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You made a Great Decision Registering for My GREAT Podcast Guest Training

I'm ready when you are. To book your first zoom session, email me several days and times you can be available and I can usually confirm one of them. I'm in the East Coast USA time zone. 

Email to: orders@antion.com and copy to tomantion@gmail.com 

Your zoom code will be the same every time:

https://zoom.us/j/9067301756 Back up cell phone in case of trouble 301-346-7403 

RE: My cell phone number. Always text first and say who you are. I rarely answer anymore because I get so many robocalls. 

We'll be doing 3 sessions

For Session 1 you don't need to do any preparation other than convey to me your goals.

For Session 2 you will have had to create some promo materials and refine your topics and be ready to practice for part of the hour. 

For Session 3 I will be critiquing your promo materials, teaching you how to get booked and doing some more practice.

Session 4 is the recording of your special edition Screw the Commute Podcast that you can use for a demo to help you get booked on future shows.

I can't wait to help you achieve your goals!