102 - Lifelong Real Estate Entrepreneur: Tom interviews Nathalie Mullinix - Screw The Commute

102 – Lifelong Real Estate Entrepreneur: Tom interviews Nathalie Mullinix

Nathalie Mullinix has worn every hat in the real estate industry for over thirty three years. Her passion is being a change agent. She started with creating real estate menu systems in 1994, which was way ahead of her time. Her real estate teaching supports many small mom and pop brokerages and allows Realty Universal to donate and serve the much needed areas. She is passionate about starving children and wounded adults.

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[03:27] Tom's introduction to Nathalie Mullinix

[06:28] A variety of jobs starting young

[10:11] Starting out in real estate

[16:30] From Washington D.C. to Hawaii

[22:42] Creepy funny real estate story

[27:18] Sponsor message

[28:17] A typical day for Nathalie and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 102 – Nathalie Mullinix
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Everybody it's Tom here with episode one hundred and two of Screw the commute podcast we got Nathalie Mullinix next here and she's a longtime friend of mine. I'm not really sure how long and where we met but she's one of my best friends and one of the most prolific realtors in the world. You'll hear about her in a minute. The last episode 101 was Rick Raddatz and wow what a unique episode that was it's not our standard fare here. Rick built four multi-million dollar businesses in four years and one of them quadrupled in size and listen to this. Rick's passion for philosophy and political activism is financed by these big businesses he built because they don't really bring in money unless you hit it hit it big. So he's really created a lifestyle business. And don't worry. It wasn't a Politics Show. But I did offer an idea to build the wall except not on the southern border. I said build it in between the left and the right people so they don't kill each other. So check that out It's episode 101 now our podcast app is in the iTunes store. You can go to screwthecommute.com/app and has all the instructions on how to use it and it will do all kinds of things on your tablets and your cell phones so that's screw the commute podcast app now we just rolled out on demand TV on Roku TV. If you have a Roku box please install the public speaking channel. That's the first one we're going to roll out several others on protection dogs and brutal self-defense is another one we'll be putting up and Internet marketing stuff so. But the public speaking channel is live and ready to go. You've got about 100 hundred grand worth of training on there so definitely worth your while to take a look at it.

[00:02:18] Now our a youth program is in full swing. That's where we highlight once a month a young person now Young is up to like early 20s and is doing entrepreneurial things. So we want to feature them. So if you know anybody have them email me at orders@antion.com of course that will be in the show notes and they can find out how they can be featured on an episode of screw the commute. Anybody older than that might be a potential guest on the regular show but we really want to highlight entrepreneurial youth. All right our sponsor today in honor of today's guest who is a prolific speaker herself our sponsor is amazingpublicspeaking.com. This is the membership site with over four hundred seventy five professional and public speaking training videos plus audios and articles. Now we also have a corresponding complimentary webinar with 30 speaking tips in thirty seven point six two five minutes. It's not that fast but it's pretty quick. And we'll have a link to that in the show notes at Screwthecommute.com.

[00:03:29] Okay let's get to the main event. Nathalie Mullinix has worn every hat in the real estate industry for over thirty three years. Her passion is being a change agent. She started with creating real estate menu systems in nineteen ninety four which was way ahead of her time and now I'm going to let you tell. Let her tell you about them now. Her real estate teaching supports many small mom and pop brokerages and allows Realty Universal to donate and serve the much needed areas. She is passionate about starving children and wounded adults.

[00:04:06] Nathalie are you ready to screw or keep screwing the commute.

[00:04:12] Oh wow. You use commuted a lot of air miles between Baltimore and Hawaii. I tell you that.

[00:04:20] I certainly have and many other areas.

[00:04:23] Yeah we'll tell. Tell everybody about what you're doing currently and then we're going to retro back to the beginning to see how your entrepreneurial journey came about.

[00:04:33] Well currently I'm building our realty universal membership association which mainly consists of mom and small small mom and pop brokerages. I'm actually still selling as well not the numbers that I had always sold because it's impossible to do everything and I'm trying to transition more into teaching and training coaching. But you know you always from all the past clients and customers and there's issues and problems come up and I kind of get called in for that and I'm just kind of like that can fix it quickly.

[00:05:03] See what burns me up is that there's so many people out there teaching real estate that couldn't polish your shoes and what you've accomplished in real estate but they're doing these big seminars and kind of hoodwinking a lot of people. But you're the you're the real deal.

[00:05:18] It's I don't know if that was the smart way to do it but you're right I'm the real deal.

[00:05:22] Well you've sold a gazillion amounts in more than one location so it wasn't like all she just build up and everybody knows where one place you picked up and just went to Hawaii. It started in a place that's not easy to break into and build up a big business again.

[00:05:39] I remember you know I remember you doing a seminar out there when I was out there probably and it was about 2002.

[00:05:45] I hated it. Yeah it was the worst one I ever did. I don't want to get into bashing Hawaii. Yeah it was butt camp. But yeah it was the worst one ever. So you went in to the market and as the what they call you Hally. Is that what was called.

[00:06:06] Yeah. Whereas I'm still a Hally.

[00:06:14] So so anyway tell her about your building this menu system. Explain what that is to people.

[00:06:21] Well you know I got into the industry in nineteen eighty five and that was we didn't have public wasn't on the Internet. Of course the government was public wasn't. We didn't even have fax machines we weren't even using voicemail. So I'm kind of a dinosaur in the industry about 1994 I was about three years after the Gulf War I found that the I had a brokerage in Reisterstown we still have a brokerage in Maryland as well but we found that the agents and I myself were going in and out of properties and a lot of sellers couldn't afford to pay a commission I say they you know if the market hadn't gone up that much they may have gone through a divorce but with the Gulf War things were tight and I just felt like that's just so wrong for us to have to walk away from people and say I can't help you and you need to go through foreclosure. I just thought that was wrong. But at the same time we didn't want to throw away our full service business. So I literally in my mind created a menu and that's how the first menu started. Fast forward you have many many people doing this now because the Internet gives us the freedom and everybody and it's just like with screw your commute and all the people you teach how to work from home and it gives you the ability and real estate we kind of had that ability even before the Internet. So I tied it in together and started real estate menu systems. We were the first company to take it to Hawaii as well and that's and I believe in it. So we've kind of lived it tested it in different markets but you see quite a lot of people doing it and basically what it is is giving the buyer and the seller the right to choose and customize their process. So if you're a seller say you've sold several properties and you're very comfortable. You can do something and just take the. And allocate our item and go into the MLS all the way up to full service. So it's just a true menu that's geared for buyers and sellers. And some people like to get in and start on one level and then you can upgrade or downgrade whatever you're comfortable with. It really is based on giving you the opportunity to do the business yourself but not be afraid if you need us or and we're available.

[00:08:28] Like I said way ahead of its time. So let's take it way back to. Did you ever have a job.

[00:08:36] You and I I think called jobs like just over broke. Is that what we signed jobs right now. And me. I actually. Can you believe I at 16 I started college because I was just one of those people that high school was kind of annoying to me because it was too slow but I ended up getting having my son young getting married young and I so I wanted to be home and the day I was getting divorced young as well. So I did have I did have some office jobs and tending bar waitressing because it gave me the ability to watch you know be there for my baby in the day. And. Yeah but that was. Yeah. Then I got into real estate I was 23. You know it's really funny. I my ex mother in law had been in it for a little bit but not much. She never really did anything with it. And it's just something I just decided I wanted to get into I always wanted to go into acting but acting wasn't going to pay the bills right then. So I got into real estate. My father died that week. It was really crazy and I was getting divorced. Like within two months after that. So that's kind of how I got thrown into it and I didn't have moneys and I think I became really successful because I was hungry and I think that's one of the Bases that really get somebody to go you know you find a lot of single parents divorced women divorced men raising children they're a lot more hungry so that's how I got it better get it. Yeah.

[00:10:12] Okay. So did you instantly become this super salesperson or what was the transition there you were an agent to start with you don't start out as a broker right.

[00:10:23] Right. It takes you. It depends on what state you're in most states you have to be in the business at least three years before you can go for a broker's license.

[00:10:29] You were doing this in Maryland.

[00:10:31] I was doing in Maryland and a place called Owings Mills Maryland. And I went with Coldwell Banker and I was hungry like I was saying because I was raising my son my son was 6 already at the time and I wasn't getting child support and I knew I had to do it. I just had that mindset you go after it you do it. And I did a lot of cold calling which we can't do today in the same fashion. And I just started rocking and rolling and I remember ended up leaving Coldwell Banker going to Long and Foster because the Coldwell Banker manager was giving other like this person who was one of the top agents in the office listings and saying I couldn't call here and couldn't call there when I was doing the work and I said Well I'm not going to go there now. Subsequently that agent left and that manager begged me to come back later but I didn't go back there and I ended up being doing more business than that agent within about a year and a half two years. So yeah it was really amazing. You know when you get older and you go wow this is tiring but when you're young I don't think you know you can knock down doors you don't think about things like that. And then at least I didn't.

[00:11:34] What was the commission structure like in those days or how much could you actually make.

[00:11:43] You know it's really funny I think we were making a lot with smaller prices too. The commission weren't. We're not supposed to really talk about it but it was average about like 7 percent 6 and 7 percent and it was funny I was doing night a lot. Twelve million by my third year but back then as though you probably remember too in business as you've had your own businesses for years and years money went a lot farther you know. I remember doing one hundred thousand in three months when I left I went to long and foster after Coldwell Banker Then I went to Remax because they didn't have 100 percent commission structures back then so long and Foster didn't offer it. The other companies didn't but Remax did Remax said you could pay about fifteen hundred a month and then keep the rest of your commissions. So I went to Remax within a year I had to start my own company because they were forcing me to buy a franchise and I didn't want to do any of that at the time so. But the. Yeah. The commission structures were we just made. I mean I remember doing one hundred thousand three months and they were small deals. You know I don't. It's just amazing what a different world we're in now. We really are because it's just money just isn't what it used to be.

[00:12:52] How did the progression go. When did you become a broker.

[00:12:58] You know it's interesting you say that because I I had no idea I wasn't planning on starting my own company and being being a mom good mom is I always want to be and I was raising my son by myself. I the closest Remax office was like 45 50 minutes away and I thought I'm not going to do this. So I went and rented a little satellite office in Reisterstown Maryland so that I could be close to school close to home with my son and the Remax office said you can't do this you have to be in our office you know which was 45 50 minutes away and I said I'm I can't. It's too too far you know with the commute and everything. I was always the mindset of like work from home where you know make it easy make sense and not you know spin your wheels unnecessarily. So they thought that I would buy a franchise and at the time there was a gentleman named Lew Conrad that was offering 5 percent commissions and I would go into people's homes like you're gonna do it for five and back then we were getting 6 and 7 again as brokers and agents weren't allowed to discuss commissions amongst each other but on this show I guess I can kind of do that. So you know I'm not going to do it anyhow but I was like No I'm not going to do that. And it's funny because now we offered you know menu programs where someone could list for as low as five hundred dollars three forty nine but did they do it themselves. So it's just funny because someone say well you're offering that what's different it's a true menu I'm not going. We don't do full service for that little bit of money.

[00:14:17] Kinda of a hybrid FSBO or something.

[00:14:21] Yeah it's it is a hybrid now and you have a lot of companies doing this now their menu system that I started you find many. I knew it'd be the wave of the future but many people are doing it now but back then. So with Remax I literally there was a gentleman named Darko that ran up the was in charge of the East Coast division and they wanted me to buy a franchise and I said I don't need your franchise I don't want your franchise I have no need for the franchise I was I've been doing it. Probably no one in the Reisterstown area which is in that time. So I got my broker's license and that's how it started.

[00:14:55] That's great and then you build up a staff of agents that work for you.

[00:15:00] But I made a mistake though I thought why would people want to come yeah we have like 30 40 agents. But why would people want to come with us. Being a small brokerage I didn't realize I was so young. It was about twenty seven twenty eight that I was such a heavy hitter in the industry and it doesn't mean anything to me now but I just didn't it didn't realize you know I had a lot to offer to mentor to train to teach. So I proceeded to bring in a lot of agents and my our way of training was literally to take them out in the field and teach and then give leads and leads and leads and I still have the same accountant to this day and he used to yell at me and say you're given too much of the store you know so. So I didn't. Yes. So that's what we did. I never liked the model of having many many many agents. I just never liked it. And when I went to Hawaii I didn't want to have that either. I rather I believe it's better to be a smaller brokerage and have you know 10 or 15 agents max and then work like a team and do it that way it's just something that's always been part of me.

[00:16:02] Ok so you stayed there. So I already knew you at that time and you were. I don't really remember how I met you. Maybe at the speakers association.

[00:16:11] Yeah we met. We met and it was either 97 or 98. I think Philadelphia had the speakers convention in July of 98 and Philadelphia and then I think you put on like a workshop after that and maybe somewhere near D.C. and that's how I met you through NSA. You were so funny. It was like hysterically funny.

[00:16:31] So you stayed in D.C. I remember I was around and I see your lot there. And then one day you decided I'm going to move to Hawaii and do it all over again. Tell us about that.

[00:16:46] Well I lived in Hawaii as an Army brat from about 8 to almost eleven and then my mother divorced my father and took my brother and I back to Maryland with no notice at that time you can get a divorce in about seven weeks. And so to me Hawaii was home. I even had it in my yearbooks and still junior and senior high that I'm gonna be back going back to Hawaii. So I'm the type of person maybe to a fault when I think about it now that I'm older the type of person I really do do what I say I'm gonna do and I always said I'm gonna go back to Hawaii. And so I built up a really successful practice and had properties and a lot under my belt and I said I'm gonna go back I'm going to end but I am part of why I went back then is I have one son and I wanted to go when he was at an age that he wouldn't be married and settled down because then I couldn't at that time imagine being five thousand miles away from him. So he was about 21 when we went and I started downsizing the business about two years prior to that and then went and I started from scratch and did pretty well out there.

[00:17:51] I remember at the time Miss Nathalie we were talking about waitressing we were talking about this that you were thinking of what I do which would do a all supportive of you to do it. But you know I'm going to do it and if I have to waitress I'm going to do it I cracked up so hard imagining you as the waitress after I was selling 20 gazillion houses in Maryland.

[00:18:20] Well you know you know it's funny because it's so funny because no. And I came out number one after seven eight years but then I gave that away also because I didn't want to stay full time I went to work on the realty universal all the time so. So it's funny how we all have different personalities and what we'll do and we won't do. And when you're driven. But I think with Hawaii you know so many people feel like it's such paradise that you're going to go you know. And I was determined because to year and a half two years before I went somebody I had an agent that really really did steal from us. I mean it took a lot. We had offices were supposed to stay with the company and she proceeded to take them all and I ended up in a bad court battle for two years and a lot of people would have just quit and said All right this is it I can't go Oh right. And I didn't. I just stayed kept that tunnel vision and I said I'm go and I'm going I'm go and you know and and I did and it was pretty amazing. But I do remember you saying you know waitressing you brought that up a lot. And luckily I didn't have a waitress that isn't bad.

[00:19:23] It was a little traumatic taking your dogs with them.

[00:19:27] You know it was because back then you had to quarantine the dogs. It used to be four months but it was one month and in ninety nine it was December ninety nine also for one month. Now you can actually get them out the same day if you do six months worth of prep work. At that time you had to do six months worth of prep work too. But then you paid for four months because the state wasn't funding it so you had to actually pay. You had to pay for months just for one month. But I'll tell you it was funny because this is back in the day was December 17th 1999 and it was really cold Oh my god was it cold. And a friend of mine Christine Quinn was going to drive me. She drove my son and I to the airport and then she was going to ship the Jeep for me because that's what I was taken to Hawaii with me. And I wanted to start with no debt. You know everything paid off. And it was hysterical because this is pre 9/11 you know with 9/11. We you know people can't come down to see you and you have to you know it's just a whole different world. Well back then I'm taking like I don't know ten twelve suitcases you know way over the limit. Right. So the guy. There's the lines that she's dropping us off and there's the lines to drop off the bags and I'm I'm not as brave after living in Hawaii for years Hawaii takes something out of you right. It's a lot different than the East Coast. So I've changed a lot but any time I pay the guy a hundred bucks you notice so I can get all these extra bags and he's taken them no problem. And I told my son I said go down and get it go down and get our seats you know at the airport we got take off the plane we're gonna take the dogs over to the other side of the airport and Christine takes me over to take Zachary and champion at the time which you met them and beautiful dogs and I get into the where I'm supposed to get that take the dogs in and this lady says are you crazy. It's only 11 degrees in Minneapolis and the legal limit is 10 you're taking your dogs you know and I was like Oh I'm like I'm like yes I said I prayed God didn't bring me this far I'm not quitting but I had up but she didn't know that I had like had both dogs lose 10 pounds I had sweaters on them I had coats on them I had blankets. So anyhow we get the dogs off. And then I go running down and our plane was gone and I thought and Kenny sat in there and I and it was like Where. What happened and we missed the one we missed the one plane. So they're putting this on another plane and that was delayed and it turned out it was delayed because the door was had fallen off and on and like that's good good.

[00:22:00] Were the dogs on the plane that left you.

[00:22:03] Yeah they they left ahead of us which I didn't like and all but. But it was wintertime it's a much safer time to go when you want to take dogs in the summer. But I gotta tell you though when you're young somebody might say young dumb and stupid but it was dumb and stupid right. It's just when you're young. I think when you have that drive and you know you know you know does it you ever have that when you just know you know you know a lot of things. QUESTION And there's other things go now just like realty universal. I pushed it away for seven years and I go Okay I know I need to do I have to to have to do it. So that's kind of what that was. But oh yeah. If I knew everything I knew now I would've been scared to death. I mean I probably might not. I might have done it you know.

[00:22:41] You see here all the time crazy stuff happen to people showing houses anything happen crazy funny to you.

[00:22:53] I got to tell you so that is kind of funny because now I don't go out and show like I did for 20 some years. You built a membership but then I still have a lot of repeat clients and things come up and it's like there. So I do have to still go for certain thing you know. And I will. And so it was a commercial listing. I'm not naming the name. I'm not saying where it is but it's a commercial listing and it was really the last year and my son my son Kenny is he's in spinal research but he also is a phenomenal photographer and he I mean he he's like one of the best and he does a lot of nature photography. So he was going to do films for me on this property and aerial shots he is. He's also licensed for the he's got a real estate license but you know he doesn't love that maybe it's because he's seen a mother do too much of it but but he's got the aerial license what he called the drone license. So we go out to his property and I had sold the person's farm like years and years ago in the 90s. Right. But I hadn't known that seeing the person because I've been in Hawaii for you know all these years. Right. So this on the East Coast. So anyhow and this we go and we're like there's a bunch of different. It's like a strip center but it's an old one and then there's new properties and older properties and one of the older buildings is built in the eighteen hundreds right. It's about 4000 square feet completely empty. Kenny's going through and filming and taking his shots and doing everything and then he gets down to this room that's in the basement like like way down in the basement. Tom it looks like a dungeon. Right. And I swear to God. And I'm like Oh no I trust the owner but maybe I feel a little funny. I don't know if I want to meet with him alone or something you know. I mean I'm just. It was it was just because I've been 70 years and he never is he's very respectable Christian. But you know sometimes you just maybe we get older we just don't and we're more protective so if this room looks like a dungeon and Kenny I'm like Oh my God oh my God. And Kenny says oh my blood. That's blood that's blood on the walls. That's blood on the floor. Right. I sort of thought this is just months months and like this past year and I'm going Oh my God. Like he gives up we get a flashlight and he goes and it really looks like like somebody like if they were tortured and the blood splatter on the walls like fingerprints that around it I've got I go like Oh my God let's get out of here right. And he comes up he goes up we go up the stairs to go to bed there's a rag that he brought up we go get the rag back out. I don't want to look like we put it in there right. Get up there and he's like the owner didn't mention this room and I said no and that's really weird right. You know like Oh my God. And so. So then the odor had caught we're talking cutting our talk and it's like Meet me over here for the pit and I'm like I made up some excuses that I'm not at Kenny's got Mom we got to do so we're going to call the police. What are we going to do. And I'm like I don't I don't know. And we're like We're like laughing but not laughing because we're like this is too weird right.

[00:25:47] But but it was I you you'd have to see it really look like blood. I mean like in different places or pick them out but the funny the funny story was we were like We laughed so hard when we found out later because because he could say I asked the owner and my son was could hear the call you know what. What is that there's this bizarre room down there he's like I don't know what you're talking about right. And then it's even worse because you're like he's got to know right. So it turned out it had been a tanning booth thing. Tanning. Like there were all adults head its way back that had done tanning salon in there and they'd put the sprays on there and they'd spray the people. But I was like that had to be a gross. But it didn't look clean it didn't look you know and I was like you know that needs to get painted before we sell it but it was just a funny story for it for the events and how hard we laughed about it are like really like Oh my God we're in it to call the police or what are we gonna do. It was crazy.

[00:26:42] All right so how did somebody like where would they have to be if they wanted you to sell their house or you know getting your menu program.

[00:26:51] Oh anybody can go to realtyuniversal.com and and fill out the contact us form or call and do it and they can be anywhere because we actually have affiliates in all 50 states. And then we can also refer out of the country and other areas too. So it's pretty interesting it's pretty good. We have a brokerage in Maryland and Hawaii but but we have affiliates everywhere so they can get taken care of.

[00:27:18] Perfect. All right so we're going to take a brief sponsor message and when we come back we're going to ask Nathalie the super super super realtor what a typical day looks like for her and maybe a couple. Because though there's been a lot of time in the air back and forth to Hawaii and then how she stays motivated.

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[00:28:19] All right. Let's get back to our super guest Nathalie Mullinix is here. And now they so what's a typical day look like for you let's say in Maryland and Hawaii and if you're traveling there's three different ones.

[00:28:33] Well I love to. I get up and I pray and I meditate and I want to work out first. If I'm in Hawaii I'm usually up by about four o'clock. But in Maryland I don't get up until about six six thirty. So it just depends on the time zones and where I am in different places. That just brought back a memory one time because I used to run five miles a day and now I don't which I would love to but I had a plate and a pin in my leg and ankle. But and I need to. That reminds me of being I think it was an L.A. conference you might have been out years and years ago and I had to. I would do my normal run in the morning and I'd get up in the hotels and go run run run and I needed a battery for my Sprint phone and I was in L.A. and I thought I'm just gonna a run because I used to run like crazy. Then instead of taking a cab and Tom I swear I went to go get that I meant to go into the Sprint and I went under the bridge in L.A. and I've seen these needles that all that. I'm glad I'm like I don't even I wasn't paying attention to where I was like oh my gosh this might not be a good idea but my typical morning and this is probably as an older person but I really need you can tell I have energy I really need that quiet time so I pray I meditate and listen to some tapes and I do go workout if I'm in Maryland the weather's hasn't been so great. So I'd like to go to the Y it's cold right now is why. But if I'm in Hawaii it's easier to get out and just go out all year long. That's my morning routine. I need that downtime before I really get started and I'm blessed to be able to work from home so I can't imagine having to go into an office every day like years ago. So that's pretty much my days working on programs consults overseeing the offices and. Yeah but I do take breaks. I'm very much a believer in if somebody asked me the other day when you're going to retire and I might retire. I kind of I've been able to do that my whole you know since my 30s right you know like you know. Right. You kind of go do what you want to do and then you still work and it's not really retiring. I mean you don't need to retire because you're not stuck in a job for so many hours a day.

[00:30:37] Right. So. So it's almost for me this is how you stay motivated because you're like one of the most high energy people.

[00:30:46] Gosh. Not really that I get tired.

[00:30:49] After going twice as fast as everybody else all day.

[00:30:53] No I get no I get tired. I you know it's funny how do I stay motivated. I have a lot of faith in God and I have I really believe we each of us are here on a mission on purpose that we have our own fingerprint for a reason we have certain talents and I don't want to waste it even though I do love to relax. So the motivation is different like my motivation when I was in my 20s 30s and then of course starting all over in Hawaii at 38 was completely different than now in my 50s. And so I'm not always as motivated and I think I think part of the what I would recommend to people is to really learn about yourself and see what you're about and what you want to do and then start setting your goals and your action plan. And that's kind of what motivates me is accountability and saying where are we going to go what's the plan right. And and then when you know and you still need it there's times you're gonna get off your path and not do anything and there's nothing wrong with blowing it off for days or if you need to. But I tend to get back on to what my I'm about serving and I just kind of get back into that when I could.

[00:32:02] Would you suggest that the person giving the real estate now starting from scratch.

[00:32:08] Yes. I actually would. And you know it's funny about real estate it's one of the funny real estate something you could get into at 18 or you could get into it at 75. You know you're not limited by any age barriers and so I would definitely recommend it. I interviewed a woman on my show the other day who actually has been in L.A. in real estate and commercial and residential for about 15 years. And she wrote a book and now she's designing women's sportswear but she's still doing real estate because she still has a client base that wants only her. Right. So what I recommend. Yeah. Because if you have to know if you like it you have to like people you have to follow through. There's a lot of different levels of real estate commercial you know residential. But I would recommend it. We had a millennial I say millennial night in the run on a last month on this show and he handles it completely differently than somebody my age would and that's because he's so familiar with technology. So my answer would absolutely be yes. But I think you could you can do an assessment test. I'm such a big believer as an older person now that Who are you. Who are you. What do you do. What's your strength you know what do you love. And kind of figuring out if you're it's right for you or not. You know that type of thing. And then you can also get into investments and that's always a smart move to invest in properties.

[00:33:30] That's where people get sucked in and there's a lot of failure with agents that end up never making any money.

[00:33:38] But I don't think I don't think that I don't I don't believe that. I do believe that. I mean the numbers show you the number right. You bet. But I don't believe if somebody wants to work I don't care what the market is because somebody is always dying somebody is always getting married somebody is getting divorced. People have to move. So if you want to work you can make money in any market. Now me I kind of I went at too fast of a pace and I'm more burnt out in the sense of I don't I don't desire to go out and do 80 million in sales right now and do this and do you know I'm just because I'm really passionate when working through agents and brokers and building it and then still being able to help repeat business. Does that make sense. But that's because I'm really living my passion and you know it could be very annoying to somebody to go Oh my God like you really are on target with what you want to do. But but yes. So I don't buy that you can't make it. It's because it's up to the individual person usually when they're not making it because agents go and they sell one or two houses go and they focus on that one instead of remembering you need to prospect every day what about you know and go further with that.

[00:34:42] So you're saying if they hustle this is still a great profession.

[00:34:47] If you love people and you hustle because it really is about repeat business and referrals building relationships and yeah I think I do think it's a great business. I always want to go into acting and if I had to you know for me my my love would be more art. I think in acting with people I always I say it to people have known me for years you know why did I was wondering why wouldn't it be self-help I love that part more and now I've gone full circle and I'm able to incorporate. Oh Tom you're the perfect one for me to mention this right now. I wanted to start a radio show back in what like two thousand seven or eight in Hawaii and I said I just test marketed it with like terrestrial radio in Honolulu and then people like it sounded really good and was like Now I wasn't I was just testing I wasn't ready to do it. And then I started doing the podcast over seven years ago and I remember saying you I'm going to do real estate and mix in self-help right and God and other topics. Right. Give him that and you cannot do that now. You have got to keep it focused. You got to focus and just do it on real estate right and I said watch me right. And that's what I do. I do it anyhow. Right. Does that make sense.

[00:35:54] I mean I people's as soon as somebody tells you you're crazy you know you're on the right track same with what I did with this retreat center same with when I had the practical joke company and you know everything I've done people tell you you're nuts and then I blow by them doing what they told me I couldn't do.

[00:36:13] Right. Because you follow your heart and you listen to that. You know and that's where that's where I really you know you hear people all the time they say my parent when parents want to me to be a lawyer so I became a lawyer and I hated it. And the next thing are off you know skydiving right. You know everybody has to follow their heart. Definitely. I'm not sure for me it's real estate. I think it's the people. It wouldn't have been just selling the properties but but and negotiating like I love negotiating.

[00:36:36] Well the reason the reason I didn't really want to go into real estate because I dabbled with it a little bit but all the buyers wanted to sleep with me all the time. It just didn't feel right to sell myself out like that now.

[00:37:00] Thanks Nellie for coming on everybody. She's a real mover and shaker. This this lady is who she says she's going to do something you better like because they get out of the way because she's going to blow by doing it. So thanks a lot. Then hey I didn't realize that anybody all around the country could do business if you want somebody that knows how to make deals. I mean she's made deals that nobody could make.

[00:37:22] And we put them through other people you know other affiliates but we can still say that.

[00:37:27] I mean you see deals where a lot of people say well we can't make the deal. And you say Well watch me go make the deal.

[00:37:34] So it's all about win win.

[00:37:36] Yes. So. So thanks so much for coming on and for everybody else please. Awesome to catch up with you. Please subscribe and leave us a review over at iTunes and remember to download our podcast app and it will make it real easy for you to take us with you on the road. And if you do know any youth that are doing great things entrepreneurially as up to their early 20s have them get in touch with me and maybe we'll feature them on a future episode. So thanks again to Nathalie and we'll catch you all on the next episode.

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