147 - He makes technology easy: Tom interviews Terry Brock - Screw The Commute

147 – He makes technology easy: Tom interviews Terry Brock

Are you overwhelmed with the new gadgets and gizmos that hit the market on a regular basis? I know I am. I know my cell phone. I tried to get the kaching sound on it because I'm known as the king of kaching and I figured to take me all day, and if you passed it off to someone like Terry, it's on there in like two seconds. So this is the guy that helps us not go crazy with these all these gadgets and gizmos that come around.

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[02:51] Tom's introduction to Terry Brock

[07:41] Preparing to go to another country

[12:08] The University of YouTube

[15:54] The best and worst part of working for yourself

[19:47] “Insurance policy” for your family

[30:18] Sponsor message

[31:37] A typical day for Terry and how he stays motivated

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Episode147 – Terry Brock
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 147 of screw the commute podcast we're here with Terry Brock. This is the guy that ever since I became a pro speaker and joined the National Speakers Association and he was already the guy the technology guy and highly respected. He's got the highest accolades even given out in the professional speaking profession. So I'm thrilled that he's on here today. Now if you missed episode 146 Jane UBell was there. She's a prolific businesswoman a former TV and film producer. She helped me out developing my scam brigade show in Hollywood. Hey if you want to get your book in front of really high rollers. She's got the most unique book promotion out there. You know I have a lot of people that promote books and writing and all that stuff huh. Not even close to this lady. So check out episode 146 our podcast is in the iTunes store you can go to screwthecommute.com/app where we have complete instructions to show you how to use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road. Now please please please if you know somebody that's either starting a business or wants to approve the one they've got. Tell him about the podcast that I swear to you. They will thank you over and over we have lots of training sessions on Mondays. And we interview great entrepreneurs like Terry Wednesdays and Fridays and then we also have special youth editions about once a month. Youth is like up to maybe 22 years old and we highlight young people that are doing great entrepreneurial things. Now I've got a big freebie for you to thank you for listening to the podcast. It's my twenty seven dollar e-book how to automate your business. And just one of the tips in this book has saved me. We tried to figured out about seven and a half million keystrokes over the years. I also got another little surprise for you over there at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. Our sponsor this week Hey it's me again what do you think about that. It's the great internet marketing retreat and joint venture program where myself and my staff work with you for a year to either get you started in an Internet business or use the Internet to take your existing business to the next level. I'll tell you more about that later. Details are at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:02:56] All right let's get to the main event Terry Brock's here. Are you overwhelmed with the new gadgets and gizmos that hit the market on a regular basis. I know I am I know my cell phone. I tried to get the kaching sound on it because I'm known as the king of kaching and I figured to take me all day and if you passed it off to someone like Terry it's on there like two seconds. So this is the guy that helps us not go crazy with these all these gadgets and gizmos that come around. So you're a good hands on this show. So Terry Brock's here he's the one who specializes in helping people overcome overwhelm. So get ready to learn profitable ideas from this communication leader. Terry are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:03:41] I'm ready to go for it and screw that commute.

[00:03:47] When did you start screwing the commute.

[00:03:48] I'd have to say it was years and years ago when I was in second grade I started a business. Selling stuff in second grade actually seven years old we did it and started doing that thing right through school. I've been an entrepreneur at heart all along. And I tried doing the thing. What do they call that a job once. And you know I just it was okay but I didn't care for it and so I couldn't find anybody to pay me what I thought I was worth. So I just got out there and thought hey I'll just do it on my own. So now Tom as you and I know and as you've helped so many people realize hey if you want a raise you don't have to ask anybody for it you just go out and earn it.

[00:04:24] That's for sure. Well what business did you start when you were in second grade.

[00:04:28] When I was second grade we would get a little pencils and erasers and all kinds of things that we would find useful and then put a little markup on it. Me and two of my buddies and we would sell them to the other kids at school.

[00:04:40] That's really great. No internet at that time.

[00:04:43] It wasn't real strong then. You know back then you know we tried to get it and I went to my buddy Abraham Lincoln asked him to but I just you know he didn't help us out on that one.

[00:04:51] So tell everybody what you're doing nowadays.

[00:04:55] Well today I'm doing what I've been doing for a long time which is communicating I communicate from the platform as a professional speaker Tom that's where you and I met yet many years ago and got a chance to know each other real well back. In the 90s and I've admired your work for many years. So I do that. I'm a writer I'm a journalist by training undergrad degrees in radio TV newspaper work for newspapers and today doing a lot with video and with Zoom right now. Most recently a few weeks ago. Are you familiar with Ace Hardware. They asked me to be their chief retail adviser for a big training program for all of their dealers outside of the United States. The U.S. but outside. So designing how tos using zoom extensively. Facebook group. Yes it's all in English. And so I'm working on my stumbling Spanish and Russian and Japanese but still it's predominantly in English which is really good.

[00:05:53] But you'll have to probably slow down a little bit right because that is all second language English as a second language for just about everybody you'll be on there right.

[00:06:03] Absolutely beatific. I get that when I go over to England and say hey slow down reminds me of the old saying you know they're British and the Americans are two people separated by a common language.

[00:06:15] That's a good one. That happens on stage too when you know you have an international audience or even if you have to have an interpreter while you're speaking I mean you end up with one know just about one fourth the material gets out because of all the delays in the given time for people to understand. So that's quite a quite a feat you're doing there.

[00:06:35] Yeah you're exactly right. Those kind of things we do I just experience that matter of fact. I guess what I'm doing lately just a few days ago I was asked by a guy named Carlos Slim to go down and do a conference in Bogota Colombia.

[00:06:47] Carlos Slim. Noe is that a stage name.

[00:06:48] No that's his real name and if you do a google on Carlos Slim you'll find he is like the third or fourth. I think now maybe fifth richest man in the world. He was the richest in the world. A few years ago ahead of Bill Gates but Carlos Slim invited me to come down and do the opening session for a big session down there in Colombia. So you talked about speaking a little more slowly. I had to do that and by the way the closing speaker was Iván Duque who is the current president of Colombia. So I open scheduled to open and then he did the closing. So those are the kind of things I'm doing and I'm seeing for your listeners the world is becoming smaller in that now we're connected more internationally. And I would strongly recommend that you up your knowledge of what's happening internationally and particularly how Americans are perceived. You want to make sure you come across in a pleasing way not in the obnoxious American Way which happens too often and sometimes without even knowing about it.

[00:07:46] And how would you recommend you do that like I know in my wake him up book. I have a section on International speaking and there used to be a I think University of Utah had some things that you know it was like a Cliff's Notes on different countries of their customs and mores and all that so. But I would you how would you prepare a list if you're going to Slovenia. What would you do to get ready.

[00:08:09] Yeah. What I would do is I would want to find out about that particular country that particular culture because it is different you can't say well this one size fits all. And I really appreciate what you've done. I read your book many years ago and the idea of understanding different cultures if you're going to Slovenia let's say I've never been there but if I did I'd want to learn a little bit of the language so that I could say at least words like thank you. Most important. You know how to say that know how to say good morning good evening and maybe some important things like Excuse me where's the bathroom with very important words that you need to know and phrases and then understand their culture not to attack them but know a little bit about who their president prime minister leaders are so you can at least talk intelligently about that study their papers if you can find a need that are in your native language. Mine would be Native American English but read some papers understand what's going on there and I would want to come up to speed the journalist in me loves getting in there rolling up my sleeves and doing some research so that I can learn at least a little bit a modicum of amount about what's going on so that I sound interesting and like for us down in Colombia when I would say a few words in Spanish they would like that and they go Oh yeah. Yeah you're trying to learn our language on my Spanish is terrible right. Somewhere between abysmal and terrible. But nevertheless when I could say that I was in fact I was in an elevator with Carlos Slim himself he was just right behind me and about three or four others that were there in a smaller elevator we were going somewhere and we were talking then there was a little pause. I said Well there's one thing I know that we can all agree on. And they just broke out and laughter because I just said I'm all one thing we can all agree on. I need to work on my Spanish.

[00:09:55] I always have this ready. Speak slowly because I'm a stupid gringo. And they love you. They love that too. And the problem is as if you spit out something that's pretty good. Well then they come back at you like you're a native and they're like going 100 miles an hour. You have no idea what they're talking about.

[00:10:23] So what we've got to do is got to pace ourselves and learn as much as we can't. But that's where here's what I would recommend seriously if you're getting ready to go to Slovakia or some other country and you know it say a month or two in advance this is why today it's better than ever. Pick up something like Duolingo which is available both on iOS and on Android. It's free and free is a pretty good price Tom is free on the budget.

[00:10:44] That's in my budget. Yeah.

[00:10:46] Yeah it's good. And you can learn that and get some of the simple basic phrases. Couple that with something like Google Translate which yes it's not perfect but hey it's a whole lot better than just flaying your arms in the air.

[00:10:58] Is that the one where you talk to it and then hold the phone up to them and it speaks in their language because I see an ad for that on online sometimes.

[00:11:06] Oh those are some other programs there's a few of them out like that but Google Translate largely Can I use google translate for that where I speak in English and then it translates it over into I have a dear friend who's Japanese and we put it into Japanese.

[00:11:20] In writing or does it actually talk it.

[00:11:22] Both.

[00:11:22] Ok good. OK. Yeah.

[00:11:24] What it does first is it transcribes what you just said in English into the transcription of that language then speaks that language to the person. That is something that's really nice. Fact that's something that Ali Baba is working on a little while ago had an interview with the general manager the person in charge of AliBaba.com. It was his first ever English language interview and he asked me to do that. He's working closely with Jack Ma but he tells me this is what they're doing at Ali Baba so that you can speak into your computer in your native language. They're using 16 languages. And then someone else can hear you in their language speak back to you. And it's immediately translated so that you understand it. And this is all to facilitate commerce right there at AliBaba.com.

[00:12:12] Yeah for sure now. Now I just want you to hear this. I swear I I I guarantee you don't know this tip because I just did it myself last night I was up till 2:00 in the morning. You know how you people talk about binge watching stuff. So I ran across this site. It says you know you're dating a Dutch man If and then they make these scenarios where you can learn the culture by watching the dating interactions and how a Dutch guy is going to say why you're dressed like that. And then a Latin guy is going to be oh I love you amore. I was up til 2 in the morning watching these But they were very educational on the nature of people in those countries. So it's another way.

[00:13:04] Yeah. It is a great way to do it. I think it's did a Tom better than ever. You know I've been around technology quite a while to think hey if you want to learn something like so many of us we go to the University of YouTube and we type in the topic. And by golly there's a lot there. Now it's not all good but that's OK. You get what you can. You get a variety of different opinions on a particular topic or language or whatever it is you want to learn for today. There's no excuse for not being prepared. And coming up to speed at least a modicum amount of knowledge of a given subject that is important in the marketplace.

[00:13:38] Yeah it's not really acceptable anymore to say oh I don't know technology you know because some of this stuff is so easy. And if you just get somebody to tutor you a little bit you know just using your cell phone. People probably use like one one thousandth of what it'll do for him. You know there's so many things out there. So do you help people with that kind of stuff.

[00:13:59] Oh yes I help in a variety of areas where people need how to translate this technology into something that's usable something that is market practical not just it's a good thing and you know it or you know something that's worthless often say it's not going to help you and if you are an expert on tsetse flies in Ethiopia from the 15th century there's not a big market demand for that and you could spend a lot of time and borrow thousands and thousands of dollars to go to school and learn something that's basically worthless or you can invest that same time money and energy into what's going to be very practical and finding people who are ready willing and able to pay for that. That is where we have to focus our attention.

[00:14:42] So to recap so far you've got to think globally is would be a way to boil that down right. Because there's so much money out there so many people and I really got the awakening when the first time I went to Asia and to speak and they knew everything about the United States I knew nothing about them you know they knew the presidents. And they knew all that was going on and everything. Because we're you know we have been somewhat arrogant. You know that we're the center of the universe. Yeah there's a lot going on around the world. You can have a piece of it if you open your eyes to it.

[00:15:22] So yeah I also think that's a good idea because if the economy goes bad in any one geographical area it's nice to know that you've got a world out there with other applications. And if you can talk and you can learn you can use these tools like we have with Zoom. Tom it is amazing the quality that we get with the video and the audio. It's almost like you're sitting right there across the table from them in the conference room and then bandwidth is much better now. Now in most places we've got it and it's gonna get even better when we see 5G starting to roll out even more next year.

[00:15:57] Yeah that's for sure now. So what do you like best about working for yourself and what's the worst part.

[00:16:02] Well the best is the freedom the ability to do what you want when you want to. And the worst part is you have to do something to pay the bills too. You're not going to have that paycheck come again unless you get out there and hustle and you've got to do it. But I think it takes a certain kind of idea to do it. But I think being an entrepreneur being working for yourself is really the norm. It's only been since the round the mid late nineteen hundreds or early 20th century that we saw people working in a job where they would go somewhere and work doing the same thing over and over. Most people before that historically had to fend for themselves. They did something on their own. They got out did their own thing. And I think that's a natural way for us to live. And I've always felt we would be better off in society and in our world if everyone had their jobs somehow tailored so that you only got paid when you produced you would have to do something that is valuable and then you get paid for that. I don't know how we'd work that out logistically. Yes we get paid once every day or something. I think that that kind of thing would keep people a little bit more on their toes. They would be kinder to each other because you wouldn't get paid if you're a real jerk. You'd have to be kind and be nice. But for me being an entrepreneur being on my own lets me control my destiny lets me get out there and do what I want to do and provide real value for others and if something is going wrong and the market has a way of telling you hey you need to change.

[00:17:33] Well there is a movement towards more vocational training. I mean that's what my school is that even though it's internet marketing online it's considered by the state of Virginia licensed the whole bit as a vocational school because you actually get a skill that's usable and valuable. And I know these kids are coming out with you know a trillion dollars in debt and student loans and you know they're competing their MBA and they're competing for jobs at Starbucks.

[00:18:02] Yeah exactly. And I think that's the problem is we've just said hey school is the way to go. Well I remember I was raised by my mom and dad saying you got to go to college. Well for me it was the right thing for me at that time. But right now I step back and I talk to my partner Gina. Gina has an MBA. I have my MBA. She has she didn't get it from Georgia State where I went even though she's from Atlanta. She wasn't able to get into Georgia state she had to settle for Harvard MBA at Harvard. That's OK. I still love her. But we sat and talked to each other and we say would we go back and get an MBA today and we have to step back and think well I don't know. Maybe maybe not now for her. It's not only the MBA but also the people that she got a chance to know and the people she still hangs around with from Harvard that are there. That's good. But I think for many people if unless you're going to be a doctor or a dentist or a CPA a lawyer or some professions like that where you really do need to have those credentials you might want to consider instead of going to school getting the thousands and thousands of dollars of debt that you get a mentorship gets someone like Tom or others who can take care of you can work for you and help you. Tom's got situation I'm going to go ahead Tom and tell him about you if you don't mind. He has helped many people to learn valuable skills that help them. He works with people he gives a lot. I know this he's not to say this himself but he helps people he goes out of his way to help them so that they can get through. You can find lots of people today that they'll be willing to help you. Let you kind of work and earn your way through. Don't worry about starting out with lots and lots of money. You want to go first for skills and knowledge get enough to go through and pay the bills but really focus on learning new skills that are valuable to the marketplace.

[00:19:51] Yeah. That's and that's the key. Valuable to the marketplace because it used to be you know only older well-established 30 year old people were revered but now they can't fix my cell phone. They can't make you know tell me how to to make a posting on Facebook. All right so so young people are revered because they have this skill but they have to develop it and they have to not be entitled then and put that out in the marketplace that they can write their own ticket nowadays and when you were talking about not being stuck with any local economy. It reminds me back during 9/11 I went numb the whole country went numb for for a long time. But you know some of the people that we know went bankrupt in the speaking business because all they could do was get on stage and speak. I was numb for a week and like everybody just shell shocked. But money was still coming in from around the world. I mean not so much from the U.S. but then I had you know we're in 80 countries and you know we sell kind of in 40 countries. So this is back to the thinking global mentality that can be you know I call it an insurance policy for your family.

[00:21:08] I think you're absolutely right. It's a matter of being able to provide real value to the marketplace. I love what you said it's like those that are under 30 that can do it they've got a skill that the market values. And I also saw it vividly a few days ago when I was mentioning when I worked with Carlos Slim he sat there on the front row while I was giving my presentation taking notes taking pictures of my slides. We talked afterwards and then when the whole conference was over he stood up on the stage for an hour and here's a 79 year old man doing this for an hour he gave detailed analysis of all the presentations talked about what they're doing gave real value insight into finance the marketing into politics and you think wow here's a guy that some people think oh I'm getting too old when I reach x age whatever they define is X they're no longer useful. No no no no no. The key is you can be useful and productive at any age. If you have the skills that are market valuable.

[00:22:07] And he was demonstrating to all of us continuous learning. I mean that's the old the Kaizen principle in Japan is you know continuous improvement so continuous learning there's the. And that's keeping his brain sharp too. I mean you know there's studies that say that that's going to help with the onset of Alzheimer's you know. So when people say that you know it wasn't my generation. Well hey you're surrounded by. Let's do it. In fact I had I was in an airport one time. So this lady in a wheelchair. She had to be in her 70s and she was doing stuff. Her grandson was there and he was she was trying to get him to help her take a picture with her tablet or something. He said Grandma I thought this is back is back otherwise you said that I thought you liked Polaroids. And for those of you that don't know that that's like something that develops in a minute you said yeah it takes a minute to develop I don't know if I have another minute. So yeah a lot of older people are are embracing technology and staying in touch with their families way better than ever in the past because with facetime and all the other technologies they can. They can be right there in their grandchildren's house you know. So yeah.

[00:23:30] So the tools are available and it's a matter of really saying hey I can do it. I'm going to figure it out and if you can't and that's OK. We don't all know what. I mean we need to get people help us. Hey this is why we've got tools like zoom and others you can hire somebody be willing to part with your capital hire somebody pay them through paypal or or some other means stripe or Bitcoin. Bitcoin is doing extraordinarily well today and there's all kinds of tools that are out there. Pay the person for the knowledge they have. And you're going to be better off when you do that.

[00:24:02] Oh and speakers speaking that I just thought of something when you're talking about going to other countries for any speakers out there there is a service called ITalki. Do you ever use it.

[00:24:12] Yes ITalki is wonderful for learning and sharing with others to learn those languages.

[00:24:16] Some of them are six dollars an hour we'll sit there on and teach you one on what for language in their native speakers than their country. So yeah perfect. I mean they'll tell you things I'm sure that you would never just learn by a travel guide or something that you could say in front of your audience that would just make them love you most. I think some countries like maybe France doesn't like is you know screwing up their language but most most of them you really get a kick out of that you at least tried.

[00:24:46] Yeah I think that's the key if you at least try. It's good in talking to someone through ITalki. Tom you hit on something real important we talked about going to you know Slovenia Slovakia. But if you say OK I want to talk to someone from that country you can ask them. OK what is going on today. What I need to know what's current what's happening and then if you go over there for instance as a speaker and you stand on stage and you mentioned something that is local that's going on. People look at each other go whoa. He knows what he's talking about. He did his research.

[00:25:21] Yeah. And they love it too. And another thing I use the things called Google alerts it used to be way way back when we had CompuServe you had to pay for executive compuserve to get this. But if I'm speaking somewhere I just put in keywords for that area and it just sends me every day all the news for that area. Based on that keyword.

[00:25:41] And that is a brilliant tool that one I'll use that every day and talk Walker. Another one that kind of goes even beyond that.

[00:25:49] What's that. what it talk walker.

[00:25:49] Talk Walker is similar to Google alerts. It's looking for a phrase your name or a given topic. And it seems to reach out to some other sources as well. So I like to use both. A lot of good information that way.

[00:26:03] Well yeah. One time I was doing I was speaker for Hallmark cards and I had the minute I book the job I put Hallmark cards in there and I just started collecting all this stuff. But you know that morning before I went down to speak something came in and it was like some brand new thing about Hallmark I don't remember what it was. But I went down and talked about it and they didn't know about it. So I was like but they couldn't believe they thought I was in their company. So. So yeah you can do all of these things are at your fingertips nowadays. So it's your negligent really if you don't use them. You know if you want to be a top pro speaker that's for sure. So. So how do people know we have mostly. I don't think anybody the listeners of this show is near the richest person in the world. So I don't know how they can work with you or how they could the you know you have products for sale or where we're kind of speaking engagements you look for how can we help you.

[00:27:04] Well I am here to serve and to help others I do that in a variety of ways of course speaking but do a lot of coaching. Oh I'm coaching helping people one on one and one to a small group. And so that way I get a chance to really customize what's there to help others. And for me that's the real joy the joy comes. Yes it's okay to get money I'm stark raving free market kind of guy and I believe in helping others and providing value for value. But the great joy comes from helping others and it really turns their life around. So I do a lot of that do a lot of writing as a journalist.

[00:27:39] So coaching on what topics.

[00:27:41] Coaching on topics like marketing and technology. And you know Tom interesting in the last year and it's emerging even more now I'm seeing a lot of areas on crypto currencies and block chain.

[00:27:52] Yes I totally have no idea what that's all about.

[00:27:56] And Tom you'd be the perfect person to talk to about it you remember me back in the early mid 70s when I was talking about this thing called technology. People laugh and they would say you need to get this thing called e mail in this information superhighway. That's what we call the Internet back then. And people would say Oh Terry you don't know what you're talking about. Oh that's crazy I can't do that. Well now look it's here. And you know with all due respect Yeah I was right. So I see the same thing with block chain and with bitcoin because here's what's going to happen. What e mail did to the post office Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are going to do that to banks because with the crypto you are your own bank you don't need them.

[00:28:41] So they're not really behind this.

[00:28:43] I've met actually some of the smart ones are embracing it.

[00:28:47] Exactly. Because they're going to be in trouble if they don't.

[00:28:50] Yeah. It's just like this week one of the reasons we're seeing a big jump in bitcoin. I mean bitcoin today as we're recording this right now is a little over nine thousand seven hundred dollars earlier this year it was about 3000. Do the math and its best return so far this year over. Any stock any bonds any commodities. Well because we look at the numbers from 3000 to over 9000 right now.

[00:29:15] I mean why do you think that went from 3000 to 9000.

[00:29:17] I think it's because it's being accepted more for instance right now as we're speaking is we're doing this recording. Facebook is proposing a cryptocurrency of their own called Libra and they are working with Visa. They're working with other companies that are established they're getting approval from the Major government offices and eradicating a lot of the problems that were there before and questions that people had about using cryptocurrency that oh this is only for drugs or this is only for bad things. But now it's being used legitimately now because it's so much faster more reliable and it's so much better all the way around more secure than anything we have right now in the other world.

[00:29:56] Amazing amazing. So. So how did they find you.

[00:30:02] Well the best way to find me would be over at my Web site and that is TerryBrock.com and you got all my contact there was social media and email which by the way is Terry@TerryBrock.com reach me that way.

[00:30:23] All right so we have to take a brief sponsor break and then when we come back we're going to ask Terry what's a typical day look like for him and how he stays motivated. So folks if you want somebody to hold your hand through all this stuff. Well you got Terry on a lot of stuff that I don't even go near it I'm not credible at but check out his Website TerryBrock.com for that. But if you want the nuts and bolts of selling online like I've been doing since the commercial Internet started around 1994. Check out my mentor program. It's the longest running most successful and most unique program ever on this topic and it includes a scholarship to my licensed internet marketing school which is the only one in the country and also an immersion weekend that the great internet marketing Retreat Center here in Virginia Beach along with a yearlong program where you have access to me and my entire staff to hold your hand. Like Terry was talking about with Zoom and teamviewer we take over your computer and hold your hand through doing all these things that are so complex until somebody helps you that they're not complex anymore. So check it all out at greatinternetmarketingtraining.com.

[00:31:42] All right let's get back to our main event. Terry Brock is here with us. He's a CPAE. That's the highest designation by the prestigious National Speakers Association and also a CSP which I'm not smart enough or organized enough to get after all these years. But you don't have to have that but boy he's he's got the creds. I'll tell you that. So Terry what's a typical day look like for you. Like when do you get up do you like what you eat. You know what you do.

[00:32:14] Yeah. I don't know if it's typical because every day is from but when I'm here at home where I am in Orlando Florida I love being here I usually get up around 4:00 and I find four o'clock is a time when there's not as much going on out there in the rest of the world. So it's a little bit quieter I can study. So I like to get up and I like to every day do something for SEM study exercise meditation something that's going to stretch my brain something while learn and do that I was reading a book this morning. I just finished a an audio or a video series from copywriters from Agora publishing matter of fact they're one point five billion dollar and I got a chance their publisher showing me how to do this and what to do and I went through the whole thing. So I like studying and then the exercise doing push ups calisthenics. Last night I was out swimming we've got a pool in the state of Florida. I think it's a law that you must have a swimming pool.

[00:33:06] With a big cage around it. Or something like that I guess that they have you know like screen door stuff all over the pools as the screen door and some of them do cover it to keep the bugs out.

[00:33:21] But some of them do we don't. We've never had a problem with that. It's. And it's just fine. But I love doing this swimming and exercise I think that's really important in meditation a time to be quiet a time to pray or just have quiet reflective thinking meditation whatever works for you. That kind of time I think is very important to do that as much as possible everyday. I don't get it done every day but on those days I do it I'm better and so my routine is doing that reading good quality information stretching my brain I love watching great training and good on programs that are on YouTube today. There's such a wealth of information from Marvelous Brilliant people who are successful. I find it both educational and inspirational. And the fact we can get that at any time is just amazing.

[00:34:08] And I just watched one yesterday of why there's no mosquitoes at Disney World.

[00:34:14] Oh OK. I didn't know that we live just a little ways from the sea from our balcony.

[00:34:19] You won't believe what they do on mosquito control because they're right in the middle of a swamp. Yeah. So I guess the stuff's at your fingertips. I've recently I'm the same thing continuous learner. So I'm being faced right now I own it just in this estate and this other rental property I have seven air conditioning units and they're all R22 refrigerant which is as of January 2020 is illegal to make anymore. Because it hits the ozone layer. It's a it's an ozone depleting refrigerant. So it's all been replaced with 410 A and other ones that aren't ozone depleting. But you know. I got seven air conditioners. Now you can have them as long as you can keep them running. Basically it's like fifty thousand dollars worth of these giant air conditioners. So I'm studying for my EPA exam because you have to have that the handle refrigerant learning. I just got soon as we're done here. I'm gonna go put a new contactor in a unit that I figured out on youtube how to check if this part was bad and the eleven dollars I'll fix the air conditioner instead of one hundred fifty and we fixed one last week with fifteen hundred and we fixed that for three hundred. So yeah it's just you know no matter how much money I make. I'm still a kid came from a two horse town with a blue collar dad that said learn how to do stuff you know and you're never stuck when you can do stuff for yourself. So extends the technology which you help people do so. So anyway. So then what. So after you get done with your S.E.M.

[00:36:02] Then I work on client activities. What is it that we're doing for different clients that I have around the world and look at what I want to do and where can I put the most effective use of my time money and energy for the day. And so like today getting a chance to talk with you Tom it's like a real joy. I appreciate you asking me that because I've admired you for many years and you and I have known each other throughout the years. It's good to do that. I like connecting with people and I'm doing that now more and more through zoom through the video technology because I can see people in many different countries much more efficiently and quickly than we can trying to get there physically but there is a place still for physical.

[00:36:46] Face to face will never be replaced.

[00:36:49] Absolutely. You know we want to see that it's not like one is going to replace I predict one hundred years from now we're still going to want to get together with people shake their hand have breakfast or lunch or share a few drinks in the evening and talk with people. That's one of the benefits of going to conferences and conventions where people are hanging out. You see them and it puts the relationship in a whole different perspective. When you've met someone through a physical connection.

[00:37:13] Except one hundred years we all have those little tiny alien hands.

[00:37:17] We might you never know.

[00:37:21] So you work through the day then then what.

[00:37:23] And then in the evening I'll exercise sometimes then and then one thing that's really important to me is Gina my partner and I will get together and we've been together for almost nine years now and we make sure that we most every day. I mean ninety nine point nine percent of the days we have a date in the evening. We have a date where we get together and just say how are you doing. How was your day today. What happened. What was good. Oh did you have a call. Oh yeah. A call was so and so. How is she is she still that way. I'm OK. What. Oh here's an opportunity though. And then we'll do that and then on our home theater we watch some wonderful videos on YouTube that are training our minds helping us to learn as well as wonderful music and then just kind of sign off sometimes I like to go out on our balcony. We look out over for lakes here from the place where we are and we see it. And I like to just relax wind down and then go to bed and get ready for another exciting day. The next day.

[00:38:18] All right. Now that's very very beautiful lifestyle to built for yourself but what about when you're on the road.

[00:38:24] On the road of course it's going to vary each time but I try to make sure that when Gina and I travel together we do often not all the time but often we still have that time.

[00:38:33] Does she get up at four.

[00:38:34] She sometimes does sometimes but not always. She's been getting up at four recently and heading down to the Y working out with a special class that's going on there for a while now. So that is good. We get a chance to that but other times you know I just get up and quietly emphasis on the quietly leave the room there and go over to my study and start get things done that way.

[00:38:54] Is she part of your business or you have two separate businesses or what.

[00:38:58] Yeah we have two separate businesses actually we found it works better for us. I think each couple has to decide what works best for them. We found it works best when you have a yours mine and ours. So there are some things that are mine. I'm operating on that she gives the input and we'll talk about it from time to time. She has other areas that are hers. I'll give input and talk about it maybe for her that she's doing a great training program right now called video rock stars and how to be involved with video how to use it for your business et cetera. And I will go on a program every now and then and talk about it since I'm doing so much with video and we'll do that and then we have an ours. So that's money that's mutual for what we're doing here and we find that combination tends to work well for us.

[00:39:41] Couples sometimes. Like I used to know this couple they had one office in their home and they would text each other in the office instead of turning around and talking to each other.

[00:39:57] We find it's for us it's a combination. Her office is on the other side of the condo so I'll go over there physically and tell her. If a big win comes through. Somebody asked me to come and speak somewhere I got a new client. There are some things like that. I go bouncing down the hall like a little kid. I go. Guess what just happened. We celebrate. You say tonight we're gonna celebrate that you know we'd like to celebrate all regularly but then also there's times when something devastating or would happen or maybe we lose someone that's very close to us. And so we have that to share as well. And it's nice. But she has her study over there and I have mine here and we make sure that we both are respectful of each other. There are times when we say I need to be alone. I've got to study this. I need to focus on what's going on here and really do that well. And so that's what we'll do and we respect that. Sometimes we say okay we'll close the door. We don't lock it in the event of an emergency want to get in but we say if the door's close that just means barring an emergency we're going to be working on something and I'll I'll see you in just a little bit.

[00:40:58] Right. Right. So. So how do you stay motivated.

[00:41:01] For me I think it's a probably looking at the goals and thinking of what I want to do. And then I find that that helps a lot. I also find a lot of motivation from reading. I love reading books and I tend to read more on my kindle now and my smartphone. I've got an android Note 8 from Samsung and I use that extensively with Kindle. So reading good quality books I've got some books that I've read that are just absolute gold. And I've read them sometimes many many times five 10 20 times through the year.

[00:41:33] Send me a list I can put them in the show notes.

[00:41:35] Thank you Tom. You help me go all the time. That's a good one right there. I don't have that list but it would be good to do that. You know to put the books down and then break them into category of here's a good one and maybe even a comment as to Why. What was so inspirational. Another way if I get a lot of motivation is reading biographies of successful people to find out what they did and the challenges they went through in their time and their place in history and how that would relate to what we're doing today.

[00:42:04] And that's what we're doing right now. Actually the people that are listening to this I've just heard your biography to a certain extent. Yeah. We're kind of doing it in a different format right now.

[00:42:16] Yeah exactly and doing those kind of things tend to be there inspirational. Oh by the way I got another thing as I find really fun for me which is inspiring and and giving that good endorphins and the dopamine is in the brain to kickin it go for a ride a unicycle and so I get out in our area here in Orlando and I ride my unicycle around. It's like not everybody does that.

[00:42:37] You know you're not supposed to text while riding a unicycle.

[00:42:40] I don't text. I guarantee you I'm not I'm not even going to listen to an audio. I love listening while I'm on that unicycle. You're fully alert there but my mind is filled with all kinds of happy I'm enjoying it. It's kind of fun.

[00:42:54] Do people beep the horn at you when you're riding by.

[00:43:01] Oh yeah. Yeah. What they do in their cheer and all that it's fun. But what I really enjoy Tom is we are right near a place you come to Orlando. No Sand Lake Road is a what most towns have some place that is like a parking lot. It's just jammed with traffic. And I love riding by unicycle by as the cars are parked almost a parking lot there not going to work just waving to him and I'm going by on my one wheel beating their four wheels. I love it.

[00:43:26] Oh. You know it would be funny pictures have you pulled over by a cop for like splitting traffic.

[00:43:33] You have not had that happen. Yeah. We got to obey the laws.

[00:43:42] Boy those big so great catch it up with you that I really appreciate. Giving us insights into your life and the great tips that you gave everybody. Thanks so much.

[00:43:52] You bet. Tom it's always good to be with you and I appreciate you having me on and for those of you that are listening to this get to know Tom even better. You're getting a chance to know him here through this. He is a wonderful man. I'm saying that somebody he didn't tell me to say this he's not twisting my arm. I've known him for decades not just a few years decades. And he is a person that gives a lot of value to people get to know him get to know what he can do. And your life will be better because of it.

[00:44:16] Well thanks. Thanks so much for those kind words Terry and in all Terry stuff and we're going to twist his arm to give us a little book list. Maybe in the next couple of weeks and get it in the show notes for him. But if you need private coaching on the kinds of things that he handles for you can't have a more reputable and wonderful guy that will take care of you. So thanks a lot Terry. And for everybody else we'll see y'all on the next episode.

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