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Yes, I know this sounds like one of those BS offers all the business opportunity nutcases promote….but wait just a minute.

Years ago when I first started online I was doing this just to prove it was real and it was.

I would get money for giving my opinions and taking surveys.

I got away from it simply because in my speaking career I could make $100K – $250K at the back of the room so it wasn't worth my time to do the surveys anymore so I pretty much forgot about it.

More recently I've been racking my brain on things I could bring to you if you're stuck at home and have time on your hands because of the virus.

Taking surveys can actually be a legitimate and substantial income provider, or simply a side hustle you can do while watching TV.

Many more opportunities since I first did this.

Since I started researching it again, I found there are now many hundreds more legitimate PR firms, research agencies and corporations who want survey data to help them make marketing and product development decisions. They are willing to pay you and many others to get this information.

Why would they pay you?

Think about it. If a car manufacturer has a billion dollar decision to make on some feature they are considering to put in a car, do you think paying $25 to you and 5000 other people is a big deal to them? That cost them only $125K to keep from making a billion dollar mistake.

They are happy to send you money to be one of the 5000.

Some Tips for Success

  • Understand the hardest part will be registering at all the companies so they know who you are and that you are interested in participating in surveys. You only have to do this once at each company. I use Roboform to help me fill out sign up forms and to save user IDs and passwords.

  • Be consistent with your profiles . . .  don't say you like dogs in one profile and then say cats in another. . . If you do, the companies won't trust you and will stop sending you paid surveys.

  • Realize some of the questions will be to test whether you are really paying attention to the survey, or just blasting through fake answers . . . you might get a question like “Which one is a city?” Arizona, Chicago, Iowa, Florida.

  • Change your birthday slightly and use the fake birthday for all of this. Unless it's really important like for my health insurance, I always use a fake birthday online to avoid the chance of identity theft.

  • Realize you won't qualify for some surveys. They might be looking for senior citizens in Arizona and you are a 30 something in Virginia.
    NOTE: Usually the survey company will attempt to only send you surveys that you would qualify for based on your profile answers.

  • The more places you list yourself, the more survey offers you will get. After you do this for a while, you probably won't be able to do all the offers you get.
    NOTE: In the beginning, it make take a couple weeks for you to start getting surveys. Use this time to keep filling out profiles on as many different survey sites as you can.

  • This is a real opportunity to earn and yes it takes work and time. Some of the surveys pay really big and might take 30 minutes to complete and some pay less and take only a few minutes. It all adds up!

Happy Surveying.

Tom Antion

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