268 - Secrets of Affiliate Selling: Tom talks Affiliate Marketing - Screw The Commute

268 – Secrets of Affiliate Selling: Tom talks Affiliate Marketing

There are two main types of affiliate selling. The first is if you become an affiliate for somebody else. You promote the product or service or refer it to others, and if one of the people you refer it to buys the product because of your referral, the product owner gives you a commission. The other is where you have a product and someone else becomes your affiliate. They promote your product, and if someone buys your product because of their referral, you pay them a commission.

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[04:45] Tom's introduction to Affiliate Marketing

[06:22] You are an affiliate for someone else's product

[13:33] Promoting affiliate products

[26:45] Other people selling your products

[32:53] Sponsor message

[34:50] Tips to help you sell more

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 268 – Affiliate Marketing
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode two hundred and sixty eight of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're gonna talk about affiliate marketing and this has been a major part of my income for many years. And this episode is going to tell you how to do it in two major ways. I hope you didn't miss episode two sixty seven. That was Dr. Howard Haller. He was with us a while back on commercial real estate. And this time he really wowed us about residential real estate. Wow. He's got the tips and tricks. So how would you like to hear your own voice here on screw the commute? Well, if the show has helped you out in it all in your business or giving you ideas to help you start a business, we want to hear about it. Visit screwthecommute.com and look for a little blue side bar that says send a voicemail. Click on it. Talk into your phone or computer and tell how the show has helped you and also put your web site on their so I can give you a shout out. That's at screwthecommute.com and the service. You'll be using which you might want to think about using on your own. Web site is called Speak Pipe. Make sure you grab a copy of our automation e-book. We sell it for twenty seven bucks, but it's yours free for listening to the show and it saved me millions and millions of keystrokes and helped me take care of tens of thousands of customers over many years without pulling my hair out. So grab it at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. While you're at it, grab a copy of our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app and you can do all kinds of cool stuff on your cell phone and your tablet. Now, did you realize I mean, we're sitting here in the middle of this Corona virus quarantine. Stay at home kind of thing. The work at home keyword search volume is going crazy. Now, this is no surprise to me since I've been hammering you since nineteen ninety seven. All right. When I started teaching Internet marketing and now I've been selling on the commercial Internet since 1994 and I've always worked out of my home my whole life. Hence the name screw the commute. Right. But anyway it's all of a sudden people are getting the idea. Oh it'd be nice if I could work from home. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah. Well, if you listened to me years ago, you'd probably have a fortune in the bank by now. So. So get busy. Get your mind in the right place and get some good training on that. Hey people are also home schooling more instead of sending their kids into the nightmare, you know, low quality education and most of the public high schools. So. So anyway, we got a school and a mentor program about this. Get in it. Get in it. Get your money out of your bank. Pay me and get in the darn program. I mean, I don't know what I can do any better to to try to teach you this. But if you don't do it, you're stuck at home right now and maybe going broke. All right. So this is important. I've been preaching this as an insurance policy for, you know, ever since I've been teaching this is that if you get sick, hurt or something crazy like this happens, you can still earn a living. All right. So so anyway, get into one of the programs. The school is at IMTCVA.org. My mentor program is greatInternetmarketingtraining.com, which includes a scholarship to the school, which is the best thing you could ever do for your kids or grandchildren even is get them into this. All right. So I'm just I'm I'm kind of mad because a lot of people are suffering now that I was telling them 20 years ago to do this, they would not listen. Just infuriates me. Don't get me started. Don't make me come over there. I always like to say that. Anyway, get off your butt, get some money out of the bank and join a program and make sure it's credible, whether it's mine or not. And it's harder to find people that are credible that'll teach you this. But, you know, invest in yourself or then suffer. You know, it's up to you. All right. Enough of my soapbox here. I'm really furious right now. I really am.

[00:04:47] All right. Let's get into the main event. Affiliate selling. Well, there are two main types of affiliate selling, and I'm going to clearly separate the two. The first is if you become an affiliate for somebody else. Sometimes cause called an associate for somebody else's product or service. In other words, somebody else has a product or service. You promote the product or service or refer it to others. And if one of the people you refer it to buys the product or service because of your referral, the product owner gives you a commission. And I'm already getting tired saying both product and service. If you hear me say product, I mean product or service or both. Are we straight on this? You simply refer someone else's product and get a commission and many people start their online selling efforts this way because they don't have to invest in software or create a product themselves. The other main type of affiliate selling is where you have a product and someone else becomes your affiliate. They promote your product. And if someone buys your product because of their referral, you pay them a commission. OK. Do we have this now and the first way you promote someone else's product and get a commission and then the second way someone else promotes your product and you pay them a commission. All right, so I'm going to keep them separate so you can keep that clear in your mind.

[00:06:24] So let's start with way one where you become an affiliate for someone else's product and promote their product. First of all, virtually never does this cost you anything to join someone's affiliate program. Most people want you promoting their products. Now, that doesn't mean you will be accepted into everyone else's affiliate program. Many companies don't want to fool around with small affiliates who don't have much influence over anybody. They don't want to waste their time. They would rather spend their time helping powerful influencer type affiliates sell because the payback for them is bigger. But that doesn't mean you should worry about getting accepted. There are tens of thousands of opportunities to be an affiliate. If one program turns you down, literally a hundred thousand more would be glad to have you. OK. Now, one thing product owners worry about is how you plan to promote their product. Most don't want their product being promoted in spam emails, which hurts their reputation. So be prepared to answer the question how do you plan to promote the product? And you're gonna get that when you apply to most affiliate programs. The answer could be on YouTube. On my blog, on my social media or on my email list. And make sure if you mention email that you let them know you have an opt in list and you won't spam anybody.

[00:07:52] So what are the benefits of becoming someone else's affiliate or sometimes called associate? Well, you have very little or no customer service. If something goes wrong with the product, you don't have to take care of it. The product owner does. Another benefit is that you have no product development. You don't have to create anything or ship anything. While I'm talking about shipping, let me take a sidebar and tell you the difference between affiliate selling and some of you may have heard the term drop shipping. See an affiliate selling you refer a customer to the owner of the product. The owner of the product collects the money, ships the product, or in the case of digital products, the customer downloads it and the product owner sends you a commission. In drop shipping, you are promoting a product the customer thinks is your product. In this case, the customer sends you the money. Then you forward the order to another company who ships the product to the customer. You pay the drop shipping company the wholesale price. For example, you're selling an iPhone case that you did not produce. Someone gives you $15 for it. You send six dollars to the drop shipping company along with the customer's address, and you keep nine dollars profit and the drop shipping company ships the iPhone case to the customer. Well, in this case, you would be responsible for dealing with the customer if the case never got there or was broken or they didn't like it and wanted a refund. I don't really like drop shipping and that's not what this episode is about. I just wanted you to know that drop shipping is a way different than affiliate selling.

[00:09:46] All right. Back to the benefits of being someone else's affiliate. Well, you don't have to purchase and maintain affiliate tracking software. This is what keeps track of who referred business to the affiliate and how much commission they owe each affiliate. You also have a vast array of products to pick from, literally tens of thousands to suit virtually any audience. And one more thing. You can add affiliate products to your existing business to easily increase profits. I've been doing this for years. If you already have customers for your products, they probably trust you. This means you can recommend other people's products to your existing customer base to increase your products from those people. As long as you're recommending good products, you're you're doing your own customers a favor because they might have purchased a poor quality product instead of a good one that you recommended. And one more big benefit. You can run an affiliate marketing business from literally anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi connection. This is true, you know, of most fully online businesses. But getting out of customer service makes affiliate selling especially attractive to those still working another job. I mean, people that like to travel or people doing other things that would keep them from being able to handle customers in a timely fashion.

[00:11:17] All right, so how do you find affiliate products? Well, the first place to look is at the website of a product you really like. Typically, if they have an affiliate program somewhere and it'll be somewhere near the bottom of the page, there will be a small link that says something like affiliates, affiliate program, referral program or make money with our products, something like that. When you click on it, they take you to a page that tells you all about their program, how much they pay, what products they sell, what tools they have to help you sell, things like that. So on individual products, you can look at the bottom of their site. Now, if you don't see a link, you can e-mail or message them and ask if they have an affiliate program. Some people do, but they don't want every Tom, Dick and Sally applying, so they hide it and only give it out on request. Now my affiliate signup happens to be at the top of my site at Antion.com. Now, if they don't have an affiliate program, you're pretty much wasting your breath trying to talk a company into starting one if they haven't done it by now. Chances are they have either decided they don't want one or they're clueless about what it takes to start one. Either way, you're wasting your time trying to talk them into it. Just go find another product. So that was for an individual company that you like.

[00:12:42] Now, there are other kinds of companies that manage a bunch of affiliate programs and there are tons of these companies, but the ones that pretty much dominate the small business market are Clickbank and JVZoo. Clickbank has been around as long as I can remember. JVZoo is relatively new at these places. You can find thousands of products to promote. Just go there and look at the Clickbank marketplace or anything at JVZoo. Now there's another thing to keep in mind that I'm going to actually cover this next week. Residual affiliate programs, they pay you over and over and over. I mean, it's so important. I'm going to cover it next Monday in episode two seventy one. So make sure you catch that episode. If you want money coming in all the time. This is the way to do it.

[00:13:35] All right. Now I'm going to show you some ways to promote affiliate products. The first thing you should check when you're considering promoting an affiliate product is if the product is really good and if the company behind it is really good. If I didn't know the seller well, I would buy the product to see if it was good. And to see how the company interacts with me if they never get back to me or take forever to get back to me with questions. I wouldn't promote the product no matter how much I liked it. You might ask, well, why should I care if they got back to me or not? Well, if they don't get back to me, they won't get back to the people you refer, which will reflect back on you. Then no one will trust your referrals anymore, and it will be impossible to make money. The next thing I would check is if they have sales tools for me. These could be simple emails, sample emails, a variety of graphics for me to put on my Web site or blog, social media posting, tweets, sales videos. If they don't have any of these things, I have to spend time developing and testing them, which means more work and less profits per hour.

[00:14:45] Now let's cover some of the ways you can promote the products you have selected. I use lots of email. I send an email telling how great the product is and in most cases you can make more money by actually using the product and getting results from using the product. You can then better enthusiastically promote the product because you've used it yourself. As long as you have traffic, you can post graphics and articles on your website or blog and your social media posts. I use lots of video and screen capture video to make demo videos of the product. People can't do all the great things I'm showing them on the video unless they buy the product through my affiliate link.

[00:15:28] You can do webinars about the product. Put them on a webinar replay service. I'll have the best one in the show notes or or put them on YouTube. You can also include it in podcast and audio files, whatever, you only have audio to sell a product with. It's important to send people to an easy to remember link on your website or blog where you put your affiliate link. Affiliate links are usually pretty long and impossible to easily remember when someone's listening to an audio. Another thing Facebook doesn't like affiliate link. So the best practice is to send people to a page on your web site or blog and put the long affiliate link there. I'll have a little more detail about that later. Now, in podcasts, you frequently hear me referring to my show notes with an easy to remember link, I say this is episode 268. So visit the show notes at screwthecommute.com/268. And this is even easier if you download our podcast app at screwthecommute.com/app.

[00:16:37] Now, one thing I should remind you of here is that the laws have changed and you must tell people you are an affiliate and you may get a commission for recommending things. So I'm telling you right here, I might get a commission on some things I promote.

[00:16:52] Now, I'm going to finish this section talking about e-books. I have one free e-book that's earned me $3.6 million dollars and still earns anywhere from six to fifteen thousand dollars per month. Yeah, I know that sounds like B.S. but I've been consistently giving this e-book away for years. It's called How to Pick a shopping cart system that Makes You Money. Of course, it's going to be in the show notes. And by the way, I covered shopping cart systems thoroughly in episode 10. Anyway in this e-book. I tell you what to look for in a shopping cart system. And then I recommend the one that I get a commission on.

[00:17:31] It's a pretty simple concept. Just like the videos I make. You can't do all the cool things in the video unless you buy the product. It's the same with the e-book. You can't do all the things with your shopping cart that makes you tons of extra money unless you actually have the shopping cart.

[00:17:48] Now let's jump in the Amazon Kindle e-books. They're they're also a great way to promote affiliate products, but you have to be a little more sly to do it. OK. Affiliate links typically are long and ugly looking. Like I said before, if you put one of these links in an Amazon Kindle e-book, it won't get accepted.

[00:18:09] So what do you do? Well, you put a normal looking page on your Web site like screwthecommute.com/greatshoppingcart. I just made that up. I don't think that page exists. That link doesn't have any weird question marks or AF like affiliate I.D. equals and then a bunch of numbers and weird-looking. So it won't raise any eyebrows in the people that review and accept Kindle books at Amazon. Then on the great shopping cart page on your web site, you would talk more about the product and then put the long and ugly affiliate link under text like click here to check it out or something like that.

[00:18:50] Another way is to get a plug in for WordPress called Pretty Links. It allows you to make normal looking links that have your affiliate link embedded in. So how much do you typically get paid from joining an affiliate program? Well, the range of commissions, where do you hear this can be anywhere from 10 percent to 200 percent or even more. Wait a minute, Tom. How could it be more than 100 percent? You mean someone is gonna give me all the money that they made on a sale or even more? Well, that's crazy. Well, it's not really that crazy. See, some marketers are pretty sophisticated. They're happy to give you all the money or even more than all the money on the first sale. So they acquire a new customer who they will sell stuff to forever. So if you run into one of those deals, it can make you a lot of money. Much more common percentages are from 10 to 50 percent. For instance, in my affiliate program, I pay 20 percent on physical products and products that have an enormous amount of labor. Like my mentor program and school, I pay 50 percent on digital products, seats to my seminars and memberships also pay commissions for up to three years. If someone you send me buys other things for me.

[00:20:14] And pretty much everything I have is commissionable in a couple different affiliate programs because I want people to promote my stuff. The only exception to that is the Department of Defense backed scholarship program for military spouses. I'm involved in and as soon as we get approved to accept the G.I. Bill for veterans in those two programs, I'm forbidden by the government to give affiliate commissions.

[00:20:40] But everything else I have is commissionable. And most programs pay you via PayPal. But some you can request the check. Now you want to make sure you understand how a program pays. Some have a minimum amount you must earn before you get paid. For instance, mine is 50 bucks. Now, some programs will make you wait until the refund period is over until they pay you.

[00:21:08] Now, one thing JVZoo has available, and that's kind of why they really came into prominence in a hurry is if you qualify, you can get paid instantly for each referral right into your PayPal account instead of waiting for it to the end of the refund period. You get paid instantly when someone purchased through your affiliate link. Now sometimes you'll be able to compete and affiliate contests. The product owner may try to get competition going among affiliates and they include prizes which can be physical products or cash. I mean, one time I didn't realize they were having a contest. I won a motorcycle and I elected to take the cash instead. I mean, some programs have what's called a leader board where they post who's selling the most to get competition going among their affiliates.

[00:22:00] Now, let's talk about super affiliates. If you typically sell a lot of stuff, every time you promote, word will spread and you will become known as a super affiliate. There's no real definition of the term super affiliate. Generally, it means that in a particular market you can sell a ton of stuff. For instance, I'm a super affiliate and the speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur market. But I would not be a super affiliate in the parenting or family market. Now, when you reach super affiliate status in your market, you can usually command a higher affiliate percentage than is normally paid out for that product. The reason is you have a track record of high sales. Also, when you reach that level, you'll have many people approaching you to sell their things and they'll be begging you to and they'll automatically start offering you a higher percentage. So you pick their products over somebody else's.

[00:22:59] Another subset of super affiliate status is commissions paid on a sliding scale. This means once you've sold a certain amount of particular product, you start getting a higher commission automatically. If the product owner has this kind of program available and if you're really gung ho and sell a lot of that, one thing you can get a higher commission even if you're not known as a super affiliate. At any rate, when you reach super affiliate status, you really made it.

[00:23:30] All right. Another form of affiliate selling is private labels. This is where you make a deal with another product owner to sell their product, but the product has your label on it. That's what I do with my kickstart cart shopping cart system. I don't have the ability or interest to run a shopping card company and all the technology that goes with it. But Kickstartcart.com is a private label of a company that runs the technology and I get a commission for selling it. There are other forms of private label products. PLR products they're called that stands for private label rights. This is where you purchase rights to sell and distribute a product created by somebody else. Many times you can put your name on it. I covered that in episode fifty five if you really like that. You can have a product instantly. Pretty much. And one thing you can do, like, for instance, with the shopping cart. The one reason I was I believe was the biggest seller ever that they had is because I gave extra value. I mean, it was so lucrative for me. I had my people help train. You have the whole video series we created on how to use the cart. We give you unlimited free tutoring to help you set it up and get going and answer your questions. So so that adds value and it kind of helped make me one of their biggest sellers.

[00:24:58] All right. Let's talk about Amazon a little bit. You know, I got to mention it before I move on to part two of affiliate selling, but I've never been a big fan of their program because the commission percentages are way lower than places like Clickbank and JVZoo that primarily sell digital products.

[00:25:16] Now, there are people that claim to be making loads of money on Amazon. I think a lot of them use their gross amounts of sales. As the hype to make it seem like they really are making loads of money, but if they recommend a three thousand dollar treadmill and they make three hundred dollars on it, they might say, well, we made three thousand dollars on Amazon. No, they didn't. They made three hundred. They sold three thousand dollars worth of stuff, but they only got three hundred dollars in commission. Or maybe a hundred fifty say so you got to watch that. But so Amazon is a potential place you can make money.

[00:26:00] Let me tell you about the before we go on to part two of other people selling your products about screw the commute private Facebook group where you can interact with me, my staff, with other great entrepreneurs and like minded people and it's a place for my staff. And I put in training and business tips several times a week. You can ask questions and get feedback on things you're doing. I give you a quick tips that have made and saved me tons of money over more than 40 years in business. I think it's 43 years now and myself and my staff also give you more in-depth postings on all kinds of business topics. So check it out in the show notes at screwthecommute.com/facebook where you can read the details.

[00:26:48] All right. Let's get into part two other people selling your products. All this discussion up to this point has been you selling other people's products. Now we're going to switch that. We're going to talk about other people promoting your products and you pay them a commission if they produce a sale. The super big benefit to this is that it's like having an army of salespeople promoting your stuff and you only pay a commission if they sell something. In this case, you must have affiliate tracking software tied to your shopping cart. No affiliate that knows what they're doing is going to promote you unless everything is tracked so they can be sure they will get paid. And again, I refer back to my shopping cart system, kickstartcart.com.

[00:27:38] The reason I call it a system is because everything you need is packaged into one service your email broadcast, your email autoresponders, your upselling modules and a lot more all in one place. And that also includes affiliate tracking. I have to tell you a story of when I first started, I had to get a different company to hook up their affiliate tracking software to my shopping cart. Kickstartcart didn't even exist at that time. After six months in thirty one hundred bucks down the drain, it still didn't work. Each company was blaming the other. OK, with this with kickstart card, it's all in one place with a low monthly fee, so you don't have to worry about things working together. They just work.

[00:28:23] Now, the way it works is that you give out or have a link on your Web site, which is an application to join your affiliate program. You can make the requirements to join as easy or hard as you want. You can also review the application and then decide to let the person join or they could be accepted automatically. Although I do tell them if they spam anyone, they are kicked out and they forfeit their commissions.

[00:28:50] Now, once they're approved, whether by you or automatically they get a special link that they can put on their Web site or email to people to put in or put it in the description of a YouTube video, whatever they're going to do. And when someone clicks on the link you're tracking software knows exactly which affiliate sent you the potential buyer.

[00:29:12] If they buy, the software lets you know how much you owe that person. And I'll include the link to my affiliate program in the show notes. This is episode 268. So it would be screwthecommute.com/268. So here's some things you have to have to have an effective affiliate program. The first thing you need is the software, which is Kickstartcart.com. And when I say software, it's actually a service, software as a service. So you don't have to install anything. You just log in and it works. Then you need one or more quality products. And I cover products in episode 19. You need good sales letters that convert. I covered copywriting in episode 13. Then you need good sales tools for your affiliates like sample e-mails, which again you would learn in the copywriting course blog posting, tweet, social media posting videos and you need a way to pay your affiliates and fulfill your products, which if they're digital, the shopping cart will deliver them for you. It's important to have a customer service plan in place too. No matter how perfect your system, there will be customers that need help. If you don't help them in a timely manner, they will get refunds and your affiliates will abandon you because they will get complaints themselves about you and they're going to lose commissions. You also need an affiliate terms of service to make clear everything about your program. Now you can look at other people's affiliate programs to get ideas. I'm obligated to tell you to get an attorney to review them. I personally never have. But you should.

[00:30:56] All right, here's some things to think about. Should your customers be able to use their own affiliate link? If you allow that, it means your customers can kind of take a big discount because they will get the affiliate commission when they buy something for themselves.

[00:31:13] Some people allow this and others don't. I do on some products in and I don't on others. It's really up to you and it depends a lot on what you're selling in the amount of labor involved in fulfilling the purchases. One thing affiliate program operators often do is have a minimum sales commission due before paying an affiliate. Here's an example. Let's say you have a $97 digital product. If someone was not really an affiliate and just used their affiliate link to get a discount, you would have to pay them forty eight dollars and fifty cents. If you were paying 50 percent commission. Oh, like you could do is make the minimum pay out in your affiliate terms. 50 bucks. That way the affiliate would have to get off their butt and actually sell at least one more of your products to someone else before they qualified to get their commissions sent to them. Basically, you're forcing them to go out and sell at least one of your products to someone else before they get their commissions for the product they bought for themselves through their own affiliate link.

[00:32:21] All right. How are you going to pay? Well, the most common is PayPal. When are you going to pay? Well, you need to make this clear. Do you withhold payment until after the refund period is ended? Do you pay on a certain day of the month? Do you pay instantly as in JVZoo? Are you going to screen affiliates or let anyone join instantly? If you screen, you'll want to ask how they will promote. How big is their database and reach? Maybe you don't want to fool around with a bunch of people who are gonna eat up your time with dumb questions and never sell anything, so you might want to keep your requirements high.

[00:32:58] Now, before I get into the last section on tips to sell more through affiliate marketing, I want to tell you about my mentor program. It's called the Tom Antion Internet Marketing Retreat and Joint Venture Program, where myself and my staff work with you for a year to get you started in an Internet business or to use the Internet to take your existing business to the next level. And just because it's a year long, that's just super value doesn't mean that will take that long to make money. You can we have some people making money within the first month or saving money. Saving tons of money. That's part of the program, too. I kind of turned the Internet marketing world on its head around the year 2000. So people like me were charging 50 or 100 grand upfront to teach what we knew to clueless business people who refuse to learn. Well, I'm a small business advocate and I knew many small businesses could never afford that kind of upfront money. So I kind of made them all mad those gurus, because I charged a relatively small entry fee to my program that also got a percentage of profits that was capped.

[00:34:08] So you're not stuck with me forever. So for me to get my big money, you had to make way bigger money? Well, people just love this. And and they also knew I wouldn't disappear on them. Like those people who got the 50 or 100 grand upfront were rip offs and wouldn't help you anyway. Once they got their money. So people knew I wasn't going to disappear on it because I wouldn't get my money. All right. Now, when another step further, it's never been done before. I have a big estate home and TV studio where my students, as part of their yearlong training, come and actually stay in my house for an immersion weekend. It's just one of the unique features of the program anyway. Check out the details at greatInternetmarketingtraining.com. And I'll have that in the show notes.

[00:34:54] All right. Let's get into some tips in the last section here to help you sell more. Well, make lots of sales tools to make it easy for others to promote. You keep your products high quality and write really good sales letters, of course. I'm going to suggest copywriting901.com is the number one skill in my entire business career, learning how to write words and say words and put him in videos and all kinds of things to get people to want to buy your product copywriting901.com. And here's another tip, watch for fraudulent sales. This is pretty important if you see a bunch of orders come in out of the blue and they have free e-mail addresses like Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail and they they may be ordering weird combinations of stuff. BEWARE. They are most likely fraudulent. This means a criminal affiliate put in fake orders with stolen credit card numbers. They want you to ship the product and pay the affiliate commissions and then all the credit cards come back as bad later. You lose both the product and the money paid to the affiliate.

[00:36:06] So watch out for weird stuff coming in and check to see who the affiliate is. And last super tip is don't make super affiliates sign themselves up or buy your product. Underline that in blood. Don't make super affiliates sign themselves up or buy your product. Super affiliates have people chasing them around all day to get them to promote products as long as the product is good and there's enough money involved. Naturally, they are going to promote the people that make their life the easiest. They will laugh at you if you ask him to buy your product. This is just ludicrous and screams to them that you don't know what you're doing. Also, don't ask them to sign up for your affiliate program. You sign them up and just give them the link and the pre-written sales tools. A super affiliate can take you from being a nobody to on the map overnight. Do whatever you can, including giving them a larger commission to promote you. You would really do yourself well to go back and listen to episode 31 on joint venturing, which tells you exactly what to say and what not to say to joint venture partners, which is what a super affiliate is. I mean it could make you millions of dollars and put you on the map.

[00:37:29] So affiliate selling has been an enormous part of my business over many years. There's lots more about it. I can't possibly cover here. But if you'd like to get a great education in this and all aspects of online marketing, consider joining my mentor program or my school or both joined the mentor program. You get a scholarship to the school and I gotta tell you, a guy joined my mentor program. He gifted the scholarship to his daughter, to the school who started making eleven hundred dollars a month. The first month three thousand, the second month thirty four hundred. The third month after four months she was making six thousand dollars a month and quit her job, her crappy job. And her dad had spent $80000 on her education and she was working some crap job. And she still had four months of the school left. Okay. So so this is very, very powerful stuff. And that's one of the best things, legacy gifts you could ever give to your kids or grandchildren in addition to using it yourself for your business.

[00:38:35] All right. So that's affiliate selling from you selling somebody else's stuff, to them selling your stuff. All right. I'll catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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