Video Weekend Thanks - Screw The Commute

Video Weekend Thanks

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You are registered for
Tom Antion's

VIP Video Weekend

On Your Video Day, you will report to:

3105 Sergin Ct.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Number at the Retreat Center is:
Tom's Cell 301-346-7403

We start promptly at 8:00 AM. Try to arrive no later than 7:45 AM and no earlier than 7:30 AM (unless you want to help Tom exercise the dogs hahaha.) Actually let Tom know if you have any trouble being around German Shepherd Dogs so he can make sure they aren't around you at all during the day.

Make sure you've already eaten breakfast and you're ready to roll. We'll be having lunch at the Retreat Center.

Make an appointment with Tom to discuss your video Weekend at least a week before your arrival (Two weeks is better.)

Email him at and cc to and give him three days and times you can be available to chat.




Laptops are not necessary for the event, but bring yours along if you like to take notes on it or learn the basics of laptop video editing.


Unless you bring a camcorder, most of you will be using a smart phone to shoot your location videos. Either one or both is fine with us. Well in advance of your arrival you must send us specifications on your make and exact model number of your camcorder and you must bring enough SD cards (get the fastest ones possible) or tapes to shoot several hours of video. Proper cables to transfer video to your laptop if you bring one. Make sure you have enough battery capacity and charging capacity (from both a wall plug in and from a car) for an entire day shooting in the field.

For your smart phone or tablet also send us the exact make or model, find out how much storage capacity it has, make sure you have a charger, (car charger would be handy also), and proper cables to transfer video to your laptop if you bring one.


We will have coffee, tea, bottled water and softdrinks available. Lunch is on Tom. If you need little boosts throughout the day, bring some snacks and we have some available too. Your mind is going to need the energy. We guarantee it! 🙂 If you have special dietary needs, we have a refrigerator available.


At the end of the event if you want to hear about it I'll have my famous mentor program available at a discounted rate and I'll even finance the entry fee for you if you need it. Details of the program are at


You may bring a family member along to assist you. They will participate in everything except we will not have time for them to shoot videos in the studio. They will be able to shoot videos and be in videos you shoot in the field on day two.