201 - She's a Super Serial Entrepreneur: Tom interviews Jen Groover - Screw The Commute

201 – She’s a Super Serial Entrepreneur: Tom interviews Jen Groover

Jen Groover's name has become synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship, evolution and human potential. She was recently nominated as a U.N. delegate to the first ever global accelerator for the Global Entrepreneurs Council. And she's also made history, at the New York Stock Exchange, as a member of the first all female group to ring the opening bell. And she's made Forbes list of 50 founders you need to follow on Twitter. And she was nominated TV Personality of the Year in 2013 by Savor the Success.

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[03:14] Tom's introduction to Jen Groover

[11:53] How to work with Jen

[18:35] An adventurous, thrill seeking, curious little girl

[20:58] Working in high school and started in business right out of college

[30:35] Sponsor message

[32:45] A typical day for Jen and how she stays motivated

[40:46] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 201 – Jen Groover
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with episode two hundred and one of Screw the Commute podcast. We're here with Jen Groover now. Wow, what a prolific lady. She has been tagged by Success magazine as a one woman brand and a creativity and innovation guru and leading serial entrepreneur by Entrepreneur magazine. And she was ranked number eight in the top 51 influencers of human potential. Wow. I can't wait to introduce her to you, so I hope you didn't miss Episode 200. That was my special episode on Success Principles and this is my p.g version because I did it about 10 years ago and it was a little bit in your face. So this one was all clean. So we didn't have to make it explicit. And will we did it gave giveaways there too. So make sure if you missed it, you can still get in on the giveaways. All right. Our podcast app's in the app store. You can do lots of cool stuff with it. You can download all your favorite episodes right to your mobile devices and take us with you on the road. And you can get that at screwthecommute.com/app. And of course, everything we talked about today, including all Jen's great stuff is gonna be in the show notes today. But grab that app and you can do lots of cool stuff with it. We have complete instructions to teach you how to use it. As a thank you for listening. Make sure you grab a copy of our e-book, How to Automate Your Business. This is just one of the tips in this book. Folks, we figured it out a couple years ago. Save me seven and a half million keystrokes. Just one of the tips and allowed me to handle one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and forty thousand customers without pulling my hair out. So so grab that. We sell it for twenty seven bucks, but it's years free for listening. You can grab that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And we'll have another surprise bonus over there for you on the download page that some people were charging four five or six grand for. And I'm giving it to you for thanking you for listening. Our sponsor's the Internet Marketing Training Center Virginia Distance Learning School, which teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living, either working for someone else or starting your own online business or both. And I've been living this lifestyle since the commercial internet started in 1994. And I got to tell you, it's the best business I've ever been in in all my years of business. So check it out at IMTCVA.org and if you know any military spouses, we got cleared by the Department of Defense for a special scholarship program for them. And it's just perfect because they have to move around all the time and take crappy jobs. But this gets them out of it. So if you know, any military spouses, put them in touch.

[00:03:18] All right. Let's get to our main event. Jen Groover's name has become synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship, evolution and human potential. She was recently. Check this out. She was recently nominated as a U.N. delegate to the first ever global accelerator for the Global Entrepreneurs Council. Wow. And she's also made history, at the New York Stock Exchange, as a member of the first all female group to ring the opening bell. Wow. And she's made Forbes list of 50 founders you need to follow on Twitter. And she was nominated. TV Personality of the Year in 2013 by Savor the Success. Jen, are you ready to screw. The commute. How are you doing this? I don't know. Ten, fifteen hundred years since I ever ran into you in probably L.A., right?

[00:04:16] Yes. I actually figure is closer to fifteen. Did not have children yet. Or if I did, there were very little. So it's closer to fifteen years.

[00:04:27] Wow. Wow. Yeah. I try to keep in touch with my friends every 15 years, like clockwork. And Patricia Kara put us the together recently, right.

[00:04:40] Yeah. So Patricia and I met about nine years ago and I think it was about nine and maybe a little bit more. And we hit it off. We at a celebrity gifting suite in L.A. and I've been launching a handbag line. And once I met her and her infectious energy, I knew we'd be friends forever.

[00:05:02] Oh, my goodness. Yeah, I met her a long time ago also. And she's just. So sweet, so nice then. Very for those who don't know a very successful model and spokesperson and she's on which says let's make a deal. No deal, no deal or no deal. You're right. Number nine. The fine number nine. So I'm so glad that she she put us back together after all these years. So tell everybody what you been doing. I mean, everywhere I go, I mean, my God, I was looking looking you up. You're everywhere. You're doing everything and helping a lot of people. So tell everybody what you're up to.

[00:05:38] Well, one might focus is right now is the launch of my next book. It's called The More Method, The Simple Formula to get more of Everything You Desire in life. And. Because of that, I'm traveling a lot, speaking a lot more method is a formula, methodology that I had created after teaching human potential for about 20 plus years and really trying to simplify how people can maximize their potential without feeling overwhelmed, like they're adding a million more things to their list of things they have to do to become a better version of themselves. You know, I really bring together different disciplines like psychology, emotional intelligence, nutrition, physiology, quantum physics and metaphysics, all in a simplified formula that's entertaining. The book is very entertaining. So it's storytelling. And and I just really help people think about their lives a little bit differently and how to make just even minor adjustments that make massive impact to getting more out of life. So that's one of my biggest focuses right now. And I recently launched an innovative eyewear company called Empowered Eyewear. First ever interchangeable eyewear. So you have prescription lenses and you can change the lenses from frame to frame the frame along with sunglass lenses and blue light lenses. And one of the other big focuses right now is my Jumpstart Connect Company. Our next event is coming up in one month, which just basically we do Pop-Up stores for entrepreneurs where we carry all the small business services needed for a small business to grow their company and they basically speed date. The small business owners speed date with all of our vendors to learn more about what they do and how the company, their company can add value to growing their business. So it's a really incredible experience with massive impact to growth of small business.

[00:07:54] Explain that term pop up. What do you mean by that?

[00:07:57] Pop up is a short term experience store. So we'll do a short three, four day event where we pop up somewhere in some city in some venue. This time it's right outside of Philadelphia at town hall. Cherry Hill, New Jersey, at a mall, a big mall in the area. And we'll pop up in a store front for a few days and then we leave and we go on to the next city. So pop ups are short term experiences that are created by different brands.

[00:08:31] Wow. OK. And I want to go back to the eyewear thing. How did you get that idea? And is it. Is it ready to go now or is it in development?

[00:08:40] No, it's ready to go. So my butler bag company, which was what I where I was at when I met Patricia, which we're just talking about, was the first ever compartmentalised handbag. So there was compartments inside the handbag, which had never been done before. This was in two thousand six that it was launched and became one of the fastest growing handbag brands in history. And the way my my brain works in as an inventor is to solve problems. Andey're usually pretty simple problems. Again, just like my my life advice. Simple tweaks that create massive impact. So there was an engineer who his daughter went to get glasses one day and came back about eight hours later with his wife and said to his wife, like, what took so long? And she said, well, each pair of glasses, about three hundred and fifty dollars. And your daughter was afraid to commit to any of them because she kept thinking, well, this only goes with this and this only goes with that. And why isn't there multiple choices for where cheaper glasses that I can keep changing my glasses? So he thought to himself. Well, that's kind of silly. Why isn't there more choices if glasses are so expensive? Obviously, prescription glasses are so expensive. Why can't there be a way to change the lenses from frame to frame to frame? Because that frame is actually the cheap part. So he came up with this idea. And early on came to me and said, I have this concept, but I have no idea what to do with it. I have no idea how to bring it to market, manufacture, all those things. Please help me. And then we can become partners. And that's that's how empowered eyewear began. My brand, my lifestyle brand has already empowered. So it fit in perfectly because having the ability to make multiple choices in your eyewear is an empowering thing. It allows you to make choices which choices creates power.

[00:11:00] And what's the Web site for that?

[00:11:02] Empoweredeyewear.com.

[00:11:07] We'll have that in the show notes for everybody, I'm sure. But I want to check that out because I've ever heard of that before. Although with the butler bag thing, it kind of reminds me there was a cartoon a long time ago. It had a lady holding a gun to her purse and saying, give up the keys. That's exactly the problem you fixed. And then I'm kicking myself. I mean, folks, when you get an idea, you know, you got to take action, because I had an idea a hundred years ago for a bicycle that back before video and stuff. You have a filmstrip that you could ride through, you know, different scenery or do you know with other people. And now Peloton is out there. So, yeah.

[00:11:51] And they're making a killing too.

[00:11:53] Exactly. So. So were you an entrepreneur? Wait. Before I get into taking you back a little bit. How did how did people work with you? That's more than just all these things you teach. You don't just do it in a book. Right. So how could people work with you?

[00:12:10] Well, I'm often hired as a keynote speaker for events, whether it's Fortune 500 organizations, associations, schools all over the world. And I also I'm hired as a trainer for a lot of companies. So whether a small business to Fortune 100 companies, I go in and I do trainings and then I also do some not very many, but some one to one coaching still where I do what's called the more method challenge. So it's an accelerator where I take all the principles for the book. And within four weeks create massive transformation of leveling, as I call it, in somebody's life. So often when people are working with me, they're trying to break through a goal. They're trying to break through a belief or old pattern and achieve something. So I basically evaluate the beliefs that are holding them back. The behaviors that are holding them back. We create new beliefs and behaviors to align with the goals and we blast through to the next level.

[00:13:21] So what's one technique you might use to help somebody with that?

[00:13:26] Well, belief systems are programmed throughout our lives. But the majority of belief systems crazy enough are programmed in the first seven years of our life. So we have really no choice in that. Right. We have to hope that we're very aware parents and grandparents and teachers. And if we don't, then we have some work to do later in life.

[00:13:51] Or even have parents at all and you're learning on the street.

[00:13:55] Yeah, exactly. Which is the reason that it's so hard for people that come from underprivileged childhoods to break those cycles, because no one often is stepping in to blast through those beliefs for them and to create a new vision of what's possible.

[00:14:17] That doesn't mean it's impossible though, right?

[00:14:20] It doesn't mean it's impossible. It just makes it more of a challenge for poor people to have access to what I call the tools. And the tools isn't necessarily traditional education. It could literally just be a mentor who invested, believes in you and shows you the way.

[00:14:38] I would say that the traditional education is maybe even counterproductive to it a little with the way things are going now.

[00:14:46] I would certainly agree with you. I would most certainly agree with you on that. And it's it's why you organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, which I love, is so powerful, because it's really about matching somebody in that circumstance with a mentor who's who is successful to help them break free of the limitations of their environment or their immediate environment, which is really powerful. But, you know, for example, with a client, if they keep let's say they they want to create a million dollar business and they keep telling it about three hundred thousand or four hundred thousand and they can't get past where they are. We start to really evaluate their beliefs around money and success, because usually it's a beliefs around money and success that are going to create this cap subconsciously or consciously. And we start to pull back or peel back the different beliefs around money and success until all the sudden we find out, you know, maybe they have this belief that if I become too successful, then I'm going to have too many more responsibilities. And people are going to want all these things for me. And so we find out that they have self-sabotaging behavior attached to those beliefs, and that's why they can't get to the next level. So we start to create new beliefs that, you know, your success actually helps you add value to more people's lives. Your next level success actually helps you leverage your time. And instead of becoming more responsible, thinking you're going off to work 80 hours a week instead of 60. You actually can leverage your time better by hiring the right people and have more time for you to. So we change those limited beliefs, create some new, more supportive behaviors. And next thing you know, other off to the races at a next level.

[00:16:44] It's interesting to me even though I've never had a job. My this. And you said the 80 hours to 60. You've even mentioned 40 for an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur to work 18 hours a day to get out of work for somebody else, 8 hours a day.

[00:17:03] Correct. You know what? The thing is, you talked about systems in the introduction. The thing is that many entrepreneurs are stuck in their cycles because they believe that they have to work so hard in order to be successful. And one of the first things I teach entrepreneurs is how to work leveraged, how to leverage and instead of change that. How do I work hard and keep working? We're going to work into how do I work smarter and leverage. And that belief system alone really puts people on the path to be system seekers where they can free themselves immensely of doing tasks that are just a waste of time or or a waste of time when they're done over and over and over again.

[00:17:51] So, yeah, if they if they if they're stuck in the mindset of working hard work or work hard on learning how to leverage.

[00:18:01] Work hard on that. And then and then you have some time freed up to learn how to work. In a way that you're not stuck in an office every day and have no travel freedom, so if I'm sitting on the beach with my laptop, it feels a lot better than if I'm sitting in the same desk and in the same office space day after day.

[00:18:23] Yes, as long as you have the the insurance on it for the sand and the keyboard. So, yeah, this is the same. Same thing when you saw me speak. Probably whatever as 15 years ago. I as work get paid, paid, paid, paid, paid. That's my work philosophy for all these years. So let's take you back a little bit. Let's take you back a little bit. Were you an entrepreneurial little girl?

[00:18:46] I was a. Adventurists, thrill-seeking not entrepreneur, curious, so I had all the characteristics of what would lead me to be entrepreneurial. I didn't have, you know, the lemonade stands. I would get bored very quickly, which is why I later became a serial entrepreneur. I had a raking business and so I realized how much it really stunk to rake those leaves and bag them up when I undercut my prices. So but I had all the components. I was very what people would say 80 day. I loved adventure. I loved adrenaline. I liked taking risk. And I did not at all like to conform to the normal rules.

[00:19:38] I know that feeling.

[00:19:40] And I was really good at networking. So my social skills were really developed.

[00:19:46] Were your parents Entrepreneurial?

[00:19:50] So to some degree, yes. You know, my dad was an attorney who had his own progress, definitely ingrained a belief system in me when he would always say in front of me, I never work Fridays and I never answer to anyone. And I was like, oh, that's good. And don't answer to anybody. So that was one of the the programming for me and my mom. She ran campaigns for politicians, which is very entrepreneurial. And she also had a TV show for a company called Cablevision, which was a huge company back in the beginnings of cable. Which later transformed into what would be Comcast now. But she was very entrepreneurial. And she all those who had jobs, who is very entrepreneurial and how she navigated the world around, you know, answering to other people. So I definitely saw things being done differently. No, my parents did not do 9 to 5 Monday through Friday or they both beat their own drum in what they were doing.

[00:21:03] Now, did you ever have a job?

[00:21:06] In high school, I did. And in college I did right out of college. When I moved, like literally right out of college is when I started my first business in the fitness industry, which was a very young industry at the time. This is a nineteen ninety five. Really I had no idea. As most entrepreneurs what the heck I was doing. I knew about fitness. I actually I guess my first real entrepreneurial endeavor was in college. I went home for a break and started doing step aerobics classes and I really liked it because it was fun and the time flew in. Having been an athlete leading up to that in basketball or soccer. Your conditioning is usually torturous where you feel in a moment. So this to me was like, wow, I feel amazing. I feel energized and time flies because I'm having so much fun. So I brought that back to my university and asked the school administration to get me a hundred steps, a boombox, literally a boombox and give me a space. And I would take it from there. And I started charging people three dollars a class. And that's from my first experience. Beyond what within the memory that was so clear to me that I think all entrepreneurs could really identify with or sign aspiring entrepreneurs is when that first class was happening prior to people coming in. And I felt so scared and sick of this, like, oh, my God, what if no one comes and I'm here all by myself or whether it's worse if two people gone? I'd rather no one come. So I had that that feeling of that nervousness, that attachment to something you're passionate about. And then next thing you know, all of these people came in, almost every step was filled. And as I'm teaching, I'm I'm I'm feeling this true sense of high. Wow. It wasn't just adrenaline, but it was just like, wow, I created this. I made this happen. This is unbelievable. And when you have a taste of that feeling, even if it just wants. It's really hard to shake not wanting that feeling over and over and over again in your life. And that's why many entrepreneurs become serial entrepreneurs in one way, shape or form. Because once we've mastered something, we're onto the next. Okay, I got this. Next I want that high again. So so, you know, I guess these seeds of entrepreneurship was planted very young. What might my personality was very entrepreneurial by nature. And then once I got a taste of it going through those college years, to me, the thought of working for somebody else and the belief system, Tom, that somebody could tell me that I could only grow as fast as they said I could grow was nauseating to me.

[00:24:18] Exactly. And people people tell you you can't do something that means they can't do it. That has nothing to do with you at all.

[00:24:24] Yes, I have. I have a say that I say often, especially when I'm in a roomful of buyers or producers. When everyone tells me why something can't be done or why I don't go looking for it right now, I always say to them, I refuse to allow your limited beliefs to become mine.

[00:24:44] And they feel like punching you. But they know that. They know you're right.

[00:24:47] Right. It's a very confused feeling. I don't know if I hate her or if I like her.

[00:24:53] So what happened after that? What businesses, how to do evolve to where you are now?

[00:24:59] So after so, I became a national level fitness competitor, I worked with Reebok on the aerobics performance team. I was travelling around the world with the fitness movement. We were doing influencer marketing back then, but it wasn't called that. We learned all influencer marketing strategies back then. And then I started working with QVC as an on air talent for QVC on all sides of the business. Quite honestly, not working as an employee for the company, but as a contractor. And I learned I save I get my masters in business at QVC because that the formula is that lie within that business. We're just mind blowing and potential shattering for me. And then I was being I was helping so many other companies want to build their brands on QVC and I had to really evaluate that at one point in time. Why am I helping everybody else get more and more wealthy? And I am only getting a percentage of that. And I had this idea journal with all these ideas, and I kept seeing these ideas come to life through other people. And I kept really having to challenge myself. Look at me in the mirror thinking, why? Why are you playing small? It didn't seem small to other people.

[00:26:25] QVC, that's like the pinnacle for some people.

[00:26:29] Yeah, but to me, I knew I was playing small and I had to keep challenging myself, to be honest. To break through. Because I had some really incredible mindset trainers back then and coaches. And Bob Proctor, who I know, you know, was a mentor of mine, like a mastermind group called the 3 Percent Club, which you might have known back then. And it really taught me to keep reflecting and having introspection as to what the limitation wasn't. I realized my children, newborns at the time that I had a massive fear of failure. And again, though, it didn't seem like that to other people. I did. And the programming came from my dad that was in the military where the mantra failure is not an option. So when you teach a child that with good self preservation skills, the child learns to do only what they're good at. So I was doing only what I was naturally good at. Not testing my my my growth outside of the immediate comfort, comfort zone. And in order to get to the next level, I had to push out of that comfort zone. Everybody does, of course. And I created this just like the pattern I share with you. Earlier I identified the belief that was holding me back. This fear of failure. And I had to create a new meaning. So I created this affirmation and I have more fear of regret than I have a failure. And I kept saying that mantra over and over again, I more fear regret than I have a failure. And I continued with that new value of change. Behavior with failure is only part of the process. On the journey to success, which remove this old belief that failing at something that you are a failure to, you only become successful when you fail. And so I would say those mantras to myself all day, every day until it became who I was. But in the process of becoming. This person with a multimillion dollar mindset, I then was able to start to see the world different and view opportunities that I knew we wouldn't see as opportunities like my handbag brand started as a dishwasher tray, utensil, tray in a dishwasher organizing utensils, which then I stuck in my handbag for my stuff. Right. I might not have seen that utensil tray as an opportunity if my belief around fear of failure was as massive as it was prior to changing beliefs.

[00:29:30] Yeah, and I just interviewed a guy the other day homeschools and he says this is about failure. He teaches his child, his little girl, that she has to fail something during the day. She has to. And then they celebrate it and say what you learned from it, everything. So she's gonna be a thousand yards ahead of the game when she grows up, because that's totally flipping the script right there.

[00:29:57] Yeah, absolutely. But when you teach like failure is just, like I said, part of the process of the journey to success. And it's only a failure when it paralyzes you. It's only a failure when you give up. But anyone with that sense of wisdom, of exploring a failure to celebrate makes you realize that when you fail is an opportunity to expand your viewpoints, to become a better solution provider. Then you see it differently. Okay. Roadblock here. Let me step back and evaluate how to do this differently because you grow from it in that without the viewpoint of it.

[00:30:41] Yeah. And you were talking about only working on the things you were good at. But take an Olympic athletes. You can't win the gold if you only work on what you're good at. You got to work on the weaknesses because everybody else's at a high level. And you if you don't bring the weaknesses up, you can't win the gold. So we got to take a brief sponsor break and when we come back. We're going to ask Jen, what's a typical day look like for her. With as much as she does, that might be a little rough one. And how she stays motivated.

[00:31:14] So, folks, I'm down on my knees begging you to check out a particular webinar or pass it on to someone who could use it. And it has to do with higher education. I mean, if you're considering getting retrained because you hate what you're doing or you you want a better life for yourself or your family, or maybe you got kids or nephews or nieces or even neighbors who are wondering if they should burn up hundreds of thousands of bucks and then end up broke with mountains of debt and no marketable skills. You got you gotta watch this webinar. It's a it's something that it's not just me hawking my vocational school, which is Internet marketing. It's a bunch of high level education. People telling what screwed up about the high level education system. It's you know, they're faking grade point averages. They're inflating them to make people think they're smarter when the testing is shown, they're dumber. And I mean, there's MBAs competing for jobs at Starbucks. So there's other alternatives to this and this kinda. I'm just gonna make you mad when you read about the grade inflation and all this stuff. So so check it out at screwthecommute.com and then you can click on webinars. And of course I'm interested in you checking out my school, which you can in a very short period of time get a marketable skill that's in demand all around the world. Every business on earth needs this skill. So so check it all out at screwthecommute.com and click on webinars and if you want to go directly to the school, it's IMTCVA.org. And of course all of this will be in the show notes.

[00:32:51] So let's get back to the main event. Prolific marketer and success person Jen Groover is here with us. And so, Jen, what's a typical day look like for maybe give us two of 'em maybe when you're home working and maybe when you're on the road? How about that?

[00:33:07] Okay. So there as you would guess, there is no real typical day. But on the days of working for home I'll share my preferences.

[00:33:15] Yeah. You get up early or to eat work out with all the stuff.

[00:33:21] Yes. So I. I am way more of a night time person, but I have children, so I've had to recondition my biological, like I say, my biorhythms. So I'm typically up for them at like 6:30 to take them to school by 7:15. And then I stop and grab my coffee on the way back. I use that first hourish of my day to prep for my day to get clear, my goals and intentions as part of my ritual and do some positive growth, personal growth time at that time as well. Ideally, I'd like working out around 9:00. I use I need a little time to like work into my energy of the day. So ideally I'd like to work out nine to 10, which is what I did this morning.

[00:34:15] Let me hold up there. So what's your workout now compared to when you were out of college and your fitness business?

[00:34:25] Well, back then, I was probably working out about five hours a day. Absolutely insane teaching like three aerobics sources a day doing. Strength and conditioning training and then doing yoga to try and stay limber. OK. So now it's literally, you know, some cardio weight lifting. Nothing. Killing myself. I like classes way better than working out by myself or if I am working out by myself. I love being outdoors. So running or walking outside or whenever, it's nice out. I will take advantage of.

[00:35:02] Where do you live?

[00:35:07] Philadelphia.

[00:35:10] So when I'm doing the a workout that is running or walking, I'm always listening to my personal development then so I can combine that the use of time that way. Which again, I did do that this morning. And then from like 10 to 12:00. I typically like to do use that time to catch up on emails, send proposals, and then the afternoon time is when I'll start to do some of my webinars and do meetings. I do a lot of meetings and then the later afternoon gets a little crazy because I have a fifteen year old twin daughters. So a lot of pickups and drop offs in disrupted time in the afternoon, hours after school, through the evenings, homework, all that stuff. When I'm traveling, typically, you know, if I'm traveling for meetings, I stack my days tight. I really love to maximize my time as much as possible. I'm going to speak at an event. I'm usually landing the day before doing the VIP meeting dinner. Cocktail party that's usually expected of us. And speaking in, depending on my destination, I'll either fly out that day or stay a day or two if it's nice and warm weather and capitalize on my time, especially if it's winter in Philly and I'm going somewhere warm. I'm definitely extending my stay.

[00:36:39] And how do the girls get the school stuff? How do you manage all the family stuff when you're on the road?

[00:36:44] Their dad is an equally participant in the the managing of the drop offs, and he's a great co-parent. So, you know, we always balance out. He's an entrepreneur as well. So he gets how every day is a different day. And we kind of just do our best to support each other's professional goals.

[00:37:06] Now, your kids are going to be entrepreneurs. You think?

[00:37:10] I think one is definitely going to be potentially. I mean, that's all they really see, you know, on a day to day life. And, you know, I really encouraged them to not even have a job to create something instead of doing a job. Now, you know, the jobs that their friends all get at the local like restaurants or diners or wherever seemed fun to them until they realized how fun. It's really not how little money that they might be making. So. But we both planted seeds of instead getting a job, create something. So my one right now is doing well on this platform called Mercari or Poshmark. I forget which one she's using, but she now is as her business sells clothes that she no longer wants or the item may no longer want, but somehow goes missing out on my closet. Selling things online.

[00:38:10] Oh, that's amazing. I buy a lot of. I grew up very frugal and I like I buy a lot of stuff off of Facebook, Marketplace and eBay and things like that. And that was buying some from this guy. And I'm in his basement to buy some kind of drill. And there's like hundreds of bras hanging up in his basement. And I'm thinking, oh, man. What's up with this? And I don't wanna say anything. And then the guy seemed like totally normal. And I finally on the way out when I saw I wasn't going to be murdered. I said, what's up with the bras? He says, oh, my daughter goes to all the thrift stores, get used bras and sells them on eBay. And she's she's pulling in about 200 grand a year. Wow.

[00:38:56] Well, it's amazing. My one. They both were gymnasts, but the one that's selling all the stuff, she is. Sold all of her old leotards from gymnastics, which were, you know, there, there. You need a lot of them if you're really doing it. Once a day like five days a week. So she just sold me hundreds of dollars on it, which is a lot for her.

[00:39:17] So how do you stay motivated? Other than college coming up for two 15 year old girls? You outta watch that webinar.

[00:39:34] The personal development stuff that I do every day, keeps me motivated, I surround myself by high level achievers who are always doing cool things. So it really inspires me. And I am the big goal setter, so I always have goals for the year, for the month, for the week and I have to because I don't have those goals. I feel really just connected and really know purposeful. And then I hope we can fly by in my life. And I accomplished nothing. And then that doesn't feel so good. So, um. So I really love. So I I feel good being productive. I am a master of to do lists and I've learned to create incredible sense value of accomplishment crossing things off my to do list. Every day you cross of to do list gets you closer to your goal.

[00:40:33] There you go. See, now I have a little a similar attitude, but it's a little bit different in that I say I've never achieved a goal in my life because as soon as I get close to it, there's another one way past it. That's my little that's my little head game. I play on myself. Yeah. So the people will listen to this. We call them screwballs. So what's your parting thoughts business-wise if they're thinking about starting a business or or if they're in the dreaded J-O-B and they want to get out of it.

[00:41:08] Well, I mean, I'm sure everyone has heard the life is too short slogan and saying in life, I truly believe was meant to be lived purposefully and in a state of fulfillment. And I really lived by. You know, there's a lot of tactical answers that I could give right now or or anecdotes I can give right now. But I really do live by the belief that we need to become what it is we desire. So once you become, you know, someone who is a million mindset, you cannot not really achieve greater success. Once you become, you know, an open minded, abundant minded person, you can not not want to be entrepreneurial. So really working on ourselves and in transformation within ourselves to become what it is that we desire is to me the gateway to become that that that which we desire. So personal development is an incredible part of that. And to do that every day and surround yourself by people who do that every day or almost every day is a really important part of that process.

[00:42:22] Absolutely. I'm kind of a skills guy. But you can get the skills. But it doesn't matter if you have the skills, if you don't have the mindset. So that's where people like Jen come in. And is your new book out yet or you just tell us about it.

[00:42:38] It's out in two weeks.

[00:42:39] Oh, it's out in two. Well, by the time they hear this, probably out. So. So first of all, we didn't mention your main Web site for speaking and consulting and training stuff. So that's JenGroover.com. We'll have that in the show notes. Then we have empoweredeyewear.com for that really cool concept is great. Any other websites they need to know about?

[00:43:10] No, because if you go to my JenGroover.com, you get to the more method as well, which is the name of my book. So another thing you need to remember is the more method that you want to order as soon as possible.

[00:43:23] The more method. That's the new one coming out. Well, I'm so glad Patricia put us back together. It's been great catching up with you. And I'm really thrilled about the great things you're doing and you're helping a lot of people out there.

[00:43:39] Thank you. I appreciate it. So great to be reconnected.

[00:43:41] Okay. All right, everybody. So make sure you go back and check out Episode 200, which is my special success principles, one that is G-rated or PG rated this time instead of R rated. And check out all the show notes. Jen's got a lot of great resources there. If you need a great speaker or trainer for your events or your company. She is da bomb. So catch y'all on the next episode. See you later.

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