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All Parts and Bonuses are complete.
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Click here to download handouts for all sessions (Note: “How to Make a $50,000.00 Video” does not have a handout.)

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Part I Benefits and Revenue Streams 

Bonus I Crowdfunding and Sponsorship

Part II Keyword Research, Tools and Voice Search

Part III Website Tips, Selling, Upselling, Shopping Cart Systems

Bonus II “How to Create a $50,000.00 Video About You and Your Company for Only Pennies on the Dollar”

Part IV Database Marketing and Selling

Part V Producing Products

Bonus III Viral Marketing


Yes, of course I'm going to show you examples of how I used a particular concept. For instance, in the first revenue stream I show you many examples of direct sales products I created.

That's wonderful, but it doesn't do much for your bank account unless you do a direct sales product of your own.

In this Masterclass look at all the revenue streams. I'm OK for you to daydream about all the membership  could create and all the joint ventures you could have, etc.


YOU MUST PICK ONE THING and create or do it as fast as you can while maintaining high quality.

There really is no other way. I've seen this literally thousands of times where people want to do it all at once and then nothing gets done, or at least nothing gets done correctly.

You'll be able to do all of this if you want over time. Please, pick one thing and run with it.


Want this entire masterclass for free? Join my mentor program and my staff and I will help you on every little detail involved in helping you sell on line. Plus you'll get credit for the money you spent on this masterclass. Mentees in good standing get things like this included in their mentorship.

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