42 - Former Waiter turned Media Mogul: Tom interviews Mitch Davis - Screw The Commute

42 – Former Waiter turned Media Mogul: Tom interviews Mitch Davis

Mitch Davis runs expertclick.com. The expert referral site and his news release wire is where his clients get success from those two entities. He pushes their news releases out 10 ways to news media and creates a great search engine optimization footprint for them.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 042

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[01:44] Tom's introduction to Mitch Davis

[03:54] What Mitch does for a living

[05:19] Mitch's day and night jobs

[09:11] Tips on how to use a service like Mitch's

[15:11] Getting screwed in business? Yes!

[17:09] The best and worst part about working for yourself

[25:22] Joining Expert Click

[27:33] Sponsor message

[28:11] What's a typical day for Mitch and staying motivated

[39:29] Closing thoughts for us Screwballs

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 042 – Mitch Davis
[00:00:08] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:25] Hey Everybody it's Tom here with Episode 42 of Screw the commute podcast. I've got a really brilliant guy here today his name is Mitch Davis. I've known him 2 300 years and I mean he's such a genius. I can't understand him half the time so I ask him to dumb it down so we could keep up with him on this episode. I hope everybody didn't miss episode 41. That's Pete Andersen. He's the multiple senior gold medalist in swimming and the inventor of the New Science of Swimming. He's also a guy who saved my life by teaching me all the things I was screwing up when trying to swim. Now our sponsor for this episode is how to be a kick butt publicity hound. And that's apropos for this topic we're going to talk about today. I've been on radio and TV all over the world and this ebook tells you how you can do it too. I collaborated with Joan Stewart the publicity hound who included an even bigger perspective that will work for just about anyone who wants free publicity. And our guest today is also talked about in this book so you can get a free excerpt and a table of contents by stopping by the show notes for this episode it's 42. That would be at screwthecommute.com/42.

[00:01:45] All right let's get to the main event Mitch Davis runs expertclick.com. The expert referral site and his news release wire is where his clients get success from those two entities. He pushes their news releases out 10 ways to news media and creates a great search engine optimization footprint for them.

[00:02:08] Mitch are you ready to screw the commute screw the commute. You live in a city where they're used to screwing. Washington D.C. right. Well you know you never know who's going to do the screwing.

[00:02:27] But I used to have an office and drive in and staff of 12 and oh my god it was brutal. And then I downsized and I took it home and I'm so much happier doing the pajama thing.

[00:02:40] Yeah I used to live up there and that was. Oh that was 16 years ago and the traffic was brutal. Now I mean it's rush hour like every minute of the day 24/7 right.

[00:02:52] It never ends. And now they've got tolls on the highways. And if you go the wrong way it's going to be a 50 dollar toll on I 66. They're going to cut 270 into a tollway pretty soon. It's just so much tougher.

[00:03:11] And every major city is like this. It's just you're wasting your life away in the cars. And that's how this came about.

[00:03:20] You don't waste your life away. Not if you're listening and studying there in a time time that you got to make use of it but you are in more danger. I'd rather you listen to it while they're working out at the gym or something but gee whiz. I'm so happy to be out of that mess. I've never had a job since I've been in high school and college. So I live I tell people you could live an extra lifetime if you weren't commuting back and forth to work and putting up with all the BS all the time. So I've known you for a long time, Mitch. But tell everybody what you do.

[00:03:55] We connect experts with journalists. The New York Times called us dial an expert. We go all the way back to doing a printed directory like a yellow pages. Now it's a Web site. And the people that succeed with us are the people that put out content either sending news releases or having a syndicate their blogs.

[00:04:16] I think in your introduction it said something about you. You put it out that 10 different places. What does that mean.

[00:04:22] When people give us a news release we're able to pick up that news release push it to Google News push it to Bing news push it to Yahoo News. Push it to LexisNexis put it into their profile on the front page of the expert click site. Show on the topics that topic search on their on their profile and it makes sure it gets picked up in a regular Google search on your keywords.

[00:04:46] I can't really remember but not everybody can get in the Google News.

[00:04:55] You have to meet the news guidelines and have current content and have things that are newsworthy and things that are fresh. For instance we don't pick up and push our resyndicated blog posts on the Google News. We only push new content the news releases people give us into Google News because Google has a standard that anything new Google news has to be in it.

[00:05:17] Well Mitch I know you've been doing this a long time. But did you ever have a job.

[00:05:23] Well you know the first job I've gotten out of college was to work for a company that was doing this. And then they failed. And I waited tables and sold carpeting did all the bs things I worked at gold and silver store and I learned a lot about selling there. But after two years thinking about what went wrong with the old broadcast interview connection that I was supposed to work for I started to broadcast interviews source and just changed a few very basic things and made it work.

[00:05:52] And that's been how long now?

[00:05:56] 1984. This is our thirty fifth annual yearbook of experts.

[00:06:00] Wow. George Orwell predicted you were coming too. So at the time. Can you recall what it was like to say OK I'm tired of this these jobs going nowhere. Did you just quit the jobs and start the business or did you transition or do both part time. How do you make that transition.

[00:06:26] It took three years of work. Still waiting tables part time at night. I was doing this in the daytime. It took a risk of 4000 dollars for the first general mailing to get people to find out about this. I sent out the mailing I got 64 people buying the hundred dollar package and that gave me sixty four hundred dollars for the first year's revenue of this year.

[00:06:53] And that was 30 some years ago. That was a big risk waiting tables and saving up 4 grand. I mean that was quite a sacrifice for you.

[00:07:02] Oh yeah it was a risk. But I sort of had this premonition maybe this will work and I had to put enough into it to make it work. And I did it in the middle of it. I timed it wrong though and I started the business in the middle of July.

[00:07:16] And why would that be bad timing for the kind of business now that you look back.

[00:07:20] Because I've learned in this business that everything happens in October that's when people start to think about doing something new. That's when people are back from the beach. You know I sent my first mailing at the same time Ronald Reagan was in San Diego getting renominated to be President of the United States of America. And nobody in Washington was there. I had no clue that I should have waited for two months before I did.

[00:07:48] And what's funny is that there's periods like this like for my business people go brain dead from the day before Thanksgiving till two weeks after Christmas. I don't do anything nearly like I do in September and October. So you do have to pay attention to that if you have a business. Really think that's a good point for people to think that through is when you start your business. Sometimes it wouldn't matter. But it sure did for you.

[00:08:17] Well if a lot of business there is that there's a book called Seasons of businesses I've seen the old book and it talks about how every business has a different season. You know like people adopt puppies in December they don't adopt puppies in July. There's different seasons when things happen.

[00:08:35] And then they dump them at the pound after two weeks after Christmas.

[00:08:42] And the big search on Google is pet urine in January. So yeah. So you have to look at. You have to go to Google Trends and see when people are searching for the things you do and be there time wise year wise with when they're doing something.

[00:09:01] Yeah. You can plan and give yourself the best chance of success in your business. And you can make enough to carry you through the down times and you're ready for the big time. So give us a couple tips on how people could get ready to use the service like yours.

[00:09:16] Well to get ready to use a service like mine you've got to think what we call the pyramid and the pyramid is if you're sending stuff out to get you action and get you coverage and get you picked up what are you doing with the leads to come back to you. Are you able to convert the person interested in what you have to become a customer. And I'm not talking what kind of freemium thing and you're hoping the people come back to you and convert to be free because maybe some of them will upgrade to be paid. And that's the freemium model. And some people start these Internet businesses with the freemium model saying well 95 percent of people take the free thing then 5 percent of people will pay but you spin your wheels on the 95 percent of the people that won't pay. So what are you doing to actually bring back a customer for publicity. Because if you're going to do PR you've got to figure out how do you sell that lead that comes back to you. That's the bottom line because because if you are selling them to something or getting them into your pipeline where they are going to be upgraded from being in the basic by buying a download to buying a book and becoming a member to go to you joining your coaching program you've got to have the whole sales funnel ready. I understand your sales funnel otherwise all that PR in the world are going to do is going to be worthless.

[00:10:40] Yeah I mean I've known plenty of people have been on Oprah and then make a nickel other than bragging rights. You can't pay the bills with bragging rights.

[00:10:48] Yeah I got a lady on Oprah and I called her back the second year to say you want to renew your membership she said why I've been on Oprah.

[00:10:57] How much money did you make and she would've hung up again.

[00:11:01] But sometimes there is that phenomenon where the publicity works out not the way you're thinking about it where something happens like I had a woman who was the make over madam. She was somebody that helped people do makeovers. So I called a year later says Do you want to renew. She says No I don't want to renew. I got so much business out of that thing Elizabeth Arden is flying me every Monday to one of their salons somewhere in the country. I'm doing training on makeovers and I'm flying back on Friday afternoon. I don't have time for you.

[00:11:38] You're too successful Mitch. You see that's your problem.

[00:11:42] But who ever expected she would have gotten picked up by Elizabeth Arden because of being in my yearbook of experts.

[00:11:48] Well yeah I mean but that's you have to stick your face out there. I got my biggest thing ever was the spokesperson for CBS where you know some some lady was on my e-mail subscriber list. I had 150,000 people. She just happened to be a columnist for The Miami Sun-Sentinel and somebody asked her a question about internet stuff she called me up. I gave her the answer just put a little blurb in her column. CBS saw that called me up and I got a 100 thousand dollar contract.

[00:12:24] Yeah you've got to get your keep your face out there and you never know how good and even lot the little ones add up the big one. That's the concept that the long tail a lot of little things can add up to some big thing.

[00:12:36] Well it's also the hopscotch where one little thing leads to another little thing leads to another bigger thing. And the way talk radio will lead to a magazine a magazine will lead to a newspaper newspaper or lead to television. That type of thing. Exactly.

[00:12:51] Yeah. So you handle a wider range of type of people right.

[00:12:57] I am sometimes flattered amazed I'll have both sides on the topic and I'll be going. Well how do you feel about it. Mitch Well I love that topic. But yeah there is a cornucopia.

[00:13:10] That's not your job to pick. You know what side right you're to get them publicity in fact the TV station is live on. People argue on oh I crazy on two sides of a topic that's how they make their money.

[00:13:22] Oh there used to be the Fairness Doctrine where they had to have both sides. All that's gone out the window.

[00:13:31] But one side is going to gang up and kill the other side on air.

[00:13:36] Yeah and sometimes the other side isn't really obvious. Like right now everybody pro marijuana but there are very few anti marijuana groups.

[00:13:48] Yeah which is this switcheroo from before.

[00:13:54] And we've been able to track down a couple of people on both sides so I have both sides of the issue. But are sometimes the sides don't want to talk to each other. They're so totally opposite. And the other thing I'm seeing these days is there's a lot of messaging where people want their messages to be put out there but they don't actually want to communicate. It says Don't these people want to be accessible don't these people want to have some ability that they will take a question or answer how many times have you been to a website to contact us and you find there is no contact us.

[00:14:33] Yeah they don't want to talk to you. They want the feet up at the beach. And as much money as possible with the least amount of service.

[00:14:41] Yeah. Yeah you're right and the people who will talk to you are the ones that will actually have some expertise and maybe will lead you to other people because one of the biggest indicators I know of a really good guest is the guest who says I know this subject cold. I can introduce you to everybody in the industry.

[00:14:58] Yeah. And journalists love that. Exactly. They love that. And even if you don't get picked for a certain thing they still come back to you all the time because you're a good resource.

[00:15:08] Exactly. You can't just take take take all the time. Have you ever gotten screwed in business.

[00:15:15] Screwed in business. You mean the people that take their listing and never pay me.

[00:15:23] That's one way to get screwed.

[00:15:25] Well that's that's not that big an issue. I always took it sort of like shoplifting did you say you did a little bit of that level that people could could could buy and they want to get billed and not pay you and because in the end in the long run my business is based on renewals not the first time customer. So getting somebody in the system improving is more important to me than the first initial. Now it's all credit cards up front so all works for me. Have I been screwed. Yeah. There's a guy named Alan Abel. He's a hoaxster. And he creates these media hoaxes. And one hoaxing putting our system once was a school for beggars which was a hoax about people who he trained to be more effective beggars. And that was back when I took free listing and didn't screen. I'm much more careful by screening people.

[00:16:29] So he didn't really technically screw you but pulled off a good media scam.

[00:16:39] He screwed the media when the media wrote big stories about him and I was just the facilitator.

[00:16:47] Yeah there were some other people that some guy was a chef. I don't know. There's lots of been lots of. There was one not too long ago I thought the guy was. Oh I think he was claiming to pay people to go protest. Twenty five hundred dollars a person to go to protest them. What do you like best about working for yourself what's the worst part about working for yourself.

[00:17:15] So the best part is I make my own goals I make my own commitments and get my own timeframe. I like to that I no longer have to worry about personnel and hiring and all that grief. You know I finally found vendors in the United Kingdom and India to do all my work for me so I'm very happy with my vendors. I do miss the office I miss sometimes all the travel where we put we were endlessly going to trade shows endlessly travelling. I did so many trade shows for so many years. And finally they just got to a point where people could buy it on the Internet. So why are they going to buy the trade show. So I killed the trade shows. I came back and I just downsized.

[00:18:03] I had saved a lot of money because those things are expensive to go to with travel and nowadays travel is such a nightmare.

[00:18:11] Did you hear the news the other day there. They're reducing the size of the airline bathroom so you and I cannot go to the bathroom anymore unless we do it in our seats.

[00:18:22] Well you know but. Tom I lost a bunch of weight and I feel so much better. I feel like I got to upgrade to business class every time I fly.

[00:18:30] Yeah I did too I lost 100 pounds since the last time you saw me but still it's still we're tall they're reducing the size of the bathrooms and they claim it's going to get one more seat that's going to make them four hundred thousand dollars a year more for reducing the size of the bathroom.

[00:18:48] But I think they're going to eat all that up in cleaning the seats.

[00:18:52] Tom you and I used to fly a lot. I make extra trips and do those mileage runs to keep my status going. Remember all that stuff.

[00:19:05] I haven't done that for a year at least.

[00:19:08] I haven't done that. Has that changed all the rules. But you know that used to be a big drill for me going going to Korea or going to the Philippines just to drive up the miles.

[00:19:19] I watch TV all the time nightmare after nightmare. I mean they sat there and you know I love dogs and so they took this dog was supposed to go from like I don't know Cincinnati to Cleveland ends up in Japan. One dog they killed they forced this family to put it in the overhead bin and killed the puppy. So anyway it's crazy out there so I'm so happy to be sitting home and doing all this stuff you got to pay me a lot of money to get me out of this chair.

[00:19:58] Well you used to go out and speak though right.

[00:20:00] Not as much because so many scammers at these conventions anymore. You know I don't want to go and then a lot of them don't want me because I take home all the money. So I haven't been speaking as much anymore.

[00:20:14] What are you doing with your scam thing you were doing this scam.

[00:20:17] I have a scambrigade.com and it's a Hollywood production company has made a complete sizzle reel and they're pitching it to the networks. But they said it's pretty much we love the show. TOM Don't quit your day job.

[00:20:38] That's the risk we all take with the screw the commute. If we don't if we don't say to ourselves I'm going to take 15 percent of my time 15 percent of my money and risk it on something that might pay off we'll still be there working a salary man jobs forever.

[00:20:57] And that's what people who listen to screw the commute have to think about. They've got to always be thinking about some new thing they've got that's on the side they can push with like I've got a new thing I'm working on called the trade show council and I've built the Web site. I've got some content going up got some news releases on it and it's something I want to build out and promote this fall but I'm not doing it very quickly I'm doing it slowly because one has to think their way through these things and find the people are interested. And it is very much my anti exhibiting thing because I started the exhibitors Rights Council which talks about everything exhibitors are getting screwed when they go to trade shows. That's my 15 percent right now and everybody's got to have that 15 percent thing they're doing on the side even if they've got a main thing.

[00:21:51] That's great advice because you never know which one's going to turn into the 100 percent when if you don't try.

[00:21:58] No you don't and you never know when when when that item is going to come around and certainly going to be there's going to be that reason for me will be part of something or that idea kicks off.

[00:22:11] That's the whole key to any one of these ideas and that's why I continue have my platform to promote my events and why the people that use expert click are getting out of the sandbox. Many of my advertisers use expert click for six months okay. And they come in and they do some new a new campaign. I get them some traction. I get them out of the Google sandbox to get their press releases on it and then I ask Well why are you still doing that and I'm doing something else. Now a lot of people I know are these serial entrepreneurs that will give something so much runway and I think a lot of people in this screw the commute business don't realize how much runway you have to give something.

[00:23:00] Yeah they quit too soon or they just thought I'd be a dreamer. I call them dreamers.

[00:23:07] All these ideas but the whole point of a runway is how much time are you going to give something you've got to define what's the first sale. What can you do to get somebody interested in giving you money for something you have. That's where your runway is. That's the barrier to getting your plane off the ground. And if you don't understand what it's going to take to get that plane off the ground where what's it going to be that is not going to be like I I'm interested in going cruising so I set up a cruising society and a Twitter feed and I've always followers and all this stuff but I'm not seeing any ability to get that to take off because there's no ability. So what's my runway and that's got a big long runway because all I'm doing is paying for a domain and a Twitter account so I can keep that going for a long time. But you've got to look at things that are going to somehow create a paid revenue that's where your runway is. I think a lot of people start doing things. Hell I know I'll do things for a while thing and it's a great idea but then where's the revenue.

[00:24:15] I don't know where the revenue is right now on my trade show Council I know that if I can get people interested in following me I can get more people wanting my stuff to put content there but how am I going to get paid members. What are the what benefit do I give the paid member to generate they're coming in. So I've done what six weeks of work to build the something there but I don't have to with the announcement of where where's my runway. So I'm not putting any money into it is where's the cash.

[00:24:48] Yeah and it's good for most people. I mean you're pretty much set for. Most people just starting out You have to think those things up before you go down and spend a lot of time and money. I mean people like Mitch and I can do stuff on a whim and see how it goes. And we're not going to change our lifestyle. But if you're counting on money coming in you better think that stuff before you spend six months or a year on something that's just might be interesting to you. But if it's not interesting to anybody else you lose.

[00:25:21] Yeah. So tell them a little bit about you know join an expert click. What can they expect if they if they decide get your help.

[00:25:31] With expert click. They can they get a press room they can pick up their Linkedin they can pick up their Twitter feed can pick up their Facebook blocks and put all the social media into one place they can send news releases. We push the Google they and get found by the search engines. They can take an idea which might be their start up business might be the regular business and get more followers and more finding on their topics they can drive interviews from radio TV looking for what they have. The whole point is search engine optimization and being there when people want to find you. And it's really easy to join just go to expertclick.com/discount/tomantion to save a hundred dollars on the annual membership.

[00:26:16] Now we're going to have that in the show notes for them so all they have to do is click on it. Yes and I've been a member for a long long time back when you had the paper book that came out.

[00:26:34] You joined when you were prankMASTERS.

[00:26:36] Yeah yeah. When I had the practical joke company in D.C., that's for sure I got on I was on a Washington Times Washington Post the Associated Press went worldwide.

[00:26:49] Yeah well that was an interesting business. I was always amazed how you never got sued in that business. I guess you were just a nice guy.

[00:26:55] Well it was. We didn't do anything mean spirited it was all by your friends. You know if I saw something that was mean spirited I would not do it. But but I did get threatened one time I got thrown out of a Jewish Seder one time. I came from Hicksville USA and there was the Jewish person within 300 miles with me. And so I got duped into kind of like the Alan Abel thing. I was standing there getting thrown out.

[00:27:25] So we got to take a brief break from our sponsor and when we come back we're going to have Mitch tell us what a typical day is like for him and how he stays motivated.

[00:27:35] Folks free publicity. That's what we're talking about today with Mitch's service can skyrocket your business. I started my entire career in what I call media marketing. I've got clients that call me by being interviewed on radio and TV and in print. How I did it and how you can do it too is in this e-book how to be a kick butt publicity hound to get a free excerpt and the entire table of contents at screwthecommute.com/42. That's today's episode show notes.

[00:28:09] Let's get back to the main event. Mitch tell us what a typical day is like for you and how you stay motivated.

[00:28:15] How I stay motivated. It's real easy. I don't have the pain in the ass of employees that I have to motivate. I can motivate myself I pull up my CRM to see what am I doing today.

[00:28:29] Tell them what CRM means.

[00:28:32] Customer relationship management system. I used to do a sales force and I said why am I paying for this now use HubSpot. And it just tells you who you're supposed to talk to reminds you who sent it to who you should talk to in September who's going to call you back when and what she said.

[00:28:50] The reminder you can make notes of what you talked about what you said and you can remind yourself that this guy you talked to a month ago said call me in the middle of July. You're able to go back to him and e-mail him from the platform and then call him from the middle of July saying hey we spoke back in June. You said you were ready for this. Now we're ready for you now and here's here's what's coming up on this. It's so much easier to try to do all the scraps of paper. It means that I am able to keep track of who and where and how they're working it. So that's one way I keep motivated. The other way is like I got all these regular accounts I have these monthly and annual accounts. I need to run the credit cards and you know these people come say with this whole automated credit card system and Tom I like running a credit card right now.

[00:29:42] I know the feeling.

[00:29:44] You know there's a certain satisfaction getting out their file, keying in a number and saying kaching kaching and you take care of people. And I spent a lot of time looking at my client's accounts to figure out which ones are worthy of featuring in my e-mail newsletter e-mail news wire I send to talk radio talk radio is still one of the big buyers and users of our people.

[00:30:08] Well yeah and you have any plans of putting major podcast on your list of people to submit to.

[00:30:15] Well I know that talk radio is more and more aggressive in picking these things up. You can go after podcasts but so many podcasts don't go anywhere.

[00:30:27] Well yeah but I'm saying the some of the big ones do.

[00:30:30] Some of the big ones do. Right and even go through this and go after people. One of the things you've got to do is try to have the focus of them finding you. That's our biggest thing is having the news releases so that our experts are found when people are searching for them.

[00:30:46] Yeah and the podcasts need a lot of guests so I'm thinking that could be a future and also one of the reasons I got into it is because GM announced that they're going to have their cars Podcast Ready and that the podcast listenership there's a big study just done that said that it exceeded satellite radio listenership because it's free. So there's a lot of people out there. Listen to this stuff now.

[00:31:10] Talk radio now calls itself spoken word media reinventing themselves. Well they are reinventing themselves because talk. I've been I've been hanging around talk radio for 35 years. You know Michael Harrison and talkers.com is the Bible industry and they keep talking about his spoken word. So many of the broadcasters are now doing podcasting because they know that the value of getting found when people want to listen to them not being forced to listen to them.

[00:31:40] Yeah, it's on demand. Now I heard some of the podcast companies were kind of like hated at NAB, National Association of Broadcasters because a lot of these people were going through podcasting instead of paying a fortune for broadcast radio. So it's hurting their revenue.

[00:32:00] You look at some of the things like Voice America has lots and lots of podcasts. And the podcast industry is in many ways coming out of being a scam and the scam always was we'll sell these people the ability to have a podcast we'll charge them so much for the production so much of this and have them try to get their own listeners and some podcasts grown out of that and have enough listeners. But there are some podcasting still on this getting weened and ripped off by the people who are running the podcast system.

[00:32:41] Yeah so so yeah put this all together myself basically because now you can just read a book on it. I got them help with equipment but you know I've got a podcast around I'm doing it right now basically so. So yeah you don't have to spend a fortune to get into this but you do have to do it right and have good guests and good quality information to get listenership.

[00:33:07] And being on Tim Ferris's podcast. There are some really big podcasts value but one of the things you got to remember is a lot of these podcasts just like this one are affiliate based where I'm not really editorial I'm advertorial.

[00:33:25] Exactly right. Yeah we have to make that obvious nowadays.

[00:33:29] You have to make that obvious that this is advertorial. This guest is really a sponsor and that's where this comes from. I think a lot of people begin to listen to a podcast and not realize that and then there's this moment when they realize oh my gosh this really is this person promoting themselves being on my program and the producer of the podcast is making revenue from the person doing this and some direct fashion. Now that's fine everybody realizes it and that's why it's a Good reason to be in the podcast business but it's not the old classic radio.

[00:34:07] Yeah. Even though the same thing was happening technically a sponsor was or Coca-Cola was paying for that advertisement. So it's just not as obvious. I mean it was obvious it was an ad rather than editorial.

[00:34:27] Howard Stern had a guest on. The guest wasn't reimbursing Howard Stern through her affiliate program.

[00:34:29] Right. Exactly right. That was the difference. But I tell you what. It's working it's working like crazy.

[00:34:36] Oh and that's why people see me even thinking about being being a business. They can think about being a podcast.

[00:34:43] I can be an addition to your business. It's not my only business for sure but it's an adjunct to it that you can do right from anywhere that you got a quiet room.

[00:34:53] And even use my expert click system to promote the podcasts to host the podcasts to get the word out about the podcast and to find people to be guest on your podcast. I've got the entire system waiting for you to run your podcast right through our system. And even if you're looking for guests go to the expert click system you can find the guests.

[00:35:15] Yeah that's part of what you do is help people find guests that you don't care if they're on a podcast as long as they're happy right.

[00:35:22] You're right. You're right that the whole point is you never know exactly what the equation is that's going to satisfy people being found but when they're found there's business in there. And the other part about being available is information comes to you. People come to you to ask you a question and you'll be thinking wow I never thought of that question. That's a good business opportunity. I had people come to me asking me questions and that's how I got the domain name business by having somebody come to me saying what's this going on when your ears to the rail. You hear things you aren't just stuck off being nothing.

[00:36:05] And one of the biggest ways to gain value is to decide to do a podcast and interview luminaries in your field. And the luminary in your field will do the podcast interview and you'll be able to pick their brains and you'll be able to associate yourself with that expert. And it's so easy to become a podcast person voice America can do it. We actually to play with this when we have something called expert radio that we built and I've never really promoted it but Tom you might get me thinking about doing expert radio because we build expert radio to be in the podcast business.

[00:36:43] Well like I said you've known me for a lot of years and I used the pupu podcasts but now you know I would not be doing this if it wasn't very lucrative and because I just don't have the time I got plenty of revenue sources.

[00:36:57] But it's worth it because you can reach a whole new audience of people that wouldn't sit down for a webinar and wouldn't read your long sales letter. But they will listen to podcasts and get excited about you and what you have to offer while they're doing something else.

[00:37:14] And they will associate you with the expert you're interviewing. So one of the big things Tom you can do with your podcasts is reach out to the brand name people you know that you want to be associated with and interview them.

[00:37:30] Well I just did. I got the biggest guy on earth today.

[00:37:33] Yeah. I know but I'm saying that's one of the big reasons to do a podcast for some rethinking about the screw the commute. A podcast is an easy way to get in the business and get your ear to the ground.

[00:37:45] And you know where you can keep your regular job you could record in the middle of the well. If you're recording this yourself in the middle of the night you can work interviews in in a short period of time it's somebody else's schedule or on a weekend interview.

[00:38:00] Every Saturday at noon. Put your program up Saturday at noon on the Net. Be with Voice America or one of the other hosts like that. It's very easy to do what's a great way to start your business start your ideas and yeah you really can't charge the guest to be on your program. But there are people that do that.

[00:38:21] Yes. That is that another revenue model for really big shows for sure.

[00:38:26] Yeah not even big shows. It's just part of the process that's one of the revenue models we built expert radio on in his expert radio host do a 30 minute interview with you and get the audio up get you your whole interview going. And we said it really wasn't our primary focus but now you're getting me to think about that again. Yeah I got to go to expert radio and do what you want to you want to pay to be on one of my programs.

[00:38:54] Maybe you should hold your breath on that one. Oh it's so great talking to you catching up with you. And I want everybody to check the show notes to get that discount link for you and check out all Mitch's services. I mean thirty five years in business started as a waiter. You know this guy's the real deal. And don't forget to check out the how to be kick butt publicity hound. So you can see lots of different ways to get publicity and get yourself a membership at expert click. And this has been episode 42. But any closing thoughts for all the screwballs we got Listening to this.

[00:39:35] Do something do anything. I think Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that during the during the recession. Just try something you've got to put one foot in front of the other and begin something and maybe if all you do is start doing a podcast about your idea and interviewing the people that are smart on your idea something will come of it that's all it's about is go out there and start something and if the thing you started a podcast on your topic do it.

[00:40:05] Great advice. Do something that's for sure. Anyway folks this has been Episode 42 with Mitch Davis from expertclick.com and make sure you Subscribe over at iTunes for us and leave us a review and we'll catch you on the next episode.

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