mentortraining
Main Event
How to Make a Fortune with a Mentor program. The first thing I want to get on my high horse about is why I call it a mentor program instead of a coaching program and I’m sorry if I’m stepping on the toes of any professional coaches out there when I say this. I think the term “coach” has been bastardized by all the people out their who never did a darn thing in their lives and they want to be your life coach. You professional coaches really need to think about this. You’re proud of your profession, but you must realize you are being surrounded by these people that just see what they think is “easy money”. The general public that needs your services doesn’t know any better so lots of these people are stealing your business. I prefer the term “mentor”. A mentor is a trusted advisor. In Greek mythology Mentor was a trusted advisor to Odysseus. I’d rather be a trusted advisor than a coach and I think it would serve you better because of the reasons I just outlined about the market being flooded with worthless coaches. Just something to think about.
OK I’m going to break this down into 4 parts. The first is what to prepare before you Start. Some of this will be do as I say. Not as I do. I may be in a different place in my business life than you are so some things could be a little different. The second will be paperwork and money. You need to have solid and clear agreements with people. Ambiguity leads to problems you don’t want to face. Part III is actually running the program. You want to give great service without pulling your hair out and Part IV is marketing the service.
OK. Let’s get started with things you need to have in place before you start. If you really want to do this right, you need to have a searchable membership website. You can see mine for my mentor program at https://www.GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com The search Function needs to be really good. The home page needs to have lots of stuff on it so the program looks substantial. I’m not suggesting that all of you can start where you see me at now. I’ve been doing my mentor program over 20 years so it’s doubtful you’ll have as much material as me when you start. I just want you to start collecting your material and categorizing it so that your home page looks chock full of stuff. You probably should have a discussion board or a private Facebook group. I never saw much action on mine. Probably because mentees figured, “Why should they ask other mentees stuff when they have unlimited access to Tom and his staff for the real answers.” Anyway, I suggest you have one available especially if you don’t give as much access to people as I do.
You should have your material in multiple formats whenever possible. It would be a shame to have all your material as text and PDF files and someone refuses to join because they like to watch videos or to listen to audios. You might want to have an update section to make new information easy for people to find. As your site grows in content, new things get harder and harder to find on the site. Heck I have 17 years’ worth of stuff on my site. That’s a lot of stuff LOL. I’m just giving you the cliff’s notes here, because there are tons of things you can put on the site to better serve your mentees and make your life a lot easier. You’ll want to be able to broadcast email to all your mentees at once, a download library would be nice, a calendar and a bunch of other stuff.
Resource Section
Resource sections can be additional revenue streams for your mentor program. You check out other programs and services not included in your program and you get a commission when one of your mentees buys them. For instance. We’ve gone through several web building services over the years. As one gets better than the one previous, we check it out thoroughly ….I mean me and my staff …..and then start recommending it to our mentees. I get a commission when they buy it and no body cares because I figured out which one they should buy, my guys teach them how to use it and it saves them tens of thousands of dollars in web development fees. Everyone is happy and it’s a revenue stream for you.
Here’s a couple more of the I think about 25 major elements of my mentee site. A Read me first section, How to use the site How to Use the Search Function How to use the calendars How to use the discussion forum or Facebook group Meet Staff if you have them. How to Book a Call and a bunch more things. Like I said your site will help to give great service to your mentees and make your life easier…. especially when I tell you a little later about scaling your program up to legitimately handle more students than you think you can handle.
Still Part I - Capturing Your Training
OK. Some other things you should be able to do before you start. You need to be able to make a PDF. You can use Adobe Acrobat or one of the various PDF makers. I highly suggest you learn to use screen capture video like “Camtasia”. That way you can provide training for people without you actually being seen on the camera. Screen capture video captures whatever you can display on your computer screen, along with your mouse movements and your voice. I love this training method. And you can have a bad hair day and still get the training done.
Capturing the information every time you train is how you improve your service to your mentees and make life easier for yourself over time. This is also how you can legitimately handle more people.
In the beginning of my mentor program all my training was one-on-one with my mentees. This was enormously time consuming. For instance, I have 45 modules that I used to do one-on-one on how to use http://www.KickStartCart.com the shopping cart system we use. This took three hours for each student. So, I did a Camtasia Screen Capture video for each module ….you can see them at https://www.HowToUseAShoppingCart.com and that saved three hours per student and it also saved my sanity from saying the same stuff over and over again. ….some people say really nothing could save my sanity hahaha but that’s beside the point
As time went on, I kept recording all the standard training each mentee needed. This way I could refer them to the training instead of me saying the same things over and over hundreds of times. So, when a particular issue would come up for a mentee, I would refer them to that recorded training and then when they booked a call with me all I had to do was answer any higher-level questions the mentee had after watching the training. They got better service, because they could watch and rewind any time day or night and I didn’t blow my brains out to get out of saying the same stuff all the time.
Sometimes instead of recording a live call I had with a student and then transcribing it and cutting them out and recording what I had told them…..and all of that was a lot of extra work, I would just sit down and record a piece of training by myself with no student around. That saved me all the hassle of transcribing and cutting out the comments from the student. All I had to do was sit down and record stuff I knew I was going to be asked.
You can record a lot of this right on your smart phone which gives you the video, then you can extract the audio track off the video and now you have an audio and then you use the transcription service we recommend in the show notes and for another 5 bucks you can have the transcription and it will be back to you in about ten minutes. …. I mean transferring to the different formats in about ten minutes. There you go. You’ll have audio, video and text formats in no time. So nobody can complain that they don’t like the format you have because you have them all.
Oh, and one more trick I use when recording a teleclass for mentees is that I DO NOT ALLOW QUESTIONS DURING THE ACTUAL TRAINING. Somebody for sure will get off on a tangent and ruin the main training causing you lots of extra editing. So, I would do the training, record it and then open up for questions. If the question was good, and made sense for what the training was, I’d included it in the final edit. If it was totally off topic, I’d just delete it or save it for some other training that was more applicable. Trust me, that is a really important thing because people will get off on all kinds of tangents. So, this way you’ve got the recording of the training with very little or no editing and you still took care of the mentees with their questions. So, you didn’t cut them out totally you just shifted to the end when they would get their questions answered. When it comes to audio, you can do a lot of this to start at https://www.FreeConferenceCallHD.com They’ll record the call for you and send you the mp3 file but that’s just audio.
And another thing. Lots of these trainings, transcripts and videos can be sold individually outside your mentor program. So, there’s another revenue stream for you.
OK. That’s part one. And keep in mind on the product I sell to match this topic I spend a full two hours just on part one. If you want the entire course visit https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/mentortraining
Part II - Paperwork and Money
Now let’s talk about what paperwork you need and some money issues. You definitely have to have a mentorship agreement. Of course, I’m not a lawyer so don’t take anything I say here as legal advice. Telling you to get a lawyer is not considered giving legal advice LOL I do have all my sample agreements in my paid course on this and I’ll have a link to it in the show notes. You have to really lay out what you are providing i.e. what you are going to do for them and what their obligations to the program are. The beauty of mentor programs is that you can decide what you’re willing to do and the people that like that will sign up and the people that want things you are not willing to do won’t sign up. You just need to make it clear both in your marketing of the program and the actual agreement. Where you run into trouble is ….. and this is a typical scammer ploy . . ..is when the marketing says or implies one thing and the actual agreement that people are pressured to sign says another. DON’T DO THAT!
For example, in my program I have a “conditional guarantee.” Normally conditional guarantees reduce sales because they require the buyer to actually do something before they qualify for a refund. I do this on purpose because I give a super high level of service ….in fact, you can’t find anyone or any program that gives a higher level of service than I do. I dare you to try. So anyway, I want to qualify the person more. I.E. I don’t want to spend a couple weeks working with someone and they say, “Ah this is too much work.” and ask for a refund.
My conditional guarantee says they must check in weekly to qualify for a refund. This is because I know that the people that stay in touch with me weekly virtually all make money and the ones that disappear for weeks or months at a time virtually never make any money and waste my time and my staff’s time.
Ok, I got off on a tangent here, but anyway you have to have a written agreement that people aren’t pressured to sign and you will have pretty much no arguments and misunderstandings later.
I have other separate agreements like a “visitor’s agreement” for when you attend my retreat center that says things, like no smoking, and that I won’t serve any alcohol but you can bring some if you want, and when you can arrive and when you must leave etc. DEFINITELY WHEN YOU MUST LEAVE HAHAHAHAHA Again, the sample is in my full course on this topic so you don’t have to spend years and thousands of dollars figuring out what you have to have in your paperwork.
Let’s talk about the money aspect and getting paid. There are various methods. I have an extremely unique deal which is what I would call the cornerstone of my offering. First of all, no one at my level will even talk to you where I give you unlimited access by appointment to me and my entire staff. Most people at my level were trying to charge $50 or $100 K up front to teach you Internet Marketing techniques. I’m a small business advocate and that’s ridiculous to expect that much money upfront and then where’s the incentive for those supposed gurus to help you. They got their money. Most of them couldn’t care less if you made any money. So, I turned the Internet world on its head and only require a fraction of the big money up front and I’ll even finance that for you and then I take a percentage of net profits which is capped at $50,000.00. It’s net profits so it’s fair to you in that you have to actually make money before I get my percentage and it’s capped at $50,000.00 because I want you to know you’re not stuck with me forever paying money out of your business. Totally fair. For me to get my big money or my $50K you have to net $200K
People love this deal because they know I won’t disappear on them because I won’t get my $50K If your program is money making related, I highly suggest you think about this model. It’s been working for me for over 19 years and helped to make me a multimillionaire and I’ve made millionaires and plenty of people making 5, 10,15 and 20 k per month.
For other topics that aren’t money making related you can’t really do the percentage deal with maybe a few exceptions. Maybe your program helps people save money and you could get a percentage of the savings. Or maybe it saves them on college tuition and you get a percentage of that savings or something like that.
For non-money related programs, like fitness, weight loss, personal development, self-esteem, and all the other kinds of mentorships out there ….I mean it could be sports related and how to help your kid play better soccer or whatever it happens to be or how to get an athletic scholarship. Heck you could have a mentorship on children’s sports where the parents pay and the kids are mentored on discipline and working out and practicing ….I mean there are an infinite number. You can have mentorships on just about anything people need to improve.
So, back to getting your money. First you have to be able to collect money in the ways your mentees want to pay. That means credit cards, checks and PayPal. You can only take personal checks made out to you to start, but you won’t look like a high-end mentor if that’s all you can take. You’ll look like the people bastardizing the life coaching field that I talked about earlier. Get a business license that costs very little in most places. Get a business checking account. Get a business PayPal Account and then get a merchant account. Yes, you can operate with just a business PayPal account but again you’ll look like a reject from eBay. There is a stigma to only having PayPal. People think, “If this person is such a hot shot, why do they only have PayPal?” However, if you have PayPal and a merchant account, we’ve seen increases in sales as much as 15% because the stigma of only having PayPal is gone, but people do like to spend their PayPal money. Anyway, if you want to make the most money and charge the highest prices, you have to look like you’re a business and these money issues send a message that you’re either substantial and worthy of doing business with or not. People cry the blues and say, “There’s fees involved in getting merchant account.” I ask them, “Do you want to cut me out ….a American Express Black Card Holder….which I like to pay everything with my Black Card because I get points and it allows me fly first class for free all the time. Do you really want to cut me out because you’re not willing to pay an extra one percent to Amex. That’s crazy. I boiled this down to you want me to invest in you and you won’t invest in you. So, don’t cry the blues about the cost of doing this. You have a chance in today’s atmosphere to have for pennies, have a chance to make millions of dollars. How about going to buy a McDonalds at a very low profit margin and spend 2 million dollars to get one and then sleep in the bathroom to make sure it worked so you don’t lose your home that you mortgaged. The stuff I’m talking about costs almost nothing comparatively. It’s chump change, the shopping cart is $129.00 per month, the merchant account is $20-$50 per month. One mentee would pay these fees for a couple years. I know I’m on my high horse here but don’t be whining about getting the tools you need to be professional. And don’t think that high end people are going to do business with you if you look like a schmuck. Don’t make them write a personal check to you because you can’t take credit cards and you don’t have a business checking account. All of that screams that you’re a nobody and you will not be successful with this. ….Maybe a little bit from clients that don’t know any better, but you’ll never make millions doing it that way. OK that was a big high horse thing I didn’t even have in my script.
You should also have a good shopping cart system like the one I use and promote http://www.KickStartCart.com It makes it easy for people to pay either by lump sum or payments. It cracks me up because I’ve been giving finance options on things I sell for over 25 years. The problem was that I’m so disorganized I would forget to charge people their payments. Once I put the shopping cart in place with recurring billing, I’ve never missed charging someone a payment in the past 17 years. Maybe one person didn’t come through with their payments but I haven’t missed charging anyone. I covered shopping carts thoroughly in Episode 10. It’s an extremely important part of your program and also includes your broadcast email, autoresponders and affiliate program so that others can refer you for a commission. So, go back and listen to that so you really know what you’re doing. And then of course, if you have our shopping cart, we give you one-on-one tutoring whether you’re in my big programs or not.
Ok. Back to money. You can charge a lump sum for a certain time length. You can charge monthly. I charge a lump sum, but I’ll finance it for you with zero interest. That way if you quit, you still owe the entry fee for wasting all the time my staff and I spent on you. You can charge by the hour, but I don’t see that as really a mentor program. That appears to be more of a consulting program where people need some short-term help on a specific problem. I actually discourage people because I’m very high priced for consulting. They think they have one problem to fix and when I look into it I see they have 50 problems so it’s a better deal for them to get in my mentor program. OK, so that’s some stuff about money.
Part III – Running the Program
OK So you’re all ready with your website, a beginning amount of pre-recorded training, your shopping cart, merchant and PayPal accounts and a business checking account. Now let’s talk about running the program and what you’re willing to do. As I said before, you get to pick how you want to run your program. It’s doubtful you’ll jump to my level right away if ever. Remember, I’m a fanatic and all in on my program. I don’t have family commitments …..other than my dogs LOL. Taking them out to pee and poop a couple times a day and training them is slightly different than spending three hours at the soccer field or attending your kid’s band concert. I get that. But as long as you are clear with what you are willing to provide and clear on your boundaries, the people that are OK with what you are offering will sign up and the people who aren’t OK with it won’t. No problem. You’re much better off not signing up people who get excited about your program, but don’t really understand it. Then when the excitement wears off, they get upset and want a refund. Stick with people that really want exactly what you have.
Some issues are how much time they have with you, for me it’s unlimited one-on-one by appointment. Maybe, you only give them once a week. What hours can they talk to you? For me I start at 10 am and go to 10 pm. I include weekends and Holidays…..remember I fanatically take care of my mentees. My staff of subject matter experts are basically 9-5’ers. And you can talk to them also on an unlimited by appointment basis. Maybe you limit to weekday evenings, or weekday mornings when the kids are in school. It doesn’t matter. You get to make the rules. How long is each session? For me the first session as I get to know you could exceed an hour. Then I like to limit it to about 30 minutes. Not because I don’t want to talk to you longer, but because after 1700 mentees over 19 years or so, I know that it’s better for both of us if I give you small tasks that actually get done, then to bury you with homework to the point you’re overwhelmed and nothing gets done. Remember, I want my $50K if you don’t progress toward your $200K I don’t get my money and you don’t get yours. You have unlimited calls anyway so you’re not losing anything by keeping them shorter. Maybe you limit to 30 minutes or even 15 minutes. Again, it’s up to you.
How about your cell phone number? Can they call you directly or are they only allowed to call your business line or do Skype or Zoom calls? My mentees get my direct cell phone and not one person has abused that in all the years I’ve been doing this. … Probably because I recruit good people that aren’t nutcases.
Maybe, you don’t do one-on-one at all. To me this is getting a little away from mentorship when you only do group calls. It seems like plain old coaching to me. But if people can’t afford what you’d need to charge for one-on-one time with you, you can do group calls and maybe have a high hourly rate for those that need some one-on-one guidance. Do you see how you can mix and match this to suit yourself?
I believe I can get the best results with one-on-one for my mentees and me (remember I want that 50K) by doing one-on-one where I shut out the world and just concentrate on you and your issues. On group calls, advanced people are bored if I’m addressing the beginners and beginners are lost when I’m addressing the advanced people. To me, that’s extremely inefficient and doesn’t serve anyone that well. I tried it once with a group coaching program at a lower fee run by one of my employees where we even broke things up into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups and it still didn’t work that well. Maybe you’d have better luck. I’m sticking with one-on-one.
Part IV – Marketing Your Program
First of all in any program you should Pile on the benefits of being in your program because there’s a great likelihood that someone else or a lot of people are doing program on the same topic as you, so you better pull out all the stops to convince people your program is better than someone else’s. This doesn’t mean you BS about your program and disappoint the people later. It means you must make them understand the value of what you offer and how it exceeds anything else they could invest in. And I don’t mind being self-serving in my example I’m going to give you right now of how my mentor program is the best there is on Internet Marketing for small business anywhere. In fact, I dare you go to the show notes and print out the benefits I provide in my program and shove it in the face of anyone else trying to sell you Internet training. If you can even get to them at all which is doubtful, there is no way on earth they can come close to what I offer and they know it so they’ll either double talk you or hide under a rock somewhere hahaha
So, here a list of things that apply to my program and why it’s the longest running and by far the most successful program on Internet marketing ever. And here’s a sidebar and it’s something I’ve been doing for years. I try to always use my own stuff in my examples because if I just said, listen to how great my program is, well people get mad and won’t listen. But if they’re learning what to do by my example, they get exposed to my stuff AND they learn what to do so nobody gets upset about it. So, that’s what I’m doing right here because I do want you to join my mentor program and I do want you to buy this course which you get for free actually if you are in good standing in my mentor program. So, this is stuff I let people know that they get in my program.
You get:
• Unlimited one-on-one time with a multimillionaire Internet marketer, lifelong entrepreneur who has been selling on the commercial Internet since there was a commercial Internet around 1994 – there’s only a small number of us still around. You can’t talk to any of them but me. Many of them are rip-offs, convicted felons, and the few good guys won’t waste their time talking to you. And this is just one bullet point, but I want you to keep an eye on how I’m piling on the benefits. And I come through and deliver them. That’s also an important point.

• Unlimited one-on-one time with each subject matter expert on my staff to help you and tutor you on any technical or strategy issues you have with your websites, blogs, YouTube Videos, social media, email lists or just about any other issue your run into with regard to selling online. And I have trained them. So, you’re also getting me through proxy and you still have access to me.

• A visit to the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center in Virginia Beach, the only facility of its kind in the world, where you actually live with me and network with a very small group for an immersion Internet Marketing and video production weekend.

• A separate one-on-one visit to the Retreat Center where we shoot video in our TV Studio with you. My video guy shoots, edits, puts graphics on and provides you with as many as you can shoot in half a day. You also, get one-on-one training on YouTube marketing and Social Media Marketing using video by my subject matter experts. We’ve had people who I prepared ahead of time by phone knock out …one guy did 43 and another couple did 50 videos – People have gotten quotes of $700.00 or more for just one of these videos and you get a ton of them and training on what to do with them all included in your mentorship.
Are you seeing why this is the longest running, most successful program on this topic ever? You should quit listening and go sign up at https://www.GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com right away….oops I got carried away there for a second. LOL
OK What else do you get:
• An audio product where I interview you. If you want, we’ll put it on a CD, do all the graphics and give you 50 copies and the master. If I do say so myself, it’s not a bad thing for you to have my name on something involving you.

• Interviewed on my popular Screw the Commute Podcast either as a regular episode or special edition which exposes you to thousands of more people who probably don’t know you.

• Password protected access to our enormous mentee membership site that has thousands of pieces of training on virtually all aspects of Internet marketing.

• And this is a big one. You get a scholarship to my distance learning Internet Marketing School which is the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. The scholarship is $19,100.00 and you can either use it yourself or gift it to someone else. It’s a totally separate legal entity scrutinized heavily by the State of Virginia. Having both me and the school is the deepest training you could ever get on this topic.
Do you see how I keep piling on the benefit? I don’t expect you to have all these things right off the bat. I didn’t either. It’s just that every time I would develop something new, I’d pile it on the benefits of dealing with me over my competitors. If you do this long enough, you won’t have any competitors because what you offer is so superior to them they’ll never catch up.
Hey, and I’m not done yet and yes, obviously I’m using this as an example for you but it’s an advertisement for me and I want you to join my program while I help you start your own. I’d much rather you be with me and get all this tremendous value than go somewhere else and get poor value and maybe even get ripped off. So, yes join my program if you want all these benefits in one place. Again, I’m off on a tangent because I’m getting really excited.
Ok back to more benefits. And this is in a little different format. This is telling them what they will learn or what they will discover as part of all these things I just gave them. You’ll learn how to:
• Create world-class websites for about a hundred bucks and don’t tell me you can’t do it. I had an 82-year-old lady do it.

• Create world-class membership sites for about three hundred bucks that can give you a monthly passive income.

• Handle all your social media and any new social media that comes on the scene with a few clicks of the button instead of the agony of trying to think up stuff all the time and manually putting it up haphazardly. We teach you all that.

• Create digital products that are 97 percent profit and I have to say; you have to be pretty pitiful not to be able to make money at 97 percent profit. These products include eBooks in both PDF and Kindle, online courses, video course, audio products, transcripts and whatever else they invent in the future we’ll keep up with it and teach you.

• Copywriting – you heard me harp on that earlier. This is how to put together words that make people want to buy your stuff. I’ve identified this as the number one business skill in my entire 42 years in formal business and really since I was ten years old writing copy for my little kid side hustles. You need this for sales letters, videos, blog postings, articles, flyers, posters and once you learn these techniques, they will invade all your business communications and you will get more people to give you larger amounts of money. If you really like writing, other people will pay you to write their stuff for them. I have a full blown $297.00 copywriting course to teach you this that’s included with your mentorship at https://www.CopyWriting901.com

• How to do a quality podcast like this one and how to turn it into and additional revenue streams for your business WITHOUT having to have thousands of downloads per episode. A lot of these podcasters are just trying to get a few ads on their shows from somebody else and they’re making pennies. I show you how to make big money.

• How to get your videos on Roku TV and Amazon Fire so 50 million people can see your stuff.
OK. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. You plaster as many benefits as you can into your mentor program and then keep adding things. For instance, my podcast and TV help didn’t come about until the last few months and I’ve been doing my mentor program for over 20 years.
So, let’s get to more things you can be doing to promote your program. Well, you should have a darn good sales letter on your site you can direct people to. When I say “darn good” of course I mean you need to write good copy to sell your program and I just told you about my copywriting course https://www.CopyWriting901.com “The Fast Track to Writing Words that Sell” which I’ve identified as the number one skill I’ve ever developed in my 42 years of formal business and really since I’m ten years old writing flyers for my young kid side hustles. Remember – THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE SKILL THAT WOULD MAKE YOU THE MOST MONEY THE FASTEST IN YOUR BUSINESS!
In today’s atmosphere where you are surrounded with not only good mentors, but all the low life coaches I talked about before, you better get good at paid ads. And you better study this so you don’t lose your shirt by running ads too long that don’t pay off. The reason I say “too long” is that we know most ads aren’t going to work. The method is to create a bunch of different ads and quit the ads that aren’t working quickly and keep the ones that are. There’s both an art and science to this which we teach as part of my full mentor program https://www.GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com
A variation of the copywriting you would use on your website would be sent out to the people on your email list. If the people on the list know you well, they may sign up directly from an email. People that don’t know you that well would be driven to your sales letter. Oh, and I forgot to mention part of all of your sales letter can be a video sales letter or we abbreviate that as “VSL”. ….which we also teach in the copywriting course at https://www.Copywriting901.com Can you tell I want you to buy the darn copywriting course? I push and push and push for this because I know how it can transform your business. Please just go over to the site and look around at all the kinds of things you would learn that you’ll use in all facets of your business. I simply can’t emphasize this enough.
Ok Next. What could you be doing on YouTube to promote your mentor program? You do know that YouTube is one of the top three search engines in the world, right? Many people use it as their main search engine. Have you done your keyword research and shot videos based on them? Episode number one of this podcast keyword research and how it totally transforms your business. I’m actually going to revisit keywords in my Monday training in a couple weeks because of the changing trend of “voice search.” So, what questions that a person is struggling with could you answer with a YouTube video and what phrases might they use to solve that problem when searching Google or YouTube? You create a video that helps them solve that problem and they’ve now been introduced to you and your program.
Are you doing speaking? You don’t have to but I’ve signed up as many as $250,000.00 worth of new clients in one 90-minute speech. For me, it’s been my number one method to get new clients. There’s a real power in being masterfully able to show a group of people how you can help them. I realize a lot of people hate speaking, but those that do it anyway usually like the money that comes with it. I have all kinds of resources on speaking including a pro speaker mentor program you can check out at https://www.Antion.com/prospeaking I’ll be moving that page eventually to https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/prospeaking so it’s easier to read on your cell phone as part of that I can teach you my proprietary back of the room selling course where I’ve sold many millions of dollars of my mentor program and other products and as far as I know I’ve never been beaten at an event in the past 16 years in back of the room sales never done less than $100K and on many occasions I sold more than all the other speakers put together. So, I know what I’m doing here. Check out my program if you’d like to change the course of your life and get great success on stage.
Another way to market your mentor program is with live webinars, Hybrid Webinars, and Facebook Live type events. When you can get people to show up to a live webinar or live event, they are much more qualified to be a buyer than those people who always wait for the replay and never get around to watching it. I actually have an eBook on how to get more people to actually show up and I almost always get a much higher percentage of show ups than the average by using these techniques. You can find that eBook at https://www.greatinternetmarketing.com/showup/ or maybe that page has been moved to https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/showup either way we’ll have the proper link for you in the show notes.
Anyway, webinars can show your depth of knowledge on different topics and those that don’t sign up for your mentor program might buy other products you have. Hybrid Webinars are a term I’m pretty sure I coined on the Internet because no one was using it until I started to talk about it and I have https://www.HybridWebinars.com Anyway, what I saw was a lot of lazy people just slapping up webinar replays and crossing their fingers people would listen and buy their stuff. Well, I’m not lazy but I try to be smart about what I do so that I can continue to promote my stuff, take care of customers, but not dominate every second of my life. So, when I invented hybrid webinars, I would play the webinars on my favorite webinar replay service which I’ll have in the show notes, but I would advertise it that I would make myself available to answer questions live while the webinar was playing. This dramatically increased sales from my webinar replays without dominating every second of my life. In fact, I was sitting on ground leaning up against a tree deer hunting and answering questions on my cell phone from various webinar replays that were playing. It’s no wonder I’m such a lousy hunter. The deer were probably walking buy laughing at me LOL But you can be answering questions at the mall. Just stop for a few minutes, answer a few questions and go about your shopping. It’s a really beautiful way to increase your webinar sales.
I’ve also been having great success with Facebook live. Yes, I know there are other live services out there, but this just happens to be the one I use. I use an interface to do it called https://www.Belive.tv and it’s been working pretty well. And just last night I sold $7,000.00 from one mentee program signup from the once a year sale I do on it and 2 of the $500.00 products I was selling. I just got a note last night that someone who watched the Facebook live is going to sign up today the day this podcast is being released for another sale priced mentor program for $5995 making the total take so far from that Facebook Live $13,000.00 and that was with only 20 people showing up to watch the live and most people watching recording so I expect more sales of either the product I was selling or more mentees to sign up.
OK. So that’s it. 4 Parts of how to start and run a 7-figure mentor program. This episode will give you a good start, but I highly recommend you get my 4-part webinar series that covers every single little nit-picky thing I’ve learned in 20 plus years of doing this. It’s 7 hours and 40 minutes of training that matches the 4 parts I covered in this episode, but it goes into great depth on each of the 4 parts. It also has all the forms and agreements I use that you can use as samples to rough out your agreements before you show them to your attorney which will save you a boatload of money. AND I throw in three consultations with it so that after you go through the course I can really answer all your high-level questions.
As I was thinking about how important copywriting is to whatever business you’re in and especially selling big ticket items like mentor programs, if you buy the mentor program course, I’m going to give you a discount coupon good for 25% off the copywriting course. So that’s like $70 or $80 bucks off. So, that should help you out a little bit. How’s that? https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/mentortraining Go get it and I’ll catch you on the next episode. And maybe, just maybe I’ll see your mentor program get started real soon.
Join my distance learning school: https://www.IMTCVA.org
Join the mentor program PLUS get a FREE Scholarship to the School: https://www.GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com