83 - She messes with people's minds: Tom interviews Carla Rieger - Screw The Commute

83 – She messes with people’s minds: Tom interviews Carla Rieger

One of the biggest reasons people fail in business is because they haven't learned tools to bounce back from setbacks. Carla Rieger shares a powerful “MindStory” method to help you stay confident and motivated no matter what happens. Co-founder of MindStory Academy and a professional speaker and storyteller for 24 years, she's addressed over 1000 groups on 5 continents. She’s also written 5 books, created 10 online learning programs and is the host of her own podcast show called the MindStory Speaker.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 083

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[03:25] Tom's introduction to Carla Rieger

[05:11] Why entrepreneurs need to be excellent at managing their mind

[06:05] How Carla went from “usherette” to internationally recognized speaker

[08:28] Moving from a subcontractor to owning your own company

[12:25] Shifting your perspective even if you get screwed in business

[14:44] Finding the funny even in an unfunny family

[22:02] The best and worst part of working for yourself

[28:48] Sponsor message

[30:12] A typical day for Carla and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 083 – Carla Rieger
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 83 of screw the commute podcast we've got Carla Rieger here today she's a prolific speaker who's going to mess with your mind can't wait to tell you about that. All right the last episode was YouTube secrets. There are tons of little tips and tricks to be successful with YouTube and we exposed a ton of them on that episode. That's episode eighty two that's one of our Monday training sessions where we go in-depth on something that's either made me or saved me a lot of money. And then on Wednesdays and Fridays we do interviews with great entrepreneurs and then we are starting our youth series. So Tiffani Hockings is going to be our first I've known her since she's a little girl. Not sure exactly when that's aired yet or not but if you have any youth that are doing great things in business send them over where well once a month we're planning on highlighting some young person that's been doing great things in the business world. And when I say young I'm talking could be teens there you know 12 year olds. OK with me. All right our podcast app is now in the App store and you can also just go directly to screwthecommute.com/app where you can sign up for it and download it but you can also get a whole list of instructions on how to do the all the advanced features of it. You don't need that if you're a really savvy with apps but if you aren't we really laid it out all these cool things you can do save in your favorites and you can have it locked in your car so that if somebody calls it a pause until you're done with the call and then pick up again all kinds of great stuff. So that our screw the commute podcast app our sponsor is the internet marketing Training Center of Virginia a distance learning school which teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living either working for someone else or starting your own online business or both. Check it out at IMTCVA.org. But I also don't want you to get robbed in you and your families higher education quests. So be sure to watch the Higher Education webinar at screwthecommute.com and click on free webinars. And keep in mind just because our school is distance learning you can be anywhere in the world and take classes. So just because it's located in Virginia you don't have to be here. In fact we're so crazy we have to have a library in the school and not one student has ever set foot in the school. That's the that's our educational stuff there.

[00:03:26] All right. Let's get to the main event. Carla Rieger helps speakers and team leaders overcome the internal and external challenges to being an effective change maker in the world. She's the co-founder of mind story Academy. See I told you she's going to mess with your mind and the CEO of the artistry of change productions. Now she's I don't know if I can believe this next part. She's been a professional speaker for 24 years now. That's dubious to me because she looks to be about 20. So I can't I'm not sure if that could possibly be right but she claims she's that just over a thousand groups on five continents. So we'll see what we get. See if she sounds like she's old enough to have done that when she gets on it anyway. She's also written five books created 10 online learning programs and is the host of her own podcast show again messing with your mind the mind story speaker. Carla are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:04:38] Well you're in Hawaii right now. And that was a long commute but. But what are you doing in Hawaii right now.

[00:04:47] Well you know when you work for yourself and you work online you can live anywhere and normally we live in the UK or Canada and heck it's not very nice there in the winter. True. Yeah.

[00:05:01] So you're actually like living working in the sunshine.

[00:05:07] I see that's that's the whole thing about this. There's beauty working for yourself. So. So tell people what you're doing with all this mind stuff.

[00:05:17] Well I help team leaders and experts be more resilient in the face of obstacles because we found that you know I've been helping people with communication strategies for ever. But I also find that most of the time especially my private coaching I was helping people with skepticism doubt resistance confidence procrastination and so after a while I just started developing all these tools to help people in those positions talking to groups leading groups you know selling stuff. People get so much mind stuff in the way. So together with my partner Dave we've really focused on that resilience piece bouncing back from setbacks and actually helping open people's minds through the use of advanced storytelling.

[00:06:05] Wow. So Carla did you ever have a job.

[00:06:09] Well I only ever had a part time job in university like an usherette or waitress.

[00:06:18] What's an usherette. I never even heard that term.

[00:06:20] An usherette is like you know at the symphony house where you stand there with your flashlight and show people where to sit.

[00:06:30] Usher only for girls.

[00:06:36] Ok. Were you really good at that job.

[00:06:40] I was fabulous.

[00:06:40] What kind of things can happen. I mean do people fight over seats sometimes like on the airline like there's two people have the same seat and the flight attendant has to get in and fight it out with.

[00:06:52] Oh yeah. They try to sit in the you know higher paid seat and you got to talk them out of it and sneaking booze and you know you.

[00:07:01] Ever hit anybody with a flashlight.

[00:07:03] Oh yeah many times.

[00:07:05] So you were an usherette and then what else were you.

[00:07:09] Well then right out of university I did this subcontracting contract with a training company and I was working from home set my own hours. And then after a few years I just started my own business doing the same thing.

[00:07:24] So just technically you were still a contractor so it wasn't really technically a W2. Well I don't know what you're talking about Canada or what country.

[00:07:34] Yeah I was in Canada. Yeah it was just subcontractors so I had yeah it was not not like a real full time job.

[00:07:41] Yeah. Yeah. Not a W-2 doesn't apply in Canada I don't think that's that's what we call that when you get a paycheck and they pick up stuff. But I don't think it's called a W-2 in Canada. But anyway. So you only were an usherette as you were as a job.

[00:07:56] And an aerobics instructor.

[00:08:00] Was that a job or again a contract.

[00:08:03] It was just like Yeah you're right. It's more like a subcontracting. I've never done the full time job thing.

[00:08:08] Well you are perfect for this show then and actually you know that you're the first Usherette that we've had on this show and it's just amazing. And I don't think you're the first aerobics instructor but with no wonder you look so young. You've been exercising in your whole life So how did you make that transition from subcontracting to starting your own company.

[00:08:38] Well the Canadian version of this training company they went through this massive transition and then I got this small inheritance from my grandfather so I decided to take the leap and start my own company and because they'd actually already trained me in sales and marketing of training programs for the college market and the corporate market and they'd also train me to facilitate these large group icebreaker events and they trained me to be a motivational speaker at conferences. So I sort of had all the background I had testimonials and I had experience. So I just went with this business incubator for people under 30 and I've been doing that ever since.

[00:09:18] Well now what does that actually take in Canada. I mean it's very easy to start a business in the United States. Well what's involved in Canada the start a business.

[00:09:29] Well I just started as sole proprietorship and didn't incorporate until later on.

[00:09:35] But that's really easy too.

[00:09:37] Yeah yeah super easy.

[00:09:39] And you just file certain forms with your taxes then.

[00:09:43] Exactly. Just got myself an accountant to help me figure it all out and boom I was in business and just got a little business license and and this incubator was getting lots of training in the beginning. Super helpful got me profitable more quickly.

[00:09:59] Yeah. So you were getting paid to learn in the. In those days before you started your own business. That's that's a great way to transition into something because there's a lot to learn. Well I mean it might be easy to get in the business but then all these things happen that you've never been exposed to so that's that's a great way to do it. So in the things that you teach how can the business owners use some of the things you teach with the mind story and the handling change and all that.

[00:10:33] Well as I said I notice about 80 percent of my time I'm coaching people on internal challenges and I find that if you've lost your motivation keep going with your business which can happen if you've hit a lot of challenges or you're getting not the income that you want is to go back to focusing on why you're doing it in the first place. And you know what is important to you ultimately about doing this and people forget to do that they just stay focused on the obstacles. And so I always think it's really good to just focus in on the stories because you if you write out a whole bunch of stories about you know when you've done well in your business you know when somebody said yes you know things that have gone well.

[00:11:20] Because most people just remember the bad things. The person who said no. And those go to the front of the Rolodex in the mind in terms of all the memories and so if you if you write out every time in detail all the good stuff that happens it's like taking a snapshot. It's like a memory imprint of that good thing. And so they stay at the front of the Rolodex which makes you feel more confident to pick up the phone and get that speaking engagement and that coaching client or about that new customer because most of the time people you know would rather reorganize their paperclip drawer than to. Put themselves out there right.

[00:12:02] So how long did you operate as the sole proprietor before you became some other entity and what entity did you pick.

[00:12:09] Yeah I picked Inc. Which candidate is I think it's a different than the US but it's yeah I Incorporated. Only about five years ago I was the sole proprietor for years. Yeah.

[00:12:25] Ok. Now has anybody ever cheated you or screwed you over in business.

[00:12:32] Well actually only one which was interesting and about 15 years ago and I spoke at an event and they never paid any of the speakers or any of the A.V. people I knew a lot of the speakers and I knew the AV people and like usually I asked for a 50 percent deposit upfront to avoid this kind of things but they wouldn't do that. And so I just agreed to it. And the organizers just disappeared into the night and no one ever heard anything from them.

[00:13:01] Probably another speaker killed them and threw them in the Lake up there.

[00:13:06] That's right. You know I spoke to several colleagues after that none of them got paid. You know I just chalked it up to bad debt and focused on the people I thought it made a difference for. You know it's like a pro bono gig but it was an important shift over for me because to this day I had those some of those same colleagues are still bitter about that. It's like 15 years later it's just like you know get over it. So again it's the story you tell yourself the mind story you tell yourself right in the meaning you give it. So I help people with those kind of situations because we're always getting screwed over one way or another right.

[00:13:43] There's your mind. Did you or did your mind tell you don't go without a deposit anymore.

[00:13:50] Oh yeah of course.

[00:13:53] As long as you changed your behavior because of that. Yeah yeah. I got to the point where I was I required two weeks or 50 percent nonrefundable with the contract and 50 the other 50 percent two weeks prior to the appearance. And I'll tell you why a lot of the places I was speaking at the time the training director I might have made four times what he made in all all month in one hour. And so he wasn't too happy or she wasn't too happy about me and they'd leave me wandering the halls waiting for my check just because they were so bitter about how much money. So I thought I'd look like I'm homeless. After the speech you know walking around waiting for my money. So I started two weeks in advance. You got to work up to that because a lot of people won't go for that. Now anything crazy funny bizarre happen in your business life.

[00:14:52] Well you know one thing I like to share is that I find that it's super important to you know talk about your why in business and I never talked about why I do my business. And until this weird thing happened you know like I was taught teaching fun as a team building tool. I was doing a lot of improv games with companies and so I never told a personal story. And this one time this women takes me out afterwards. You know we're in Savannah Georgia and everyone's talking like this.

[00:15:24] Was that a comedian Georgia accent.

[00:15:29] Well she she talked like this. They're really really slowly. And she said you know that was fabulous. And I just want to know why you help people have more fun at work. That's such an unusual profession. You bet. And I was like completely gobsmacked. I was like I don't know. Well we start talking we're drinking mint juleps. They're kind of gross and you know they're making my tongue turn green and everything but it's making you start to think well I don't know it's because I came from the humorously challenged family you know the people who never laughed never were into funner humor.

[00:16:25] Is that true that you did come from a family like that.

[00:16:29] Totally totally serious and and goal oriented ambitious you know academic types and you know like I remember coming home from school once I heard this joke you know I'm like 10 years old at the dinner table I said Mom why don't cannibals like to eat clowns you know dumb kids joke right.

[00:16:51] My mom goes I don't dear. Why. Because they taste funny. Right. And my mother says that doesn't make any sense dear. Clowns don't frequent the jungles of Africa where animals can be found and she had this big long explanation. So I don't tell jokes around here like she totally didn't get humor my dad totally didn't get humor in so I just follow in their footsteps and I became very goal oriented and hard working and ambitious and others had gone through about seven years of post-secondary education and I was doing this public speaking course. This woman says to me I'm on stage trying to learn public speaking it's really bad at first of course. Like we all are at the beginning and she says to me she says Stop honey How old are you. She's from the Bronx. She was. I said I'm 23. She says Well you know you act like a 45 year old insurance underwriter. You are so serious. I mean God if you are this serious now what are you going to be like in 20 years. You should lighten up. Get off the stage. She totally laid into me.

[00:18:20] Were you offended did you cry.

[00:18:27] I was like at first I was like embarrassed and I was like You're joking right. Get off the stage. No I'm not joking. Get off the stage. And so I got off the stage and I was driving home thinking OK that's so weird but I thought you know I was I was just working all the time and I was wearing you know only three shades of colors clothing Gray grayest and grayer. You know like if I look at pictures of myself right I'm just not happy in any of the photos and I thought OK maybe she's right. So I started doing that. I did a comedy class. Of Course I'm totally terrible at it but it was like comedy improv private theater sports league in Vancouver. Kind of like. And our teachers were those two guys that were in whose line is it anyway Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochrie. And so I got to learn from the best and you know after a while I you know loved it. Ryan is laughing all night and I sort of felt better felt really good. And so I started doing you know two classes a week and three and four.

[00:19:31] Did your parents know about this.

[00:19:31] Yeah they hated it. Wasting your time what are you thinking. But I just had so much more fun living life like that and it really made a big difference to my you know my health and my wellness and my popularity quite frankly. And then we then I started a comedy troupe we called her show Mad Cow Productions and we toured with this satire show. We were like you know we had this really interesting thing about Deepak Chopra who was called deep fried pork chop. And we had this other character based on shock Deacon Wayne and her name shut up go away. They were all this sort of funny you know like personal growth movement kind of satire and I was finishing up a show and there's this woman in the front row who stands up to give me this standing ovation. And it turned out to be my public speaking teacher who kicked me off the stage and she comes up and she goes she said that was very funny I see you took my advice. You can come back to my class now.

[00:20:44] Were you getting paid for this satire troup.

[00:20:48] Well you know as much as you make when you take money at the door. So you know I started putting it into a speaking and that of course is better. So. And after that you know I when I was telling the woman who I'm drinking the Mint Juleps with. She thought that I should actually tell that story a bit more often because it would certainly help you know really people get you know why why is it important to have fun while you work is work right. You only have fun on the weekends. You're supposed to be super serious all the time but you know it really paid off for me in huge ways.

[00:21:28] That lady did you a big favor because most kids would grow up with a lot of stage right. And you know being you know shut up and sit down and wipe that smile off your face that's all contributes to stage fright in adulthood. So you really dodged the bullet.

[00:21:47] Yeah yeah totally because yeah especially with theater sports right. That's really tough right. Like comedy and improv like you get that media feedback gets you over all your stuff about being in front of the group.

[00:22:03] So what do you like best about working for yourself and what's the worst part.

[00:22:07] I think the thing I liked the best of course is setting my own hours. So yeah I live in Hawaii. We. Yeah we've done we've wintered in. You know all kinds of places around. Around the globe and and just I like the creativity right. There's no cap on your income and. What I don't like what and I don't like Well of course you don't have that for sure. Secure income which is probably what most people complain about. But again you don't have a cap on your income. So you know if you learn how to save and you learn how to do like an automatic withdrawal out of your main account every month you forget about it and boom you look at it. Wow all this money. Automatic withdrawal from your main account into a savings account. Force yourself to save.

[00:23:43] So yeah. So that's the withdrawal method I guess you're talking.

[00:23:47] Yeah. Which helps deal with the downside of you know feeling like there's no secure income and you know again and I help people a lot with that in their business because most people have that constant anxiety when they start their business. It really helps to have someone to work with or some processes to work with to just let go of that anxiety because if you try to as you know sell something when you're desperate or anxious for money it never works. They smell it a mile away.

[00:24:18] What can people do. You have stuff for sale on your website. You have books programs all that stuff. What do you have that would help more entrepreneurs.

[00:24:29] Yeah. We have all kinds of stuff but one thing that I thought might be interesting for your listeners is we have this what's called the memory imprint journal five day trial and it's free to try and what it is is just for five days. You fill out a journal page a day and it's where you think of a really good experience from your life. You write it out in a certain way so that it's like your subconscious takes a snapshot of it. You know like this time you got a standing ovation or this time that you got the best you know booking of your life or the time that you know somebody just said they love what you do you've made such a difference and you write all those out and and there's other parts the journal which really help you focus on building a good core beliefs at the subconscious level. And it's all done through story because that's where our minds remember things. So you get you just like look at one short five minute video a day and then you write out your journal and after five days you know people notice a huge difference had this one woman who did the five day trial she just moved to Alaska in the winter to take this really well-paying job as she was getting depressed she didn't know anybody and there's hardly any sunlight the cold is driving her crazy so she did the Journal for five days and she felt so good that she continued for 30 days and did the 30 day challenge which you can move on to if you want and it helped her focus on what she loved about being in Alaska instead of focusing on what she hated for example well-paying consulting contract and she got motivated to join groups after that to meet friends and try Nordic skiing and all kinds of things so she started to turn it around for herself and she's still doing the Journal to this day like seven years later.

[00:26:18] You just used the story on us.

[00:26:20] Exactly right.

[00:26:23] Everybody wants that kind of results for sure and it really hit home and nobody's ever gonna forget that that lady did your five day thing opened up her world continued with it and seven years later she's still doing it. I could remember that I'm terrible at remembering things but that story really hit. You know that's really a great thing for how they get a of this thing.

[00:26:48] Yeah. So there is a link you just go. You can go to mindstoryacademy.com and just go to the free tab and there it is. Memory imprint journal five day trial. You just click on it and you can give it a try and see if you like it. And if you like it you can try the 30 day challenge and if you do it for 30 days and then yeah I've been doing it for 10 years I have stacks and stacks and stacks of these. So it's a good place to look for stories if you're a speaker.

[00:27:18] Ever go back and look at the older ones sometimes.

[00:27:21] All that time. Yeah. If you're having a bad day just reread it all these good stories and then you start to see the world from the glass is half full again.

[00:27:29] That's beautiful Now we're gonna have that in the show notes it's mindstoryacademy.com. And then the free tab. But there's a link just for you Tom.

[00:27:45] Yeah we'll have in the show notes. So that sounds like a really really great thing and it kind of reminds me. There's a judge I know in Los Angeles and he wrote a book. Three hundred and sixty five thank yous I think is the name of it and his life was like in. Down the tubes. That means divorce and lousy work and everything and kids hated him and is just really bad. And so he said you know what I got to turn this around I'm just gonna write a thank you letter to any person that's in my life. It could be the waitress or an usherette and he did it turned his entire life around got a judgeship family loves him now turned his whole life around from from that idea. So. So I really beg everybody on here to go over and take that five day challenge in and get something really positive going in your life. And Carla is really great at that. So we gotta take a brief message from our sponsor because this is episode eighty three. And when we come back we're gonna ask Carla what a typical day like is for her and how she stays motivated. I think it probably has something to do with a story.

[00:29:08] All right. Did you ever wonder how tens of thousands of people like me sit home earn legitimate money and don't have to listen to a boss or get up and fight traffic every day. Well now I just made these figures up. But in the time you've spent commuting to a job you could have raised three families become a professional figure skater and walk the Appalachian Trail. So you want to learn how guys like me have time to think up stupid statistics like I just made up. It's because we have online businesses. You learn how to have an online business or get a high paying job at the only licensed dedicated distance learning school in the country. Probably the world the Internet marketing training center of Virginia. So check it out at IMTCVA.org. We'll have that in the show notes. And keep in mind just because it's in Virginia it's distance learning so you can be anywhere in the world and take the classes.

[00:30:14] All right. Let's get back to Carla Rieger. Carla is a prolific speaker on five continents. Wow. Thousands of presentations and she's helped a lot of people really turn her life around with stories. So Carla what's what's a typical day look like for you now. I know you're in Hawaii now and where else are you based. What's the typical day is different than Hawaii than they would be somewhere else.

[00:30:45] Definitely. Well Hawaii is one place. Vancouver is another and the U.K. is another.

[00:30:52] So you get around a little bit.

[00:30:54] And then we're out and traveling speaking as well. But to Hawaii. Well starts with a walk on a beach. I've been swimming out to this island. That's a bird sanctuary and back. We're here in Kailua on the island of Oahu. And I am big I'm meditating Taichi journaling.

[00:31:12] You're swimming my ocean.

[00:31:14] Swimming in the ocean every day.

[00:31:16] How far is it.

[00:31:18] It's just like about a quarter mile.

[00:31:20] You swim a quarter of a mile with the sharks. And those stingrays and the cruise ships running over you.

[00:31:28] It's a reef the whole way. So it's only like about four feet deep the whole way.

[00:31:32] Well yeah but it only takes like one foot for a shark to eat you.

[00:31:38] Well the big shark the sharks that don't eat people don't can't get into the reef there's just the little hammerhead sharks.

[00:31:43] They got that message We hope.

[00:31:48] They find you too big and indigestible.

[00:31:53] So you swim to an island. So yeah. So I'm sure your mother would be and would have been thrilled about that too.

[00:32:13] My mother was the type of person who would swim the English Channel and freeze her butt off. We're a big family of swimmers. But then you know then I start my day and just you know keep working but you know I look out on the ocean every day. So that's why. And you know it's different ever in rainy Vancouver or rainy UK.

[00:32:34] Okay. But I think Hawaii you take your swim and you come back and hopefully you don't taste like a salt lake where you get done. And then what.

[00:32:45] And then usually I'm reaching out to clients for potential speaking engagements or potential coaching clients I'm writing you know e-mails and you know setting up campaigns to sell different things or even editing videos and creating new content or interviewing a podcast.

[00:33:07] You don't take a nap or something. You swam a half a mile in the ocean and now you're all ready to go for the work day. They'd be dragging me in with a tugboat.

[00:33:19] I'm one of those people. I can't sit still very long. I'm like forever getting out of my chair and like going for a run going for a walk going for a swim.

[00:33:29] That's Why you're in good shape. There you go.

[00:33:33] Dave on the other hand my partner. He can sit for hours and hours doesn't bother him but I'm just one of those artsy kinesthetic people.

[00:33:41] Burns a lot of calories for sure. All right. Take us to Vancouver now. I like Vancouver. I don't really speak in Canada because they don't really like me up there very much. The first time I ever. Years Years ago I got a gig up in Canada and I thought Oh man I'm going to be an international speaker. Oh yeah. So I go up there at the border. This was years ago. They said Hey what are you doing up here. Oh I'm going to speak. Oh you get paid. Oh yeah. So proud of that. He said right. Come on over here. You needed a work permit. And they took me back for three hours and interrogated me and made me pay a fee a kind of bribe the guy to call his boss and let me in and I get up to this I had to miss my limo I had to go up to Ottawa and. And the meeting players all drunk by the time I get up there she says oh you should have lied to him at the border. Oh yeah. Oh yes. So if I go to Canada at all I get flagged every time through an airport. So. So anyway I did enjoy I fly to Seattle anytime I speak in Vancouver and then I drive up because it's just a beautiful relaxing drive up there so. So I do like it now.

[00:34:58] Yeah yeah I remember bringing you in to speak in like two thousand.

[00:35:00] You brought me in to speak. That was you.

[00:35:05] I did well I was on the board. One of those people I was in the program chair for many years and I remember I was one of the people helping bring you in and we loved it. We. We got a ton out of your wake em up system you had.

[00:35:24] Ever hear the comedian Kathleen Madigan. Just love her. But she she said she said that Canada is great it's the it's like kind of like the attic to the United States. You know you kind of forget it's up there but you go up there and there's a lot of cool things.

[00:35:44] I've never heard that. That's really cute. Well that's what happens I'll be speaking and then somebody you know if I'm in another country they go You're a Canadian. All of a sudden when I say certain words right I'll remember to say that cute little thing about what Canada is it's the attic.

[00:36:02] So how do you stay motivated.

[00:36:29] Well I'm I'm big on meditation and listening to audio blueprints the things we make for people. They're kind of a self-hypnosis brain and treatment process it calms your survival brain down and gets you focused back on your vision and your creativity instead of worrying cause the worrying brain sucks motivation dry. We do a lot of that and and I always actually remember I was coming back from a five day meditation retreat and I was so calm. And normally when I travel I get really agitated. So for any people who are listening who travel and I remember I was so calm and everything you know and I and I brought this bag of cashews that I was sitting in the departure lounge. I put the cashews down on this table next to me and I look over it my text messages and then the woman next to me picks up my bag of cashews and starts to eat them. And normally I would get annoyed because really I'm sorry. Those are my cashews. But she looks at me and she hands me some to have some. And so I think OK I'm not going to say anything. I've just done five days of meditation. So I take the cashews I eat them and she eats and we eat them together in silence. And I think wow that's so weird she would eat my cashews and then we're waiting in line to get on the plane and we start chatting and long story short she ends up getting work for me.

[00:38:03] She answer for me meeting people for a big consulting contract and then when I got on the plane I looked in my carry-on bag and there was my cashews.

[00:38:16] Well it's a good thing you didn't make a big stink about it then huh.

[00:38:20] That's right. And I think I would have but I had been meditating so I find I get less triggered by things and then good thing you know you attract better things into your life. That's what I find anyways.

[00:38:30] Well that's great. Now do you have any parting thoughts for our screwballs we called screwballs the people that listen to this thing they want to do what you're doing. They want to get out. They want to start their own business but they're afraid. What would you tell them.

[00:39:07] Yeah I know for me I was growing my business the biggest challenge always has been my mindset and you know it was never really the economy or the lack of clients or the bad client or the tech issues it's it's real you know or even a lack of skills all those can be fixed but most people they I find they don't have enough tools to free their minds so that their mind is a friend instead of an enemy. So I just think hey try one of our free processes at mindstoryacademy.com or you may have your own you know it just do them regularly. That's the thing. Don't just do some personal development workshop like once every two years and expect that life is good and will change you need something every day it's like going to the gym for the mind because without that the weeds will go back in and choke off your creativity so you need your full creativity to keep weathering the storm and make it toward your vision.

[00:40:03] Excellent words and excellent advice. The weeds of creativity. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us today. Love that transition from being from a very staid family to you know almost a standup comedian with your improv and all that changed your whole life around. So it's really really inspiring. So thanks for coming on.

[00:40:31] Thanks Tom. It's been great.

[00:40:32] All right. So everybody make sure you get a hold of that challenge in the show notes and really we'll help you out and do it myself. If you're new to podcasts we have a podcast app now you can go to the iTunes store you can go to screwthecommute.com/app and there's instructions there on how to use it and do all the advanced things that it will do. And I'm going to go play with the puppies because they seem like they're crying. Hey why you're over getting the app Why did you leave us a review there if you like this. And also we're happy to hear from you. Any topics you'd like me to cover in my Monday session so you can send those over at Screwthecommute.com. So thanks everybody we'll catch you on the next episode.

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