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Tom Antion's Brand New Private Facebook Group

I want you to join my first private Facebook Group. The name of it is “Screw the Commute” hahaha based on my lifetime of lessons starting and operating highly successful and very lucrative home based businesses.

Can you imagine the FREEDOM of being able to bring in large sums of money without having to leave your house unless you want to. Hey, I even had a nightclub in my home. I'll bet you never heard of anyone doing that before. hahaha


Look at All the Great Things You'll Enjoy Running a Successful Small Business:

  • NO COMMUTE. . . You won't be wasting your life away every day making someone else rich

  • SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE . . . Work mornings only, evenings only weekends only. It's your choice.

  • NO INCOME LIMITS . . . Give yourself a raise anytime you want.

  • TAX DEDUCTIONS . . . You're eligible for legitimate deductions you could never take as an employee. (You can even get tax credits for your hobbies!)

  • FREEDOM. . . No one will control your life ever again. You're the boss!


I've never had a job and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs improve their business.

Hi. I'm Tom Antion and other than summers in high school and the first few years of college, I've never had a job. I've always found a way to do my own thing and make darn good money doing it. Here's my brief history:

1965 – At 10 years old I sold advertising matchbooks and pens door-to-door to businesses in my own small town

1967 – At 12 years old I started collecting scrap copper and my dad would haul it to the junk yard for me. I got 30 cents a pound.

1970 – At 15 years old I sold my first used car (a 1963 Corvair before I had a driver's license)

1977 – At 22 starting with zero cash I bought my first 3 Unit Apartment building while attending college full time.

1977 – Bought my second apartment building that had 4 Units.

1977 – Bought my first single family home

1978 – Bought a Duplex

1978 – Bought a 36 Unit Hotel

1980 – Built and operated the second biggest nightclub in my state.

1988 – Started “Prankmasters” an entertainment company
that customized practical jokes in Wash. DC (I think this election is continuing my work hahahaha)

1991 – Became a professional speaker

1994 – Started selling on the commercial Internet

1997 – Started “ButtCamp” a serious seminar with a funny name that teaches people how to make money legitimately on the Internet.

1997 – Started Internet Marketing Mentor Program

2000 – Hit MultiMillionaire Status

2002 – Started the Great Internet Marketing Retreat
Center in Virginia Beach

2010 – Founded the Only Licensed, Independent Internet Marketing School in Country

2014 – Founded Protection Dogs Elite

2014 – Developed a consumer advocate TV show “ScamBrigade”

2016 – Founded Brutal Self Defense


I guess you would say being an entrepreneur is in my blood. Over all these years I've learned a ton about virtually all aspects of starting and running a small business . . . with almost all of my businesses started on a shoestring budget.

I've also helped literally thousands of people through my training programs and speeches in 11 countries around the world.

With the simple and cheap tools now available because of the Internet, there could never be a better time to either start a business, or take the one you have to a great new level.

“I had a question about Facebook ads and it was answered in a couple hours…

Stop struggling in your business by being connected to a serious group of entrepreneurs ready to chime in on your business in a moments notice.”

Warren Carlyle

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It's my first private facebook group. It's called “Screw the Commute”. Just like my ButtCamp seminar it's a goofey name for a serious topics . . . Entrepreneurship and Home Based Business. I'm going to be there along with my staff handling questions, doing training and networking with all the members.

We'll cover all kinds of topics of interest to Entrepreneurs and People Working Out of Their Homes.

Here Are Some of the Topics That Will Be Covered:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Product Development

  • Advertising

  • Employee Management

  • Hiring

  • Benefits

  • Insurance

  • Working From Home

Setting Boundaries



Cost Control

Keep Profit Margins High



Record Keeping


PLUS lots more topics based on your questions.

PLUS, PLUS – You can get critiques on your ideas, promo materials, websites from me, my staff and the group.

Entrepreneurship is one of the best options in the world. It can also be one of the most challenging and lonely without a great support system… a place to connect with others facing the same challenges and to learn from someone who has been and entrepreneur their whole life.

Tom Antion's “Screw the Commute” is a place any entrepreneur serious about growing their business, saving time and money from NOT making the mistakes others did, and finding new promotional partners should join. Just ONE tip I got in the group saved me more than the annual investment.

Roberto Candelaria


“For over 10 years, just about everything I've seen Tom Antion do online has met 3 criteria:

  1. It's different
  2. It's profitable
  3. It's humorous

So when Tom started his Facebook MasterMind group it came as no surprise when he called it “Screw the Commute”

I joined right away without hesitation and so should you. You'll get the best in tips, tools, and strategies for massive online success.

Jeff Herring



Not only will you be able to ask for feedback from like minded individuals any time day or night about parts of your business and promotional material, . . . on Fridays you'll be able to put a complete ad for your business as a posting. This will expose your ad to all the other members.

Less than 3 hours after joining Screw the Commute, I got a fabulous lead. Alain Burrese's newsjacking the Ohio State stabbing story and getting publicity as a result. I emailed Alain for a quick interview and will feature him in my newsletter this week.

Joan Stewart “The Publicity Hound”



To introduce you to my stuff, I'm opening this up at a crazy low price and those that join now will have their price protected forever as a charter member.

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NOTE: When you join
make sure to send me the email address you use with Facebook so I can send you an invite to the group.


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I'll see you in the group.

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