voiceover - Screw The Commute


This Voiceover Program is Really Cool.

Check out these samples I created in about 5 minutes:

Sample 1: Part of one of my e-books: (Male Voice)

Sample 2: An email I recently sent: (Male Voice)

Sample 3: A short blog posting: (Female Voice)

What can you do with this program?

  • Voiceover your blog postings and articles.
  • Make audio e-books.
  • Send audio e-mails
  • Sell voiceovers to others as a business
  • .Turn any text you create into a beautiful and realistic audio file.
  • You can even use the voiceovers to put on your videos.

This is all done on your computer. No microphones, no audio editing software, no high capacity computer needed. 

Watch the 2 minute video below to see how easy this is.

Grab your copy through my affiliate link and I'll help you get going fast if you need it. 

Note: You must have the pro upgrade to do longer amounts of text.