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Meditation for Marketers

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Just about everyone I interview on my podcast say they meditate.

No one has made a meditation for marketers .... until now.

I teamed up with the Silky-Toned, emerging voiceover artist Sunny Hannah and we created the only meditation audio specifically geared for marketers.

"Meditation for Marketers" Volume I will help calm your mind in the face of ever increasing competition and never ending new technologies.

In this unique, 17 minute, immediately downloadable MP3 Audio File, you'll reframe your thinking about:

  • Email and Spam,
  • Getting help with new technologies,
  • Social Media frustrations,
  • Unproductive Promotions,
  • Simple breathing strategies,

And much, much more!

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Grab your copy now and listen on your cell phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

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Here's to your calmness:

Tom Antion

P.S. Custom meditations available.