121 - Going Super Viral: Tom talks Quizzes - Screw The Commute

121 – Going Super Viral: Tom talks Quizzes

The first thing I want you to realize is that you shouldn’t write quizzes off as silly, non-sense entertainment devices. Quizzes are serious lead, brand awareness and cash generators for many businesses, so pooh poohing them is not in your best interest. There’s three big reasons we do quizzes. One is list building, two is sales and three is getting new people to hear about us, commonly called “brand awareness”.

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[03:34] Tom's introduction to Quizzes

[04:34] Get serious about List Building

[06:35] Pop-up boxes

[09:48] Examples of quizzes

[14:49] Tips on running quizzes

[16:40] Choosing a title

[19:54] Sponsor message

[20:54] Adding a Call To Action

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 121 Quizzes. Build massive targeted email lists fast with naturally viral quizzes if you do it the right way I tell you. You can also make a lot of money with them.

Last Episode. 120 Rose Haller Went to my training and started a world wide safety business. So, you want to make sure you listen to her and she’s very inspiring.
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Main Event
Quizzes. The first thing I want you to realize is that you shouldn’t write quizzes off as silly non-sense entertainment devices. Quizzes are serious lead, brand awareness and cash generators for many businesses so pooh poohing them is not in your best interest. OK there’s three big reasons we do quizzes. One is list building and two is sales and three is getting new people to hear about us ….commonly called “brand awareness”. Before I actually get in to the quiz stuff I feel like I really should talk about basic list building. Everyone says and it’s true that the gold is in the list. Most people aren’t even doing the basic things necessary to build a big email list so I’m going to go over that first and then I’ll get in to quizzes.
List building Basics
The first thing is I want you to get serious about list building. Well, what does that mean? That means you have a signup form and mentions of your list all over the place. So, now I’ll tell you where some of those places are. The first thing I want you to think about is putting your signup form on every single page of your website with maybe a couple exceptions. The only exceptions I would even consider are on sales pages and all marketers don’t agree with me on this. My thinking is that I don’t want to distract the person from concentrating on the salesletter I want them to look at. I don’t want to have a free thing that takes their attention away from buying. A way to get around this from my perspective is to give them an exit pop up that only shows if they don’t buy or in any way attempt to leave the page. That way I’m going for the signup to my list, but it’s not interfering with their concentration on the letter. The only time they see it is if they decided not to buy.
Other marketers want it right there next to or even embedded in the sales letter. I’m not saying they’re wrong. Just like almost everything else I teach; you have to test it to see what works best for you.
OK. Back to having a prominent signup on every page. The closer to the top of the page is better and will get way more signups. I’m also ok with something called a “sticky signup” which is clear across the bottom of the page and just stays there unless you don’t want it to show on a particular page.
You can also put a signup right in the middle of a blog posting so people have to trip over it as they’re reading.
Now let’s talk about pop up boxes. Pop up boxes just work. You may not like them, but used judiciously they can really increase your signups. I think one of the tests we did one time I went from 40 signups a week on a particular page to 400 signups per week on that page after I put the pop up box on. So, they really do work. On entry to a page you can use a DHTML pop up box that’s unblockable by current standards when someone enters a webpage. DHTML stands for Dynamic HTML. They can do all kinds of things like slide in from one side of the page and slide out the other. Or spin in or even follow you up and down the page. Just Google “Dynamic HTML Generator” and you’ll see lots of them and they’ll usually give you examples of what kind of effect they can do. Sometimes you can delay them so people get into your content before they see the box.
We used to use exit pop ups years ago to great advantage. I really made a lot of money on them. They pop up when people are leaving a page to give them a signup or coupon or cheaper deal. Then the browsers started to block them. A couple years went by and someone invented a way around it. I used a program called exit splash to catch people on the way out. I suggest you check that out.
Remember we’re taking about getting serious with you list building. Do you have your email list in the signature file of your email? Is it on your business cards? Have you created what they call lead magnets and ethical bribes to get people to sign up for your list? Do you post them in your social media? Do you mention it on Facebook and Instagram Lives? What about when you’re doing a speech? Do you do a drawing to get business cards and email addresses? What about trading with other similar sized list owners? Don’t come to me with your two subscribers and ask me to trade LOL Do you have a podcast and mention it on there and offer your lead magnets to that audience just like I did by giving you my $27.00 eBook to sign up at https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/automatefree ? That was so that you come over and opt in to my list. There’s no secret there. But you’re getting great value….probably $50 or $75.00 worth of training that will really help you just for opting in.
Do you see what getting serious means? It can mean a lot of money to you over many years if you get serious about this.
OK. Make sure you’re doing all that stuff all the time and then you can add a quiz that can supercharge your list building and go viral.
OK. Let me give you some examples of quizzes. Let’s say you have some kind of health and wellness business or you sell supplements or you’re a local doctor. Here’s a kind of quiz you could run, “Are you at risk for thyroid disease?” I don’t even know what that is, but still that’s a quiz people might worry about and bring you potential customers.
Let’s say you are a Fitness, Nutrition, or personal trainer. “Are you over/under training?" That’s a quiz title that could help generate leads for a local gym, personal trainer, or online supplement store.

What if you sold Real Estate? “Should I keep renting or should I buy my first home?” That’s a great example quiz title for anyone in thinking about buying a home and of course, it gives you leads so you can sell them one.
Lots of times quizzes are used on a Business to Business basis to qualify their leads. Based on the answers given to the quiz companies can prioritize the best leads and the worst leads so they spend the bulk of their time obviously working on the best ones.
You should take some time and think up some quiz titles for your business that would attract potential customers. I might have one that says, “Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” or I could switch it to “Do you have what it takes to be an Internet Marketer? For other parts of my business I could simply switch it again to “Do you have what it takes to be a professional speaker?” or “Would a protection dog be a good fit for your family lifestyle? See, we sell protection dogs https://www.ProtectionDogsElite.com
Quizzes that reveal something about ourselves are by far the most shared quizzes on the web. The idea is that your quiz delivers a personalized outcome to the quiz taker that they want to share with their friends and then you make it easy for them to do so.
Here’s some from Entrepreneur magazine:
“Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?” That’s the one I just used for myself. It’s the same exact one. There’s no copyright on titles. Although I here Entrepreneur Magazine is suing people for using the word Entrepreneur. I’m not sure about that. It sounds kind of fishy to me. – It was taken 57,723 times and has been shared over 550 times)
“What’s your entrepreneur I.Q?” – It was taken 86,000 times and shared more than 1100 times.
They did another one “Test Your Marketing I.Q” – has been shared more than 5,900 times. All these figures are several years old and I’m sure they are much bigger now.
A company that sells skin care products did a quiz titled, “What is your skin score?” We will have the graphics they used in the show notes. Based on their answers, each quiz taker was prompted with a specialized offer in the form of a coupon code, free shipping, or an informative eBook. All of those things were designed to lead to a purchase.
This was a case study done by a quiz company and this is the results they got. In just 2 months, this quiz was able to generate $200,000 in sales and 20,258 leads that could generate additional income for years to come.
If you really want to see a bunch of quizzes, check out Buzzfeed.com and Mashable.com Here’s a couple Buzzfeed did.
“What City Should You Actually Live in?” As of a year ago when the statistics were run this quiz has been viewed over 22.5 million times,
They did another one that went even bigger it was “What State Do You Actually Belong In?” That one has been viewed over 47.8 million times and shared more than 3 million times.
What’s stopping you from doing something similar? Maybe you don’t have the reach of Entrepreneur Magazine Buzzfeed, or Mashable, but would you take 50 shares, would you take 100 or maybe a couple hundred shares? Would that most likely be more shares at one time than you ever had on one piece of your content? That’s probably a yes for most of you. If you regularly get that many shares or more, a good quiz could probably quadruple your viral reach or even more.
Here’s some tips on running a quiz. The first is Know Your Audience – You need to know exactly the type of person you want to attract into your system. After being in business a long time, I know the people I want to attract and I certainly know the kinds of people I don’t want to attract like whiners, negative people, unnecessarily argumentative people, people that talk big but never do anything, etc. You get what I mean. Knowing who you want to attract and who you don’t want to attract helps you in naming your quiz and figuring out the quiz questions you make up inside the quiz.
The next thing is to have a goal for the quiz. Are you doing it to get new subscribers who you will nurture with follow up emails over time to turn them into customers or are you going for immediate sales from people? This will help you figure out what to do at the conclusion of the quiz like if you offer coupons that expire quickly like in ten minutes. Hoot Hoot not to be confused with “Hooters” hahahaha offers a discount code that expires within 10 minutes after the quiz result is shown. This incentivizes the quiz taker to purchase NOW! I’ll put the sample graphic of this in the show notes.
And if you want the maximum participation, you must keep it short and easy. Try to keep quizzes under 10 questions or 3 minutes. You want the user to feel invested in obtaining the result, but you definitely don’t want to bore them and have them quit before finishing.
Choosing a Title
Alright let’s go a little deeper into choosing a title. Choosing a title for your quiz is like formulating a subject line in an email, or a title for a book, or a headline for a blog post. It’s really important. It’s the first thing people see and the first impression they get. Most people are gonna decide whether or not to click through based on the title so it’s very important to do everything possible to make the best title for your quiz.
When choosing a title for your quiz, there are some psychological triggers than can make the difference between a viral quiz and quiz that doesn’t perform as well.
Here’s one Winning formulas for you to use when creating your Quiz title.
This is called “The Me Too!” formula.
This formula works on the principle of being part of a “group”. This can be any type of group based on geography race, culture, gender, age, religion or whatever group you can think of. These groups can also be formed based on more trivial things such as your favorite sports team, your favorite food, or even your taste in Hawaiian dress shirts.
Here’s an example or what I mean: When you’re at a business conference randomly talking to people and you overhear someone say they are a “Miami Dolphins” fan and you respond. “Really? Me too!”. This can create an instant bond based on a specific group, in this example a sports team.
When people are part of a group, they tend to be super excited about it and are willing to share it with the world. There are 2 obvious advantages to using this formula when creating your quiz title. One, the people that take the quiz are excited to share it with their friends who identify as part of the same group. So, it helps the quiz to spread through-out that particular group.
Two, it’s great for advertising on platforms such as Facebook which has features that let you highly target your audience. These features will allow you to target your quiz to show your ad specifically to people within these groups. This helps to get the most bang for your advertising dollar by only showing your ad to people you know identify with this group.
You can take advantage of this behavior when creating your Quiz title. Know the group who you are trying to target and call them out in your quiz title so they know you are speaking to them. Be very specific.
Here’s an example: “Only 1 In 50 Bar Owners Can Ace This Marketing Quiz. Can You?” That’s obviously for bar owners. Here’s another example: “This Food Quiz Will Determine If You're Actually a Vegan”
So, this is The Me Too Formula and I cover 4 other title formulas in my e-book “KickStartViral”
This would be a good time to tell you about that eBook: “The KickStart Guide to Viral Marketing”
How Get Thousands of People to Share Your Content and Send You Money:
This extremely inexpensive 80-page eBook training blueprint thoroughly covers the three main techniques we use to go viral,…..and I’ll say….at will. There’s nothing hocus pocus about it. These mechanisms are proven and they work. The e-book has lots of screen captures showing you examples of all the techniques so you can build ones exactly the same only using your information. It’s got all the little details that you need to know without buying overly priced and overly hyped expensive courses. Check it out in the show notes. Screwthecommute.com/121 Or you can go directly to https://screwthecommute.com/viral/

Call to Action
The final, and maybe the most important element of your quiz, includes adding a call-to-action (CTA) to your results page of the quiz. Your “Call to Action” can be a link that leads your quiz taker to learn more about your company, join your email list, learn more about services, or a specific product, or make a purchase or share the darn thing and their results and make it go viral. It can also include a promo / coupon code or other incentive to increase your opportunity to close a sale right away like that Hoot Hoot example.
I highly recommend including some sort of incentive if possible. Remember that your quiz takers are highly engaged with you and your brand right now. They just took time out of their day to complete a quiz and are primed to take the next step in your sales funnel.
Creating Questions and Answers
When creating Personality Quizzes, start with one or two easier questions, and save the ones that might make people stop and think for later. The majority of bounces (people leaving the quiz) come within the first two or three questions.
Make your first three questions the really easy ones so that people will feel confident and comfortable with the experience of your personality quiz. If your quiz taker answers the first three questions in your quiz, they’ll be far more likely to complete it and share it on social media.
Short to the point questions do the trick! Don't create a quiz that takes longer than a couple of minutes to complete. This leaves room for distractions and for your quiz takers to abandon the quiz before they finish it.
Tool that we use
We use the Thrive quiz builder which we also promote as part of the Thrive family of themes and website builders. My affiliate link will be in the show notes. This is an inexpensive suite of tools that will have you creating all kinds of things including quizzes really fast.
So, this was a good primer on quizzes. I encourage you to get my eBook KickStart Viral https://screwthecommute.com/viral/ It covers quizzes, contests and another viral method content lockers. Also start watching for and taking quizzes from other businesses. Get another email address to do this with so all the follow up emails the company sends will go one place and not clog up your main inbox.
OK That’s it for today, but make sure you also get your automation eBook
Get your FREE Automate Your business book and another surprise I have for you at https://www.ScrewTheCommute.com/automatefree
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Next episode 122 Patricia Kara she’s one of the stars of “Deal or No Deal” She’s model number 9 and she’s so fine. She’s going to tell us a lot of the behind the scenes things that go on with 28 models in one dressing room LOL Plus she consults with newcomers on how to navigate the entertainment business. Don’t miss her episode!
I’ll catch ya later.
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