161 - Stealth Webinar 2.0: Tom interviews Geoff Ronning - Screw The Commute

161 – Stealth Webinar 2.0: Tom interviews Geoff Ronning

Geoff Ronning is co-founder of StealthSeminar.com and founder of Webinar Prosperity Blueprint. That's webinar training. And I have used his service for five years or more. And it's made me a fortune and continues. There's probably money rolling in right now from automated webinars that are running while I'm talking to Geoff. Now he has the front row seat and an advisory role to webinars that are running around the world.

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[03:30] Tom's introduction to Geoff Ronning

[06:13] The value of webinars

[11:38] Controlling the experience with the “Prime Insertion Point”

[13:13] Hybrid Webinars

[14:47] Additional features for webinars

[16:11] Entrepreneurial as a kid

[19:28] Crazy stage shows in Reno in his twenties

[22:48] The creation of Stealth Seminar

[31:20] The best and worst parts of working for yourself

[34:16] Sponsor message

[35:59] A typical day for Geoff and how he stays motivated

[39:27] Getting started with the new webinar system

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 161 – Geoff Ronning
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey, everybody, it's Tom here with episode 161 of Screw the Commute podcast. We have the first time ever a repeat guest. This guy is so good. His company is so good. And there's the big thing happening in it. I just had to have him back. I'm going to surprise you on who that is. In a moment. Hope you didn't miss episode 160 because that was where is one of my Monday training sessions where I covered all the resources I use, both mine and other people's, and it surprised the heck out of me how many things that I use and cheap, inexpensive, free utilities, all kinds of stuff that just make you scream faster in business and and reach more people. And our guest today's service is high on the list. So you want to hang in there for that. And please tell your friends about this podcast if you have anybody that wants to start a business or improve the one they got. This is the place to be on Mondays. I do in-depth training sessions on things that are either made me or save me a ton of money. And on Wednesdays and Fridays, I have great guests that have inspiring stories and they're all entrepreneurs. So that's what we're doing today. Our podcast app's in the iTunes store, you can go to screwthecommute.com/app and you'll have complete instructions that show you how to use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road and also make sure you collect your big freebie at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. This is my twenty seven dollar e-book that's helped me handle as many as one hundred and fifty thousand subscribers and 40000 customers with one part time temp person. Think about that. The only time I started hiring people was when the accountant told me I was going to pay too much taxes because I had too much retained earnings. And I'm thinking, you mean I got to buy bombs instead of hiring people? I'm going to hire people. So. So make sure you get that. Twenty seven dollars we sell it for, but you get it free for being on the podcast. Now our sponsor. Hey, it's me again. It's the great Internet marketing retreat and joint venture program where the year long program. But guess what? You don't have to spend a year in my program to learn how to make money online. We have a girl that's been in within one month and she started making eleven hundred dollars a month. And by the second month, she had quit her job. All right. So this is very possible, but she's still going strong. So check it out. Plus, it has unique features that no other training program has on Earth where you actually get a retreat weekend here, where an immersion weekend for Internet marketing and online training where you actually live in my estate home in Virginia Beach. So it's really cool. All right. I'll tell you more about that later. You can check that out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com. And of course, everything I talk about today, including our super guest, will be in the show notes.

[00:03:35] All right. Let's bring him on. Let's quit hiding behind the curtains. It's Geoff Ronning. He's co-founder of StealthSeminar.com and founder of Webinar Prosperity Blueprint. That's a webinar training. And I have used his service for I don't know, I don't know, five years or more. And it's made me a fortune and continues. There's probably money rolling in right now from automated webinars that are running while I'm talking to Geoff. Now he has the front row seat and an advisory role to webinars that are running around the world. I mean, Geoff has observed his clients run over listen a billion that's with a B a billion dollars in business through webinars on Stealth Seminar. And that gives Geoff data and knowledge and information that no one has about webinars. And Geoff Ronning can help you grow your business with one of the most powerful marketing tools available. That's webinars, Geoff, are you ready to screw. The commute. You are a historic moment here. You're our first repeat guest ever.

[00:04:46] You know, that is so cool, Tom. That is really, really exciting. I'm very honored. Thank you.

[00:04:53] Well, you know, you know what I think about you and your company. I mean, I got to tell you folks this and I used to get ten thousand dollars a day to train customer service techniques in big companies. This guy's company blows them away. No matter what I taught them, they always sucked at it by the time, you know, somebody is filing their nails instead of taking care of customers. His people take care of you. And I just unbelievable how great the services at this company. So. So you deserve every kind of accolades you get for keeping that over a long period of time.

[00:05:28] Thank you very much, Tom. So really appreciate that.

[00:05:31] So this is all about webinars today. And Geoff has a thing that I've been fortunate enough to participate in is the beta rollout of his new system. And wow, is it freaking awesome. So tell him about what's going on with that.

[00:05:47] Yes. So we are rolling out a new the beta has been running for multiple months now. And, you know, people are having a lot of success with it. We've completely rebuilt stealth seminar from the ground up. And so it's got a lot of really cool features, really cool features that are going to just, you know, increase people's success with webinars and improve their business.

[00:06:17] Yeah. And I have been claiming, folks, that his is the gold standard. Everyone else you see out there pretty much is trying to copy Geoff. You know, they might have a feature here and there to try to be cool, but the stability of the system and the backup and the customer service, you can't find that anywhere that matches this guy. So tell me a little bit about overall the value of webinars for people that haven't been doing it.

[00:06:46] Sure. So, you know, webinars. I I believe and I think most people would agree are the most powerful way right now to market. And the reason they're so powerful is because the webinars allow you to make a personal connection with people. So when people are on a webinar with you, they feel like, you know, they're there. They're you're you're you're speaking together. And that allows you to develop rapport. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise. It allows you to gain trust. And that way, if you're going to ask for some sort of conversion, maybe to sign up for a strategy session or to purchase a product. You have those things in place and you're able to have really high conversions of the actions you desire to be taken.

[00:07:41] Yeah. And I was actually drug kicking and screaming into the webinar world some years ago because it was just it was trouble. It was just, you know, you know, I was doing mostly telephone seminars and there's still effective. But but, you know, nobody messed up dialling a telephone. But when they had the download software and do this and that to participate, it was just trouble. So that's all gone now, right?

[00:08:06] Yeah. Oh, yeah. They. They don't need to download anything. It's as easy as just clicking on a link like they would to go to Google.

[00:08:17] Yeah, exactly. And. And the big, big thing that a benefit of this is that once you get a good one. You could play it for years and have it bring in money. That's kind of the basis of your service, right?

[00:08:32] Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So we really specialize in automated webinars. So as you say, once you get that good one. Now what you do is you automate it. So now you don't even have to be there to deliver it. You can be off working on another project or with your family or doing, you know, what are your hobbies. And so that webinar will run automatically as many times a day for as many days a week, for as many weeks, as many years as you want to. And keep generating leads and clients for you.

[00:09:08] Yeah. And. And there's just so many cool features. One of one of my favorites. Tell me about top of the hour.

[00:09:15] Yes. So, you know, I was looking at all the data that we had at the time. I think it was about at that time we had about 7 million attendees, the data. And what I was noticing is that, you know, there was real difference between the people that had registered for a webinar that was near versus what registered for a webinar that was going to be delivered longer in the future. So what we created was something that ultimately became called just in time webinars. And so what that does is it allows you on your registration page to show three webinar time options that people can attend once per day, but that once today is at the top of the next hour. So if you visit the page at 930 a.m., the webinars on that day is going to be at 10 a.m. if you visit the page at eleven forty five. The webinar is going to be at 2:00 p.m. so you can take the top of the hour or you can register tomorrow in the a.m. or the day after the p.m. And what that did is completely change the entire show up rate. Because previously the show up rate for people when they registered for webinars was typically no better than 30 or 35 percent. That was Max. And by doing the just in time schedule. Now people are getting closer to 80 percent, somewhat of a neighborhood of 70 to 80 show up rates.

[00:10:51] Yeah, I've been consistent between 50 and 70 percent no matter what day of the week. No matter what time of day. Yes. It's been just very, very powerful to do that. Another another benefit of that, Geoff, is that I used to have to put out maybe two or three e-mail blasts. Well, for those of you that know e-mail marketing, you don't want to waste a blast if you don't have to. So I said, you know what? Heck with it. I'm going to do one blast with this top of the hour thing involved and, you know, having several choices that they can do it. And so I get just as many people actually showing up with one blast as three. And so that saves two other blasts for other promotions. So that's a side benefit of that.

[00:11:38] Yeah, really, really big benefit.

[00:11:41] Now you still have the what's the forget what it's called. They use it all the time. The where if they show up a few minutes late, you can start them wherever you want to. What's it called.

[00:11:54] Yeah. So we call that the Prime Insertion Point.

[00:11:58] Prime insertion. Yep. Yep.

[00:12:00] Yep. So that allows people to control the experience of when people start the webinar. So if you let's say you run a webinar at 1 o'clock and let's say it's an hour. So it goes from 1 to 2. Now if someone were to show up at say two forty five or one forty five, they're only going to get the last 15 minutes of that webinar, which probably isn't going to create much conversion because they've missed a lot. So by using the prime insertion point you can say no, I want them to be inserted at whatever you choose. So you could say I want them to always be inserted at 15 minutes after the start of the webinar. So then at that point in time, they're actually starting at 1:15, although obviously they don't know how much of the webinar has already been on. So to them, it seems like they're there. They're coming in right when they should be during the live webinar.

[00:12:57] Yeah. And they're popping in and just things are going on already, just like they know they're late. And so it's just natural for them to hear people hear you talking already.

[00:13:07] Exactly. Exactly. And yet they'll still hear, you know, that message that, you know, is the most important so that they'll convert at the highest percentage.

[00:13:17] Exactly. And tell telling about the. Well, I'll tell him about this, because I think I kind of invented this because nobody was using. This term, until I started it called hybrid webinars, because when I started seeing all the people and, you know, I kind of got a the younger folks or, you know, they want the most money and the least effort. So they're sitting at the beach while they're webinars are playing. So I thought, you know what? I think I can increase the conversion, the sales conversion, not the show up conversion. That's different. All right. You get people to show up, but then if you're doing a free webinar leading to a sale, the sale is the big conversion. So I said, you know, I think I can get a bigger sales conversion if I would play the replay, but be there live to answer questions. We'll being there live means that I was sitting in the woods against the tree one time, hunting deer answering questions on my cell phone. A deer walking by like, look at that jerk over there. He could have shot us and the wonder of a lousy hunter. But but I called it hybrid webinars because it's part live and part Memorex, you know. So that's the increased my sales conversions quite a bit because people get their their questions answered right away. And I promoted as webinar encore and I'll be there answering questions live. And then people kind of see the word live and think, oh, it's live. So, yeah, it's worth it.

[00:14:45] You were the first person to do that and you shared with us your success. And I really appreciate that.

[00:14:51] Yes. So tell them about some of the other features.

[00:14:56] So a lot of the other cool stuff you can do. We have something called Calls to action so you can pop up like a call to action button that could be anything from like a buy link. We have surveys, we have polls and those can be real or they can be faux. We have all different types of really advanced statistics. We play on every device out there.

[00:15:30] And you got split testing too. That's really powerful.

[00:15:36] Yeah, that really is. We're really happy.

[00:15:39] And I'm so glad the new system's out because I was just talking to Corey, one of your people, because I was still transitioning. I got loads of webinars on the old system and I needed to put a conversion of a Google conversion events snippet in the head tag. The old system. You know, I just have to bug your people to do it for me. But the new system, I can do it myself, which is beautiful.

[00:16:06] Yeah. We really tried to make it a lot easier for, you know, the clients. And so thank you. Very happy to hear that.

[00:16:16] Yeah. So let's take you back. So I know you have kind of a colorful past like me, but for the new folks checking in, though. Let's take it back to were you an entrepreneurial kid?

[00:16:30] I was.

[00:16:31] Yeah. Tell them about it.

[00:16:32] Very entrepreneurial. I you know, I always had a great interest in the power, the mind as a as a kid. That was that was really you know, that was my whole life really was reading books like Think and Grow Rich, old Melvin Powers books, just all kinds of very cool stuff. So I got in trouble in sixth grade for hypnotizing some kids when we went away to camp, had gotten trouble that same year, again, for hypnotizing some boys in the bathroom, which now would probably send me to jail. But so I. And as I got older, you know, I continued that interest in hypnosis and interest in performing magic and whatnot as a teenager. I became a full time entertainer doing stage hypnosis and traveled around the country.

[00:17:30] Do you have any regular jobs in between there?

[00:17:34] I had a lot of regular jobs in there, but they were always real short term. It was like I would I would get into trouble. And this is fairly common for a lot of entrepreneurs. You have really, really, you know, like you have all this money coming in. So I'd have all this money coming in. And then what I would do is I would forget that. OK, I got a market now. I would have this I would have this huge bank account. And then all of a sudden. It get lower and lower. And then I'd have to go get a regular job. The worst job I ever had. I don't know if I told you this was I was I was living in Reno, Nevada, and doing a lot of work at the casinos there. Harrah's, Sands, etc. And so I got myself in trouble, though, and I had to go get a job. This is no bull, Tom. And this was during the days. This is we're talking years back. One of my favorite shows was married with children. I actually had to go get a job at Leeds Shoe Store, which was a woman's only shoe store. I was basically living the Al Bundy life. And I had that job, you know, like most jobs I would have that I would have it maybe for a couple months or whatever. Then I'd get all the gigs rolling again. Right. So that I could leave. But boy, what a terrible couple months.

[00:19:10] My favorite line from Al Bundy is this is Peg came up to him and said the you know, told him she was pregnant. And Al goes, oh, man, just like Exxon one spill and you pay for it the rest of your life.

[00:19:27] Yeah. That's a great line.

[00:19:33] Yeah. So. So how did you transition? How long did that go on for you doing hypnosis. I think I'd love to hear the story again. I can't remember the details of something crazy that happened on stage one time?

[00:19:47] Oh, we had a lot of crazy stuff. So by the time I got to about 25 or 26, I think is when I finally really figured out how to be an entrepreneur.

[00:19:58] But, you know, when you were working the casinos there just you happen to live in Reno where you said you were doing a stage show in Reno at 25 years old.

[00:20:07] Yes. Lived in Reno at twenty one because Pat Collins, hypnotist, stage hypnotist, was living and working. Well, I don't really know where she was living, but she was definitely working a lot in Reno. So I kind of wanted to. Get as much experience as I could just from watching her. And so finally in my mid twenties, I figured it out, OK, you know what? This marketing can't be an event. It has you know, it has to be something that is completely reoccurring and automated and never stops. And so then I started, you know, then we became very successful with stage hypnosis. As for crazy stuff that happened. I was doing a show and I had my back. So in a stage of knows show, you know, you've got the audience and then typically the performer and then you've got to row it shares right where people like hypnotized. And so I had my back to the volunteers and I was facing the audience. And I was given these suggestions that people were on a roller coaster because at this you know, during this skit, we were at an amusement park. And so I'm giving these suggestions. And then all of a sudden I see everybody out in the audience start to point and just scream, bloody murder. Oh, no. What's going on. So I turn around and this person had had let out this projectile vomit. I was just like I had to bring and it was down his shirt. And we always carry the towel with us for miscellaneous issues like that. It came in handy that time. You know, people walked away, really believe in the power of hypnosis.

[00:22:07] Now, is that something that you like You could jump on stage and do a show now or you get rusty at it.

[00:22:13] No, I could jump on stage and do a show right now. I haven't done one for probably 12 or 13 years because it was always our plan that we were going to do the entertainment, do the travel, do all that stuff. And then we were going to have a family. And so you being a speaker performer, know that there's almost no one in this business that's married and they're not married because they're never together. And I you know. So I wanted to make sure we had a really strong relationship, a really strong marriage. So when we got to that point to have a family, you know, I quit performing. Well, that's, you know, just by chance. Stealth Seminar came along. Oh, I'm running a site for stage hypnotists. And it was always mentoring and teaching people because people saw the success I was having. They asked me to help them. So I created a very successful business where I was mentoring and training people. And one thing I was doing was doing webinars. So we're talking 15 years.

[00:23:26] Right. Yeah. Wasn't easy.

[00:23:28] And I was doing webinars and I'm like, oh, you know, I was I love performing and I love doing stuff like we're doing right here today. But when you do it repeatedly every week, it gets really grinding.

[00:23:40] Yeah. Once like this is great. But I'm doing the same webinar over and over again.

[00:23:47] Yeah. So I thought, well, I'm going to go automate it. So I went and I looked and I'm like, well, OK, what the heck? I just would assume that Citrix go to webinar, you know, go to meetings would have allowed me to do that. They didn't. I looked at other places and they didn't exist.

[00:24:05] Only thing I can think of would be the Camtasia screen capture and try to play it over again would be the would that be the most rudimentary thing you could do.

[00:24:16] Exactly. Yeah. And I wanted something that was like I was alive. Right? Right. So I created I didn't do any of the technical work, but I went through the process of finding someone eventually that could create this and they created it for me. Now, at the time, I had a I had a couple of pretty big marketers on my list. I didn't even know it for the stage hypnosis business. And until they saw what I was doing and they sent me an email and said, hey, can I can I use that system? And so I went back to the guy that made the system for me. Chris, who was up in Canada. And. And so we started this business. And of course, we took that original software that was just for me and kind of, you know, tweaked and stretched it and rebuilt it. So it became the stealth seminar that. That everyone started using when we release that product and we have people that are still with us from like the very first month that service was offered. It's really crazy. Yeah. But as you said, you've been a you know, a huge supporter. I totally appreciate that, Tom. You've been with us for years and years and years.

[00:25:31] But deservedly so. Like I said, I'm not one that easily impressed. And yeah that's why I'm still there, because there's other services come and go. And as soon as one of my students says, well, what about this? What about this? And then as they get they go and try it. And then they say, I told you, you know, you should just listen to me. So is your wife part of the business.

[00:25:55] Yes, she does. She's kind of. I think, you know, she's kind of the top of the customer service. Plus, get involved in the financial stuff. So anything of a money nature. She is in charge of she's kind of the person over the company that deals with the accounting firm. So she's involved now.

[00:26:20] Now, you kind of got guts because, you know. Oh, I have never used anything that required programming. I mean, I haven't created anything or use anything. I always go to outside services because I'm scared to death to try to talk to a programmer, because a lot of times an entrepreneur and a programmer that just doesn't mix the oil and water, because as soon as I say what I'd like this button to go here now, that's like ten thousand words of code to them, you know. So how did you comfortably work with somebody? You know, that it was going to be solid code that you get like a project manager that knew this stuff or what?

[00:26:59] Yeah. I mean, you are so correct. It's like two totally different worlds. It's almost like you're not even speaking the same language.

[00:27:06] Exactly. The project manager, I tell people, is like an interpreter. They can speak entrepreneur and geek.

[00:27:14] Yeah. So, you know, when I first when we're gone. Years back before it was around, I thought this will be easy. I went through multiple companies. They just couldn't they couldn't do it, you know. They just couldn't create it in their mind. It was all about a video player. Well, I didn't want it to be a video player. I wanted it to be streaming because. Video player is a video player. It's totally different. And so, yeah, it's very challenging. I will tell you 100 percent. The hardest thing I've dealt with professionally is the aspects that you're talking about, it's the frustrations. It's the time periods that are always way longer than you anticipated. It's the money that is staggering. I mean, it's staggering. We had it. Not many people know this. I don't think I've ever mentioned it to you. We had. Rebuilt an entirely new system a year and a half ago and it just it did not it wasn't a step forward. So we just literally. Never released it. We just scrapped it and said, no, we have to. We have to get this right.

[00:28:38] See, that's the difference between you and all these other schmucks. They will. Thank you. They will put money and stuff. And even if it doesn't work right, they'll still release it. And then just cry, you know, say, OK, well, we're work. Tell us about the bugs, which are numerous. And it just never comes to fruition. But that shows massive integrity right there.

[00:29:02] Thank you, Tom. I never look at it like that. I just looked at it as the big financial hole. You make a great point.

[00:29:10] It is this big financial hole. And yes, well, it's actually somewhat selfish because you've got so many complaints and been run out of business. If after your great track record you turned out a piece of crap version 2. So anyway it's most a lot of people and I buy a lot of this stuff. We say oh it's worth four ninety seven but you can have for seven dollars today.

[00:29:36] Yeah. I mean there's no shortage of that. So the team that built this, we do have a project manager. We have depending on that, depending on the day or the week. You know what they're working on. We have two to three programmers. We have a graphic artist. And then there's a whole Q and A team. You know, that's testing things every day.

[00:29:59] And then the beta people that have been putting in suggestions and all that stuff. What percentage? I mean, you get much good out of beta testers.

[00:30:10] The beta testers have been terrific, you know. And what was so what is so cool to me is there isn't there wasn't really it wasn't there wasn't too many problems. So, you know, that's that's the biggest key.

[00:30:26] I had one little bug, but I mean, wasn't anything critical. And I told Corey about it got fixed. So. So. Yeah, so but that's natural for any kind of new stuff.

[00:30:37] For sure. For sure. So we definitely had, you know, some some bugs like you like you're talking about. But we didn't have anything that was we didn't have we had far less than I thought we'd have. And we didn't have anything that was wildly, you know, critical.

[00:30:54] You found a good programmer, though. Right. That you can depend on.

[00:30:58] Yeah, we. Yeah. We've got three that are typically working and also doing a lot of the programming stuff that typically we got three working per week and so it's been real good. And you know, we have a lot of cool stuff that we're going to roll out in the next couple months here that I'm really excited about.

[00:31:17] So those big secret or what.

[00:31:19] I think I should keep it a secret.

[00:31:21] All right. We'll have to have you back again. So what do you like best about working for yourself or what's the worst part?

[00:31:30] What I like best is that I'm 100 percent responsible for my success and my failure. I can be literally as successful as I want to be. And you know. There's a satisfaction that comes from that that you can't get from working for other people. What I like least is that. You know, you're 100 percent responsible. So, you know, I have you know, I have a lot of entrepreneurial friends, but then I also have some friends that are that are workers that are employees. And they really I would never trade it. So, you know, it's not like I would ever trade it. But, you know, they really have no idea what it's like to be an entrepreneur. They have no idea what it's like to be responsible for paychecks. They have no idea what it's like. Even if even if we're off, I say we I'm talking about me and my wife. Even if we're off, let's say we're at a movie. We're going to see that new movie tomorrow. But even when we're there at that movie, you know what are we thinking about. Yeah, we're not off. And so, you know, it's it's a 24 hour a day, seven days a week commitment you have to be willing to make. And so I would say that's the most challenging thing. But it's well worth it.

[00:33:05] Oh, yes. I mean, I'm 42 years now in formal business and I never had a job. That's why we're on screw the commute. You know, I never had a job.

[00:33:16] You never had to have a job like between gigs.

[00:33:18] No. Well, I mean, I took a high school job at a golf course one time and then I worked. Do you hear this? I was a hooker in Pittsburgh.

[00:33:29] Oh, yeah. What does a hooker do in Pittsburgh.

[00:33:32] Well, you know, you can only imagine. But I worked at the homestead works one summer in college for the steel mills where they had these overhead cranes. And you would hook one guy, be one on one end, the one on the other end of an I beam and pick them up and put them on a train. I was called a hooker. So I opened my speeches. I started out as a hooker in Pittsburgh. But now I've been formal. You know, that's why my bio looks like it's B.S. I mean, when when you're not going to back and forth to work every day, you can live like two or three lives. Yes. So, yeah, I just loved that. I just can't imagine going to places where you got to have a two week committee meeting to take a leak.

[00:34:16] Oh, my gosh, you are. I mean, that is you are so right.

[00:34:22] So. So we've got to take a brief break and we come back. We're going to ask our super guest, the Geoff, what's a typical day look like for him and how he stays motivated.

[00:34:34] Folks, I turn to Internet marketing world on its head round. I like to say the turn of the century. But 20 years ago, people at my level were charging 50 or 100 grand upfront to teach what they knew to pretty much clueless business people who refused to learn it on their own. But I'm a small business advocate and I knew that small businesses could never afford that kind of money up front. So so I made all the gurus mad, which I don't really care by charging a relatively small entry fee to my program, but I also got a percentage of profits that was capped, so they weren't stuck with me forever. Now. Seventeen hundred students later. People seem to like this idea. So and also they know I'm not going to disappear on him because I won't get my big money. I get a percentage of their profits until we reach a certain level and then we're off off to the races. So. So that's the nature of the program. And you also, as part of the deal, you get a immersion weekend with a very small group where you actually live in the the great Internet Marketing Retreat Center in Virginia Beach. And you also this is another thing I've added in the past few years. I have the only license dedicated Internet marketing school in the country. And you get a scholarship to that which you can either use yourself or gift to someone. And that's nineteen thousand one hundred dollars tuition. So very unique program. Check it out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com and I'll have that in the show notes.

[00:36:05] All right. Let's get back to the main event. Geoff is here from Stealth Seminar. So what's a typical day look like? You get up early. Do you work out? You eat. What do you do?

[00:36:25] I am. I have not one to get up early.

[00:36:29] Yeah, I guess the stage performer stays up late.

[00:36:33] Yeah, I'm kind of a night owl.

[00:36:35] So you get up at the crack of noon, right.

[00:36:38] Well usually about get him somewhere between eight thirty and nine thirty. Okay. And I you know three days a week I go and I box are for a workout so that only you know takes me. I'm usually there for an hour a half, two hours.

[00:36:59] I mean you boxing on a bag. Are you actually sparring or what?

[00:37:03] Both. Because I also enjoy competing as a as a boxer. And they have a division called Masters Boxing Division. So it's old people.

[00:37:19] You have to wear headgear.

[00:37:19] Yes. A little bit larger gloves. The rounds are shorter. You know, it's USA boxing. So it's like a legitimate thing. It's not like a tough man thing.

[00:37:36] What's the age groups.

[00:37:39] Thirty five and up. So you're matched up based on your age, your weight, your experience. So, you know, a lot of I mean, there's a lot of guys in their 60s and 70s that are doing it. And that just is really, really inspiring.

[00:37:54] I thought you were going to say embarrassing when they kick your butt.

[00:38:00] Now, I'm not quite that old yet. I'm 50.

[00:38:03] No, I just I'm saying if the 70 year old, you know, kicked your butt, then that would be bad.

[00:38:10] Yes. So then after after boxing, you know, come home. We don't have an office anymore. I work out of my house. All our staff is all remote. They all work around the world. Then I get to work and I typically work late into the night. I'll probably be up until 1:00 or 2:00 or 3:00 where I tend to do my you know, really I tend to do really probably my best work. You know, from 11:00 till 3:00.

[00:38:42] Yeah. I mean, the guy I was that way for years, especially when I had a nightclub turn. I was a night owl for 20 years. Yeah. Yeah. It's quiet. The phones aren't ringing off the hook. Oh yeah.

[00:38:54] Yeah. You know. So that's my typical day and I love it. You know, my wife works obviously for the for the company as well. And she works here. We each have our office. I see her all day.

[00:39:09] Which I think some people couldn't handle that.

[00:39:12] So, yeah, she has a harder time with it than me. I like it.

[00:39:18] What's that say about you?

[00:39:25] So, you know, it's it's a it's a terrific life. I wouldn't trade it. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

[00:39:33] All right. Well, I'm so glad you took the time to tell us about the new system. So. So what's the what's the cost for them to get started?

[00:39:42] Oh, it's free to give it a try. They get a free trial for 30 days. And so they can go in there. They can set up their webinars.

[00:39:52] You've got some training. You've got some training going out on the new system.

[00:39:56] Yep. We got training.

[00:39:58] So that's what I was saying. I want to see examples. I'm not creative. I want to copy everybody else's crap.

[00:40:04] Yeah. So there's some free training at automatedwebinarschool.com.

[00:40:09] Right. People can get that and to get all their training so they can create their webinars and then launch them before they even have to pay us a dollar.

[00:40:19] There we go now. Is it possible to do a live one through the system?

[00:40:24] It is.

[00:40:24] Tell us about that a little bit, because, you know, a lot of people would like the scrap gotowebinar for the live ones if possible.

[00:40:32] Yeah. So with our system since we're streaming, what that means is that. The biggest difference between, say, like a stealth seminar live and a go to meeting or zoom is the zoom and the go to meeting, which are awesome. They're terrific systems, but they're more software based, so they're not actually streaming. So that means people to attend have to install the software. That's that's the negative. The positive is. Since they're software, they're easy to use. Our live is trickier to use than a zoom or a go to meeting.

[00:41:12] That's not the bailiwick for your your your your main thing is replays, right?

[00:41:17] Our main thing is replays. Having said that, though, our live is awesome. It works through a third party. So it works through YouTube live. And so we.

[00:41:31] Also as reliable as go to webinar.

[00:41:34] Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, it works really well. And so by using that the YouTube live and integrating it with stealth seminar it gives you all those benefits of having a registration page, having the e-mail reminders, having the text reminders, being able to track everybody, having the calls to action and all that stuff.

[00:41:56] You're going to have training on that how to make that connection.

[00:42:00] Oh, yeah. It's very it's very simple, but you do have to be willing to test. So if you're not willing to test the live, I'd stay away from it because you really you do have to. You have to practice it a few times. So you understand.

[00:42:15] Well, I tell you what, any of those other systems you've got to practice because you don't know what to hit. You could shut the whole thing off Republican. And I've had plenty of dropouts and trouble with go to I tell you, you know, they're massive. Big company. So it hasn't been 100 percent reliability.

[00:42:35] They are a huge company.

[00:42:37] Yeah. Yeah. And it's very expensive, too. I mean, I got in on a deal a while back that, you know. But now for, you know, it's just very expensive. But anyway, I'm all in favor of getting a good one live so that you can get the interaction on the video, because a lot of the ones that people want to just record with no interaction. They don't have the pizzazz is the ones where people are making comments and you're reading them out loud and all that stuff. So I'd like to get a good live one and then play the heck out of it.

[00:43:09] Yes. Yep. I do, too. I mean, it's the automated webinars, are impossible to beat.

[00:43:17] Hey, tell you before we go here, just tell me one other thing I forgot about is isn't there like a I'm not to use the term hybrid again, but where you show up a little bit, live in the beginning and then start a or it looks live. I don't remember how you do that.

[00:43:33] Yeah. So if people some people want to have kind of they want to be live but they they don't want to do the full event. And so what people can do is they can either start off live and then go to the recording and then come back alive or what's more popular with say is that they start off automated. So in that case, you know, your automated webinar will start. And then you'll get a message that says, hey, you've got 47 people on your webinar. And so you can choose to then log in to stealth seminar and then you can choose to go live at that point in time that you decided to. Or if you don't log in, then you go to an alternate ending that you've created. So that to the attendee, it seems a hundred percent. You know, there's there's it seems like a 100 percent complete webinar, whether you're there or not. But it does give you the benefit of jumping in and saying, OK, so now let's take some questions. And again, to them, it seems seamless. It seems like, oh, so this guy has been doing this webinar completely.

[00:44:42] You've really, really thought this out. So. So, yeah, I've been just thrilled with the service. And I encourage everybody go to show notes and get over there, get your free trial. And I mean, people are making a lot of money with webinars and some are creating them for corporations, for proprietary ones for like 25 grand. So this can be extremely lucrative. And then when you automate it, use all the cool tools that Geoff has, like split testing your registration page. And, you know, there's just all kinds of things than the prime insertion point. All the all the cool features of it. Boy, you just just can't be beat. So thanks Geoff for saying hello.

[00:45:28] Hey, thank you so much, Tom. I really appreciate you inviting me back on the show and I really appreciate all your support over the years.

[00:45:35] Great. Tell your wife I said hi. All right, everybody. We'll get you all on the next episode. See ya later.

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