186 - The Mental Side of Business and Life: Tom interviews Daryl Hill - Screw The Commute

186 – The Mental Side of Business and Life: Tom interviews Daryl Hill

Daryl Hill helps entrepreneurs overcome business PTSD by putting subconscious architecture in their minds so they can get back to enjoying the seven figure lifestyle. He does this through magnetic meditations and a lot of these things are trademarked. He does it through magnetic meditations, online courses and subconscious sessions that are guaranteed to break through any mental blocks to level up your life.

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[03:22] Tom's introduction to Daryl Hill

[05:56] Overcoming Business PTSD after years and years

[14:45] Working up to getting people the right mindset

[25:09] Sponsor message

[27:17] A typical day for Daryl and how he stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 186 – Daryl Hill
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with episode 186 of Screw the Commute podcast we got Daryl Hill here is with us today. He's part of Vetrepreneurs Month on screw the commute podcast. He was a Marine officer and he's going to talk about some mental issues of entrepreneurship that are extremely powerful. And I'll introduce him to you in a minute. And I hope you didn't miss episode 185. Also a veteran, Joel Stewart, he talked about getting into business through franchising. And I really didn't realize you could get into some franchises and work from home for just a few thousand dollars. I thought it was 20, 30, 40, 50 or more. But here he'll tell you about that in episode 185 if you missed it. And please tell your friends about the podcast. The more successful it is, the more freebies I can give to our faithful listeners and check out our podcast app. Also, it's in the at the Apple store. You can go to screwthecommute.com/app and we got complete instructions to show you how to use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road. And I got a big freebie to thank you for listening this podcast. It's my twenty seven dollar e-book, How to Automate Your Business. And just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me over seven and a half million keystrokes and allowed me to handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 40000 customers without pulling my hair out. You don't want to miss this. Check that out at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And don't worry about writing everything down. We have all the things we'll talk about with Daryl and all the links I gave you in the show notes for episode 186. And the way you find that is you go to screwthecommute.com/186 and you'll go right to Daryl's interview. All right, our sponsor is hey, we're like I said, we're working on Vetrepreneurs Month here at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. We're approved by the Department of Defense to participate in my CAA military spouse scholarship program. And just to all military veterans. Active duty spouses. Law enforcement. First responders. We give a ninety five hundred dollar scholarship to thank them for all the work they do and all the risks they take on our behalf. Plus, the Department of Defense gives the military spouses that are eligible another 4000 so they can get a total of thirteen thousand five hundred dollars towards their education and that education can be taken with them anywhere they happen to be deployed. So I'll tell you more about that later, but you can check that out at IMTCVA.org/military.

[00:03:27] All right. Let's get to the main event. Daryl Hill helps entrepreneurs overcome business PTSD by putting subconscious architecture in their minds so they can get back to enjoying the seven figure lifestyle. He does this through magnetic meditations and a lot of these things are trademark. These the methods that I'm telling you, because I never heard of them before. So this is to be a unique episode. He does it through magnetic meditations, online courses and subconscious sessions that are guaranteed to break through any mental blocks to level up your life. Daryl, are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:04:07] All right. Well, good. Good to have you on, man. This is stuff that is deep stuff. And I've seen some of your testimonials. The help that you've given people with life long problems and that they've tried in numerous ways to fix and you fixed them. So tell everybody what you're doing now and then we'll take you back to the beginning and see how you came up through the ranks.

[00:04:36] First of all, I just want to say thank you so much for having me on Tom and appreciate everything you're doing for the veterans that are out there. I know you just gave a big talk at the conference recently here in Washington, D.C. It was a huge success. I want to thank Steve Kuhn for introducing us. And he let me know how much of a bad ass you are. You deal with your marketing and you're doing this thing before the Internet. People didn't know what the Internet was you've been doing this. So I'm honored to be here today and share my my talents, which is really helping people go inside their minds and look at things differently, look at things like they haven't looked at before, so they can truly learn the lessons from their past and enable them to move forward, because everybody who's listening this right now has a mind and everybody has the ability to learn something and unlearn something that's no longer working for them. And that's really what I do. I help people go inside their minds and, you know, create that architecture that works for them. That's subconscious architecture, the stuff they can't actually see. And once they're able to put that in their mind and put it in their mind and the success track, instead of something that's been harming them or keeping them for they want to go or self sabotaging side of things. This enables them to really move forward with their life. And whether it's in business, whether it's about relationships, whether they're they need to get over some kind of fears that they've had or any other things have been really mind issues they've been stuck on and not letting them get where they want to be at.

[00:06:00] Well, tell him about that. One of the testimonials I saw and the numerous ones that are on your site that will will give him the site and put it in the show notes also was the young lady. And she's not hiding this anymore. So we could you could mention her name if you're one or not. But she overcame stuff she had fought with for years and years and years. Tell us tell that story.

[00:06:24] Yeah, absolutely. One of the biggest things I I'd say to everybody now I really just want you to open up your mind and dump anything you had from before you actually start listening to this, because this individual came to me and we had a friendship first because the time knew each other a little bit through the marketing side of the world, came in contact with each other. She's amazing entrepreneur herself. One of the most famous track copywriters on the planet. And Mira actually did amazing testimony for me afterwards. She had been to like four other hypnotherapists. She had been all kind of different. Yeah. And she shares all this video.

[00:07:02] Right. She shows no secrets. She just told us that she tried everything under the sun she could find and nothing worked.

[00:07:11] And in this particular thing was came to the point where she was had massive anxiety about staying in other people's houses or staying in hotels or even sleeping in her own house. Where she was constantly look and check the doors or check the locks and even put furniture, when she would stay in hotels, you even put things in from the doors as well. And in one session where you really get to the real cause behind what that actually came from, and that's part of the whole process. And this is important. And really it's like tearing out a weed. You know, you really have to go underneath the surface there and take out the roots. And when you're able to take out the roots and you able to plant something new there, maybe it's a flower you want to grow at that point instead of a weed that now was then the weed no longer exists. Now you just have flower in your life. So she went from being scared and dealing with all this stuff now laughing about it literally.

[00:08:05] Right. You know, she was just she was giddy about it, I would say.

[00:08:09] Yeah, absolutely. And she has literally been staying in AirBNBs I think pretty much ever since.

[00:08:13] Yeah. And there's nothing wrong with checking the locks, but you don't need to check them 20 times in ten minutes.

[00:08:21] Yes. That's that's just one example of many. And a lot of times you've had things that happen to you in life in military gets referred a lot as known as PTSD, which stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. People come up with all kind of names of it over the years, whether it's shellshock or other things that people refer to. It will work to to Vietnam, to to today. And now people are saying it's post-traumatic stress. It's not a disorder. My my thing is this. Everybody has been exposed. Some some kind of post-traumatic stress. I mean, if you were alive and I could ask you the question of where were you on 9/11? And you're an adult, just like our grandparents generation. They were if you ask them where they were at when Pearl Harbor was bombed. They're going to know in an instant. They're going to go back into that moment. And there's emotions that are basically trapped in that moment. So in the case of like 9/11, you look at like like anger or you look at sadness, you look at fear and you're just anchor all those emotions into that moment. So that's why, you know, when you use specific moments in life, what you're doing is your shift in your mind into that moment. And all of a sudden, all the emotions come back in in a split second. Just the same way. If I asked you right now, you remember one of the most grateful moments in your life. Maybe like for myself was holding my my baby daughter for the first time. She literally fit in my hand and was like a little football. So it's like an instantly you can go back into those moments as well. And the thing is, your mind is now attached emotions to these past things. And with you know it, the way the process actually works is helping somebody go through that, but not actually drop into those moments again, not have to talk about it. So in this instance with Mara, you know, I never knew what she actually really dealt with. I only knew what she told me afterwards. So that's part of the process is it's actually a little counterintuitive. You know, people have gone to possibly therapy for years on end about an issue and they're constantly talking about it over and over again. And sometimes it's helpful to kind of get the things out there. But on the other side of that, too, you're also reliving that experience over and over again. So it further deepens that on a cellular level, those emotions basically inside the body and they constantly you're reliving it over and over again. So that's just another form of like post-traumatic stress. It's actually happened. So if you don't go back and pull out the root and replant, right, and put something positive basically in your life because you're taking away the lesson that actually happened around that specific instance and moving forward that, you know, there's people that then develop weight addictions right around food. And, you know, I've worked with women, for example, that I've put on weight because they were raped when they were in their early ages or they had some kind of sexual abuse or they were attacked, you know, and all of a sudden they've used weight now as a way to cope and feel better. But then all of a sudden they've now put on weight. So subconsciously, you're trying to lose the weight and they think they've gone all the gyms, they've done the exercise programs, they've done the weight programs, you name it, they've done it. And they still can't lose that that weight that's helping them get where that figure is, because subconsciously, if their subconscious lets them get that figure there, they're putting themselves as a target again, you know. And this also happens in business. I've had people, women in particular in this case that came and they couldn't market themselves. They couldn't put themselves out there. It was because they were had some instances that were similar to that in the past. So by then putting themselves out there, they would make themselves a target again. And you think to yourself, well, how does this relate to business? Right. Well, that's exactly how it relates to business, because after we worked together, she was able to put out not just redo her website, make it look like a million bucks, but she was also able to start sending out marketing materials, start in on her list that she had developed over the years, start replying to clients, start getting paid for what she's worth. I mean, that's that's another big one that I've seen from entrepreneurs a lot of times is they're afraid to ask what they're worth. They're afraid to basically level up on that playing field. I had an entrepreneur come in one day and the most you'd made in a day, I think was like his big high ticket program was like seven hundred fifty dollars. And I'm like, well, you do amazing work. I mean, I would look at that. I'm thinking at least five K, you know, price ticket just to get started to do what he had laid out in front of me. And he said, no, I don't feel right. I don't feel this and that. Blah, blah, blah. It was all in his head. And it was it was all tied to that, having a self-worth issue that he developed when he was he was in high school and getting bullied and some other instances that were like that that had happened to him, that his self-confidence was just in the toilet. And we had a conversation around that. Shortly after that, he raised his prices. He was doing negative five thousand dollars a month. Business when we first met initially, he was very upset. Had just invested in some high ticket coaching program that he had not gotten what he felt the value out of. But it wasn't the material that that wasn't good. It was the fact that his mindset was and that kind of a broke money blueprint they had going for himself at that point, because you couldn't charge what he was worth because he couldn't see it for himself. So in the process that we did. We worked on that. He then raised his prices. He was charging 25 grand for his packages. At that point, we're done. He was at one point I remember him telling me he did three packages that day, made seventy five thousand dollars in gross revenue for the day. That year, he did a half million dollars in business just by changing what he was worth. And that was just one of the areas, you know. And because of that, he was also able he sent me a amazing poster. It's like a canvas thing. I still have my house and I love it. It talks about how he's able to see what he's worth now. And he now has a child who's able to be a father. Now he's happily married. Things are going really well. He's able to get the house of his dreams he wanted. And it just really is a testament to him doing the work as well. Right. Because this isn't like a due to process is a do with process as we go through and do things. So you have to be willing to do the work. I'm willing to do the work if somebody is willing to do the work kind of thing.

[00:14:49] Let's take you back to were you an entrepreneurial kid? How did you work your way up to learning these things?

[00:14:57] Yeah. Honestly, I want to share one story and it's it's a story when I kind of looked at my money blueprint where that really came from. That is just so important. If you're a parent that's out there, listen to this. A foot stomp or foot stomper like this is so important. I'll never forget what I was about 7 years old. And I was walking. It was summertime. I was walking in the toy store and I saw this toy up there and it was one hundred dollars now. Now in today's time that'll be like a thousand dollars. So I'm sitting I'm looking at that and I'm like, wow, mama. Like, love, love to have that. You know how you know, how can I get that type thing? And she's like, well, ask your father, it's not your birthday. It's on a holiday. You're not getting this right. I'm like, OK, now my parents, you know, they're awesome to me in that sense, but they never bought me. Things are outside of my birthday. And it's actually something I do even for my kids now. Like I don't buying stuff that's outside of their birthdays, holidays, whatever. So I sat down and my I went home, talked to my dad, and he's like, hey, listen, how much money you got to start with? went counted on my change. I like seven dollars and like thirty seven cents. And he's like, all right. Well, you've got to get to 100 so that you got a starting point and you got an end point. And I said, well, how do I make more money to enable to get there type thing? So he's like, well you can you know, you can rake the grass after a mow the grass or whatever. I was too young to use a lawn mower. So that he give me a dollar for that. Now was like a huge right. I was like wow. I was like the biggest thing I did. My brother subcontracted his chores down to me for like pennies. So he's got me doing his chores for him. And I just started, you know, start hustling, basically. And I saw it as like, well, if there's things like that around my house, there's probably things like that around neighbors houses, too. So I started knocking on doors here. I'm like seven now, going on eight years old, knocking on the neighbor's doors, figured out ways how to make more money. So, you know, one of those things do is every time in one of these department stores was out there, I always look and see if something was cheaper, something was less expensive. And one of the other stores is this toy. Hundred dollar Voltron. I remember it's got five cats a form and it it's a little like Voltron big cat, right? So I'm sitting there and I was in the store it not even around anymore and I found it for forty dollars.

[00:17:18] Now at the time I had about twenty five dollars. It had been probably almost a year. I've been saving all my money. And I'm looking at it. I'm like, wow, it's 40 dollars. I'm so excited, I'm so much closer than I was originally to the hundred dollars. All right. So another another thing is what I suggest to everybody here is everybody's got what called clear cortex that activates in the back of their mind. It's kind of like vast right now. What type of car do you drive? Right. And I say, how many of those cars do you see on the road now compared to before when you bought that car? And all of a sudden, your mind is like seeing those cars everywhere. Right. So I want to keep that in the back of your mind. So just like, you know, activate that right now, start putting out your own goals and your own visions for where you want to be at in your life and start writing those things down. It's super powerful because what you're really doing, you're activating that particular cortex. And that's what I did with out even realizing it. So I went found the toy and I'm sitting there in line. Now, remind you, now I'm like eight years old. I'm looking up at the checkout. And this sign in the back right next to the cash register says, you know, layaway plan.

[00:18:21] And I'm like, what's that? And the lady looks at me and she says, well, that's when you put some money down on something you purchase and you come back later and get it. And without an instance, I said, I want to do that. How much is it? And she she's like, well, you put your money down. You bring it over the toy or whatever you have will bring it to the back and they'll put it in. And she's like, there's one caveat. He's like, you have to come back every month and pay five dollars towards whatever it is. Otherwise, you lose all your money. Oh, right. So I went to Texas Hold'em. I went, all right. Gave my my mom said, well, give me the money when you get home, I twenty five dollars, I give you twenty five dollars to my mom. Now at this point I'm like fifteen dollars. Right. That's three months. Right. So I went out there and not just knocked on more doors. I mean I knocked on every door that was out there in the neighborhood, started doing anything I could to make a nickel, a dime, whatever. And this turnaround, a few months went by. My mom was tired of going back to the store. And it was it was the second month. She's like, listen, there's only one more month. I'm going to buy this. Put in the house. You can't have it until you pay me the rest of the five dollars where. But I don't want to drive back to the store again.

[00:19:30] And I was like, I'm like, OK. I'm excited. I'm not I'm I'm excited. I'm I'm jumping out of my skin. I got this thing on my house. It's sitting there. And it's like it's like imagine having that pristine new car you've always wanted your whole life. You know, maybe you're a Ferrari guy or a sports car or maybe like a truck or a Jeep and it's sitting in your driveway, but you can't drive it. That's that's what I'm dealing with right now at this point. So I'm waking up in the morning and going downstairs for I go to school, I'm looking at my toy. It's in the living room, which is off limits. Kids aren't allowed in there. I'm seeing that then going off to school and I'm thinking back my mind, how can to make more money to go ahead and. So, again, it's having that focus to this. As entrepreneur, you've got to have focus. You've got to have a goal in mind as you're going after whatever it is. You don't not focus on your goal. It's like, you know, if you left your house right now that your G.P.S. and you tried to get somewhere in Washington, D.C., good luck. Right. Like, it's crazy out there. So you've got to make sure you have that. So have focus, have goals and have a vision for yourself. Where are you going to be? And last but I finally member getting that last nickel my brother gave me, I think it was something to do with was I was doing the dishes for him.

[00:20:37] So I gave him a nickel. I get to my mom was able to get the toy and that was a absolutely game changer for me. I just want to share that obviously as a parent. But also that same strategy I used to get that toy is the same way I've used everything in my life. Right. That's and I didn't realize that until I got older. And I looked at my own architecture, my own subconscious architecture about how it is that I got love and relationships and how I got the prosperity architecture inside myself like that for me became like full, full circle because I saw how how does a guy who literally at the time I was I was deemed to be in the mentally retarded classes until my mom fought for me to be in first grade. You know, how is a guy like that go and then graduate from the United States Naval Academy, one of the toughest schools in the country, to say the least, and become Marine officer. You do it because you basically have a strategy. And my strategy was if you want something bad enough in life, you figure out a way to get it, you know? And that was the biggest thing. And I would say when you have that focus, when I had that focus, when it came like playing like college football and stuff like that, it's absolutely relentless having that focus, having that drive and determination.

[00:21:47] That was the same thing I used actually when I got into second grade, I was able to do something. I saved my stars and I earned all these points. That was like off the chart that the teacher never she gave this like they like all these all these prizes they basically had in school. And it was like, you give it 100 stars and you can go to the toy store and pick out a toy and she would take you out for the day and do lunch or something like that. Right. No other kid had ever. Nobody had ever done it before in class. And so I got in class. I was like, she's got little prizes you can get, you know, for 10 stars. You can get this little knick knack over here. But I was like, you know what? I want that one, you know? And I started out just like the same ideal. I started with my focus. I started with my goal. I start with a determination that I was going to get there. And that became that relentless attitude that I had. And sure enough, within I don't know how many months it was, I was able to achieve that goal and start saving my stars. The next thing that I was going to do and it was pretty cool because somebody else in the class actually saw me doing that and they asked me, hey, what are you doing? I'm like, I'm going for the big one. And he saw me doing it because that environment that you have when you get around high performing entrepreneurs, once you get around high performing people, all of a sudden he wanted to do it with me.

[00:23:04] Right. So all of a sudden now we're both doing it right. So I would say right now, if you're alone right now, if you're an entrepreneur and you're at home and you're by yourself and stuff like that, you realize that you have somebody like Tom that you can plug into an hourly basis. Listen to the podcast. Yes, right. You're awesome. I'm sure there's events that are going on possibly in your area. Also, find out where Tom's gonna be. What event he's going to next, right? Here's where Tom's at. There's other all stars. They're going out there. Kinda of like Steven Kuhn, right. Like I'm in touch with Tom because he's so again, is like entrepreneurs who are all stars, like hang out with other entrepreneurs who are all stars. Right. I want you to put that in your notes as you're listening to this, because that's like super, super important. And that for me, like, changed everything. Once I started to get around other entrepreneurs and other people that pushed me even harder than pushed myself, which is pretty hard. Then I like just got more jazzed up. I get motivated to help other people that are out there like that. I get motivated to share my stories and the things that actually have made a difference, not just myself or my clients at this point, because that's where I really get inspired.

[00:24:08] You know, what I like about that story is a couple of things. One is, you know, sometimes I'm driving around with my employees to do something or go pick something up. And they might say, boy, I'd really like to have a car like that because too expensive. And I said, no, I do not want you thinking like that. I want you thinking like, okay, if I really want that, what do I have to do to afford that rather than that's too expensive. I can't have it. So. So I love love that that the incentive that you're that your parents put in front of you. And then the other thing. I kind of do all the time is, is, you know, I don't have kids, but I absolutely refuse to like if somebody is out in the middle of the road with a football helmet trying to collect money for uniforms. No way on this earth. Well, I give them a nickel because one of my teaching them beg, you know, beg for a living. But if they're doing a car wash, I'll have my car washed 10 times because I'm teaching that kid to give value and so I really love that story. So we got take a brief sponsor break. When we come back, we're gonna ask Daryl what's a typical day look like for him and how he stays motivated.

[00:25:24] Folks, this is Vetrepreneurs Month at screw the commute podcast. I want to tell you a little bit about how my school supports military families and how our training can help them. First of all, we give a 50 percent or it comes out to be ninety five hundred dollars scholarship just to thank them for their service. And this applies to active duty folks or veterans or spouses. Then, like I said, the eligible military spouses, the Department of Defense, our school is approved by them to give an additional 4000 dollar scholarship. So this is you know, this is perfect for military families. This kind of training and I know firsthand living in Virginia Beach, where there's one of the biggest collections of military in the world. The spouses around here normally have to take crappy jobs at lower than average pay because employers know they're going to get deployed and they don't want to invest in them. And then the spouse goes to the next place and has to take another crappy job for the same thing. This really sucks. With Internet marketing training, companies don't care where you live, where you can work legitimately from home. And if you get deployed somewhere else, it doesn't matter. You can still be handling social media and email marketing and shopping cart stuff and customer service and all the other things every business on earth needs. And not only that, you can study from home with no expenses, no book expense, no travel or childcare. I mean, it's perfect for military families. And one more thing, you can you can sell your own products and service with the same skills that you learn. So check it out at IMTCVA.org/military. Of course that'll be in the show notes. Give me a call because I'll be thrilled to talk to you about how we can support your military family. All right. That will all be in the show notes.

[00:27:22] All right. Let's get back to the main event. Daryl Hill was here and he is a military officer who has been doing great things, helping people get the right mindset. So so there are what's a typical day look like for you?

[00:27:38] A typical day for me, I like to get up early.

[00:27:41] What's that mean? That's a wide range there. What's early. I've heard four thirty in the morning. Some of the people.

[00:27:47] Yeah, I think for me it all has to do with like sleep time. So typically sleep time for me is about six hours. If I try to sleep more than six hours I really can't. I just wake up. So I can go to bed at like midnight. I'm up at 6:00. No problem. So typically I'll get up in the morning. I like to go to the gym, get a get the day started, because a lot of times people, you know, they're they're not up or not doing a thing. That's a good time. So either at the pool or had a spin class or get on the Stairmaster. The equalizer kind of get that heart rate going. A lot of times I'll be listening to a book or I'm constantly having my headphones in because I'm listening some audible book as I'm driving or traveling around or even working out sometimes. One of the recent books I listen to is David Goggins book Can't Hurt Me. That was phenomenal. I mean, you know, some books I don't like listen to, I work out. But that book I would because it's a motivation. So amazing. And then I don't want to just a typical day I come back and look and see if I have any appointment schedule with clients.

[00:28:55] I have them blocked out or am constantly creating like a new product, which at the launch basically out there or email the list of entrepreneurs I'm working with or I'm actually spending some time going in and with one of my coaches and getting some feedback on something I'm doing, whether it's a marketing funnel or working on like a webinar presentation or something like that. So constantly doing that or, you know, then I'm just playing with the kids. I like to schedule my day. So when the kids get home from school, pretty much done for the day so I can spend some time with them. And, you know, they're there now. My kids are 10, 12 and 13. They're starting to get up there a little bit. And that's not as important anymore. And they're starting to do their own thing. So I got there as much as possible. If they want to go out and throw the football at 7 o'clock and it's dark out, go on with football with them. And that is when I spend some time to do some bake cookies in the kitchen. I'm all about it. So I think it's really important to have that balance in your life

[00:29:53] How much of your dad do you see in you.

[00:29:57] Interesting question. I see a lot of my dad in me. My dad is super entrepreneurial. You know, I grew up He's been in real estate now for 40 plus years. I'll tell a quick story about him. So my dad basically was working on a bridge. And when I say bridge, I mean, one of the big bridges, I think was a Delaware memorial bridge. And it's it's huge. I mean, it's if you fall from there, you pretty much die. So he was on the bridge at the time, as is back. You know, work wasn't too prevalent. And they always had people waiting to take their job literally. So somebody fell or somebody got hurt or whatever it was. They don't want any more of that people. And he was on the bridge and this guy fell and he grabbed him in midair. And my dad's pretty strong, about 6 3. Played some college football. Pretty strong guy. Grab the guy in mid air. Pulled him back onto the bridge. The guy was white as all get out. You know, I mean, he's going to his death. And my dad looked at me and said, hey, let me walk you down, because you don't look so good. And yeah, my dad walked him all the way down. He looked back up at the bridge and he's like, you know what? I don't think I'm going back up there. I could easily just fell off saving you. And, you know, he's got two kids at home at the time, my two older brothers. And so you went to the local coffee shop before you went home to tell his wife that he wasn't going back to work and gonna have to find a new thing for him to do.

[00:31:32] And he's sitting there. This guy pulled in with a really nice car and the guy walks in. My dad is like pretty straightforward. I mean, if you think a guy in jeans and a T-shirt like white T-shirt from outside of Philadelphia, you know, kind of like that movie like that or the movie that like a Patrick Swayze type of guy, you know, and he's sitting there. He's like, what do you do for a living? The guy's like, well, I sell real estate. And the guy my dad says, what do you need for that? He's like, you need a suit. And he's like, wow, that's cool. And the guy gives him his business card. So my dad goes down, doesn't own a suit. He goes down at the local thrift store type deal. I picked out a suit, showed up in the guy's office the next day and he's like, well, I'm here to sell real estate now. And that's how I started his real estate career for the for the first six months. You didn't sell property, didn't make any money. And then all of a sudden he figured out how to do it. And that's part of thing, guys. If you want to shortcut your successes, find out somebody's gonna teach you. Find out somebody like a Tom who's out there to help and get that edge. And. It's the learning what you're actually really paying for when you hire somebody at that level and you turn around and start working with this guy and six months later you figure out how to sell his first house and then the next like six months. He sold like seventy two houses or something like that.

[00:32:53] And that's persistence, too. That's another lesson there. He didn't quit.

[00:32:56] Drive and persistence because you're seeing other people do it. So they've already figured it out. And once my dad figured it out, he showed up at the real estate convention. They have there. Yeah. All these people were standing up and they're saying, hey, how many houses have you sold, how many houses you sold? And everybody standing up to my dad's the last guy standing up. He's also by one of the newest guys. He just didn't know any better either. You know, just like I am just gonna keep doing this. You know, he's like, I got kids to feed. I got to keep working. That's that's kind of hard work is in my blood. I guess you could say, thanks, my dad. And they said to him. How many listings did you have? He said zero. And all these other people got all the listings. He's like, that's why I'm here. I'm here to learn how to do listings because I've just done buyers and everybody's mouth. And the audience basically dropped at that point. So I look at him now and he literally took that same persistence to do. And I don't know how many thousands of transactions like over the years to getting there during commercial real estate deals to to work with big box retailers, to to learning how to put a road through one neighborhood, to do a deal and to get it done.

[00:34:10] And then all of a sudden figured out, well, wait a minute, I can do that for myself. Then starting to build neighborhood strip centers, you know, a shopping malls. You know, I learned a tremendous amount of entrepreneurship skills just from watching him and talking to him. I mean, my first open house I set on was I was like six years old. I mean, I mean, I never forget he had this cool little watermelon is carved up. You know, they're in the house. So, again, it's a little bit that side of it is like what you want to ask yourself, like, what is your like, financial blueprint for yourself? Like, what is your business blueprint for yourself? Because there's all kind of different business models out there. There's all kinds of people out there. They're doing different things. But you want to figure out like what works for you and you also want to examine it. And that's what I really do with my clients on that side of things, examines and see what's actually not necessarily that it's broken, but it's not getting you where you want to be at. And we look and see where that is and we construct and build the framework inside somebody's mind that allows and really level up to life.

[00:35:11] So how do you stay motivated?

[00:35:13] Gosh, me, honestly, the biggest motivation for me is I literally am sitting on the solution for suicide. And that's what really drives me is I did not start this process because I want to go make a bunch money with bunch of entrepreneurs. I started this process about six, seven years ago, my own personal journey. I lost twenty five Marines, combating suicide within about a three year period, guys. And there were mentors of mine. Guys are brothers. My guys are best friends of mine. I played football at the college world wrestling team and just like disappeared, my old platoon, we had forty five guys go to combat. Forty three get Purple Hearts only nine guys walk out on a court. And we had five guys actually killed in that deployment. So and I wasn't able to be there at the time as commander at massive survivor's guilt associated with it, which a lot of officers do, a lot of senior ops do. All the way up to the president of the united states, you know, we'll have survivor's guilt from decisions have been made that people didn't actually come home.

[00:36:16] That would be a motivator. I know you've helped a lot, a lot of people along those lines.

[00:36:23] Yeah, I started helping guys that were my unit. I started helping guys to reach out to me. Guys in my old unit reach out to me. I started hearing stories about people. They were really amazing results, started seeing stuff on Facebook. And then one day I helped this entrepreneur who happened to be one of Russell Bronson's top sales guys. And he said to me afterwards, you need to do this for a living. And I was like, really? I was like, people really want this kind of stuff. And he's like, yeah. It's like I've gone to all kinds of therapy my whole life. I've tried all kind of different stuff. And it wasn't till now that I understand where the problem actually came from. I was able to deal with it. And I look at my life in a completely different way. You need to do this for a living. And at that point, I was like, really? And I still didn't know I was. So I was kind of tired because I just battled back from three years from literally battled back from a point where I was literally living in my car, traveling around the country, and I travel doing life insurance and annuities there. And I'm sitting there. Now, at this point, you know, battle back, I'm living in a house now. At this point, I've got my everything stable. Everything's going well for myself. But I was kind of dead on the inside. And that's another thing as an entrepreneur you want to kind of look at yourself as, you know, what are you really passionate about and what do you want to leave your legacy for? And don't focus on the money. Focus on the impact of making it like other people's lives and the differences.

[00:37:44] And for me, myself, I knew that I wasn't doing what I was really called you to do. When I flew back on. I don't really care if you are or not. It's totally cool. But I went back to church the next day when I flew back on the spiritual side of things, I'm sitting there praying on my knees. I'm like, I would I go, what do I do? I mean, like, literally, I feel like you're telling me to go in this direction. I don't know how to do it. I battled back from all this stuff. And where do I go from here? And that day the sermon was go forth and serve and God is going to take care of you. And I walked out of the Naval Academy Chapel thinking to myself, that's if that's not a sign. I don't know what is that night? This guy called me up who I met like Friday or Thursday night briefly in a cab ride. And he was he was actually in the program with Russell Bronson as well as I was at the time. And he said to me, is I hey, listen, I was I I want to know I'm dealing with these things. You know, I got these issues and I want to get my business on track. You know, I'm not not where I'm at I've just invested a bunch of money on this.

[00:38:45] And I'm still not making any money. I need help. And he's like, how much? I'm like, how much for what? I want to hire you to do what you do and help me. I'm like, you're doing this? Yes. And I was like, wow. So I threw out a number. He is like, yep, no problem. Wow. That was easy. And then he got another phone call like a day or two later from another woman, same type of deal. She asked me how much I wanted. And that's all I've done now. I don't know, six or seven years, whatever it's been. Now, I haven't looked back and it's been a magical ride. It's literally then to be in places like Cuba hanging out with some of the most top like top 1 percent entrepreneurs basically in the world. It's landed me in rooms that I was just kind of pinching myself, couldn't even believe. And then here I've got a guy over here, start started. And now really super good friends started the largest merger, merger acquisition on the planet. Forty eight billion dollars. He he calls me his mental bodyguard. So. Yeah. So it's it's it's been kind of interesting.

[00:39:52] Well, speaking of that, tell people how they can find you and get ahold of you.

[00:39:56] Yeah, absolutely. They can get a hold of me by going on to my Web site, DarylHill.com. And definitely I've got some free stuff on there as well. Thanks to Tom for spend some time the other day. Look on my Web site now that put together. So you guys go on there the resource tab and get access to some of the meditations and some of the things that Tom talked about earlier today. I found out that the skills that I've developed works across the board. So no matter what, you know, you're possibly having an issue with. And it's not so much of an issue. You may want to get better at something that you're at right now. Maybe you're like like Michael Jordan and you're like, man, I want to I want to play at that level. Well, even Michael Jordan went out and had a coach. Even Tom Brady's got Bill Belichick. Right. And we like to claim Bill Belichick is one of our own from the Naval Academy because he grew up at the Naval Academy. His dad was a coach here for 30 years. You're up to the job of Bob Lloyd, Roger Staubach and a bunch of the Navy greats we've had over the years. So, again, you know, you look at that blueprint for somebody like that is most successful coach out there in NFL history grew up here at the Naval Academy. Understand what work ethic was. This stuff didn't happen by accident. I've been blessed by the people I've actually had in my life and it really helped me get here. And I just want to end with like that one entrepreneurial turnaround that hired me there. He went on to do a million dollars from zero literally next twelve months. His business off the presentation. I helped him with get started. So, guys, it's possible for you. You're starting at zero or you go in seven figure right now. Doesn't matter. Everybody can level up that next level. And that's what I'm here to do.

[00:41:52] Well, well, powerful, powerful stuff there, Daryl. So thanks so much for taking the time to be on with us today. And we're going to definitely go over and check out all the stuff he has. I've already seen some of it and it's extremely powerful. Wait till you see some of those people that he's helped what they have to say about. So thanks for coming on. All right, everybody. We'll catch y'all on the next episode. See ya later.

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