191 - Intimacy expert gets intimate: Tom interviews Allana Pratt - Screw The Commute

191 – Intimacy expert gets intimate: Tom interviews Allana Pratt

Intimacy expert Allana Pratt is a global media personality. Her vulnerability and courage landed her a featured weekly column on the Good Men project. She was featured as an icon of influence and as the guest expert on Huffington Post, People magazine, Forbes, CBS and Fox and The Jenny McCarthy Show. She's an Ivy League grad and is the author of four books and she hosts the podcast Intimate Conversations, where listeners learn how to find the relationship they deserve.

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[03:30] Tom's introduction to Allana Pratt

[10:02] All types of people are looking for a safe, secure sanctuary

[13:24] How to keep from internalizing others' energy

[15:30] Had odd jobs growing up as a kid

[23:35] Rise of the Butterfly

[26:04] Coaching and Dancing with the Stars

[28:57] Sponsor message

[30:47] A typical day for Allana and how she stays motivated

[35:48] Parting thoughts for us Screwballs

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Episode 191 – Allana Pratt
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 191 of screw the commute podcast. We're going to get intimate with intimacy expert Allana Pratt today. Now don't get too excited. This isn't an explicit episode, but if you or someone you know has suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically and attract an open hearted ideal relationship, she's your go to person and we'll hear about her entrepreneurial journey to get where she is today. I'll introduced you to her a little later. All right. Hope you didn't miss Episode 190. That's one of my Monday trainings on Mondays. I do an in-depth training on things that have either made me a lot of money or saved me a lot of money. And on Wednesdays and Fridays, we do interviews with great entrepreneurs like Allana. So Episode 190, if you missed it, was so podcasting tips and tricks. What I've learned after doing one hundred ninety podcasts and lots of people charge you for five or six thousand bucks for this info, but you're gonna get a freebie in a moment that will give you all that information and you can follow up with me with questions if you have. All right. Make sure you get our podcast app. It's in the app store. You can do lots of cool stuff conveniently right from your mobile device. I mean it'll if you're listening to a podcast, then you get a phone call. It pauses and picks it right up in all kinds of cool stuff. And check that out at screwthecommute.com/app and all our links, all this great stuff that Allana has for you will be in the show notes of Episode 191. And the way to get to there always is screwthecommute.com/191. It'll take you right to her episode. All right then. As a thank you for listening. Make sure you grab a copy of our e-book, How to Automate Your Business. And just one of the tips in this book has saved me over seven and a half million keystrokes and it's allowed me to handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 40000 customers without pulling my hair out. And we sell this book for twenty seven bucks, but it is yours free as my thanks for listening. And plus, you've got that extra thing on podcasts that you can download right here, right now. But don't do it now because you wanna listen to a lot. But you'll find all that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. All right. Our sponsor's the Internet Marketing Training Center, Virginia. It's a Distance Learning School, which teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living, either working for someone else or starting your own online business or both. And as you've heard in our Vetrepreneurs Month last month, we are approved by the Department of Defense for the Military Spouse Scholarship Program. So this is perfect for military families that are on the go. Check it all out at IMTCVA.org. Of course, that'll be in the show notes and put a slash military if you're military first responder or law enforcement.

[00:03:34] All right. Let's get on to the main event, intimacy expert Allana Pratt is a global media personality. Her vulnerability and courage landed her a featured weekly column on the Good Men project. I didn't even know there was any good men left. She was featured as an icon of influence and as the guest expert on Huffington Post, People magazine, Forbes, listen to this folks, CBS and Fox and The Jenny McCarthy Show. She's an Ivy League grad and is the author of four books. And she's interviewed Whoopi Goldberg and Alanis Morissette. And she hosts the ha-ha edgy podcast Intimate Conversations, where listeners learn how to find the relationship they deserve. Now, that's kind of interesting, because if you're a real rat and you get a relationship that you deserve. She's a certified coach and she was asked by the celebrity, Leeza Gibbons, to coach her during her performance on Dancing with the Stars. Now, listen to this. Listen to this, folks. She's got 5 million viewers on YouTube. And now we're going to talk about her philanthropic coaching and retreat stuff a little later. But right now, I've got to tell her something. I'm sure she knows. But see what those guys would see her at an event. She's the one when she walked into the room. All heads turn. And I won't tell you some of the whispers I heard among the guys that were there. So. Allana, are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:05:21] Again? How many times you do it today? No wonder you know how to be a great teach relationships. Screw all day and everybody is happy. Oh, boy. It's been a long time. It's been 10 years. But I got to tell you, you suck because you don't look any different.

[00:05:42] And I don't mind you praising me like that. Thank you. Oh, my God. It has been a vote 10 years and I had no idea that heads turned. That's kind of like I'm blushing a little bit.

[00:05:54] Come on. There's guys lined up outside your house right now.

[00:05:58] You know, it's really kind of funny, to be very honest. I was very insecure for most of my life. Like I'll be 50 in a couple of months.

[00:06:14] That really sucks now. I never dreamed that you look like 25, 26. I don't know.

[00:06:21] I love you, Tom. Thank you. I'll keep you around. I play this over and over. Yeah, I even though I might give the persona that I'm super confident and I think I am by now, but that certainly wasn't me growing up. I got a PhD in people pleaser, you know, wanting my dad's attention and was very, very insecure. I grew up as a dancer and a model and that was very competitive and I never felt good enough. So I'm really here to teach what I'm here to learn, which is intimacy, how to have that intimate relationship with myself. I was always seeking it. I'll be good enough when the guy wants me. I'll be good enough when the client hires me. I'll be good enough when something on the outside happened. And I never felt good enough on the inside when I started my day. So that's what I that's what I walk now. My talk. That's what I teach. And it really brings high quality relationships and high quality clients and more wealth and success than I've ever had when I got myself rewired properly, intimately from the inside out.

[00:07:17] Were you sure hit it well, because like I said, when we saw you walking in the room, it was like the red seas parted, you know, like it. So how do you how do you how do you work with people? I mean, is this individual or group coaching online or all of the above?

[00:07:37] I'm so blessed to do all of the above. I have, like, you know, home study programs that were like a webisode that people can do. I've got group coaching. I've got one on one coaching. I've got VIP intensives. I sort of do it all depending on depending on what their issues are.

[00:07:50] Is this is this separated between men and women? Or one course could be for either.

[00:07:56] Well, basically for when I first started out Tom I in my entrepreneurial journey was just for women and I was a new mother, a new divorced mother, a new motherless mother. And so I knew when mom was happy, everybody's happy. So I focused on women for probably the good first 10 years of my life. And then I was in about a 12 year custody battle, really, really grueling. Lost all my assets, even, you know, lost touch with my son for a period of time, really sucked. And the universe could tell that I was getting really bitter with men. I was, you know, a shred away from hating all of them forever. So guess what the universe said. You need to work with men now. So all of a sudden my business shifted and about 70 percent of my clients were men.

[00:08:39] I'm glad I wasn't one of those first ones.

[00:08:43] The point was Tom they taught me to open my heart again, to forgive. To see the good in men. To literally awaken the noble badass in men. And it really was very, very healing for me in that journey. And then things started to even out and I had more like women and men. And then in about the last year, a lot of couples have been showing up. And this ability to communicate and to say what's difficult, and to stay connected with your heart open. So I'd say about 25 percent of my business now is couples. And from the rest of the left to the seventy five percent of that's about 60 percent women and 40 percent men. But what they all have in common is they're willing to really acknowledge that trying to find the one is is B.S. trying to, you know, be good enough. Is is B.S. really it's it's time to become the one that we've been looking for. And all, by the way. What happens when you rewire yourself and do your inner work first is that you become this magnet to a high level partner. High level clients. You have the confidence to charge your worth. You let things go. You don't react as much. You respond and you become. Even though I don't know, I was doing it before. But that IT girl, that IT guy that that turns the heads, I think I'm really walking my talk even more than I did back then. And thank you for the compliment. But but it's much more real now.

[00:10:05] That's beautiful. All right. So I knew you when you lived in California. I think you're in Canada now, but did it does it go further than this, that that you have gay people coming to you, you have transgendered people coming to you now?

[00:10:20] Absolutely. And also a lot of millennials who are confused of what gender they are, as well as lesbian couples. Gay couples. Yeah. People wanting to have the courage to come out of the closet to their families where people really not even clear what they are like loving everybody turned on by everybody. And what I provide is this safe, you know, secure sanctuary, none of non-judgment and unconditional love just to explore. And that's so rare. And there's a truth inside them. But they can't get to it when it's been covered up. You know, like sprinkles on top of the ice cream cone of crap, right. You when it's covered up by self judgment and judgment of others, you can't hear that small whisper. So I'm a really safe space for them to clear all that away. Integrate all of the wounds of rejection and really just sit in the fire, sit in their truth and let that emerge and then celebrate them and support them in walking their talk and having relationships that are really nourishing and fulfilling for them.

[00:11:19] So instead of a sanctuary city, you're a sanctuary trainer.

[00:11:24] That's right. You know, Tom. I am. And it's such a privilege. People tell me things that they've never told others.

[00:11:31] I can imagine. Gee whiz. That's a powerful thing to be in. Yeah. So do people come to you if they've been abused in a relationship.

[00:11:43] Yeah. That's a lot of the trends that they don't know how to integrate is when there was abuse from mom, abuse from dad, maybe a rape, maybe something that happened in the church, a man, a boy, a lot of things. They just don't know who they can talk to about it. And they're stuck in the shame and they're stuck in the blame. And there is a process, a very powerful one. I don't like lead with this. First, I lead with acknowledgement, validation and understanding. But once everything is calm inside of the atrocities, maybe human trafficking, you know, domestic violence, a lot of different issues. Once they can be heard and they don't have to defend or prove their pain, all of a sudden I go, what if this actually happened for you, not against you? What if you are such a badass, such a brave soul that this actually happened so that you could wake up and evolve into a being of grandeur? And like a point of view that they've never considered. But I take them through. How has this challenge the abuse? How has it literally supported you? And I go through all the areas, physical, mental, spiritual, vocational, financial, social, family and romantic, and they've never looked. But when you really see that they have evolved and develop these new skills and sometimes the skill is one of compassion and empathy or forgiveness and sometimes it's strength and follow through and grit and resilience. But there's always something. And when they can balance the pain and acknowledge the pain, but also the gifts, something happens inside them where they're no longer a victim. They are now bigger than their circumstances. And it's almost like wind in their wings as they take off into their personal and professional greater fulfillment in success when it's been integrated and balanced on the inside.

[00:13:29] How do you keep from internalizing? You probably hear a lot of woe is me stuff, and there are a lot of therapists burn out and I don't think you're technically a therapist. You are a coach, right? But still, when you're hearing the things that happen to people, how do you keep from internalizing them?

[00:13:49] Well, it's a really great question. And back when we first met a little bit before that, maybe about 15 years ago, I actually got cervical cancer, quite, quite a young girl. And as I was going to the doctor, I did the Western medicine. But I also went to like an eastern philosophy of what was going on. And the woman did like an energetic body scan of my energy, kind of like a Louise Hay you can heal your body, that kind of point of view. And she said, well, how many children have you had? And I said, One, she like, you know, you're at your uterus. Looks like it's had about 20 children. And I'm like, excuse me? And she's like, you're processing your clients. You are literally taking their energy on cleaning it up for them and giving it back to them. You're giving them a fish. You're not teaching them to fish. And your body is telling you, knock it off. And what was happening was I was actually more of like a worried mother pitying them, not wanting to see them in pain. So I would sort of fix it for them and give them a fish. And it took a lot of growth in my own personal development to be able to sit and not fix, sit and not judge, sit and not think they were less than and just love them in their wobbly just as much as I loved them in their magnificent. So it was like I was being trained in how to be unconditionally loving and just sit with them so that they could grow, they could learn, they could learn how to fish. And all of a sudden my body got better. I no longer took on their energy. I was more of the the way shower than the way. And they had exponential results. And the only problem was that they didn't work with me as long because they got better, faster. They referred other people. I was totally fine. It was totally fine.

[00:15:35] Well, that's a completely different kind of body scan that us guys were doing at those events when you walked in. So let's let's take you back. Were you entrepreneurial as a kid, little girl, or how did you come up through the ranks?

[00:15:53] No, I delivered prescriptions for my father's pharmacy, as a little girl going through college. I was a waitress and a hostess at a restaurant. Those kind of things. And then I got the idea that I didn't want to be a pharmacist and take over dad's pharmacy. I don't wanna be a teacher like mom's all I need to get the hell out of Dodge. This was in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. And so Uncle Phil, which wasn't really a real uncle, he was my real uncle's friend. So I called him Uncle Phil. He drove a big 18 wheeler semi down to L.A. once a month.

[00:16:24] And I'm like, aha, I'm getting on that thing. But I just looked like his young girlfriend or whatever it was. Anyways, over the border I went, they didn't ask a question. And I began three months turned into three months in L.A. and I was talented enough because I'd been a dancer since I was five years old. Jazz, ballet, tap, all that stuff. I thought, I'll dance at Disneyland's I'll dance at Knott's Berry Farm. Anything to not be a pharmacist or a teacher. But it was good enough. But I didn't have a visa. So literally $40 to my name and credit card, only to be used in the admittance of failure to go back to college and work at the pharmacy. That's all I had. But I got a job dancing in Tokyo, so I flew all the way over to Japan and that turned into four years of being a dancer and a model and a spokesperson.

[00:17:13] My God, how did you do that? I mean, that could have been just as easily human trafficking.

[00:17:20] Well, you know, it could have. And when they got me at the airport, I was there a few days later because my passport was Canadian, theirs was American. So I flew by myself. It took a lot of bravery. And and this guy picked me up.

[00:17:31] Allana, Allana Pratt, Allanasan. And I'm like, yes, no English, no English. And I got in this van an hour later, he goes hungry? No, because I had no money. Right. Two hours later, hungry? No. Three hours later, hungry. I pay. And so we went to Denny's with spaghetti, with the fish eggs and the seaweed. But when I finally got there four hours later, North and my girlfriends that I was dancing with and the singer all came running out. I was really quite relieved because I was a little afraid I was being sold into one of those hostess clubs.

[00:18:01] It sounds like. You had guts.

[00:18:04] Anyways, I lived. I lived. I flourished. I backpacked all over Asia. I met a lot of great people. I met my first husband. We moved back to New York. It was it was a really good run to to be me and to really discover this entrepreneurial spirit that, hey, I got my jobs there. I created my jobs there. And it wasn't because dad made a phone call for me. It was certainly wasn't safe. And you had to keep hustling. You had to go to another audition and other modeling job. But it was so fun. And I saved more money. Well, I saved to put myself through Columbia University when I got back to New York.

[00:18:36] Yeah. Ivy league. Serious stuff there. So. So what year was this? I mean, what year? How old were you roughly?

[00:18:44] Oh, I was so I was 19 when I left home. So 20 to 24 years old, I lived in Japan. And then about twenty four to 28, I lived in New York City and Connecticut. And I went to Columbia University. And I was married at the time to an expat. A Wall Street guy that I met over in Japan. And we had a house out in Connecticut. So I was really living this really. Shishy, lovely life, going to like Ivy League schools and all the rest of it. But I really began to awaken, I guess, in my path of being an intimacy expert and the depth of conversations, the depths of sexuality, the depths of of intimacy, vulnerability, transparency. Those depths weren't really very welcomed by my first husband. It wasn't the gig that I signed up for. And he's not like evil or bad, but just not as deep as I desired. So by the time I moved out to L.A. and I found I don't know more like my spiritual homies, I realized I wasn't the crazy one. And we blessed and released each other. And then I moved on to my second husband. And that was another not you know, like when you figure out you've we've got an area of growth. And instead of do the growth, you put a sprinkle on top of the ice cream cone of crap like you pretend you've grown, but you really haven't. Like spiritual bypass. That was totally me. So I'm like, OK. So being the damsel in distress, that's not going to work. Let's be the badass masculine woman. So my second marriage was really from a closed heart thinking I could just be in charge, be in control. My mom was dying. I was scared. I just thought a man and a baby would solve everything. And of course, that's kind of shallow thinking, but it was the best I could do at the time. And so that, too, ended in divorce. So that's when it really came down to I'm on my own, no more rich husband and a lot of legal debt to get myself out of. And it really spurred on my entrepreneurial journey and also one of transparency rather than trying to look good, you know, really about. Can I be vulnerable and credible? Can I be a student and a master? Can I really attract a crowd that doesn't want to look good? Do it right. Find the one, you know, all that B.S. and really just come home to themselves. And I'm so grateful. My my job is my spiritual practice. And I love my community and clients.

[00:20:58] So 12 year legal battle, though, over custody. When was that? Was that second husband or first?

[00:21:06] That was second husband. And in fact, how it ended was I lost and I gave in. The only way to create peace was to let my ex totally 100 percent win. So while I have legal custody and I have physical custody, I don't exercise any of it. My son is now 16 and we decided about two, three years ago that I would just let go and that we would talk on zoom and we would see each other from time to time, but we wouldn't tell Dad and we'd just let dad win. And that's like talk about taking the high road. Talk about giving up time that you can never get back. But the goal was peace. And that's the only way we could create peace. And my son is getting As and Bs and he's playing baseball. And I haven't been in court for three years.

[00:21:52] Oh don't you miss it?

[00:21:55] Oh, no, I don't miss the debt either. So I'm out of debt. I'm thriving. And it's just a really, really big practice not to be bitter, angry, not to be the victim, to see how this is for me, not against me, not to make my son feel guilty. I'm not to go I miss you, you know, none of that B.S. just empower him and empower myself. So, yeah, it's been tough, but good. I just prefer to take the gift in it all.

[00:22:22] There you go. So tell us about your books.

[00:22:26] Yeah, well, the first one was How to be and stay sexy being exactly who you are for women. And then the next one was for gentlemen, like how to be a noble bad ass. As I learned more about men, I also wrote one The Missing Handbook to Motherhood when I learned a lot of stuff about, you know, putting your mask on first. As a woman, we feel very guilty. But then if we are or if we're empty, we're cranky bitches. We have to take care of ourselves. So really helping moms with that. And then the fourth one I'm actually re naming. Right now, it's called Seven Steps to Manifest Your Beloved while staying true to yourself. Well, you know what, Tom? It was me doing the sprinkles. It was me. When people come, I want to find the one. I would say, OK, sign them up. And then, of course, we do the work and they do the big reveal. Actually, you're the one you've always been looking for. Right. Well, I decided enough of that. I'm just going to lead with that. So I'm redoing that fourth book right now. And instead, I'm going to call it finding the one is B.S. and becoming the one is brilliant and beautiful and then in parentheses. And ironically, that's the way you find the one. So I'm just being honest in going on this internal journey. It's just important to me to be vulnerable and authentic about it all.

[00:23:41] I know you've you've done some work with trafficking which is kind of ironic to me since you just almost got trafficked yourself from the story I just heard. Tell us about your rise of the butterfly.

[00:23:53] Yeah. Well, Lila Love is an artist. She's extraordinary. Her work is in the White House. And Gloria Steinem, as we all know, is an icon. And they started Rise of the Butterfly. And unbeknownst to me years ago, when I was really still in a lot of debt, I did a very bold move at the end of the year, I tithed fifteen hundred bucks, which felt like fifteen thousand dollars to rise of the butterfly because I wanted the universe to know, hey, I'm not a victim of this debt. I'm going to get out of this debt. I'm a wealthy woman. I'm going to support people that are doing good on the planet. And for me, with human trafficking, the body is not being treated as a divine temple. Sex is not being treated as as sacred and by consent. So my message is the opposite of human trafficking and being able to help survivors of that would be very meaningful to me. So I typed unbeknownst to me, a couple years pass and I get a call from Lila and she has been following me and said, you know, there's a lot of wonderful people that have great points of view and work about sacred sexuality out there. And the body is a divine temple. But you have also been very open about how to turn tragedy into triumph, pain into power and beauty and freedom. And I'd like you to write my next book that my next, you know, photography book, coffee table book. And I was like bawling to be so acknowledged when all you do is put one foot in front of the other, pay off your debt, serve your clients, give, give, give that that actually landed in a way that I would be valued and honored and be able to create with such an extraordinary artist. I'm I'm so moved. So we're in the beginning phases of that project and I look forward to it coming to fruition. We have an amazing publisher already onboard. We've got great charity events to go to and maybe a PBS special. Just so much awareness that we can bring with this and not just bringing awareness that it's happening. So it stops, but also the underlying points of view and beliefs that, you know, bodies are not for ownership, you know, and sex is through consent. And when we value our bodies and we value our sexuality and the choices we can make and teach our children, we can begin to shift the planet. So, yeah, very, very honored and blessed to be a part of that.

[00:26:09] So beautiful. So beautiful. The work you did in the gutsiness to the tithe when you couldn't tithe. So. So let's go to Dancing with the Stars, which of late is a little bit political. But when you were helping Leeza Gibbons. Teaching her to dance or what?

[00:26:30] Oh, no. I was actually at the time this was way back when I was known as the sexy mom expert. I've had many titles right now I'm the intimacy expert. But back then I was sexy mom expert and I was on her show almost for two years on a weekly basis. I would drive in to Los Angeles and be on Leeza live and and teach and take live calls. And one day the live call came in from the producers of Dancing with the Stars and all the other producers ran in like, you've got to do it, you've got to do it. And she was resisting. And I said, you know, the coach in me, you know, so what's going on? She goes, well, my thighs in front of 52 million people. And I'm like, Yeah, that's a good point. That's a good point. She was she was turning 50 like I'm about to turn. And so and I said, well, if we do it to look good, let's not do it. But if we do it to empower all women, to live, to adventure, to express, to dance, to have fun and not be about the outcome, but to be about the experience itself, that I can get behind. And she goes, yeah, I can do. And so I was more of her coach, her sensuality coach, too, to really learn. I mean, she'd been through divorces. I'd been through divorces. A lot of us women can close our hearts and and just be driven. But how can we find safety in our sensuality? How can we honor this exchange? This dance, literally a dance. And so I was more very emotional coach. And of course, she had her dancing coaches and she had her Pilates instructors and all the rest of it. But with such a blessing to watch her lead in her life for quote unquote, the right reasons, the soulful reasons, the heartfelt reasons, and enjoy the process and let go the outcome, which is really the feminine. We're we're more about the flow and our our masculine drive is our accomplishment. And that's awesome, too. I love to accomplish, but I like it to be sourced from truth and love and joy, not sourced in lack or fear. And so that she was she was exquisite to watch.

[00:28:29] So what's she up to nowadays?

[00:28:32] I don't know. You know I met her daughter. Remember I said in the introduction, I kind of influence I was an icon at the new media summit. And I ran into her daughter in the bathroom. And I'm like, oh my god Lexi. Hi, I knew you like God, like 10, 15 years ago, you're a grown, beautiful woman. So I heard that Leeza was very happily married and doing great. So I haven't spoken to her personally, but I look forward to reconnecting with her, as life often does with people like you. Coming back around the turn and here, here's Tom in my inbox oh my god hi.

[00:29:03] All right. So we've got to take a brief sponsor break when we come back. We've you've got a great giveaway for folks. And I'm sure you have some some tips from the time you've been in business for our entrepreneurial audience. And then we're going to try to see what a typical day looks like for you and how you stay motivated. So so, folks, I'm down on my hands and knees begging you to check out a webinar or pass it on to someone who could use it. It has to do with higher education. If you're considering it getting retrained because you hate what you're doing or you want a better life for yourself and your family, or if you have kids, nephews, nieces or neighbors who are wondering if they should burn up hundreds of thousands of dollars and then end up broke with mountains of debt and no marketable skills. Well, maybe you just got to watch this webinar. I mean, you've got nothing to lose. Take about 90 minutes and and you may have a lot to gain from from taking a little time out and watching this webinar. And this is a webinar that's just me begging you to go to my school, although there's some of that in there. But it's a bunch of high level education people ragging on the current state of higher education, how the costs are going through the roof, the marketing, marketable skills. I mean, people are getting MBAs and and competing for jobs at Starbucks, you know, so. So it really will open your eyes to what's going on in the higher education level and give you some alternatives. So check it out at screwthecommute.com and then click on webinars. And of course, this is all sponsored by the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, where you can get a distance education and start making money really quickly with a skill that's in high demand by every business on earth. So check it out. We'll have it all in the show notes.

[00:30:54] Let's get back to the main event. Allana Pratt is here, she's an intimacy expert. She's an old friend of mine and she's a young friend of mine because she never ages. That's kind of bitchy of her to do that. But she's great. So. So tell us what a typical day looks like you.

[00:31:12] You're so awesome Tom and so fun. I have created a world where I work two days a week in the business. So I do between eight and nine calls a day with clients prospects, interviews like this. And I just go for it. I create 15 minutes in between each of the blocks and I get I'm I'm in the zone driven. I'm giving like that. And then Monday, Thursday, Friday is when I work on the business. I do calls with my coaches. I do a lot of writing. I do my videos. I make sure on a Friday that I get a massage, maybe get my hair done. This kind of thing go for a paddleboard. I'm right on the ocean right now in Canada. Right on the ocean. So it's so great at sunset just to end my day and get on the board. But that's the whole that's the way it really works for me. And then in the beginning of all those days, I get up early and I've kind of gotten into this. What's his name? Well, he was on Mine Valley. But anyways, I'm doing my hot and cold showers. I'm doing my fasted little walk in the morning. I am, as I said, almost 50s have got my little perimenopause, hormones.

[00:32:20] The guys around you have to take cold showers all the time. They forget the hot ones.

[00:32:27] Well, it's all about getting my body into like a fuel burning machine. And so I have this whole sort of body thing I do. And then I do my thank yous and I do my visioning. I compose my reality. So instead of I sort of say thank you like it's already done. And I use the four elements of of the image, the thought, the emotion in the body sensation as I compose my reality of everything that I choose to have as if it's already done. So that whole sort of routine takes around an hour in the morning and then away I go. And then the evening is kind of similar. I like to slow down, turn the Internet off, put my phone away. Do some reading. Have a nice glass of wine. Maybe chat with somebody on Skype or zoom a friend or there's not a lot of people around right now. I'm in the middle of nowhere. Not a lot of dates. But if I if I could, I would go out on some dates. Yeah. So that's my lifestyle.

[00:33:17] Wow. So when you first said the I work two days a week of people are going to want to know how to do that. But you actually work more than that. Right.

[00:33:25] I work five days a week but two days in and yeah, three days on.

[00:33:30] Got it. Got it. Got it. Got so. You got something to give away to these folks, right?

[00:33:37] Yeah, I think a really great gift would be if you go to AllanaPratt.com/7steps and that'll take you to the first chapter of the book, Seven Steps to Manifest Your Beloved while staying true to yourself. And here's why. I think it's important whether you're single or in a relationship, the main relationship that's gonna create your self-worth, which will create your net worth, is your relationship with yourself. If 80 percent of you is like loving on yourself and you think you're pretty cool, but you're always wasting a tremendous amount of energy hiding, you know, some shameful parts, the past, maybe a bankruptcy, what happened in your childhood. All that energy that could be put as wind in your sails is being wasted, holding something back, holding something down while being a low vibration that will attract the very thing that will trigger you about that. So let's say you're really ashamed about something. You're going to attract people that judge you. But when you go through this book and the seven steps that I'll take you through, you'll be able to integrate and heal that past. And as I alluded to earlier, actually see the gift in it. See, we can't create or destroy energy. We can only change it. Shift it. So we can't get rid of the shame. We can't get rid of the fear. We can't get rid of the sadness, but we can shift it change it like alchemy into a strength, into resilience, into compassion, into insight. And so that's what I really want for you, so that a hundred percent of your energy can be going towards that which you choose to have and give to the planet.

[00:35:25] Wow. That's very powerful stuff, folks. So make sure you get over there and check that out. But the person working with you in person or one of your other courses where they look at those.

[00:35:37] Yes. If they want to contact me personally, you can go to AlandaPratt.com/connect. And that's a way that you can connect with me or one of my intimacy success advisors. And that's the way you can see if you're a fit for our group programs or our retreats or our VIPs.

[00:35:53] Wonderful, wonderful. Now you have any closing thoughts for the people listening to this we call them, screwballs for any closing business, thoughts that from your great experience and all these doing this stuff.

[00:36:08] Thank you. Yeah. What I've learned that with intimacy over all these years is that little tiny doors swing. You know, little tiny hinges swing big doors. So let's say you're vibrating at two hundred and eleven degrees and 212 degrees is boiling. That's a state change. That's a new client. That's a new opportunity. That's like a new level of income. Maybe that's even an extra zero. But you know what you make every month but that two hundred and eleven you could die at two hundred and eleven. And so I really recommend you're willing to do the work to look inside of anywhere that you're you're you're hiding, avoiding, rejecting, criticizing and just make a simple shift in my books and programs can show you how to do that so you can take that energy and then tip and tip to that next 212 degrees. It's not that you won't have to work anymore. You will. It's not that you won't experience challenges. You will. But who you'll be will be this wind in the sails. It'll be serendipity. It'll be coincidences. There will be an elegance to your life because you don't. It's like a ship. You've pulled up the anchors. And yes, sometimes there's there's storms, but you'll be you'll be whole. And I really encourage you to experience that, to have that ease. You'll start to feel like, wow, the universe really does have my back. You'll start to experience, you know, I'm actually okay. I actually do belong. I actually am enough. And that is makes all the difference. It makes you irresistible to your ideal clients and lovers as well, because you're at home. You're at home with who you are. And that's your birthright.

[00:37:45] Extremely powerful and good advice from Allana Pratt. Now, Allana, didn't you say about the time they hear this, you have some stuff upcoming that's not quite finished right this moment?

[00:37:58] It's true. Yes. My new Web site will be launched and I know how we all need to find our G-spot. Well, I'm going to reveal your B spot, but our intimacy blind spot. And so I'm developing a quiz for that to be discovered and not only discovered, but broken through your intimacy blindspot. So I'm pretty excited about it.

[00:38:27] Is that a different Web site?

[00:38:31] No. It'll be the same Web site. It'll just be a new pretty picture and a new quiz, etc. So just stay in my world. You will. You will see it and get my delicious newsletter. In fact, the one I wrote for today, I'm getting lots of responses. But it's exactly what people needed to hear. And that's kind of how I roll. I'm vulnerable and I'm credible. And I don't wait until I'm perfect to share. I share with you in the moment and and let it be safe for everybody to be real together.

[00:38:57] And what's the name of your newsletter?

[00:39:00] It's just it's just when you sign up on my website and you go just yet, you get in there and I write to you and love you one side and up one side and down the other. Every week. Every Tuesday.

[00:39:11] Sounds good to me. Well, so great catching up with you, kiddo. It's been too long. And we're gonna make everybody go to the show notes and check out all this stuff, especially that Chapter 7. What was it?

[00:39:25] AllanaPratt.com/7steps First chapter in that book.

[00:39:32] And if you want the Allana's personal help or learn about her retreats, all this stuff will be in the show notes. This is episode 191 screwthecommute.com/191 and make sure you watch that webinar or pass it on on higher education. And we're going to thank Allana from the bottom of our hearts for giving us all this great info and hope to see you soon, kiddo.

[00:39:59] Thank you. And thank you, Tom, for believing in me all those years ago and supporting me on my entrepreneurial journey. I couldn't have done it without you and all the different mentors I've had. So thank you for being the wind in my wings and for having me on today. I'm so grateful.

[00:40:13] It's my pleasure. All right, everybody. We'll catch you all on the next episode. See ya later.
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