178 - Low risk and high returns mean you'll succeed in your business: Tom talks Digital Info Marketing - Screw The Commute

178 – Low risk and high returns mean you’ll succeed in your business: Tom talks Digital Info Marketing

Why should you do this? Why should you get in the digital information marketing arena? Well, one reason, it's extremely low risk and another reason is its extremely high profit margins. I mean, digital products are 97 percent profit. I mean, if somebody happens to give you a check, it's 100 percent profit. But most of the time you've got a little credit card fees. So that's why we say it's 97 percent profit.

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[03:31] Tom's introduction to Digital Info Marketing

[05:44] Topics for information products

[11:18] Types of digital products

[24:23] Software as a Service

[25:39] Graphics and Infographics

[27:40] Templates

[29:25] Audio stuff

[32:56] Video stuff

[33:51] Apps

[34:20] Games and WordPress Themes

[34:49] Acting as a Publisher

[39:45] Delivery methods

[42:14] Membership sites

[43:21] Collecting money

[44:25] Return On Monthly Investment (ROMY)

[50:55] Sponsor message

[54:33] Bestselling author of all time

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 178 – Digital Info Marketing
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:25] Hey, everybody it's Tom here with episode 178 of Screw the Commute podcast. Today, we're talking about digital information marketing, also known as DIM, and I kind of lovingly think you are a little dim if you don't do this. All right. And we'll get to that in a minute. Then please tell your friends about the podcast. Go over to iTunes and sign up for it. The subscribe and go to screwthecommute.com it leads you to all the great places you can subscribe. And and I know you know somebody that either wants to start a business or is already in business. And I would love to have some great tips. So get them over here to screw the commute podcast. Now, our app is now in the Apple store. I don't know what it's called now since they're getting rid of iTunes, I guess. But you can just go to screwthecommute.com/app. You can get instructions on how to use all the fancy features when you're in the car. It'll turn itself up and off and all over the place. So check that out at screwthecommute.com/app and then make sure you grab your freebie for listen to this podcast. It's my twenty seven dollar e-book, How to Automate Your Business. And, you know, just tons of tips in there for both your cell phones and automating keystrokes. And if you get questions, the same questions all the time, it automates the responses. I mean, all the things I've used the handle up to one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 40000 customers. And before I started hiring a bunch of people, I had one part time temp person that didn't even handle any of that stuff. I handled everybody myself using these tools that are either cheap or free. So check that out. And also there's a if you scroll down the page after you get that book, there's an extra surprise gift for you. All right. Guess who our sponsor is this week? Like the last one hundred and seventy episodes. It's me. It's me, Tom Antion and the Internet Marketing Retreat and Joint Venture Program where myself and my staff work with you for at least a year to either get you started in an Internet business or to use the Internet to take your existing business to the next level. You don't have to wait a whole year to make money. I mean, we have people making money within a month. I mean, if you're already in business, we could probably review what you've got going and increase that almost immediately. So you've got to check that out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com. And I'm going to put that in the show notes like everything we talk about in these episodes. And in case you wonder how to get to an episode, you go to screwthecommute.com slash and then the episode number. So this would be screwthecommute.com/178. That's what this episode is. But greatinternetmarketingtraining.com is the site for my mentor program and it's very unique. I'll tell you more details about it later when we get done with the info marketing stuff.

[00:03:36] All right. Let's get to the main event. Why should you do this? Why should you get in the digital information marketing arena? Well, one reason it's extremely low risk. And another reason is its extremely high profit margins. I mean, digital products are 97 percent profit. I mean, if somebody happens to give you a check, it's 100 percent profit. But most of the time you've got a little credit card fees. So that's why we say it's 97 percent profit. And listen. Yeah. You can do language lessons on Skype or Zoom. You could design logos one at a time. You could start a photography business or audio or video recording business. But all those things are trading time for money. Today, I'm going to concentrate on my work philosophy that I have been teaching since at least 1996, 7 or so is work get paid, paid, paid, paid, paid and paid forever. All right. That's what information marketing is all about. It's not pie in the sky. It's not hocus pocus. I've been living this. Well, I sold my first e-book, I think in 2001. All right. What's that? Eighteen and a half years ago. Oh, all right. And I actually have an information product that I created twenty eight years ago that's still selling. That's called an evergreen product. Now, that certainly wouldn't apply to my Internet stuff, but I've still had Internet stuff that sold for quite a while, but that usually needs updating. But some of this stuff you can sell for years and years or for ever. And I can assure you there are going to be something for everyone here. If you don't get a ton of ideas from today's episode, you must be asleep at the wheel and and maybe you are already in some kind of business or even a bricks and mortar business. Well, I'll still have ways for you to bring in money from around the world while you're still running your local bricks and mortar business. And for those of you newbies, just in case you don't know. Bricks and mortar means you have an actual building where you do business from. That's not usually your home and it's usually in a local market somewhere.

[00:05:50] Now, before we get into the types of digital information products, I want to talk to you about the topics for your information products. Absolutely. Without a doubt. All right. How to information will sell easier than fiction. And yeah, I know everybody talks about J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter and how rich she is. And there's obviously loads of others like Stephen King. And guess who's the winner of a selling information prize? All right. At least tied for the winner. I gave you a trick hint that I'm going to. I'll tell you at the end of the show, the end of this episode, who it actually is, the initials are B S, but I will tell you who's tied with him with four billion books sold. You probably never guessed this. Agatha Christie. I bet you didn't know that. But I might keep you in suspense on who the actual winner was. But here's my point. For every bestselling fiction author, there is literally I mean, literally probably a half a million broke fiction authors. And probably more, in fact, smart fiction writers use how to information under a pen name to finance their fiction career. And, you know, you don't even have to write a word or know or be halfway literate to create information products. So if you're worried, though, I can't write, I can't spell. None of that matters. In fact, I'm going to give you a method to create a massively great information product. And you don't know a thing about the topic. You just act as the publisher and you get all the information that's that's expert level. And it's not plagiarized for free. How do you like that? All right. So I'll tell you about that in a little while. But bottom line, how to information is a much more sure thing. Way to sell digital information.

[00:07:49] Now, here's another sidebar tip before we get into the types of products. Some of you may know about my eulogy and wedding books. Both of them sold very well for nine years straight until pay per click charges got too expensive. That's how I drove traffic to the site. It was only one page Web sites that sold these all it was was the sales letter. The eulogy book netted about forty two thousand dollars per year and my wedding speech and toast books about seventy two thousand dollars a year. And I am thrilled with that income. They still sell a little bit today, but I just don't drive. Paid traffic to them. So I'm thrilled with that money. What I'm not thrilled with is that the customers of those e-books never bought anything else. They were one shot sales. I mean, the eulogy people just had a funeral coming up and they're all distraught and they're desperate. They bought bought it, but they didn't care about it. Public speaking stuff that I sell where entrepreneurship or Internet marketing stuff, they don't care about that. So there was a one shot customer. Same with the wedding book. They were drunk. Most of them were drunk guys that the bachelor party thinking, oh, my God, I got to be on video tomorrow and the bride is gonna kill me if I screw up the video. So they bought their wedding speech and toast books. So. But they were only one shot deals. So what I tell my students now and I didn't know any better in 2001 and plus I made a lot of money because it was it was easy to get a cash flow then much easier because there wasn't as much competition.

[00:09:30] But what I tell my students now, when you try to come up with a topic which I help them develop and I have materials to teach them how to develop topics. The first thing I'm going to ask him when they come to me with a topic is what else could you sell that person that bought that first product? If they can't answer it, we do not. I do not let them develop that product. It's just a one shot deal again. What I want is the product that leads to another product that leads to another product, and that the the topic is such that a person buys everything. I wish you could say, well, when you come to my retreat center, because you non dim people out there are going to see that this is massive value that we have here. Way you come to the retreat center for an immersion weekend where we actually live in the house with me this big estate home here. I'm looking right now through one through my spiral staircase, into the other living room where there's a six foot banquet table, three feet high with tennis videos because I'm a tennis nut. So I buy everything there is on tennis.

[00:10:40] Well, that's the whole that's what I'm talking about. Now, I've bought from lots of different people. But if I there's some people I bought lots of things from out of that mess over there. So a book or an information product should always lead to something else. And that doesn't mean it needs to be just the sales letter that makes people mad because they still won't buy more from you. If they didn't get value from what they bought. But still, nobody will complain if you give them a high value product and there's spin offs from that product that they will buy also. And if you keep giving them good value, they keep buying. I've had some people 28, 29 years buying stuff from me even before the Internet was around.

[00:11:22] All right. So let's get into the types of digital products. Well, there's only two types of e-books that we deal with. One is the PDF e-book and the other is the Kindle e-book, which is by Amazon. So basically, you start a word document. I have. I have complete episodes on how to do this. But but PDF e-books and Kindle e-books do not bother with Barnes and Nobles, Nook and all these other Apple books or whatever there is. Amazon is the big kahuna and there's deals that you can make with them where they'll give your book away and you say, well, oh, great. Who cares? Well, remember, I just said the book should lead to something else. Well, it probably is a good time to tell you about a book I wrote in four hours at a layover at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

[00:12:12] And it's brought in three point six million dollars so far and anywhere from seven to fifteen thousand dollars a month still. Okay. And it's free. You say I. That's B.S.. Tom, were you trying to B.S. here? No, it's not B.S. Here's the here's the basic method. You write a how to book on how to do something, but the people can't do it unless they purchase this tool or whatever the service. And you get a commission. If it's not your product, if it is your product, you get all the money. All right. So that's the thing. So Amazon's Kindle has this deal that if you swear you won't sell the book at any of these other places. Then they will give the book away for five days out of every 90, and there's ways that we teach a how to really get the number of giveaways. Way bigger than just with Amazon. So they gave away twenty five hundred copies of this book for me. And if you buy the thing in the book, I get six hundred dollars a year commission. So this is how you have to think, folks. And those of you in bricks and mortar stores, a lot of bricks and mortar stores use things like this to help finance and keep their local brick. Bricks and mortar mortar store afloat. Because speaking of Amazon, I mean, that is one downside as a crushed little little businesses. But the thing is, is that's the ways of the world. So if you can take advantage of Amazon with an information product and make up for them crushing you out of business, they might be doing you a favor because you don't have to go to the store every day. You don't have to open the doors every day or you don't have to cut grass or paint or whatever you happen to do for a living. And I'm not saying quit doing that stuff. I'm just saying adding these other information products to the mix at super high profit can really be an extra revenue stream. That's what I'm talking about here. All right. So some other things, white papers as basically the name of an e-book in the corporate market, basically special reports, industry reports. Listen to this. I once paid one hundred and eighty three dollars for an 18 page report on the state. Kind of like the State of the Union of email marketing, like open rates and, you know, demographics and things like that. One hundred and eighty three dollars. Now, that was only good for a certain amount of time. But let's say they sold five hundred or a thousand of them. That's a lot of money I bought him for marketing sherpas. It's still in business. Yeah. Probably because of my hundred eighty three dollars. All right. So if you were in a business or an industry that you could write an industry report and sell it for a lot of money, because if it's corporate money, they're used to paying big money for something you're not, you know, have to worry about a 17 dollar e-book in the corporate market. It can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars for special reports.

[00:15:16] Remember, I told you there's gonna be something for everybody here. So there's corporate stuff and the books and Kindles, stuff that I do or a little guy stuff. But there's still maybe a lot of money. I mean, when you think a three point six million over the years I've been doing it, it's probably close to two hundred forty some thousand dollars a year just from that one four hour investment that I did in a layover. See, I use my throwaway time, you know, I could have sat there and watched TV or or listened to music or something. I wrote an e-book. This brought an enormous amount of money over time. Don't don't throw away your throw away time.

[00:15:57] OK, here's another idea. So I have the great honor of being the feature of a Hollywood documentary called The American Entrepreneurs should premiere this fall. Of course, I jumped in and I said, I'm going to really make this make something out of this. So I'm figuring out how to help the production company do a premiere online and I'm doing all this research right. And I ran across these guys that had a DVD. They wrote a manual with it and then sold it to school. And it was going to be a 20 dollar 19.95 DVD to retail to the public. So they wrote a manual with it, a discussion manual, and sold it to schools for one hundred and fifty dollars and sold hundreds and hundreds of them to schools. So that's the idea. If you have something that would lend itself to schools, write a discussion manual for the teacher and then now you can get ten times the money for or close to ten times the money for it. So there's another idea for you.

[00:17:06] All right. Next, the type of digital products, the membership site. Now, membership sites aren't totally passive until you reach a certain critical mass point. So membership sites are where. And they're available on any kind of topic you can think of, but somebody pays either a monthly or yearly or lifetime fee to be a member of a private thing that's not available to the public. And and by the way, a little bit later, I'm going to be teaching you how to deliver these things, how to make a membership site and how the shopping carts and all that stuff. So membership sites, you do have to put a little effort in because especially if it's monthly, you've got to make sure people want to stay in because you're providing stuff every every week or every month. And if you don't, you know, that's called I think it's called churn, where people will just drop off after because there's no value after they've seen everything that you have. So there's a little bit of work there, but it's what we call scaleable. So if you did something with 100 members like you had, let's say, a live call with 100 members. Once a week. So you spend an hour, once a week, maybe an hour preparing for it. So you spend two hours a week and you got 100 people paying you for it. But what if you had 500 people paying you for it? You still only spent two hours. See, this is what we call scalable. What if you had a thousand people and there is an embroidery site I wish I could remember the darn name of it. Twenty thousand members mostly. I don't know if this is politically correct, but little old ladies embroidery stuff. Twenty thousand members at ten dollars a month each. Two hundred thousand dollars a month. And all they gave them was one embroidery pattern a month. And that for ten bucks. All right. Two hundred thousand. And a community started to build there. And then again, if it was 5000 people who I mean, would you be happy with that money? All right. I think you probably would say so you can scale these things, but you do have to put stuff in. But once a community starts to build, I had a buddy that had a bunch of sites, membership sites on to help personal trainers get more business and be better personal trainers. And he told me one time he forgot to put stuff up, but he had so many people in there, they didn't even notice because they're discussing things amongst themselves that they didn't. We miss him. So once you reach a critical mass, you can back off a little bit. But I can't of would be afraid to because I wouldn't want that that loads of people to start disappearing. So anyway, that's a membership site.

[00:19:47] E courses. These can be audio video written with some interaction with you or some that just stand alone. I mean, I've had the first one ever put out brought in seven thousand bucks a free e course the first week because it taught you all this internet stuff. And then at the end I had this hundred ninety nine dollar thing at that time who was a CD ROM that went even deeper into all this stuff, you know. So loads of people watched the free E course and was delivered via e-mail via auto responder, which I'll tell you about how to do that later. And they bought tons of these hundred ninety nine dollars C.D. ROMs, because if you give something free, as long as it's 90 percent free and I mean 90 percent good, good information and maybe 10 percent promote something else, nobody gets mad. But if it was 90 percent sales and 10 percent good stuff, then people would unsubscribe and they'd never trust you anymore. Say so. But that can be delivered via an E course. Now you can also make courses through Lynda.com and udemy.com. And I think teachable has a platform, but I don't really promote that because I want you to have your own Web site and get all the money. And I know that's daunting to a lot of people. But we've got 80 some year old ladies making WordPress Web sites and we have a inexpensive course on it. We'll have it in the show notes. I think it's like screwthecommute.com/wordpressecourse and you get all the money and the investment was only one hundred and fifty bucks in the Web site, so you can do this and get all the money. Don't feel like, oh, it's too hard, it's too hard and cry the blues. I'm not technical enough. I mean, my wordpress eCourse we teach you how to do it. And then my tech guys back you up to make sure you don't screw anything up. All right. So it's like 97 bucks to to make a world class Web site. And that now you know how to do it. You can have as many as you want just by getting a little knowledge, because if you go to a firm minimum, it's going to be, I don't know, two thousand, three thousand dollars. And and then they're going to charge a maintenance fee for nothing. I mean, I I consulted with this dog training firm that people charge him forty three thousand dollars for their Web site and fifteen hundred dollars a month for maintenance. And I looked at it like, for what? You got a basic WordPress site here. We could have been done for 150 bucks. Some custom graphics. That can be done on fiverr.com for five, 10, 15 dollars. And the maintenance was nothing. It was like putting up another picture of a dog next week. You know, it's just stupid. People get taken to the cleaners with this. So you can do it.

[00:22:56] All right, also, we used kickstartcart.com. This can be delivered e courses at your auto responder, your shopping cart, your affiliate programs, your coupons, your upselling, all of this stuff in one place. And it might give you some actual real numbers later on your investment for this stuff and how you really scale it if you really use the tools, because you're looking at one hundred and fifty nine dollars a month roughly to have a business to sell this stuff worldwide. Now, you can't find any kind of business. You couldn't get a deposit on a little crap store front for less than, I don't know, three thousand dollars for the deposit and then the first month's rent. Come on. You know, this is chump change to be able. That's why I say people were so dim. If they don't get this in their head that this is the best time in the world to be in this kind of business. I mean, the tools are all cheap or free, and I don't get me on my high horse.

[00:23:59] All right. You can make straight products out of video, how to videos, how to audios. They're still selling see audio. Just like this podcast is the only thing you can learn from why you're doing something else. So people will pay for this. You got audible.com for all the business books and I don't know if they have any how to stuff there probably. But you can create this stuff on unique topics and you can interview people and all that so you can have just direct products out of this. Now, here's something I don't usually talk about, stuff I haven't done, but I'm going to tell you about it in case it interests you or it's it's in your bailiwick. It's software and software as a service. See, I am totally not technical. So for me to create a piece of software, which I could probably come up with the idea for it, I would have to deal with programmers in one of us would kill each other because I'm a big picture guy and they're very, you know, for them to do their work. They have to be very detail oriented. And so usually there's a clash there and I don't understand their programming. And so I just don't want to do that. There's too many other options for me. But maybe you're like that stuff. I don't know. And then now we have software as a service that's called SaaS. And see, it used to be when I first taught this stuff that it really mattered if you had a Mac or a P.C. because all the software was developed for PCs and Macs, you know, just they were too bad. I mean, they were good for graphics and video and stuff, but not none of nothing was developed as software for them. But now you just log on usually to a place. So now I don't care if you have a Mac or P.C., you can still make a fortune doing it.

[00:25:45] Now, another type of product is graphics. Now, here's the thing. I don't think you can. It's the best idea. There's so many other things you could be doing than creating logos for people. See, that's that's work. Get paid. Photography work. Get paid. And even if you take stock photos that you sell, there's so much competition and they give you nothing for them. So I can't see that. If you're good at photography and you do it for yourself. For your Web sites, great, you know, and. And if you're really good at it. I just paid ninety seven bucks for an iPhone photography course. It's awesome. So, yeah, I can see that because that guy's selling that over and over and over and over. I think he sold 30 some thousand of them at ninety seven dollars apiece and the guy lives in Latvia. OK. So yeah, you can do this. People selling fonts. But again, it's. I just it's not it's not my bailiwick. Now the whole thing is there is a thing called infographics that I think there would be a market for this. This is where you have a graphic that's got like statistics on it, or you can even have infographics, sales, letters. But but if you just took a bunch of statistics and put them in infographics and sold them over and over. So they weren't. You weren't making custom ones for one person. I can see you can make some money doing that because I would buy it because I'm always looking for something, the jazz up, my blog postings or my Facebook, this and that. And if it was an infographic, that's that said, you know, the percentage of people in online businesses and, you know, any kind of statistics you run across you, if you're good at it, you could turn it into an infographic and then sell that infographic over and over and over again. Probably not forever because statistics change over time. But I could go along with that.

[00:27:45] Now, here's one I can really go along with. It's called templates and I kind of help the guy developed. And if this guy was a family therapist and he got into my mentor program and now he's a full time Internet marketer for many years now. But he created and I helped him develop a set of article templates. This was back with art. I think he was called himself the article marketing guy. Now, nowadays, articles kind of fell away to blog postings are treated differently. So you want to. Even though it's the same information in the form of a blog posting, it'll do you better. But anyway, he sold these articles and you just fill in the blanks with your information. And these were wonderful. I don't know how many thousands of these he sold. That was great.

[00:28:34] Another guy selling media hooks. In other words, fill in the blanks of how you catch your producers here to get on radio or TV. The other guy's selling video sales letter, blank scripts. And I have some of them. I have kind of a way to do video sales letters in my copywriting901.com course. I'll put that in the show notes too.

[00:28:57] One of my students now heard me do this seminar on a Facebook Live and is a resumé writer, so she's going to do resumé templates because she's tired of doing one on one resumes, dispute level letters, legal forms. I don't know if you have to be an attorney for that or not. Probably not a PowerPoint templates. I bought a PowerPoint template I've been using for years, but I if I needed another one, I go back to the same person that made this one. So templates are great digital products.

[00:29:31] Now, this one is funny as heck. This is audio stuff. So I try to always promote people around me. Now, I had a guy working cutting grass for me. I saw I know he was doing a good job. I asked moves any good with computers. I brought him in one day a week to start working in my Internet business. And pretty soon it was he was worth more in the internet business than cutting grass. So I hired him full time. He worked here for years and years. So then another guy comes out to the office and starts working outside the lawn and stuff. And I'm always saying, Hey, what do you do? What do you know? You're doing a nice job. You know, you ought to think about doing something online. And so he comes into me one day, just cracking up, because I remember vividly how stupid I was here, because I don't know a thing about the cool the hip hop world and all that stuff. I mean, if I try to dance hip hop, I mean, the only good day I'd have is if I didn't hurt anybody on the dance floor. So he ran in one morning and he said, Tom, I took your advice. I'm selling beats online. And I'm thinking, what you're what I'm thinking B E E T S like the vegetable. He's talking about the. I know it's still to this day. I don't know exactly what a beat is. It gets boop, boop, boop, boop that a beat. Can I sell that. It's like one of these Lucy skits where you know Desi. She's thinking one thing, he's thinking the other. So he keeps saying, yeah, I'm selling beats online. And I'm thinking, how did you have time to grow a garden of beets? He got to the bottom of it. Oh, OK.

[00:31:37] Well, that's a digital product beats. There's I mean, there's companies get big contract. I was just looking for some editing audio editing tips last night on YouTube. And I ran into this guy and he said, here's the 10 ten tips. He was he was a beat a beat company hired for two years by some big, I don't know, Hollywood production company. And he said, yeah, these other companies that we're working on with us, they only got hired for one year. They really loved us and hired us for two years, you know. So, man, I have I still have no idea exactly what it is. But if you do, there's a market out there. Now, the opening and closing of this podcast was acquired from Mike Stewart, the Internet audio guy. So he sells stock music. You can sell ringtones and sound effects. Stock music. Probably better because ringtones. I don't know. I don't know. I think stock music is way better because people were afraid to get copyright infringement from ASCAP and BMI. You know, the music police basically. So that can be great, but I'm not sure about selling B E E T S online.

[00:33:00] So very back the video. Anyhow, two topics you could sell comedy, but there's so much free. So many free comedians online. I don't know if I've tried to do that. Now, there is one thing you could do is and I just happen to know because one of my students is the standup comedian, but she's a more mature lady. Let's put it that way. And she does retirement homes and they're always looking for stuff. In fact, I had one I had to give him a refund, which I can hardly remember how to do refunds because, you know, we we do high quality stuff with low, low cost. But it was make them laugh. And they thought it was a comedy routine, but it was for professional speakers how to teach people to laugh. So, of course, I gave him a refund. That wasn't right for them. But anyway, that's a big market retirement communities thing. So if there's something appropriate, you might be able to sell into there.

[00:33:57] Now, another digital product is apps like I have Screw the Commute podcast app. Now, I paid 100 bucks to have that developed, which is really cheap only because the podcast host of mine Libsyn made that available. If I went out on the open market and had it developed, there would be way, way more. So if you're you know, the thing is though, again, you're work for hire. So not my favorite thing.

[00:34:25] Now, something that's a spin off of that is games. You developed an online game. That's a big that's a big field now. Again, I have no idea how to do that stuff if it makes sense for you. Or themes for WordPress. Now, you do have to keep them updated because if somebody pays you for a theme and then, you know, WordPress is already always updating, you gotta keep it up to date. So, again, I don't like that.

[00:34:54] Well, let's talk about delivering methods and money now. I tell you up before we talk about that, I'll tell you about the method that you can create a quality product out of thin air and not know a thing about it and basically act as the publisher. So some of you may have heard this story before, so bear with me. So I'm sitting in first class going from L.A., I think, to Charlotte and. I'm sitting next to a guy who appeared to me to be in his mid 40s and in his seat pocket in front of me had a bunch of go kart magazines. So I said, Hey, what's up with the go cart stuff? And oh man. He lit up. He says, Oh, man. Me and my boys race them. I got three boys. And I said, that's cool. So I said, how much will this cost? He said, oh, you can't get a piece of junk for ten thousand dollars. Give me ten thousand dollars for go kart. He said, yeah, yeah. I said ours are about 30000 each. Think I'm doing the math now. Three boys, four get one hundred and twenty thousand dollars tied up in go karts. But if you're racing him he's probably got tires and engines, spare engines and fuel tanks and and a trailer to haul him in a monster truck to pull the trailer and all. But I'm thinking he's got several hundred thousand dollars tied up in these go carts. So I'm brewing on this and I'm thinking, hey, if I wanted to write a book on how to buy your first racing go cart. All right. Now, again, think of that thing I told you earlier. These people are fanatics on go carts. So they're going to buy everything there is on go carts, on racing techniques and tune up techniques and fuel mixtures and tire wear and breaking. I mean, I don't have any idea what what you could get into, but you could sell stuff forever on this. So here's the method. Every place, every topic on earth just about has what is called a discussion board or a forum. Or discussion board. Same thing where people talk about a certain subject. And you can ask questions and people answer and they throw their two cents worth in. And this is how it works. Now, if you ever join any kind of discussion board, here's just a sidebar tip. You're always what they call lurk. Just watch. Because if you come in and start doing something wrong, you'll get kicked off before you even get anywhere. So you don't want that to happen. So just see the culture of the group. It's always different. You usually can't come in and start promoting yourself or they'll definitely kick you off. All right. So on the sidebar of most discussion boards, there's the person's nickname that made the comment. And lot of times they'll have how many posts they have, and if you reach a certain number of posts, sometimes they call you a senior member, they tell you how long you been there when you joined and everything. So that's the discussion. And so if I was going to write a book on how to buy your first racing go cart, I would. Lurk around one of those things, and I would watch for the people that had the most like senior members and been there for years and, you know, thousands of postings and answers and questions, and I would approach them and I'd say, hey, I'm writing a book on how to buy your first racing go cart. Could I interview you? All right. Now, how many people that you ask do you think would turn you down OK? That's all they do is talk about go carts all day long. Right. So your interview. How much do you think they would charge you for the interview? Nothing again. That's all they do all day long. Who do you think would be all proud that they're in the book and help you promote it? Ok. Same people say so you got all this content totally for free. You compile it, put it together in a book called How to Buy your first racing go cart. And those people will promote it for you. They'll be so proud. Of course, you give him a copy for themselves, but for helping you. But they'll be so proud. They'll tell everybody about it. All right. Probably get probably get mentioned in quite a bit in that forum. So other people would buy it or buy some for their kids, you know, who knows? But that you could get a complete product without paying any royalties to anybody for free just by using that method. All right. So you're welcome. OK. For telling you that.

[00:39:46] All right. So let's get back to some other what else we got here. Well, let's get back to the delivery methods and the money. Well, kickstartcart.com is the shopping cart. I have been using for now 18 years. In face, in the face of all of these fancy ones that cost three times as much and mine will do 90 percent of what they'll do. But the here here's the thing. Virtually 100 percent of the people that listen to this podcast don't wouldn't use all the fancy features that these shopping carts would use anyway. So there's just no reason to pay. Three, four or five hundred dollars a month. Fact I had one lady come to me. She was paying four thousand dollars a month just for a part time person to operate this shopping cart that she had no clue and would never in a million years. You know, she was such a newbie. She had no idea what how to use all the advanced functions. Then the cart was wonderful. It just was for a bigger company. But they attack this market that didn't know any better and people bought it and they all got rid of it because they. Yeah, but but I've had people, you know, fifteen hundred users. I've had it for years and years and years because it's way cheaper. And I'm going to show you the actual costs of these things to run this kind of business, including the shopping cart. As I get in the section later, but it's called kickstartcart.com. We give unlimited one on one tutoring to teach you how to use it. A mere mortal could use it. Some of the dumbest people I know can use. So. So that's the main hub of your your business. Right there runs virtually everything. And it still does for mine after you know, I've been doing this twenty five years now. And in the beginning, oh, my God, you had to pay two thousand bucks for a shopping cart that would barely work on one Web site and wouldn't do hardly anything. So that's way under water, under the bridge. Now I have probably 70 different sites going through one cart and I always tell people I can be selling bras on one hand and Bibles on the other and nobody would know the difference. It's really, really, really powerful anyway. So that's the shopping cart system and that can deliver your E courses with the auto responders and collect the money and all that stuff.

[00:42:19] All right. Now, membership sites, of course, everything we do is based on WordPress and we use that. I mean, we'd still have a part of my program is I have a membership site for my students from MemberGate, but I can't recommend that to anybody that's four thousand bucks and I wouldn't even do it anymore. All right. But when the time came when my old membership site died on me, I needed something fast and reliable because I have all these obligations to these students. So that's what I have. But that's not what we teach anymore. We teach you how to do a WordPress site with a membership plug in. It's called they cost you about one hundred dollars a year. So basically nine dollars a month or something to have membership functionality. There's another little plug in that automates everything for you. That's, I think, forty dollars a year. So you bet you pay ten dollars a month to have this functionality. And you remember the embroidery site. Twenty thousand members at those apiece. If you did a fraction of that, you'd be happy, I suspect.

[00:43:27] All right. Now collecting the money. Well, you can start with PayPal, which is free now. Like all merchant processors, they're going to take a percentage of the sale. So you can start with PayPal. Now, the only problem with only using PayPal is there's a little bit of a stigma to it. Like people were thinking, if you're so great, how come you only have PayPal? You like a reject from eBay or something? So people have a little bit of problem with that. If you have a full blown merchant account, though, there's fees involved 30 to 50 dollars a month, probably for sure whether you use it or not. So there's fees involved, but it does knock down the stigma of only having PayPal. So we've actually seen sales increase for people 15 percent or more if they have a merchant account and PayPal, because now the stigma is gone of only having PayPal. But people do like to spend their PayPal money. So you can grow into that if you need to. But you can just start with PayPal.

[00:44:31] All right, now let me get into some examples I call it ROMI or return on monthly investment instead of return on investment ROI return on monthly investment. So let's talk about the cost to get into this business. So for the shopping cart, you're looking at one hundred twenty nine dollars a month. You can buy a year for like twelve hundred bucks and get two months free. Well, let's just go on. The monthly figures there cost you about ten dollars a month. The host the Web site. It'll cost about 20 dollars a month for your theme on your website. In the high quality Web site, builder not like the crap that you get from some of these other places, a high quality builder, it's gonna cost you 20 dollars a month to develop your Web site. So that's really cheap. So the whole thing is going to cost one hundred fifty nine dollars a month and use PayPal. So let me give you an example of really get your your mind going on, what this could mean even if I giving. Before I get into the other examples, I give you an example of a landscape company. Now, across the street from me is an older couple that the guy just actually passed. But for the entire time I've lived here 17 plus years. They have a landscape company that comes and does everything, trims the bushes, cuts the grass. They don't do a thing. And I don't know how much they're paying. But let's just say it was one hundred dollars a week. So they're spending 400 dollars a month to have their beautiful little house over there. All right. So times 52 weeks. That's fifty two hundred dollars a year, they're paying a landscape company, which over 17 years that's eighty eight thousand four hundred dollars just from that one house for that landscape company, the same company and all the whole time I've been here. So let's say that that company put out a the way they got the custom in the first place. They had an e-book telling you how the best ways to take care of your lawn. And that led that person to hire them to do it. Well, they they'd only have to sell it if they sell. Sold that book seven a month to break even on their hundred fifty nine dollars per month just to have an online system. They only have to do seven a month or they could give the book away. Because which would you rather have, you know, you clear twenty five bucks for the book. That's not too shabby. But I think that that company would rather have that 88 thousand, don't you? And you know, and I don't know how many people would stick for 17 years. But even if they they did one season, you know, they made twelve hundred dollars from that book convincing that customer that they were good people to hire. So even with a local company like that. The book led to the bigger thing, which was their landscape contract.

[00:47:35] I believe we get in this to some of the figures if you're doing everything online. So let's say you have a twenty seven dollar e-book, very common price or an e-book, and you clear twenty five dollars each. You only have to sell seven of them in an entire month to break even on your hundred fifty nine dollar investment to be in this business. That's pretty pitiful. All right. If you can't sell 7 a month, that means you're not even trying. Or you pick the stupid topic. All right. If you sold 10 a week, which is more realistic, you'd make a thousand dollars a month, less the one hundred fifty nine. You clear eight hundred forty one dollars just from simple ten a week of selling an e-book. All right. Let's jack it up a little bit. Let's say you have a 47 dollar E course. Again, not very expensive for an e course. I knew one guy had a fifteen hundred dollar E course paid for a new BMW by selling it. All right. But anyway, let's say you had a forty seven dollars course. You'd only have to sell four in a month to break even if you sold 10 in a week. You would make seventeen hundred sixty dollars minus your 159, you cleared Sixteen hundred one dollars. All right, let's jack it up again. Let's say you have a ninety seven dollar a year membership. I have one called amazingpublicspeaking.com. It's got 475 public speaking videos on how to be a pro speaker and everything. Ninety seven dollars a year. You'd only have to sell two in a month and you're making money. All right. If you sold 10 in a week. That's three thousand seven hundred twenty dollars, again, less your 159. Notice how the one fifty nine isn't getting any bigger. That's one fifty nine. You clear three thousand five hundred sixty one dollars a month. This is the amount of money approximately this young girl is in our school. Young woman, I guess, politically correct. Quit her job when she hit the three thousand dollar a month mark in her online business after only two months. By the way, I can't guarantee that you would do that, but it's certainly possible. All right, let's jack it up again. Remember I told you about the industry manual. I paid one hundred eighty three dollars. Let's say you have one hundred ninety seven dollar industry manual just sell one in a month. You're making money. Ten a week. Listen to this. Seventy five hundred and sixty dollars minus your one fifty nine equals seventy four hundred dollars per month.

[00:50:18] Now. And I'm just giving you one example of one each. What if you were doing one of each of these and it kept growing on top of each other like I've been doing for years? Well, seventy five hundred sixty plus thirty seven twenty from a previous example plus a thousand minus your 159, right, is thirteen thousand eight hundred eighty one a month or one hundred sixty six thousand five hundred seventy two a year.

[00:50:48] All right, these aren't pie in the sky figures we do. I mean, for years we we did, you know, ten times that so for only one hundred fifty nine dollars per month. I'm not trying to sell you one hundred fifty nine dollars package, although I would be happy to. I really want you to get him my mentor program to teach you how to do all this stuff. And it's a program where I partner with you. So you pay an entry fee. I mean, I've really made the gurus mad because people at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand upfront to teach this stuff. So I said, that's a rip off. Most of them won't help you anyway. Lot of them can't even make their car payments and they're trying to tell you how to get rich. So I'm living in his big mansion and I was making one hundred thousand a month when a lot of them were in diapers. Yes. So. So anyway, I want you to be in a mentor program because they can teach you how to do this. But I partner with you. So you pay an entry fee, but then I get a percentage of your profits that's capped. So, you know, I'm not going to disappear on you because if I don't stick with you, I won't get my big money. All right. So so the currently the cap is fifty thousand dollars. And for me to get my fifty thousand, you've got a net two hundred thousand. And I've been doing this for 20 some years and people seem to like that idea. So we've had seventeen hundred students right now. Do all of them make their two hundred thousand. No. But a great many of them that actually do the work and don't get sucked in by some magic bullet that some guy's B.S.ing you about or some woman is B.S.ing you about I mean, everything you need is right here. We have subject matter experts. And also what makes this so unique is it's one on one. You're not lumped into a group and just good luck to you after you gave me a lot of money. You have one on one with me. My subject matter experts. Lakia. Travis. Jennifer. Larry. Marc. All of these people will help you one on one. And we'll even take over your screen and show you where to click and do all this stuff. And then the other unique feature is you have a immersion weekend here at the retreat center. Very small group average is five or six. The most we ever had was 10. But we shoot videos for you. I mean, this videos, we shoot for you here. I've seen them at trade shows going for seven hundred to fifteen hundred dollars, quote, on sale, you know, seminar price for just one. We had somebody two weeks ago come in and shoot twenty one of them here. All right. So my students, we have a whole TV studio here. So you get access to that. Another unique feature we have the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. And you get a scholarship to that. That's where the young woman, her dad joined the mentor program and gave the scholarship to her. And within a month she was make an eleven hundred dollars a month. Two months later, over 3000 and quitting your job. And she still got four to six months left in the school. So. So this is a fantastic program to teach you how to do this stuff. And it's extremely low risk, massive returns. So I really want you to get in the information marketing business in one way or the other. Now, if you apply yourself and get the simple tools needed, kickstartcart.com, we'll tell you if you get in touch with me orders@antion.com or we'll have it in the show notes, the membership plugins that you need. Couple of them. And of course, PayPal. You could be sitting home watching orders come in to your tablet while you're watching Netflix. Seriously, no joke. I've been doing it for many years. And so my students.

[00:54:39] Now I know you're wondering I haven't forgotten about the bestselling author with the trick initials. So the initials were B.S., which that's what you get from a lot of people that do these podcasts that try to sell you Internet services and they're broke. They can't make their car payment. But so is a little bit of a trick question. The answer to the bestselling author of all time was William Bill Shakespeare. William Shakespeare is up there with Agatha Christie and sold, I think, four billion books. Imagine that.

[00:55:20] So, anyway, that's our story for today. Digital information marking. I want you in my mentor program. Check it out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com. We finance for you. With no credit check, no interest. If you need better financing with a down payment stuff, all you have to do is get in touch orders@antion.com and we'll do whatever we can. I'd rather you be with me where I know you're not going to get ripped off and you're going to get a high quality business education that could change the the outcome for you and your family. I mean it. I mean, seriously, I teased about this a lot. You know, if you don't join, it's not going to change my lifestyle one bit. But it might change yours a little bit if you did. So check it out if you have any questions. Give me a call. But digital information marketing is the way to get security for you and your family and turn it into a lot of big bucks. Okay, folks, I will catch y'all on the next episode. This has been one of our Monday deep trainings. See ya later.

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