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Free Stuff This Week

"The Non-Techie's Roadmap to Website Success" Note: This is not the same pdf I gave out earlier this week.
This immediately downloadable PDF in only 10 pages teaches you how to plan out a website, or to make a better plan for the website you have. Download it now!

Ten Tips in 8 minutes - In this short podcast I give you a variety of tips from security, to saving money, to entrepreneurship. One of the cool tips is showing you how to keep your webcam from being hijacked by bad people.

Attention Gaining Devices - These are the ways, for many years, I've been able to keep any audience's attention.

3 More Quality Freebies

My long-time colleague Christina Hills just came out with a concise checklist that you can use to critique your own website.
I've known her for over 20 years and never heard a bad word about her. Everything she does is top-notch.

Grab your copy here:

I just did a short interview on the famous "Get Published" podcast with Paul Brodie where I told him how to make millions with your ebooks and a way to get a really high percentage of your emails opened.

If you want to save a ton of money any time you need to rent a car, listen to my podcast called "Rental Car Hacks". In this episode, I give you every technique and trick in the book to beat the rental car companies at their own game.

Tom Antion
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