122 - Deal or No Deal Star: Tom interviews Patricia Kara - Screw The Commute

122 – Deal or No Deal Star: Tom interviews Patricia Kara

Patricia Kara has been working in the entertainment business for over 30 years as an actress model spokesperson and television personality. This year, she is returning to primetime television on the New Deal or No Deal, airing on CNBC. Her career has included NBC's Deal or No Deal primetime and daytime editions. She's been on America's Got Talent, Extra, Fox Movie Channel, and People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People.

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[04:36] Tom's introduction to Patricia Kara

[06:50] The new Deal or No Deal

[15:17] Something that no one would think to ask

[19:10] Never a waitress but did summer work

[25:48] The ring story

[32:51] Being in the entertainment industry

[43:05] Sponsor message

[44:08] How she runs her business

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Patricia Kara Host Reel

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

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Monique Jones, Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

Monique Jones, Patricia Kara, Deal or No Deal

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 122 – Patricia Kara
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 122 of screw the commute podcast Wow. Do we have a super guest today Patricia Kara is here and she's one of the stars of Deal or No Deal. She's number nine. And I have to say it she's so fine. She's been working continuously in a cutthroat business for more than 30 years and that's got to be some kind of big lie because she looks like she's 12 years old. And that's not fair. And I got a little secret to let everyone on when she's at an event and us guys are around we call her Miss Perfection beauty brains wit and just an all around good girl and we're allowed to say Girl because we're broadcasting from southern Virginia. So we're allowed to say girl. All right. So bring her on in a minute. Last episode was 121. See people love quizzes. So on my Monday training I told you the ins and outs of getting tons of new people in your database and buying stuff because you attracted them with a quiz. So every Monday I do a training session on something that's either made me a lot of money or saved me a lot of money. So check that out some other time. Episode 121. I've got a big freebie to thank you all for listening to this podcast. It's my twenty seven dollar e-book how to automate your business. And just one of the tips in this e-book has saved me over seven million keystrokes and I just might have something else over there for you as a special gift so you can get that at screwthecommute.com/automatefree and you ought to do that too Patricia because you're in business and it'll save you a lot of hassle and lets you automate things a little bit more.

[00:02:20] I'm listening.

[00:02:23] Now our podcast app is in the iTunes store. You can you can go to screwthecommute.com/app where we have complete instructions to show you how to use all the fancy features so you can take us with you on the road. Put this on your cell phone and tablet. It does all kinds of cool things. Now if you would be so kind please visit iTunes and leave us to review. We've got I think 90 or so five star reviews over there and it does help the show out. We appreciate it and help spread the word and also tell your friends about the podcast if they're in business or want to get in business. I'll tell you what. There's a lot of good tips from me and all my fantastic guests. Tell them to check out screw the commute podcast. All right our youth program is in full swing. We're looking for young people that are doing entrepreneurial things. And when I say young that's up to say the early 20s. If they're older than that then maybe their candidate for a regular podcast. But you know anyone they can get in touch with me at orders@antion.com just to see how to apply to maybe be featured on an episode of screw the commute. Special youth edition. Our on demand TV channel is up on both Roku TV and Amazon Fire the first channel is the public speaking channel and we have several others coming. Brutal self-defense protection dogs elite and various internet marketing channels. So if you have a Roku device or an Amazon fire stick. It's a really good deal. I mean you can get thousands of channels and you can hook up your Netflix and other favorite channels through the same device. And I got probably about one hundred thousand dollars worth of free training on the channels so just search for the public speaking channel. Today's sponsor is the distance learning school the internet marketing Training Center of Virginia. Don't even think about retraining yourself or sending your kids to college until you check out our webinar on higher education. I do not want you wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and putting yourself and your kids under crushing debt. And that webinar will be in the show notes at screwthecommute.com. This is Episode 122.

[00:04:39] All right. Let's get to the main event. Patricia Kara has been working in the entertainment business for over 30 years and you know I'm skeptical about that as an actress model spokesperson and television personality. This year she is returning to the primetime television on the New Deal or No Deal airing on CNBC. Her career has included NBC's Deal or No Deal primetime and daytime edition. I think she's one of the only ladies that's been on all all the different versions of this he's been on America's Got Talent extra Fox Movie Channel and People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People. She had to be in the top one of that. She's been a guest host on HSN. This is one of my favorites. She was featured in the Trace Adkins music video Marry for Money. You go look that up on YouTube. That is freaking hilarious. And she really released their workout video entitled fast and fitness. I got to jump in here a minute. This is Patricia's one of those rare rare individuals that can be Miss glam but she can next day you see on a Swiffer commercial or something like that so she has a range that's unbelievable. So she's worked with and represented companies like AT&T Unilever Johnson and Johnson Procter and Gamble Disney Princess Cruise Lines and Toyota and she has their own instructional series Secrets to a successful you. And the yet to be released dream on Now deliver. Patricia has worked as a mentor for young models and actresses helping to educate them on the entertainment industry and setting the stage for the future of the business. Patricia are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:06:43] I am so ready. Bring it on.

[00:06:49] Oh man. Boy it's so good to catch up with you. You're just the greatest in my book and they're just an unbelievable asset to the whole industry. So tell everybody what you're doing now. We'll talk about Deal or No Deal then we'll take you back to the beginning and see see how you came up through the ranks.

[00:07:08] Well first of all thank you so much for that wonderful introduction. That's quite the intro so thank you thank you thank you and thank you for having me on here. It's really great to catch up with you. Well where do we where do we start. Deal or No Deal that's come back in a lot of people excited and so am I. It's great to be back on Deal or No Deal. Such a fun family show.

[00:07:30] And you are the one the one and only that's been on every edition of it right.

[00:07:35] Correct. And it's crazy it's crazy and cool and fun. I am so excited to be back. I would do a deal or no deal time 99 if I said I I.

[00:07:46] Okay right. The number nine apparently is can you tell me. You weren't always the number nine were you.

[00:07:53] So the first season. They started me out at 8 then put me to 10 move me around to nine and a couple of other numbers and then finally they just kept putting me back at nine within the first season so it's stuck. So we're talking back in 2005 and 2006. So since then I have been number nine.

[00:08:13] Well yeah I don't think that's right because you've always been a 10 for us and our listeners so far so that. So. That's a pretty serious deal right. And there are people watching over everybody because of the cases and all the money involved with this.

[00:08:29] Yes there's definitely a third company that watches there are cameras all around but there is a third company that watches us because when they give the suitcases out to each girl the briefcases we get handed a briefcase right before we get up on stage to do the models march across the stage we don't know what's in the cases. Nobody has any clue if a briefcase drops we have to start the game all over again and we have to reshuffle the cases which is a pretty big deal. And it's time consuming. So it really it's it's pretty intense.

[00:09:06] How often has that happened.

[00:09:09] In the old version it happened a few times. The new version. I hate to say this but I was the only one who dropped. That was the one who dropped the case. I felt so horrible and so bad but it ended up working in the contestant's favor so I didn't feel so bad at the end of the game. He won some good money so it was all good.

[00:09:33] So these cases aren't locked in right.

[00:09:35] They're not like they're locked. Prior to handing them to us so they unlock them they bring them out and this big thing and open up became this huge case and start pulling out the briefcases as each number goes on each. Lady number one number two they call it. Your number is you're going up and handing your briefcase right before you get on stage.

[00:09:54] Now if you drop it and doesn't open Does that matter.

[00:09:57] Mind didn't completely open but the lock broke. So they did restarted once it drops and it even opens if the lock open. They have to just start over so there's no you know any legal issues so it's just you gotta do it.

[00:10:15] Now didn't I hear you say one time you wish you could change places with howie one time and make in wear heels.

[00:10:22] I actually think he would go for it. He's fun like that. Somebody actually asked me about one of the photos we took not too long ago when we were on America's Got Talent and he had his nail polish on. He gets us his Manny and peddy done with his granddaughter so I could see him slamming on some heels and a dress playing deal lady for a day I could see him doing it. He's fun like that. He's good.

[00:10:47] So you were actually nervous in this last the interview process. I mean I thought you'd be a shoo in and this is old hat for you.

[00:10:56] I did. I got nervous. The initial audition for the new show coming just came out. The first audition I was OK. I was like I got this I'm good. I've done this for years and it's all good. But when the callbacks came around me I just felt those nerves just come out of nowhere and then the room was really full with not only the cameras for your audition but they had behind the scenes cameras for airing and I was like No don't do this to me. And I knew a lot of people in the room. It just was different. It was awkward. It was fun at the same time but I definitely I could feel myself getting all jittery and shaking because like what is happening. It just comes out of nowhere sometimes. And this was one of those times. I am excited to be back. I can't tell you how happy I was to find out that we were and they kept going back and forth like you're gonna find out soon you're gonna find out with everybody. So just once we finally got the go ahead he was literally days before we had to fly out to Orlando Florida to do the shoot for five weeks and it was a big trip and it was a big deal and we couldn't talk about it with anybody. Once we got the job we had to sign an NDA so nobody knew all the details or who was coming back. It was very secretive. Those really felt great to finally be able to announce it to everybody because there are so many Deal or No Deal fans that followed us from the beginning so to be able to tell them the rumors are finally true. There is a deal or no deal coming back was pretty exciting I can't even begin to tell you how crazy it was.

[00:12:35] How long does it take this year to show you more than one in one day.

[00:12:39] Yes we were aiming for four shows a day but we ended up doing three shows a day. A one hour show could take up to four to five hours to tape so you know you have lighting you have technical difficulties that control audience. Audience Yeah some people end up sticking around for all the shows and some people who you know after one show are done they move them out and move in new people that want to watch the show and be a part of the show. And then of course you have family members that come to visit friends. So it's a pretty big ordeal so we had 17 hour days. While Yeah it was pretty brutal on the feet.

[00:13:25] Do you have to like maintain their shoes on the whole time. Can you take them off in between stuff and rest your feet.

[00:13:36] Yeah. Once you get off the stage when your number is called and you can go sit backstage as the show continues you can take off your shoes. I tend to not take them off because once you take them off they're hard to put back on your feet get really swollen. So by the time you're you're gone for the second show you've got to put them on you're like Oh my God my feet are swollen How do I get you back on. So I don't bother. I just go straight through the 17 hours this though and I just prance around like OK. Got to get through this we're going to get.

[00:14:08] Now believe it or not I had a similar experience with I was not with you. I flew to Hawaii for a 20 minute speech from the East Coast. That's when I time I got there. My feet I had taken my shoes off my feet were swollen up and they don't have they didn't have jet ways. You had to go down and then the ladies there with the lei to put it on your head. Well the tarmac is like three thousand degrees and I couldn't get my shoes on and I'm like hopping around and she's missing. Tried to hit my head with the lei. I had a similar but not exact experience.

[00:14:49] It's brutal it's brutal.

[00:14:51] So luckily you're in shape and in relatively tiny rather than a big horse like me.

[00:14:58] I wouldn't call you a horse.

[00:15:00] Actually the doctor called me a Clydesdale one time and I swear to God he did he says never to be a big fat. But he says you should have been a Clydesdale horse. He got people half your age falling apart and I can't find anything wrong with you. Tell us something that that nobody would even think to ask about what goes on over a show like that.

[00:15:27] What goes on in a show like that. We do have twenty eight models so the twenty six are the briefcase ladies. So the twenty seven twenty eight girls ladies are the they're known as the alternatives but they're also the banker bodyguards so they once in a while come out in this like ROBERT PALMER Look Where hair slicked back red lipstick a black hot outfit the really sexy and beautiful and they come out and they present the contestant with whatever the banker is offering. Sometimes this is a big joke and they come out with whatever it is. So there are 28 ladies always there. They're the ones just on standby sometimes. We have had somebody get sick. We're one of those girls had to take over for one of the briefcase ladies. So it's great to have backup. Always great to have backup and they were definitely used whether a bank as a banker lady or a bodyguard lady or a alternate. So 28 ladies. It's a lot of women in one room but I have to say it was a good group of women cast a great intellect in all the ladies.

[00:16:40] I will say you could say twenty eight models together in one place could get a little crazy.

[00:16:48] It could be for five weeks. Think about the Bachelorette all those women.

[00:16:55] But did you all have a dressing room or was it a group dressing room or what.

[00:17:00] It's a group dressing room. The only good thing is we didn't all live in one house at the end of the night. We all had our own rooms at the hotel so we all are able to just be on our own. You know just decompress come back the next morning and start all over again. But we have one huge dressing room and it's just chaos where you're trying to get dressed and you're trying to get this done and done and trying to get back out there. Yeah. It's pretty interesting but again I did a great a great job of asking all the ladies were actually really good friends. We still keep in touch even though we're done shooting we hang out together and we watch shows sometimes. It's fun it's a really great group of women.

[00:17:43] Are most of them seasoned like you are or the some brand new ones. And that's a big boost to their career what.

[00:17:53] A little bit of each. A lot of the ladies this time around are actually influencers more than they are models there are definitely models of some models but there are a lot of influencers we didn't have that back in the day we weren't on social media right here on Deal or No Deal the first time around. So that's been different for us that's been really cool that we're actually tweeting and Instagraming and all that stuff with the fans of the show I've done a few lives in this and Instagram stories which has been fun and cool to interact with everybody. We didn't get to do first time around.

[00:18:30] I don't wanna put you on the spot but you put it Instagram picture out not too long ago that I'm sure a lot of guys had heart attacks over. I mean it was a bikini shot and it was like Ms. perfection. Tell me you don't remember.

[00:18:48] That's actually from my calendar I did in 2009. It was after a deal or no deal the first time around I did a calendar when we finished the primetime show and we were just beginning the daytime version.

[00:19:00] It just showed up again recently.

[00:19:02] Yeah it was a throwback.

[00:19:04] Nobody even noticed. They weren't reading the text.

[00:19:15] All right so let's go back. Did you ever have a job ever. I mean I know this is work. These are jobs but did you ever wait tables and stuff.

[00:19:25] Luckily for everybody else No I was never a waitress.

[00:19:30] I am known to be a little klutzy so that would not be good for anybody.

[00:19:34] Well you did drop the case.

[00:19:38] I'm just not good with being sturdy I crash into walls all the time I'm always falling over so it's best for everyone that I just stick to what I do. I did started out when I was 16 years old and I had jobs back and like during the summer I was a nanny and a camp counselor while I was you know during the year I'd go to school and go out for modeling jobs. So I was doing all of it at that time.

[00:20:05] So were you discovered would you say or just worked.

[00:20:12] Yeah. Busted my butt I started out in Chicago doing everything else while I was in school and then I started reaching out to agencies having meetings with them at that age. My sister would go with me and she's eight years older she was she was a lot like you know a mom figure. And she went to these appointments with me to find out. OK what do we need to do. What are the steps to make it work or happen or did you go to school for.

[00:20:37] I went to school I went to a year of college at Columbia College in Chicago I was a dance and theater major. I was always in the entertainment world always in performance so once I was in college I actually started working a lot more as a model and I started working internationally so I went to school plus I broke my toe twice and as a dancer I was like Well let me go model instead of dancing. And I love dancing but I stopped going to school and just started traveling with work and I loved it loved it so much and then I started moving around a little bit I was probably 19 20 years old. Ok so by 20 I was traveling Europe and then came back ended up a few years later moving to Miami because that's when modeling was starting in Miami and I didn't really like it at the time it was just it was more of a party town when it just first started. As far as the modeling business goes so then I moved to New York and that was the best thing I ever did.

[00:21:44] I heard you say something about you never felt so at home so calm in New York. Guess what. I'm a self-defense expert. I'm a big badass. I never feel so helpless in New York than anywhere on earth. The cab driver knows your a tourist and knows you so you're screwed there. You're afraid to get on the subway. No I have no idea where you're going to end up. They say we'll just walk. Oh it's only a hundred blocks to the hotel.

[00:22:15] So yeah you need to go with me and I'll protect you. I got your back.

[00:22:19] Yeah. You know how to play the game but they see a guy like me coming because you know for a little bit English. Cause we're look at around like country bumpkins at the skyscrapers.

[00:22:35] So into New York and I loved him but I had in my mind this time frame of I'm going to stay here for this amount of time I'm going to accomplish this. And there were a few things I want to accomplish in three years. I did that so I moved because I couldn't handle Winters either. That was the other factor for me. And I'm from Chicago where it's brutal. It's colder in Chicago than even New York. I moved to L.A. and L.A. was tough. I have to tell you the first few years are the toughest in L.A. In New York. You can just jump right in here. It's like it took time for people to get to know you. Anything I did in New York meant nothing. Yeah. My whole experience of how many years I've been working Chicago Miami International meant nothing in L.A. Like starting over. People just didn't take me seriously. And when I was in New York I actually started up I went from modeling I started hosting as well and acting. That's where that came in was New York. And I just continued. All three when I moved to L.A. but yeah L.A. has been the toughest.

[00:23:37] Feel like quitting and go back to New York.

[00:23:41] I did consider going by so the first few years I actually was going back and forth I was bi coastal. So I would still get my fix of New York. I would get to work in New York as I still have my contacts and clients there that would go back and forth. Thank God. I think that got me through. But then slowly but surely things started shifting here in L.A. and it got better and so I hear more and I won New York as much but now I'm getting that bug again. So people on back and forth to New York again which I just I think I'll forever be bi coastal. If I was offered a job in New York and in the entertainment business I would definitely take it. Absolutely. Because I know I can always come back to L.A. L.A. will always be here it's home. I have no problem.

[00:24:25] How would that work. You're married to an ex-football player right. He has a new company right manage management company.

[00:24:36] He represents football players and he it's great because with his business he he works out of the house now so he's able to go anywhere time.

[00:24:46] So if you did get something permanent in New York it wouldn't be a big it wouldn't be an issue because he can.

[00:24:52] No not at all. He can travel and work from his computer wherever he is and he travels for his job weekly.

[00:24:59] So we already we've been doing this and we actually did long distance from the East Coast from East Coast West Coast seven years. So we know what it's like he was living in Baltimore for seven years we're going back and forth and it worked we're together 15 years now so we're like we you know it's it's what's the word I'm looking for. But we've been through before so we know what to expect.

[00:25:22] How did you meet him.

[00:25:22] Met him at a charity event in Jacksonville Florida. It was they invited all the models it was a company I used to work with. Venus swimmer it was all the models and all the football players and they brought them together for this huge charity event and we met we'd be good friends we talked for a while on our first date. It was always there we knew and so we just made it work from our first date basically.

[00:25:50] Okay so I always ask people that are married this just say and then I shut up because there's always an answer. Tell me the ring story.

[00:26:01] The the engagement part of it. The ring story. I don't know if there's really much of a ring store. I do love my ring it's not what I would have expected or what I knew nothing about rings. I was that girl that always said I would never get married. Oh so it was really funny. So I had no vision of what my dress would be one day. I had no vision of what my ring would look like one day. I didn't ever think about. I was more of a tomboy growing up so but he did a great job he actually designed the ring himself.

[00:26:33] That's part of the story he designed the ring. Did it look like a Super Bowl ring.

[00:26:40] It kind of does. And it's actually cool the engagement ring is there three stones in there it's unique. Not many people have this kind of really I forgot what they're called. Jillions are on the sides which I knew that was the only thing I ever liked. I'd seen it somewhere and I was like oh jillions those are really cool they're like little triangles. And he actually helps a lot of his clients get engagement rings for his guys.

[00:27:10] So that's risky there. I try to stay out of matchmaking stuff.

[00:27:15] I'm actually really good at matchmaking. I'm in the process of doing it right now. I have a great success at bringing people together. I know I shouldn't and I have two marriages. The third couple is actually they dated for a few years broke up eventually but. I mean that's three relationships two marriages and the third one dating four years.

[00:27:43] How did he pop the question.

[00:27:46] We were in Italy and we were in Venice. It was funny because we were leaving for Italy. Everybody kept saying oh you know he's going to propose. I'm like No he wouldn't. And we've gone on big trips before and like now I don't see it coming. I think I would know but everybody kept putting that in my head and we had already traveled a little bit through Italy. Nothing. Know he was pretty chill calm nothing came and all of a sudden out of nowhere he actually tricked me and he hurt himself on the bed in the room. and I was like oh my gosh are you OK. Because usually he can you can take pain but I was like wow you hurt yourself pretty badly to me moaning this way. So I looked down he's on his knee pulls out the ring and I'm like a little trickster.

[00:28:33] You are good. And I actually like my response initially was so here. Are you kidding me. So I think that was the answer he was expecting when he proposed but he caught me off guard. I was really really shocked. And then of course I said yes and was I. already celebrated.

[00:28:53] I told you there was a ring story there are three rings.

[00:28:57] It was really he actually. And when we got the wedding bands he actually drew it for me to show me with the wedding bands they weren't your typical wedding bands. So he drew it for me and I was like I don't get it. I don't understand what that's going to look like. And he's like just like all right. And sure enough you know it's it's a beautiful ring. I can't say enough about it.

[00:29:21] The only thing I would comment about the next time you tell the story is try not to emphasize the moaning and getting hurt in bed.

[00:29:30] I realized after I said that I just did it. I just say that yes I did it.

[00:29:37] But we know you you've had some some time some tribulations trials and tribulations with your mom right.

[00:29:49] Yes absolutely. So I am definitely the nice Chicago Greek girl.

[00:29:54] I come from a family. So I think those Greek Orthodox people considered me nice but. Well you were baptized great and we're gonna see you tonight.

[00:30:08] I wish I knew how to cook because I would make those all the time.

[00:30:15] How can you be a good Greek girl if you can't cook.

[00:30:19] Remember I grew up as a tomboy so when my two sisters were in the kitchen helping my mom my two older sisters. I was the baby so I got away with a lot and I would go bike riding I would go hang out with the boys and I was just playing ball or whatever so I didn't want to learn how to cook. I am even now to this day my husband just get out of it and you burn yourself every time you make a mess.

[00:30:41] The kitchen is a dangerous place. Patricia I mean I talk and make stuff and I mean one time there I love hard boiled eggs but I always forget about him on the stove. This guy must have done it too. So I go downstairs the phone rings and then I hear boom boom. The whole house was shaking. I thought my roommate fell down or something. And then I start going upstairs and I started smelling this familiar smell of molten metal you know because the water was gone out of the pan and the eggs were shooting up and exploding into the ceiling. I had to crawl like an army guy across the ground to reach up to turn the stove off. So yeah. So I hope I hope your mother's doing well. It's really great that you're able and willing to help her out.

[00:31:35] Oh yeah she's a priority. So I schedule everything. Like how can I get back home to Chicago to be with her and spend time with her. I know I'm not going to always have that and we almost lost her once. So I. I. That's all I think about of ways for me to get back into Chicago. I mean we're like maybe you should go work in Chicago. No. When I go to Chicago I'm not working. I'm staying with I am hanging out with my mom and spending time with her 24/7 so I don't leave her side. And it's great to see her. She's just you know it's up and down but she. Her sense of humor is intact and she makes me laugh every single time I'm with her. Yeah she's amazing. Pretty awesome.

[00:32:14] Did you ever check out the ketogenic diet.

[00:32:17] I've looked into it a little bit when not completely not after we talk about weight.

[00:32:22] It's got a lot of benefits to it. It's not for everybody but it's over 100 years old they used to use it to treat diabetes back 100 years ago. So it's worked it's good for me.

[00:32:33] It's amazing that it hasn't been talked about before. I mean I've never I've heard about the Keto diet now because it's become a trend.

[00:32:41] It was dormant for a long time and then you know with all the heavy duty stuff from the FDA food pyramid and all that junk. So I understand also that you're helping other people get in the entertainment business or help management or what. Tell us about this.

[00:33:00] Yes. Yes. And I love. I love being part of that where there's specifically one girl I've been working with for over a year now and I love to see where she started and where she's come I mean she's a standup comedian she's an actress. I mean she you know she's doing her standup the first time she had to go up and do you know tell her jokes. You can see she was nervous and now it's been over a year. And to see the confidence and to see her is grow so much and learn a lot about herself and just be able as you know so I couldn't do it. Get up to a room and start telling jokes I'm just there's no way I can only do certain things and that's just not one of them. So I give her so much credit. I think she just needed somebody to believe in her. It's a hard business. You get a lot of rejection. And she was in the business before but she took a few years break for personal reasons and she was just trying to get back in. And I met her she was waitressing and it was a sports bar around my neighborhood went and we started to getting to know her just from her being our waitress. And she was hysterical she was hilarious. What do you do you need to be auditioning for things you need to be booking jobs. What are you doing. So the more I talk to her. After getting to know her that year I said let me help you let me figure out you know get you into agencies to get you to the next step. And so you know we're still working together she's grown and she still has more to do of course as we all do. It's an ongoing thing. You know you have your good days your bad days. Again you go through a lot of rejection. So it's a process. And I look I do that with a lot of people where I have a lot of especially young girls but in general I have people coming up to me asking me how did you get started. How do you know everybody thinks it's glitz and glamour but they forget it's a business and there's more to it than just walking the red carpet you know being dressed up all nice. There's so much more to it. So definitely it's a process so I try to explain that process to people of putting in the work daily and going to auditions seeing the agents finding out what you need. Your pictures have to be a certain way. Going to casting directors. The process of auditioning that's a whole thing you know that can be nerve wracking when you're new to it. So I try to explain the process to everybody to help them along. You may not want to do it after you know everything you go through that process. You may not want to be in the entertainment business because they just have a certain perception of it.

[00:35:31] So if you formalize this as a manager or advisor you what.

[00:35:37] I have and I consult with a lot of people but I specifically in managing her I just feel really strongly about her and I see her just I could see the big picture with her. So I specifically am working with her right. When I was thinking about working with more people is when Deal or No Deal came back and it's like OK I'm getting a lot. I have a lot of things happening all at once so I'm consulting still I'm not managing everybody but I do guide people and give them the steps and help them through it. But I don't manage them on a day to day basis. The way I do Monique. Monique Jones.

[00:36:15] We'll put her in the show. We'll put her picture in there too if you like.

[00:36:19] Oh that'll be great. I would love that.

[00:36:21] So how do how does somebody get in touch with you about consulting if they are considering any of this entertainment stuff.

[00:36:29] Absolutely. Thanks for asking. They can go to my Web site. PatriciaKara.com and there's a contact on there. There's an e-mail so they can e-mail me and I'll see it and we can chat.

[00:36:45] Yeah. One of the things that I worry about in this business is I would ask you is how did you or did you stay away from the dark side of being a young beautiful model in town and how do you advise the people that you talk to to stay away from the dark side.

[00:37:05] You really have to trust your instincts. I definitely there were moments that I was like OK this doesn't feel right. There's something wrong with this and people will say really mean and nasty things to try to get their way. I trust. I always trusted my instincts. It's just I grew up you know with certain beliefs and you know just I always defended myself when things arose and I just got away from it like you just have to listen to that inner voice and go nope nothing is worth this. You know you don't have to do anything that's not good to get to the level you want to be at. So I was just always aware hyper aware of people. I've always been that way since I've let my guard down more as I've gotten older but I don't put up with nonsense. So just being aware. Just be yourself. Trust. Trust that inner voice.

[00:38:00] You make it a point of talking to them about that.

[00:38:03] Yes. All the time. And any other time I see a lot is a lot of these younger girls this self image thing and especially now with social media that's a whole other thing that I talk to them about as well as their self-image what they put out there and also the thing of a lot of young girls all of a sudden want to get everything surgically done. And I wish more girls and women really could see themselves the way I see a lot of my girlfriends I'm like You look beautiful You don't need anything done but there's something inside them that says I need to or somebody said something to them or even an agent I said something to them where they felt insecure about their looks.

[00:38:50] What drives me crazy is some of the crazy parents they're talking about 12 year olds getting boob jobs. I mean it's just crazy crazy. LA is You know the Mecca for that kind of stuff. I mean you're surrounded with it all the time.

[00:39:08] And what I don't understand is why would you want to look like everybody else. It's a good thing that you stand out and you look like you. There's no reason to. Now everybody you look around L.A. I swear everybody starts to look alike. And then when I travel to other countries or other states I'm like oh my gosh it's so nice to see people that have had nothing done. They all look different. It's so nice and everybody's unique and it's just such a great thing so I always appreciate when I travel I'm always looking at people going oh you had nothing done your face your natural beauty. Men and women even the men now are getting a lot of work done. So that's really yeah it's just I don't understand it. I wish more people could see themselves the way others do. But there is that insecurity and sometimes people prey upon that and make them feel worse so they go do all these things and I've talked to some that have no regrets. And then I've talked to a lot of people that have had regrets and then I've also had medical issues because something went wrong or things could just happen that you don't even foresee. And that's not part of the thought process when they're in that moment should I get this done should I get that done. So yeah it's just a hard thing for me to see I get really bothered by that. And people always tell me you're going to get something done. I'm like I'm scared because I just feel like if I even touched or even tried something.

[00:40:35] I don't know what you'd need done. I'll backup a minute. Does anybody compare you to any famous actresses.

[00:40:43] I've been compared to a few different ones. Luckily they're ones that I've liked. I'm going back to I actually when I first came to L.A. I had a meeting with an agent and he asked me to turn my face to the side. I was like What. And when I turned my face is like what. If you want to work he's like You're gonna have to get your nose done. And I was like I've been working for years and nobody has said that to me and I'm like. And I come to L.A. and you think I'm like you're like in some young girl you know insecure and listening to your B.S. I was I was like this meeting is done. So I walked out of there. It's like I don't need. An agent telling me you need a nose job I'm like. Have you looked in the mirror. Do you want me to start picking you apart. Are you kidding. So I was pretty pretty annoyed with that but that's not the first time it happened. I've had people make comments.

[00:41:32] Who do they say you remind them of.

[00:41:35] I get two of my favorites which is Susan Lucci. I love her. I love her but actually my older sister looks a lot like her.

[00:41:49] The reason I say this is because she's got to be either 8 900 years old though it still looks 12.

[00:41:54] She looks unbelievable. I hope I grow up just like her.

[00:41:59] There's no way it'll be any different for you.

[00:42:02] I actually met her in Italy the day after I got engaged into her in Rome and I said hello. And I got a picture with her. I was that you know fan geeking out and I just couldn't help myself but she was really really sweet. We took a picture together and we actually talked with her and her husband and there was another couple and they were congratulating us so we're really really it was made my week and I actually ran into another actress there that I happen to know that same day what is going on I'm in the middle of Italy running into all these people. This is crazy. It was fun. There was something else I was going to say oh the other one is a Shania Twain which I love. Depends on the hair the makeup.

[00:42:47] She's much more fair complected

[00:42:48] Yes you're right about that.

[00:42:52] You're the Greek goddess.

[00:42:55] I've got a dark dark hair.

[00:42:57] What they call that olive.

[00:43:01] Yes. Oh it's all the Greek olives I eat.

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[00:44:10] All right we're here with number nine. She's very fine from Deal or No Deal. Patricia Kara. Just a breath of fresh air when you think of Hollywood models. You got to think of her because she's the all around package of nice smart helpful and amazing length of her career in a cutthroat town. That's for sure. So Patricia tell us a little bit about I mean you are in a business just you know motto is a business like you mentioned earlier. Tell us a little bit about how you run your business.

[00:44:46] Every day is a different day. Some of the things are basically the same but for the most part my days different as far as I get different auditions for different agents. I have a different agent for everything I do. So for print work the modeling side of it. I have one agent commercials. Another agent hosting another agent theatrical work. Another agent.

[00:45:08] You need an agent to keep track your agents.

[00:45:11] Basically yes. So I know that's a big part of you have to be in contact with your agents. I visit them often don't want them forgetting about me in any way making sure they send me out for stuff. Go through the auditions and the auditions of course are all over town now. We do a lot of self tapes too so not only are you running around town sometimes they want you to do it at home which is always interesting. I find that buffer rather go to the casting studio than trying to get the lighting right. The camera is right you get your lines. It's it's a process and you definitely need help with a addition which is neat that they're calling it a self tape. You definitely need help with that but so on so certain days I work certain days I don't I'm always going through that process.

[00:46:01] How do you keep track of the money.

[00:46:04] I'm good at that.

[00:46:06] I believe it. But I wonder how because you go to all these different clients basically and there's a big accounting you know.

[00:46:14] It's funny you say that. Funny you should say. I write everything down. I. There isn't. I write everything down not only in my schedule book on my computer. I backup everything and then I am speaking of all the different jobs in accounting. It just got through my taxes. Tax season is always hard because you have to get 1099s and W-2s from different companies. That gets hard and confusing. But for the most part I'm pretty organized with that stuff I've been doing it long enough that I've got a system down. But some years are harder than others. It just depends on how many jobs that year you got.

[00:46:55] Who would give you a W-2 I mean would that be like a long job like Deal or No Deal

[00:47:01] Deal or No Deal. Yes more W-2 is the 10 nines are more the print work is more ten ninety nine w 2s are more the commercials and they are hosting and acting. That's more than W-2 is that you end up getting. So yeah it's definitely a big process and that's why I tell people you've got to look at the business side of it or at least have somebody especially for younger people have family members that their parents that can help them or you hire people that can help you with this stuff. It's definitely a lot of details. You don't only handle your audition process and try to have fun with that you've got to look at everything and also maintain work you have to take care of yourself through everything you have to you know make sure you're working out and you know dress the part of each audition they'll ask for a specific look like yesterday to go in and pretend to be a skydiver so I had to dress like I was a skydiver. I wore a seated outfit that you would see you know skydiving. They said sporty slash skydiver so I wore a sporty look that looked kind of skydiverish. You know when I went for a deal or no deal it was more of a cocktail dress you know glammed up.

[00:48:13] But how do you know a client is solvent is that the agent's job to not recommend you to anybody that that he or she hasn't checked out or how do you know that you're going to get paid.

[00:48:31] They they go through breakdowns. There is a breakdown system with the agents from the clients. There's a breakdown of the different auditions what exactly they're looking for. Usually it's repeat business although you also get a breakdown of Citibank Bank or from again I could use Deal or No Deal as an example but they get in the breakdowns. This is what we're looking for this is what we are. This is how they need to dress. This is what the look is this is how long they'll use this footage that they end up if they get the job they give you all the details of everything. And usually the clients have been they've worked with these clients before.

[00:49:14] If you have a new client come in. They could they could have all these requirements but no money.

[00:49:22] Well yeah I guess that's definitely some of the agent side that I don't know 100 percent how they work it out on that side but I can't say I've ever had anything where it didn't come through. I never have. I've gotten paid for everything there are contracts signed with every job.

[00:49:40] What's the turnaround time to actually get the money.

[00:49:44] Back in the day. It used to be for modeling it was 90 days which was just crazy. It no longer is that way. Thank God. It's now a quicker turnaround. I mean within if it's a commercial union stuff it's usually within five to seven business days for print work. I would say within a few weeks. So it's definitely changed for the better. You get paid a lot quicker. But yeah I don't know. 90 days what were they thought that was a model it won't work. Yeah. And models didn't work every day. So it was like you're waiting for that check to come in you know 90 days later you're like Oh my God finally it's here. Oh my gosh I can pay off whatever. So it's nice to see that shifted and now we get paid a lot quicker. I've been noticing that the last few years which makes me grateful for that.

[00:50:40] Your own health insurer. I'm in SAG AFTRA. I don't work it that much. Would that be a place where you got health insurance.

[00:50:52] So yeah I do through the through SAG AFTRA have the insurance where but that's only if you make enough money that year. So it's you don't always. That insurance so when you don't have the insurance through you know booking enough commercials then you have to get your own insurance or you can still go to your SAG AFTRA. But you end up paying a lot more on you're not getting it through having made so a certain amount of money through them. So yeah you're basically out of luck. Can I say that I'm going to leave that but leave it out.

[00:51:34] So I guess I didn't catch that. You make me feel so comfortable saying things I would never say on the air. I don't think I've ever used that word here so on any podcast or interview. See what you've done it's your fault.

[00:51:48] Probably only to ask you are you ready to screw. But don't let your husband see it because I don't want you to get in trouble.

[00:52:02] So oh it's been so great catching up with you. I have always admired you for the day I met you at an event somewhere and I just thought that is that is one heck of a lady and you've proved so and you're helping so many other people including you know it means a lot to be with somebody really that takes care of their family. I didn't really like my mother. She was hell on wheels but it is still the baby the family too and I'm the only one that took care of her so. Really really says a lot about you. It says a lot about you. Absolutely. You know they say about parents they can either be good examples or bad examples. And so but so you could choose if you want to be like them or not be like them. So I thought you know I'm going to be like my good parent and take care of her no matter what.

[00:52:55] So tell me again how to get a hold of you if they need any consulting or actually if I'm not sure any of this entrepreneur you'll show that they're in a position to hire you for anything. But just tell them how to get a hold of you again.

[00:53:09] You can go to www.PatriciaKara.com. Just reach out to me through there. I'd love to hear from you and yes I can help. And we know you need some consulting about the entertainment business. I'm definitely open and ready to talk to you. I understand how tough it can be and especially if you're nowhere near the entertainment business and it seems like a far reach. I definitely will lay it out for you as much and as best as I could to give you an idea of what you go through and what you know what you need to do the steps in that process.

[00:53:45] Yeah that's somebody it's been there done that. That's somebody that just read it out of a book and trying to tell you about it. You got any books or products that you are going to come out with in the future.

[00:53:56] I to that I love you for asking about that. And one of the toughest things is writing for me but I'm really I've been working on it really working on it hard. My book is Dream on now deliver not done yet again. I mean the process of it but it's about the business. It's basically talking about the process and I'll give examples of my experiences but then I'll lay it out for as far as you know the things we've talked about self image projection all those things going to agents casting directors all that good stuff and even being on Deal or No Deal which has been a huge part of my life discussing all that stuff and hopefully helping somebody out there who needs some guidance.

[00:54:38] That you feel like you have to write every word yourself because there's a lot of help nowadays for book writing.

[00:54:44] I definitely and I've talked to a few friends that are writers. I have all my notes I have everything I want I want included. I just have to put it all together now. What I am seeking guidance from other people that are writing.

[00:55:00] Because there's a lot of freelance people out there that are just brilliant and can take all your basic stuff and put it together for you. You've got to watch some some charge way more than they're worth but there's plenty of it. I have 18 books out. Yeah. Yeah a lot of them are digital e-books you know. But that that's nice is the way to go. Well that's a way to start because it's never going to be perfect the way you want it on the first try. Sure. I'm going to be something you forgot and somebody else is going to see it and they're going to say Hey Patricia what about this. You're going to go Oh I forgot that. And so with digital it's it's like nothing to to redo it. So you do a couple version of that and then you come out with a print version and you still do print on demand so you don't have a thousand of them sitting in your basement or I don't know where you live but but.

[00:55:53] So it's actually really helpful because I didn't realize I didn't think about that part of it. So that's actually really helpful. See, you're teaching me.

[00:56:02] Well plus when I'm fly I flown for a while but every when I did fly I mean everybody. Not not only in first class and coach was reading Kindle books and things. So. So you came out with a PDF version and then you come out you convert it to Amazon Kindle and they have a deal also that they'll give away for five days out of every 90 they'll give your book away which means thousands and thousands of copies could go out and what that mean and you say well why. What good is that. Well the thing is is that all a push you're consulting services more than getting the twenty eight cents give you for the book. Right. In fact one of my books I have one e-book that's brought in three and a half million dollars and it's free. Well it's yeah. But people say it sounds like B.S. how could that be. Well the whole idea is that I teach how to do something in the e-book but you can't do it unless you buy this tool to do it. And I get a commission of six hundred dollars a year when you do it say so. So this book could really just blast skyrockets your consulting services just get it out there and you obviously know what you're doing. Your bio backs it up and your credentials back it up and then use your phone or ring off the hook after people get a hold of you and you'll set out to tell Deal or No Deal you're too busy.

[00:57:31] Maybe I'll save a few bucks in my briefcase. I tell everybody.

[00:57:34] Yeah really. So yes so you just got a mountain of information in your head that's real that young people would just kill to learn. So I can't wait to see that let me know when it when it comes out or if you need any help.

[00:57:49] So I definitely will. Thank you for that information. That is very helpful and very inspirational so thank you.

[00:57:54] Yeah my pleasure. So so will you do me a favor. Come back sometime.

[00:57:59] Absolutely. You say the word. I love talking to you.

[00:58:04] Oh it's so great to catch back up with you so. So everybody make sure you visit PatriciaKara.com and check her out if you have any aspirations in this field whatsoever. You can't find a more credible down to earth person that's lived and breathed this for she says 30 years. Now that's the part I don't believe.

[00:58:28] But I think that is why I love you even more so.

[00:58:34] And also get your free automation e-book at screwthecommute.com/automatefree. And subscribe and review if you wouldn't mind and spread the word for us. So the more the the bigger the show gets the more freebies I'll be able to give you. So. So thanks so much Patricia. Really good catching up with you.

[00:58:54] Thank you. And I will definitely be checking out all your sites.

[00:58:57] Okay everybody this has been episode 122 of screw the commute. We want to see the show notes we'll put some pictures of Patricia in the show notes to you just be amazed that the range she has and it's just something so. And then we will catch everybody on the next episode. See you later.

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