189 - From Gang Member to top Motivational Speaker: Tom interviews Pegine Echevarria - Screw The Commute

189 – From Gang Member to top Motivational Speaker: Tom interviews Pegine Echevarria

Pegine is in the motivational speaker Hall of Fame. She was named minority business entrepreneur. Top Business of the Year. And she's been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN and Univision. She's the founder of the Power Women Global for women and leadership and business with over 5000 members. She's also the founder of Power Women Pro for Women, speakers, experts and authorities that has over 600 global members.

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[03:11] Tom's introduction to Pegine Echevarria

[09:30] Guys want to be in her group!

[12:56] Gang member? Tom is afraid of her

[22:45] Looking for Mrs. B

[25:43] Transitioning to being an entrepreneur

[39:39] Sponsor message

[41:12] A typical day for Pegine and how she stays motivated

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Episode 189 – Pegine Echevarria
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with Episode 189 of Screw the Commute podcast. We've got Pegine here. And you know what? She just goes by her first name because if it's good enough for Oprah, Shakira and Beyonce say that is good enough for her. But wait to hear her story. I mean, from gang member, the one of the top female motivational speaker speakers in the world. So introduce her to you in a minute. I hope you didn't miss Episode 188. That's Jeffrey Gitomer the king of sales. And this is our only and first explicit episode. I think we had a couple of slip ups and foul language. Well, he did anyway. So if you know, Jeffrey, you say, well, only a couple. So I'm just warning you on that one. That's Episode 188. Now, our podcast app's in the App Store. You can do lots of cool stuff and on your mobile devices with it, save your favorite episodes and all pause itself when you get a call and then start back up, all kinds of stuff. So check that out at Screwthecommute.com/app and you can download it right there. All right. Also, want to thank you for listening to make sure you grab a copy of our e-book. This is our big thank you for listening to the podcast, How to Automate Your Business. Just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me over seven and a half million keystrokes and allowed me to handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and forty thousand customers without pulling my hair out. We sell this book for 27 bucks, but it's yours free as my thanks for listening. Plus, when you're on the download page, I got another surprise whitepaper you that some people are charging four five and six thousand bucks for this information. You can grab it too just scroll down at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And everything we say, including all Pegine's great stuff are going to be in the show notes for episode. This is 189. So you go to screwthecommute.com/189 and they'll take your right to her episode. Our sponsor's the Internet Marketing Training Center, Virginia. It's a distance learning school which teaches legitimate techniques to make a great living, either working for someone else or starting your own online business or both. You can check that out at IMTCVA.org. And also one other thing. I don't want you to get robbed in your and your family's higher education quest, so be sure to watch the higher education webinar at screwthecommute.com. I'll tell you more about that later.

[00:03:16] All right. Let's get to the main event. Pegine is in the motivational speaker Hall of Fame. She was named minority business entrepreneur. Top Business of the Year. And she's been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN and Univision. She's the founder of the Power Women Global. I don't know if you call it that. She'll tell us the exact term. It's power women, global for women and leadership and business with over 5000 members. She's also the founder of Power Women Pro for Women, speakers, experts and authorities. That has over 600 global members. Pegine, are you ready to screw? The commute.

[00:03:59] Screw the commute. Of course I did that a long time ago. The thought of being back in my car in New York, driving for hours to get to my position, my my job was.

[00:04:15] Oh, you're starting to cuss ready making this an explicit episode. J-o-b.

[00:04:19] Haven't even started yet. You know, when you tell me that Jeffrey Gitomer has been on and Jeffrey and I know each other well, like, don't do that because don't get me started.

[00:04:32] It's true. So tell everybody what you're up to now and then we'll take you back and bring you up through the ranks, see how you got where you are now.

[00:04:39] For sure. So I work with women in leadership and business who want to be brave, be bold, be seen and be heard while being paid really well in the process. And I do it through speaking, coaching this Power Women Global Online membership programs and trainings. What I do is I teach them to lead, sell, grow and kick their butt so they can live the life of their dreams and do the work of significance.

[00:05:05] So tell tell us more about that Power Women Global. Go in deeper on what it's all about.

[00:05:12] So Power Women Global is designed for two different types of women. Women in leadership, and that could be major corporations, the military in large positions where they're leading hundreds, if not thousands of people and they want to be more powerful, have presence, be able to really go into a higher level of influence and significant. So I work with them and we teach them how to have influence, impact and how to inspire others at that that high level, my power women global also addresses those women in business. So women who really want to get paid well for their expertise, for their insights, for their wisdom and for what they know how to do in a way that fulfills and gets them paid really well and ensures that they live a life of dreams. And my work has evolved over the years because I'm one of the few women that have been in motivational. Are the million dollar speakers group. I'm definitely the only woman who's ever one from the Department of Defense, something called the C-PAP for excellence for contracts over a million dollars. And so there's a there's a mindset that goes with that. There's a way to look at yourself, believe in yourself and have confidence yourself. That's why I want to teach them to lead, cell, grow and kick their butts.

[00:06:35] How does that actually work? Is it the membership or how how do they get this training?

[00:06:49] Perfect. So they get it through a couple of things live, of course, if I'm going speaking, I'm hired from a corporate client, but also online so they people can go to powerwomen.global, they can sign up and get more information. What I have is a membership, a private membership for women leaders and that we do coaching an online coaching through Zoom and through activities. And those executives hire me so they can have private practice sessions. They're all over the world. They can't fly in. Right. They come. We do ask them to fly in for one day because I have professional role players and we act out real scenarios that they're going to interact with. That's my executive group. So all of that is online except for one day. And we'll be having our first Power Women Global conference in March 25th, where people are flying in to work with my role players and connect with each other. Of course, online we have Power Women Pro, which is both. I have a free group for women who are paid speakers, experts and authorities where they learning and get connected. And then there's also my private membership, which gives them coaching with me, they learn all the six areas of operations of running a really successful export business from sales and marketing to promotion to presentation skills to mindset, which is such a huge thing in my world. Now you've got the mindset of knowing I deserve, I receive and I accept that is a huge part of it, as well as understanding and building these connections.

[00:08:28] So they get coaching and they get the online tools, they have webinars and then we have a twelve week mastermind program, which is fabulous. And they sign up and every single Tuesday from 6 to 8. They are with me and the other members and we kick butt. I mean, we're in the middle of a session right now and the results are we're only in week six right now and the results are phenomenal. So and we use the book, Think and Grow Rich and Think We're Rich Woman's choice in those books. So it's really about incorporating the mindsets, making sure that people are doing what they say they're going to do. Not just saying, not just wishing, you know, wishing and hoping and praying and saying isn't to get you anywhere. Right. It's got to be this is what I do declare. This is what I demand. This is what I want. And I need to be surrounded by people that will help me get there. And that's what I do.

[00:09:23] See now, because you're sang that song now I got to pay royalties to ASCAP and BMI.

[00:09:32] No, it was less than 10 seconds.

[00:09:33] Ok. So do guys try to infiltrate your groups.

[00:09:38] Well, they want to be my group. You know, they they definitely want to be my group. So I actually started it. I'll start November 12th, a 12-week mastermind for the boys and the girls that want to play with me, because, you know, nobody really talks about it. People talk about the speaking part. People talk about the marketing. They talk about the sales. But they also. But oftentimes, they don't talk about the operations behind the scenes. And you know, Tom, you and I both know that the back office, the systems that you had behind the scenes are so important, so that when you're living, you know, when you give out the commute, what you're doing behind the scenes is so critically important to have consistency, to know should make sure that the right people in the right place helping you do the right stuff. And in order to really feel and that makes you feel confident, that makes you feel powerful and allows you to do what you do really well. And we don't talk enough about that.

[00:10:42] Now's all that stuff available through the global or these separate websites or where do they go?

[00:10:49] They could just go to powerwomen.global. And in our newsletters, we talk about all those things. Of course, we share about it. And you know, when things are opened up for registration, when things are closed, but it's a way to stay connected. And then I have faced different Facebook groups, which when they sign up for powerwomen.global, they'll get invitations to all the different Facebooks that are most relevant to them, because I have a whole bunch of different Facebook groups that are relevant to different segments of my power women because it's. Let me just share how this all came about. Can I?

[00:11:28] eah. I just want to be clear of whether power women pro is completely separate than the power women global.

[00:11:36] It's part of it's a power of women global covers. The two sides of my House leadership development and entrepreneurism business. So both of those sides, the leadership and the business. Fuel each other. Right. So my women that are in the corporate executives, those women that are moving up, oftentimes need to have experts and consultants. So they'll come to me. But also, it's a way for them, for us all to build communities. So it's one big umbrella with two very different segments.

[00:12:11] All right. But the power women pro. That's for speakers, right? Correct. For with authorities. Is that in a separate Web site?

[00:12:21] That is a separate process. So yes and no. So it's a totally separate Facebook group that's called and you could go to PowerWomenPro.com which leads you to the Facebook group.

[00:12:36] It's a separate website than powerwomen.global. So there you go. Perfect.

[00:12:47] Powerwomenpro.com for the speakers, experts and authorities go to powerwomen.global to hear about everything. And that's where we'll leave it.

[00:13:00] Perfect. All right. So let's take you back. I mean, gang member, what's that all about? I was I was never really afraid of you until I heard that. You know, I've known you a long time. And then now I'm afraid of you.

[00:13:12] You should've been afraid me back then. Know it's OK. I. So when I you know, I take take out the violins.

[00:13:20] And what age are we talking about?

[00:13:23] So I was in the gang from the time I was 13 to 17 year old. You know the time where I grew up. Well. So I had the background story. I mean, you know, the the alcoholic father, the abuser, father and mom kicked him out. My sister became the local junkie and prostitute in our neighborhood. And, you know, and people would say, you know, you're going to be just like her. And that really ticked me off. So I was not a I was an angry kid. I was an angry teen. And I was also really, really, really good at jumping from group to group and playing my, you know. Now, my my motto was, be feisty, be fearless, be focused and fun. And honestly, being feisty, fearless focus and fun was really, really helpful for me at that time in my life because I was able to go with an all the gangs and one particular group really went and recruited me. And that's actually where I got my first sales job, I tell people, because I was made the Escourter, which meant that. There are lots of rules in a gang lots of rules and. If you mess up in those rules, you get beat up. And I was the escort, so I would go to you. Well, actually, if your name was Tabitha, I would go to you, Tabitha, because maybe you checked out the boss's boyfriend the wrong way. And therefore, it was time for you to come and get beat up. And so I was the one when I was the escort. I would convince you to come with me to just come on, come with me. Just get it over with. I'll be right next to you. Don't worry about it. And so that's what I. My role was within the organization. And when I was 17, I was standing in front of our corner. And I wasn't in a really big famous gang that was just a, you know, a group of degenerates all hung out with each other. And we were standing on the corner and I had a bandana on a head, my gang jacket on. Of course, with chains. And I was smoking cigarettes like crazy. And I was with lefty rats and peanuts. And those were the girls. Oh. And inside my mind from the outside, I was really tough. You were scared of me, but my nickname was called La Loca. The crazy one was you never knew what I was going to do.

[00:16:02] And but in that time, that moment, for me, it was I just knew well, I could sing in my head was there has got to be something more for me. This cannot be what my life is about. I. I have to. There's gotta be something else to give you some backstory, though. I had already been kicked out of my first high school. I was failing in New York. If you graduated from high school, you automatically got to go to college. I was failing out of college at the same time when I was 13. My mom was really scared that I was going to get involved like my sister had been. You know, my sister had runaway 16 times. So she signed me up for the Girl Scouts and I had a really weird, wonderful Girl Scout leader. I got into a special program for high risk girls and I got in when I was 14. And for a year I was with this woman named Mrs. B, who did not do. She did not do cookies. She did not do arts and crafts. She would take me and three other gang bangers downtown to Wall Street. And she would stop women back then who were, you know, rare working in Wall Street. And she would stop them in the street and say, tell them how you got there. And we thought, Denise. Barbara and I thought the woman was crazy.

[00:17:22] She was the loco.

[00:17:25] Oh, my God. You you have. I mean, if you saw the way she would stop these people. And, of course, the only rule that she had with us is that we had to wear the Girl Scout cadet hat, which looked like a beret. So imagine girls smoking cigarettes, wearing these gang jackets with this Girl Scout beret on and this white woman with bouffant, yellow hair with a strong I mean, the woman was a strong personality stopping you in the street. I mean, it was like. We would look at each other like trying to look cool. But at the time I'm this woman is whacked.

[00:18:03] Must have worked.

[00:18:03] It did because when I was 17 out on that corner, she just came back to me that I was worth more. I'm I'm able to achieve more. There's more for me out in the world. And within a week, I had decided I was leaving the gang. I got scared that they would go after me. So I actually left the country. Never realized that I could have gone to New Jersey or to Florida. But I thought I had to leave the country. And I ended up going to Spain. And so I got to Spain when I was 18 with a thousand dollars that I had found. I have since paid back. But when I got there, you know, I didn't speak Spanish, really, even though my family was Spanish. And even though the gang was a Spanish gang, none of us could speak Spanish. We also we had this belief system that if you took an O or an A and put it at the end of a word and nobody said anything. Must be Spanish. So in Spain, you know, when you're talking to entrepreneurs, there's something called hustle and there's something that you have to really be determined in. In Spain, I was trying to find a job because I was running out of money quickly and nobody would hire. My mom had been a school teacher. So I thought this osmosis that I understood about nursery schools and early childhood education. So I went to over 36 nursery schools in Spain and nobody would hire me because I couldn't speak Spanish. And then I got slick. And I said. There were a lot of ex-pats living in Madrid. You know, with big corporations that were there with their families and I said I can't get a job, I'm going to try to find an investor. So I went to a nursery school that I had been to earlier and she had spoken English. And I told her, I'm looking to open the first bilingual nursery school in Madrid. Do they? Does she know anybody that would want to invest in a nursery school? And she put me in front of with this guy in this bedroom and I went as partners and he had the money. He was I was at that point I was only 18. He was in his. Like just 30, maybe late 20s and came from family money and me partnered up. And by the time I left at twenty three, we owned three nursery schools, which I sold to him at a profit. But it was really about I never worked so hard in my life. Because obviously, I. I believe I. I made up a lot of stuff. Right. Of what I knew and I was writing my mom and telling her, send me books. This is before there was Internet stuff, so. You know, ship me books should be workbooks send me teachers manuals because. I was like we were getting kids coming and I had to figure out what to do. And I had to train teachers. So it was the art of hustle and the art of I got to make sure I get this done, and that's the same thing that happened even with the speaking business. When I sold a business at twenty three and then came back, I worked my way up from receptionist to national sales manager in menswear.

[00:21:26] What company was this?

[00:21:30] Oh, pierre cardin and gant was how I started. Oh, good. I was just. Hello, pierre cardin and gant. Hello. Can I help you? Can I help you?

[00:21:39] That was your technically your first job.

[00:21:42] That was my first job when I came back from Spain.

[00:21:44] After being a big entrepreneur. Ok.

[00:21:50] You know, in-between all those time in between from when I landed and I got that job, oh, God, I was a waitress and I sold boats. You know, I needed to. And then I you know, my step dad was so cool that he said, you know, you don't have to be you know, it's time for you to really get a job. Job. So I got this job as receptionist, which I hate. You know, and I knew sales. So I moved up. Through a series of crazy experiences, which I don't know how much time we have, I ended up just moving up rank and becoming national sales manager and. And then director of operations

[00:22:37] Over how long what period of time.

[00:22:41] Oh, I was in that industry as the menswear industry, menswear and manufacturing, I'll say, for about a good 10 years.

[00:22:50] And so I'm gonna I'm going to want to get you to tell us how you turned to be an entrepreneur again. But I want to pause for a second and back up to the lady that was taking you on Wall Street. Did you ever follow up with her? Do you ever know what happened to her?

[00:23:08] I don't know her name. I just know her as Mrs B. Which now I. Over the years, I've told people, do not tell teachers and people, please don't let them just know you as Mrs. G or Mrs. B or whatever, because you reach a point where you've made such an impact in someone's life. I don't know how to reach out to her, so the only thing I've done is so I donate a lot to Girl Scouts and I present to Girl Scouts.

[00:23:36] Wouldn't it great if that lady was in power global somehow.

[00:23:41] Oh, my God. You know, she. She was. She was very unique. She was a cigarette smoking, French smoking with the stuff going up her nose. And she was. Just so tough and strong and the reason she had no children, she wasn't married. Of course, back then I'm looking back, she was probably maybe thirty five, but I imagine that she was like a hundred and. She just what she just. The reason she picked me, Barbara and Denise, and why she was very specific to Girl Scouts is that she knew to be successful. You needed to be tough and strong and and gutsy. Right. And so she wanted those girls. She wanted those girls. And it's really interesting. Denise ended up owning 15 of the top nursery schools in Hawaii. She's one of the premier experts on an early childhood education is known throughout that. The whole the whole region is the expert. She designed it. She created she developed it. Barbara, I had heard, had become a lawyer on her own. But I don't. I lost touch with her a long time ago and then me. So the impact that she had on us was. Significant and powerful. She just made us. Somehow made us realize that. We can do way more than we imagined.

[00:25:25] Well, wouldn't it be cool if somebody heard this or we put out a social media call in and somehow found out what happened to her?

[00:25:33] Oh, I've tried, I've been I've I've gone to Girl Scouts. We've contact those that, you know, Mrs. B and I like. He gotta give us more than that. And I'm even calling her Mrs. B. And I know she wasn't married.

[00:25:48] Okay. So let's, uh, let's take how did you transition to be an entrepreneur again? Did you save up money? Did you just get sick of it and quit one day? What how did this occur?

[00:26:00] That's a really great question. Really great question, because. When I was presenting to a drug selling company, the CEO had raised his money through his family, and one of the questions he had asked me is, you know, if this doesn't if you don't work out, what would you do next? I said, I'm going to go for my master's in social work. And I really the reason why is, you know, I'm just. I didn't know what a social worker was at all. And no clue. I just was really fascinated in why. Women help hindered themselves and how organizations help women hinder or grow themselves. You know, because I was always the only woman at the top of the business, was always the only one woman sitting in the meetings, in the sales meeting and with the CEO and things like that. I was really curious about that. Why me? You know, I'm not the the smartest one in the world that are just covered by tons of people who are really smart. But I was fascinated at that that led me to. So when the business closed, not because of me. By the way, he had a fight with his dad, which cut the funding, so. I went back to school, I went to school for my masters and at the door when you were going for school with master's in social work, they told me that I had to go and get an internship, which led me to doing an internship and creating a program. For women and girls in a high risk in Bushwick, Brooklyn, which was the highest rating of killing and guns and drugs and all that, and I went in. Of course, I don't have a social work background. I don't think like that or anything. My thing was you set goals and we sell stuff to make money. I didn't understand the non-profit world. I didn't understand. What do you mean? You had to get grants? We could raise money. And so what I did was I went to the Home Depot, the local Home Depots, and I bought every dead plant that they had. And I bought the most horrible colors that everybody returned. And they gave it to me for nothing because they couldn't get rid of them. And we painted this whole office. It was and I got these women and I went to Entenmann's the district was on Long Island. I bought dozens of donuts. And I had people raising, you know, we'd sell donuts because there was no donuts there in Bushwick.

[00:28:22] And we raised money. And I taught the women that you sell, you can make money. And the idea came to me was, if I can teach women to sell. They will always have a job. They will always have a job. And from that led me to a group that was fascinated with my thoughts. And so they hired me to work with girls in gangs and I became like Mrs. B to them. So I had welfare reform. I had an early childhood center. I had counseling. But the premise was, if I teach you to sell and believe in yourself, you are strong enough and worthy enough and you're tough enough that you can get the job done. That led then to Montel, the mayor talking to Montel Williams about my program, which led to Montel Williams, who used up a big talk show to have my girls on the show, because he had girls that were in trouble. And so he wanted the girls that change their life to be on the show. And when he asked them what made them change their world, they said she don't know Pegine she doesn't let you fail. And so. He contacted me and said, can you be on the show? I was all right. I had no idea. I had no idea. You know, but I went on the show and he talks a lot. And at one point I just said, Montel. Shut up. So I can do my work. And I did that on air. And that was his first Emmy. That show won his first. And from there, he had me on 32 times. And then he's one that said to me.

[00:30:00] He had he was in my face. I'm like, really nose to nose. And he said, you got to get out there. Nobody talks the way you talk. Nobody does what you do. You need to be out there. Why are you playing so small? Get out there. You need to be there. And I know. And he was a pain in my neck. And and I knew that he was right. You know, I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew that he was right. And I join the National Speakers Association.

[00:30:29] What year was that?

[00:30:32] 1995.

[00:30:34] I started in '91. Yeah. We've known each other a long time. Like I said I was never afraid of you until now.

[00:30:44] That was really funny that you know through through that I got actually through going through the chapters I got my first book. And then I was on TV all the time. I was somehow, somehow I got connected with American Program Bureau. They were doing all my bookings for me. I was exclusive with them. And the day I showed up the National Speakers Association conference, my first one I was that day was a day it was in The New York Times. I was on Montel's show that day. My book came out and the first people I met was Mark Victor Hansen and John Olsen.

[00:31:26] I see some of your books here. Sometimes you need to kick your own butt. Yeah, that's a good one. Is that the one you're talking about.

[00:31:36] No, that was the first one was called For All Our Daughters. How Mentoring Helps Young Women and Girls Master the art of growing up. Worst subtitle ever worst title ever. And it was because the editor that the publisher wanted changed my title and everything. But we sold a lot of the books and then kick your own butt, I published on my own and I've sold thousands and thousands and thousands.

[00:32:03] It's a much better title.

[00:32:06] Yeah. Yeah. So so that's the other thing. So so I decided to quit my job. Honestly. I told them three months earlier that I was gonna quit my job. I only told my husband a week before because my husband was an entrepreneur. I was you know, I was one that had the. The health care, I was the one that had the consistent paycheck. And but we're together almost thirty five years now. So he's OK with it. But I knew what it was going to happen. I knew he was going to yell.

[00:32:38] He was afraid of you, too. That's why.

[00:32:41] You know, I knew that he was going to yell. I knew there was a scream. But I also knew that I was gonna do it anyway. And that morning, 9:00, April 1st, nineteen ninety six who I thought Tom I thought I was so cool. Yes. I screw the commute. I was excited. I went down sashaying down to my office. I had my phone, I had my computer. I was good. By 10:00 I was on my hands and knees crying my eyes out. What did I just do? You know, because I learned I can sell you till the cows come home. I can sell your products and services till the cows come home, you know. But now I was selling me. Now I was selling my my property, now I was selling my mind, my my personality, my essence. And that took a whole different set of skills and a whole different mindset. Shift that. Needed to happen, and I'm totally grateful that I was exclusive with American program bureau because they were selling me like crazy. And I was as I was trying to learn to sell me. And, you know, I think that what's important that your listeners understand that you know this. Any business is a rollercoaster. You know, if anybody tells you that every single day, it's a straight arrow up. They are lying. It is way more like up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down. And every down, you're learning some skills, some insight, some information, something that's going to propel you to the next piece up. And the hardest part for entrepreneurs, I think, for for people that are you know, screwing the commute and ditching the job. The hardest part for them to understand is that part of the fun of being an entrepreneur is the journey is the up and down. And there are things that you have to do to protect yourself. So you can't spend all your money when you're getting money, because when the money's coming in, it's great. But you can't spend all your money. You're gonna save it for the downtimes. You know that that stuff happens that are so out of your control. And you just got to learn to go with the flow and you have to learn to hold on. No matter what. I have pirate ships because for me, pirate ships are what I am I am a pirate, I'm an entrepreneurial pirate, I steal people's limitations and I give them gold and my ship will sail and then sometimes those sales are tattered. Sometimes we get into a major hurricane and I'm hanging on to my grog, hanging onto the staff just floating and singing a song. You know, I tell all my staff here you're getting an eye patch because you need to be grungy. You need to be hustling. You need to know that you've got to be hungry. I give them all a piece of rope saying, I'm going to toss you out of the ship you gotta toss out. You've got to take risks. You've got to put yourself out there. You have to just try something new way to keep you or to hold you onto the boat. But I also have a plank. If you're not working for a small business is different than working for a big business. And your your attitude, your. Your belief system has to be so strong that if you're out there, just walk off the plank, go, just go because it's not good for you and it's not good for me. And so what I've learned from myself was, you know, 9/11 came right. And I was booked for three years out. I had three years of business contracts. 9/13 all of them were canceled. And. From that September to that January. I was scared stiff, you know. I was the primary breadwinner. I was one that had to generate the money. We had moved to Florida.

[00:36:53] You know, we I we had these big dreams. We were we gave up what we had and moved to Florida, you know, by this big house and. The recognition of for me was. It's up to me. You know, I have a friend, Jimmy Cabrera. And he has a thing where he lifts his fingers as if it's to be it's up to me. He teaches it to kindergartners. Right. But, man, I held on to that. So there are two things that I held on to. Big, big, big time. One, if it's to be it's up to me. If it's to be. It was like in my mind. And the second thing was there was another speaker. His name is Bob Frere. And he was in New York. And he had just closed a million dollar deal. And I I was looking at him like he was a god, you know, on the corner of fifty seventh and seventh. And I'm looking up at him and he's talking me out. He just closed his deal. And if only one day that was me. You know what? You know, I had that look. And he goes, Yeah, I'm a freakin 20 year overnight sensation. And. Man, Tom, I latched onto that knowing. That this wasn't a short term deal. This is a long term play. And I was just going to hang on to my rope.

[00:38:19] You mean after 42 years for me, I'm not done yet.

[00:38:24] No, no, because you're still doing this. You know what happens is. First off, we know. I don't know about you, but, you know, you're talking about screw the commute. I don't know about you, but when you are driving in the car and you forgot you made an appointment between like 8:30 and 9:00. Right. And you just did it. You're going to meet the person. Oh yeah let's just meet and you get in the car and you get stuck in traffic. Aren't you shocked? And don't you just go, holy crap. What did I do? There's no way I'm going to do this ever again.

[00:39:03] I never did it in the first place. I never had a job.

[00:39:11] My my job in New York was less than 30 miles away. I could have gone there fast. Every day it took me an hour and a half. You would have your coffee. You have your bagel. You have the newspaper at your side as you're driving around. You know, you were inching in the car in park. Then the car would move five inches and you could put into driving five minutes, put it in park, go back to reading it. You know, you talk about screwing, you know.

[00:39:45] No thanks. Hey, we got to take a brief sponsor break and then we come back. We're going to ask Pegine. What's a typical day look like for her? And other than three years worth of business getting canceled, how she stays motivated.

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[00:41:19] Let's get back to the main event. We got Pegine here. The one named person. I had her last name in there, but I scratched it out because I didn't want to offend her. But it's Pegine. And so, Pegine, what's a typical day look like for you now and then how do you stay motivated?

[00:41:39] So a typical business day usually starts at eight o'clock in the morning for me.

[00:41:46] And where are you located now?

[00:41:46] I'm in Florida. Yeah. And so. So usually right at 8 o'clock in the morning, I'm having a call with somebody. Usually somebody that either I'm coaching or somebody that is in my my realm where we support each other. So that happens around 8 o'clock in the morning until about 9:00, 9:00. I am on social media for a good hour. I have a lot of different groups.

[00:42:20] Playing Candy Crush and Farmville.

[00:42:24] It's so funny. I see. I've seen this since. I'm like, oh God. Who has time to do that.

[00:42:27] Really I've never touched one of those things I've heard about them.

[00:42:32] Yeah, it's like I just don't have the time. You know, I guess I had the time. I just don't. I so love what I do that the hardest part about doing what I do is. If I start before I take my shower.

[00:42:49] You'll never take a shower. I get that. You'll stink the rest of the day. I've been there.

[00:42:55] Because nobody needs to see me. I'm just into what I'm doing. So in the morning it's usually between nine and ten, nine, nine, usually nine and ten. I'm going and checking out all my social media. I have a lot of things automated. And it is really important for me to engage with people and to see what's going on, especially my groups. I want to make sure that people playing by the rules, people are involved, but I'm answering questions that they have for me. And then the other part about that is that I'm also engaging with people. On a more personal level. So I'm responding to what they're saying. I'm being involved with them. And that's in social media that's so critically important. It's not you know, and for me, social media is Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I'm on Instagram. I don't really understand it. So it's like going to a party where I feel uncomfortable, so why would I be there? For me, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I really understand well and I think of every all of those things as though I'm going to a major convention and each one has some kind of breakout sessions and rooms and where I can go and connect to my people. So my Twitter people is like me going to a cocktail party. Hey, girl. Hey, you look good. What's going on? That's how I think about it.

[00:44:23] That's the way I do it. Exactly the same.

[00:44:26] You know, that's how I think of Twitter. You know, I think of LinkedIn as going into a deep dive breakout and being really intense about what we're doing. And to strategize and, you know, there's more use of my brain in that experience going on. I think of Facebook groups, as you know, we're on a party, but we're on a bus going to an event and we're sitting next to somebody, you know, we're on a bus ride together to go to some experience or maybe we're doing an experience together. And so there's more relatable experience and information sharing there's more human connections in that way, and that's so that's how I look at it. I feel like I go to a conference in the morning and then I go to a conference in the afternoon. That's how I see my social media. Then in between the day, so Monday is a ten o'clock is always blog day. I write a blog that goes up and sometimes I mess up and don't do it, but I try to cheat myself and find an old article that I wanted to write up. But Monday is blog day. It's also once a month. It's my coaching day for my master mastermind pro members. So I do two hour coaching that day on Tuesdays at 10:00 o'clock is sales tip video Tuesday. It's also be powerful, be you video day. So those are two days that I do videos. It's also the night when I do my mastermind group from 6 to 8. So I have some prep work in there and then I'm making phone calls and connecting with people through that. On Wednesdays, I am Wednesdays, and then Tuesdays is also my live coaching, so I have some live coaching people that come to my office for coaching for two hours. That happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays if we're scheduled. Wednesdays is my free day where I'm not too sure what I'll be doing, but I'm open for interviews. I'm open to connect with people, things like that. Thursday is, like I said, as another coaching, you know, life coaching day. It's also when I have my recap mastermind group that night. Fridays is another kind of free day, whatever it is. Or maybe I'm just going to o and hang out by the pool because I can. Nobody's here. Saturday mornings at eight o'clock in the morning, I'm on Think and Grow Rich Mastermind radio show. I'm one of the co-hosts of Think and Grow Rich Masterminders. And that's iblogradio.com Masterminders. Sunday mornings 8 o'clock the morning I'm in an accountability group. And so we spend about two hours talking about our goals, a vision where we're going to do what our numbers and blah, blah. I've been in that for 10 years and that's my that's pretty much what I do. And then interspersed in between all that I watch NCIS, sometimes I you know, we create products, we I'm in Kajabi learning those tools, you know, learning how to do more. I really love online world. I think that you are really smart. Tom, years ago. You were you were one of the first way before anybody else was talking about it. You were talking about about it, about this online stuff. I remember. So I remember going to a meeting in New York. And you were sharing with everybody about online marketing. And I remember people having dazed looks. What is he talking about. Oh, my gosh. You know how I've known you for a long time.

[00:48:22] That's how you screw the commute.

[00:48:24] Yeah. Yeah. So. So, you know. So why do I do? People listen. Like, oh, that's a lot. No, I love what I do. I am having so much fun what I'm doing.

[00:48:33] That's your motivation. And you love it. Right.

[00:48:36] I really do. I love it. I've had the blessing of. Making a lot of money. You know, I made a million. I made a goal for myself one year to make it one point two million dollars. With ease and grace. And I made it that I made it in three weeks I made one point eight million.

[00:48:55] That's pretty good.

[00:49:00] And then I had, you know, so entrepreneurism I think that's really important is just because now I'm saying that well, that's so amazing. Yeah, it was very cool. It's so cool, in fact, that then you try to replicate it. And that's when you get messed up, when you start making it. About the money and not about the service. When you start making it about. I mean, money is really, really great. Don't get me wrong, love it. And it is recognizing that I still have to be really excited about what I'm doing and not. And not getting caught up in. Am I running a business to pay people? Or am I running a business to take care of myself and my family in a way that we all deserve and have fun in the process.

[00:49:53] Well said, that's very well said. Those are great. Yeah. I mean, you're you're really an inspiration to not only to women, but the guys with that kind of attitude, because so many people, a lot of the younger generation is just once the maximum money for the least amount of service. And and I don't think they know any better and they're happy about it. So we don't we don't want people to come up that way.

[00:50:19] No. And, you know, hey, listen, we don't even have to train them because they'll get screwed anyway. You know, it's one of the gifts of being an entrepreneur for so long and being in the rollercoaster for a long time. One is you better know that's a rollercoaster. And that saying of what comes up can come down on. In the bigger the money, the bigger the crash, and the good part about it is if you've done it once, you could do it again. But you have to learn. You really learn the value of your own mindset and your own. Integrity. Right. Because we all know people that have gotten really sick. Because they were doing their stuff and I had gotten to be a real big believer of karma. You know, in the end, you say you want. You want to believe in yourself? You know, I have those you know, I am confident, enthusiastic, optimistic and powerfully unique. I don't need to compete against anybody. I just need to compete against myself to be my highest and best self. I think that as an entrepreneur, you have to know that part of your mission is to be magnetic and to know why you're magnetic, because the world of sales has changed. Because we're online, because you're being hit on by every Tom, no offense, Dick and Harry, you're You know, who's being who's who's the real deal and who isn't? Who has done it and who hasn't? You know, and I will tell you for those listeners, Tom has been around. No offense, Tom, a long time. But while everybody else is pitching ideas Tom really knows what he's talking about because he's middle. He's lived it all. The ups and the downs. And. And the understanding that there is a. Entrepreneurism is a humbling powerfully. Seductive, joyous, harsh sometimes whoops, experience, right? And and you just have to believe that you're going to be OK. I. So I live where I look at on our lake. And the reason that I wanted to be. It's been a dream of mine to be on the water with a lake because as an entrepreneur, you have to believe in the unseen. You have to believe that. There is a place for you. There is a business for you. There are clients for you that you may not see right now, but that, you know, you're there and you know that you're going to keep on showing up for them. And for me, the reason I love looking at the lake is I know I don't have I don't I can't see. The fish I can't see the turtles. I can see the ducks. But I and I can't see the grass at the bottom. I can't see the nutrients that those fish in those turtles have. But I know they're there. I know they're there. I believe that they're there. And therefore, if I believe that, then I must believe that my perfect clients are there, that the people who adore me that want to pay for me, that want to do business with me, are there that the people that the women in leadership and business, that and and their allies and the men, they want me so much. They want to hear what I have to say. They want to learn from me. They want to be. Part of me, I believe that with all of my heart, my soul, I know it for sure. And that's where you have to be as an entrepreneur. It is imperative that, you know, that you're right and perfect people are there in front of you.

[00:54:33] Because if you don't know that, then what happens when the stuff starts hitting the fan, and it will when the challenges come and they will. You have to know that you are you were placed on this mission to do what you do. I people call me the Yoda of women. Right.

[00:54:52] You're much better looking than that.

[00:54:53] Thank goodness. But, you know, I truly believe that my Jedis will come searching for me. They they so desperately want to succeed and to thrive and be paid well and be heard that they seek me out. I know that. And I think that as entrepreneurs, we have to know that. Because why else are you doing it?

[00:55:29] That's extremely powerful. The thing about the lake kind of reminded me of Dottie Walters Speak and Grow Rich. One of her sayings was, your answer is always at hand. It's right there. You just have to open your eyes to it. Pegine, thanks so much for catching up with me.

[00:55:48] This is been great, I'm so happy that we got to talk with each other. I you know, I'm so I'm so happy that you're still in the game.

[00:55:56] It is. Though there's no end to the game. It's like people say, well, when are you going to retire. And I'm like, from what? What are you talking about? It's crazy.

[00:56:07] Yeah, exactly. So that's where I'm so happy. Is that. I broke my foot. And I still hear cha ching coming in. You know, and I get to talk to you. Iidn't have to get on a plane. I didn't have to get on a train. How cool is that?

[00:56:29] It's totally cool. I am been on a plane in two years at least. And and and I was in a hunting accident. A lot of people know that would have been a great story had I gotten shot. But I just fell on a log and tore my intestines up and the money kept coming in. You know, that's the way it works, though. So, anyway, thanks so much for catching up. We're gonna send everybody the show notes for PowerWomen.Global. Right?

[00:56:57] That's correct. And for those of you that are experts, speakers and authorities, you you go to powerwomenpro.com to join the Facebook group. And for my men that are out there in the world, that would love to be in my mastermind. You know, I kick butt and I have fun. We're starting November 12th and you can just e-mail me at pegine@pegine.com and say I want to be in with you, girl.

[00:57:36] There we go. All right. We're going to have all the show notes folks. Very inspirational, like I said from gang member and and a really powerful woman and her life changed the course of her life. It's just a really amazing story that just like that one show on TV. The story continues. So a lot of good to come out of Pegine in the future. Thanks so much for coming on.

[00:58:00] Thank you for having me. Really appreciate it.

[00:58:02] All right, everybody. We'll catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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