120 - Her fast food experience is really paying off: Tom interviews Rose Haller - Screw The Commute

120 – Her fast food experience is really paying off: Tom interviews Rose Haller

Rose is CCO of Restaurant Employee Safety. She was an H.R. manager for a 12 unit fast food franchise and Rose's restaurant safety program lowered the franchise's worker comp multiplier from 1.1315, and then it went to 0.9535, then 0.7014 and finally to 0.6. That year, the franchise earned a 40 percent claim free discount, which saved the company a hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars. So she's gonna give you the details of what all this stuff means.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 120

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[03:32] Tom's introduction to Rose Haller

[05:13] A lot more than safety

[19:00] Last job before becoming an entrepreneur

[24:17] The Transition to online with Tom's Butt Camp

[30:19] The best and worst parts of working for yourself

[36:28] Rose's Restaurant Safety Program

[45:57] Adapting for other markets

[50:32] Sponsor message

[51:40] A typical day for Rose and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 120 – Rose Haller
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey Everybody it's Tom here with episode 120 of screw the commute podcast we're here with Rose Haller and if if you would like this stay safe at work or keep your employees safe at work to save you enormous amounts of money and in lawsuits and lost wages lost productivity and increasing health care costs and all the other kind of crap you've got to pay in business. You want to listen the Rose. She'll be here in a moment.

[00:00:57] Last episode was 119 with Patricia Fripp Patricia Fripp is one of my longtime friends from the National Speakers Association and she's definitely got the record for attending my butt camp seminars over the person and she's the first woman president of the National Speakers Association. I learned a lot from her as I was coming up through the ranks and her friends just call her Fripp or Frippy and that's what I call her on that episode. You don't want to miss it. All right our podcast app is now available in an iTunes and the Apple store. So make sure you get to screw the commute podcast app and you can download it to your cell phone or tablet. It does all kinds of cool things in fact we have training to show you how to do all the cool features that it has so you can take us with you on the road and save your favorite episodes and all kinds of interesting stuff it'll do. So you go to screwthecommute.com/app. Now our on demand TV is both on Roku TV and Amazon Fire so you can get oh wow a hundred thousand dollars worth of public speaking and professional speaking training at those sites. If you have a Roku TV or an Amazon Fire TV so just search for the public speaking channel and let her rip. Let me know what you think. Now our youth program is in full swing so we're looking for entrepreneurial youth anything up to maybe 20 or early 20s and that are doing great things entrepreneurially because we want to feature them once a month on the screw the commute. So if you know anybody let them have my email orders@antion.com and have them contact me and we'll tell them what they have to do to possibly be featured on an episode a special youth episode of screw the commute. All right our sponsor today is the distance learning school the internet marketing Training Center of Virginia. Rose had a hand in helping me start that years and years ago and don't even think about retraining yourself or sending your kids to college until you check out our webinar on higher education. I don't want you wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and putting yourself and your kids under crushing debt. And we'll have the webinar in the show notes but you can go to screwthecommute.com/webinars or just click on free webinars and you can see that.

[00:03:35] All right. Let's get to the main event. Rose is CCO of restaurant employee safety. Now I never heard of what a CCO is. So I had to look it up and I found there's eighty five different acronyms for CCO. So she's going to tell us which one she is. But there's the chief channel officer there's the chief commercial officer compliance officer creative officer and there's also some I don't know if this was her not the certified crane operator or clandestine communist organization. I hope that that the one she is with but she's the CCO and she'll let us know which one that is. She was an H.R. manager for a 12 unit fast food franchise and Rose's restaurant safety program lowered the franchise's worker comp multiplier and she'll also tell you what that is. In case you don't know from 1.1315 and then it went to 0.9535 the lower the better folks to 0.7014 and finally to 0.6 and that year the franchise earned a 40 percent claim free discount which saved the company a hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars. So she's gonna give you the details of what all this stuff means. So Rose are you ready to screw the commute.

[00:05:07] Yep. All right. How are you doing. I'm here. I'm doing great. How are you.

[00:05:13] I'm just peachy. So. So you're doing a lot more than the safety stuff. Now I know that you've done a lot with the wedding websites. Then tell everybody what you're what you're doing now.

[00:05:26] Well right now the main focus is the restaurant employee safety. That's the one that I've been working on recently. I have done the weddings things but. And thanks to you I went to your butt camp and taught me how to do internet marketing which is awesome and it's really exciting so I'm ready to launch the new the new product they say to do what it is that you love and what you know and working in restaurants for over twenty five plus years. I hate to admit how many actual years but and safety was one of the things that was always top of my list.

[00:06:01] So we'll tell tell people what these multipliers mean and the discount the all that stuff means with the unemployed because if they start hiring employees they have to think about these things.

[00:06:12] Yeah well with the workman's comp. Some people call it LNI. Some of them come through your state. Some of them you depending on where you're. setting up your restaurant what staying here. Yeah and there's going to be different laws.

[00:06:26] But any kind of business. I mean this applies to me and everybody else right.

[00:06:34] Yeah well yeah. If you're if you're doing any kind of business you've got workman's comp right. Right. Yeah yeah. But we're doing so for restaurant ing. When you do it you're workman's comp depending on what business you're in a one is saying that OK. If you stay at a one then you are right in line with your company what they say other companies would be. So if you're a roofer you're one is going to be hired you're paying more per employee because roofers can fall off a roof and then there's different. Businesses that it will have a lower workers.

[00:07:08] Just because of the amount of danger.

[00:07:11] Correct. Yeah. Yeah. So like if you're you know if you're a forklift or you work around ladders you have a higher danger than people who are working in an office.

[00:07:20] For me I could fall off this chair right now and it wouldn't be good for either the fireplace or me.

[00:07:29] Yes this is true but and this you know on and even within like you said like you know we work in an office right on our chairs so we might have a lower multiplier to get we're not making a multiplier but the lower number starting number with worker's comp then a roofer would hit 1/2 percent per say but it's still one is going to be based on what your Business is.

[00:07:53] Right. And every business no matter what it is. Have some kind of risk. I mean article people get carpal tunnel the eye strain they get the neck and back pain.

[00:08:07] They could trip over a wire. You know a computer wire and all and you know break their neck. I mean you know things. Things can happen. But every every business starts at 1. So you're running a one you're doing what most all the other businesses in your category are OK. And. and so what the workers comp. In the example that you gave for ours in this franchise that I had started working for I started working for them and about six months into me working for them and I when I when I first got hired was kind of funny my boss said well you know corporations those corporate offices the people who they were franchising from says says I need to have an H.R. person but I don't even know what I need to do. H.R. person for and I don't even know what I would have you do and I said well guaranteed I know enough about restaurant I could figure out probably what you know what I would need to do for you and what would be the highest I'll take the what I consider the the most. Intense thing that we need to start with the most valuable thing through the most valuable thing for them. Yeah. And so when I got into it I realized oh my goodness these guys were having. Accidents like crazy and they were paying through the roof for their workers comp and so I thought OK well I'm going to start with a safety program. because even though the corporation had a safety program which a lot of big restaurant corporations do they only teach safety at the time they're teaching the beginning of one particular. Oh let's say you're learning how to do fries right. OK here's how you do fries and make sure you're careful because fry grease can splatter on you and it's going to hurt. Don't put your hand in the fryer don't put their foreheads down too fast you know don't put ice in there because it's going to splatter. But that's the only time you hear about it. There's no recurring safety safety safety that's always happening so it's only at that first point when you're learning you know you're learning grill right.

[00:10:08] You're right after somebody gets hurt.

[00:10:12] Well you know even then you know it was like hey you know there was nothing it was just like oh they got hurt. You guys got to cut this out. Well you say that you got to cut it out is like telling your child don't run in the street they hear running the street. So because our our minds our minds don't work in a negative it's impossible to work in a negative. If I tell you don't think of a purple elephant. OK WHAT COLOR WAS YOURS HAVE but did it have did it was it shiny Was it big. Was it small was it young. But we all thought of a purple elephant. You tried really hard not to you thought of that purple elephant just for a second. You may have tried to turn it to pink later but you did think of it at first and because our minds think that way. And so I know there's a lot of other people that teach you that have articles about safety and they say safety is impossible to teach because it's a negative it's an absence of. Well no it's not. If you if you know how to do it the right way instead of telling your child don't run in the street we would say to your child is stay in the yard. That's a positive. Stay in the yard which would be the opposite of running out in the street. So. And so that's what I started due to saying OK we need to teach us in a positive way. Here's how you stay safe within the restaurant and in a restaurant. There are a lot of just like any any business has certain dangers that are going to be part of what it is that you do.

[00:11:40] And in restaurants we've got so many things that can cut you so many things that can burn you that you know slip trip and falls ergonomic hazards you know robbery hazards. There's all these different things that you could possibly get hurt with. So I thought OK there's twelve months of the year let's remind somebody each of the 12 months and then I went Well you know what. There was the 13th one I put in there that I realized I really needed to have and so when I first started putting together this program for them it had the 13 different categories. And so every four weeks we would put out a new category. Now. just saying OK we can create this safety thing but here's the other issue I've been in restaurant management and I know how tight the hours are. You're already working a gazillion hours and you just don't have time to do the one more thing. So as that. OK. So not only do I need to create this program I need to be able to. Be able to give it to the store so they can use it without impacting the time that. manager would have to take with it. So I made it as an online program because I'd already taken your course before about how to do things online and so I took a PowerPoint. I turned it into a video and I recorded it and then and so then the employees were able to just watch this and then I would do the assistance would do a let me know that everyone they had a sign up sheet that I would.

[00:13:12] Provide for them so they would have the employees sign the sheet after they watched it and then I would compile all those records so that if any time we ever this was you know in about 2007 09 and there at that point OSHA was coming after restaurants because construction was down and we had actually gotten inspected by OSHA a couple of times so. And you want to make sure those records are correct. So. I would take care of all the records and all the recording and then I'd been there about six months and that in the state that I live in which is where this restaurant was at. It was a state funded worker's comp. They came to our location looked at my owner and said we are no longer going to be providing you workers comp you guys are up through the roof and there is no way this is happening and they're like we've been wait wait wait.

[00:14:06] We had this. No no you can't do that. We have this new HR girl. She's really into safety. You have to see what she's doing. We promise it's gonna get better. They're like fine just all we're doing. So I showed him you know what it is I had created. And they're like OK we're going to give you one more shot. So that's when the thing started going down those numbers. So this multiplier that started it over 1. So we were above the national average.

[00:14:32] Yeah 1 point 1 3 1 5.

[00:14:34] Yeah. Which was costing a lot of money. So. So then the next year it went down to the point 0 9 we got a letter that said oh congratulations you've gone down to the point 0 9. This is great. This is good.

[00:14:46] You know and your company save twenty thousand dollars and you know you you know keep this up. And so the next year we went down again the next year we went down again to the 0 6. And at that point six. And at that point now I had the State Restaurant Association showing up at our door going What are you doing. Because you have never seen numbers like this what are you doing. We have to know what you're doing. And so unfortunately for me my boss said OK well we'll show you everything and I'm like NOOOOO.

[00:15:22] But anyway so I had to show them what I was doing and now actually that Restaurant Association has created kind of what I had. But this was the old version. So now what I'm creating is kind of like the Rose's safety program five point eight. I'd say that because in the old one it was based on just you know the straight information. You know I'd written up the scripts and you know. But it was like 12 minutes worth of just this one person one voice was mine actually. So you know my voice that was reading the script with the different pictures and things that I had used. Now fast forward here to 2018 when I was building this. I've learned about micro learning which is so important because I know a lot of people now because of video games and things like that have attention spans of a gnat. You know you just you get bored so easily and so the way I created my training now is you know the same really good information all in that positive thing. Here's what you do to not you know to stay safe like it's the difference of not get hurt or stay safe. So we're talking about stay safe. But within that about every two to three minutes or so I change.

[00:16:44] A different character different voice and different information. So we talk about the intro to whatever it is whether it's cuts burn slip trip false and then we talk about what it is. And then the potential hazards that surround that. And then why it happens and then how to prevent it and then what to do in case all else fails and you still have an accident. And then we wrap it up and then we have a music video. And so every couple of minutes everything is changing. News you subject within the subject sets a subset of the subject. Yeah. And so it makes it fun. It makes it interesting. I've showed it to a lot of different people. They're like oh I can't we just see the next one. OK. That's probably the best thing you get here. For safety training because most safety training is so boring.

[00:17:34] You made this on or you made this more cost effective than a lot of other places. Right.

[00:17:39] Way more cost effective. Yeah. There's most most other. Well like a lot of other places if you do want to get safety training for a restaurant it's created from a lot of the companies who have created it for like the roofers or the other construction companies and things like that. And I and I they did restaurant in kind of as an afterthought. So when you watch the videos they're just you're on right back and they charge you a hundred and sixty dollars for one of these. DVD OK. And then if you want to get the Spanish version of it it's another hundred and sixty dollars and that's just for burns. Then if you want to talk about cuts you're buying another set. Oh that's 60 plus hundred and sixty and if you wonder you slipped your file you're talking another hundred and sixty one hundred sixty so this can get really cost adsorbent. I mean if you bought the English and Spanish verb if you bought just the English version of what I'm doing you know times thirteen one hundred and sixty times thirteen really starts adding up.

[00:18:44] Can I get a discount if I just trip and fall rather than slip trip and fall.

[00:18:52] No not on that one they kind of come together and hopefully you can get yourself on a slippery trip nine out of ten Boom.

[00:19:00] All right so you started back at this. I mean was that your first job.

[00:19:05] No that wasn't my first job. That was a what am I. Actually that was my last job before I before I quote retired to go online. My very first job actually was at Disneyland. And that was that's kind of a funny story. I wasn't even planning on working at Disneyland. My I had a six other girls I used to hang with it were you know and we were always buds and one day they said hey Rosie Rosie come on we gotta go. We're gonna go to Disneyland and I said oh fine road trip and they're like No no we're going to go get jobs and I'm like I don't want a job at Disneyland they go No no we're going to go. We're gonna go get jobs at Disneyland we're gonna make all the rides go or be you know operators summer time and I'm like Oh man. So they talked me and I said fine we'll go. And I end up being the only one out of the seven of us who got the job which was kind of funny. So they're all like oh yeah we made you go and you're the one that got the job. So. And then then once I got hired at Disney they gave me a math test and then because I was good at math they said fine okay. You're good at math so you're gonna get to be in foods or tickets. And I went. What. They said yeah foods or tickets and I think you know I wanted to be an operations they said no it's foods or tickets I went OK. So tickets like I'd be in a little booth all day and I don't talk then yeah I'll do food. I thought to be trapped in a little box.

[00:20:25] You need you need math to do food. I mean do work with food.

[00:20:32] Yeah. This is this is back in the early 70s. So we didn't they didn't have registers like they do now. Oh well the math for you you had to do all the malted all the adding in your hit. Well you either did on a piece of paper which was most people dead or you did it in your head. I did it in my head because it was so easy everything ended it in 0 25 50 75 back to 0. So you know and and I I was very fortunate that that I was so good at math that I didn't have to take the time to write it down. And so as I was picking up whatever anybody ordered picking up the food and putting into the boxes I was adding it up in my head. So I'd come over with the box and say OK. Boom there you go it's five five or whatever it was five twenty five used to buy you food back and drink you know. But yeah. So that's I'd started my food career.

[00:21:24] So they had a good safety program.

[00:21:26] They had an amazing safety program. Disney when you get hired at least back then I don't know if they still do it. Obviously that was many years ago but. back then when you when you're working at Disney there's what they call backstage. And then when you when the customers when the. See you. They don't call the customers or guests. So when the guests can see you when you're actually in the park that's onstage. And so before you ever get onstage they trained you for six weeks. Yeah. How to Be Good guest service and how to add a lot of that most of that was on safety. And so one of the stories that they told about safety they said you know you always have to have safety topmost in your mind you always have to be thinking safe you always have to be thinking exactly what you're doing it every second of every day. Think think think and really keep that it. Do not be like the person who you know this girl who dropped a spoon in the fry vat and got down to get it. She stuck her hand in the front stuck her hand complete down the fryer to pick up the spoon she had drop and then he stopped. And he let that one sink in for a little while. Now at 17 years old that was terrifying. It's still terrifying to me to this day but I had a visual that didn't quit. And then then he said Yep down to the bone. Within minutes because oil doesn't let go. So now I had another visual that was even more terrifying. And I just thought oh. I want to get hurt. What you know I mean when I pick food I shouldn't pick Tickets. Tickets seemed a lot safer than paper cuts.

[00:23:08] But it was great you know. And then and then Disney was one of the top companies to work for. Back then. I think it still is. And so at that point every job I went to after that that I ever that I applied for there looking at my resume and like oh you've worked at Disney Great you're hired. What can you do. It was the only back like that. It wasn't like a let's see what you can do and then we'll think about it. You worked at Disney you were good. We're gonna find a place for you you know. Oh yeah. It was great. It was great. So it really launched my food career. And then after that I worked for fast food. I worked for full service. I worked for hotels in the catering and the five star hotel restaurants. And. so there I was able to actually switch back and forth from full service to fast food which is a really hard thing to jump. It doesn't seem like it should be. It seems you know food is food is food but it's it's there's a whole nother. It's a whole nother ball game. It's actually a whole nother sport. It just is it's it's different. It would be like if an actor and actress would told you it's a lot different going from live theater to movies or or TV.

[00:24:20] Right. So how do you transition to working for yourself.

[00:24:24] So working for myself I actually had been going with my husband to different conventions and things and we heard you speak and I told my husband I said Dude I want to learn how to do online marketing. You know we need to go.

[00:24:39] You know this story. Oh well I think you know he he set her up as a result of this.

[00:24:47] Now this is how I met you so. So anyway and this was actually a couple of years before I had met you and he's like No no you know I just want to stay focused on something. Dude I really want to go and talk. You know I really want to go to this guy's thing and and he's like No no. And so but then we went to another thing a couple years after that. There you were again. I said that's it. I'm not taking no for an answer. I mean I go and I'm going to learn how to do online marketing I want to go see what this guy has to say. And so my husband said fine we'll go and well after we were both excited about it and we both decided we needed to take your online you know your Butt camp and so yeah. So that's how I found you and I just thought OK this is cool I got to learn how to do that. So at the time that I was working in H.R. which you know for this one producer company what I would get home.

[00:25:34] It wasn't a communist organization. Oh yeah we forgot to tell what CCO is.

[00:25:41] I'm the chief creative officer. Yeah. And I and I'm the one that builds the Web sites and all that good kind of stuff. So yeah we have a we have a my husband and I have a really good division of power. So I'm the one that does all the Web sites things like that. Yeah. So chief creative officer. But so the one I started with was was my wedding LDS site because I I'd been helping a lot of different people with weddings and LDS. Yep yep. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints so. And so we. So I started working for you know doing that on the side and was able to build that up it actually has over 400 pages on it. If you need to. create you know create a wedding that would be the place to go. You know if you're if you're non LDS then just don't go into the the parts about the temple but there's.

[00:26:43] Oh so anybody can use that site.

[00:26:45] Anybody can use it. Oh yeah. It's. I've got information on there about music how to hire deejay is what kind of music you should have. Cutting your cake making your cake how to do your flowers.

[00:26:58] You told me that because I always thought it was only for LDS people.

[00:27:02] Oh no no. If anybody wants to use it yeah I've got a really good budget. That's an Excel download that you can use so you can make up your budget ahead of time. Yeah. Step by step exactly how to do a wedding.

[00:27:15] Any line items there for eventual divorce or anything. I guess that's not the positive side of things.

[00:27:25] Yeah. I'm always hopeful that you're going to make it. Yeah. You know parties are my thing and I am a I am a holiday freak is. The first one raised my hand on that so and I and I guess that goes with my hospitality background. You know I love making people happy. It's just what I do and it's fun. So yeah there's actually a partner about you know how to do buffet tables and things like that how to set them up so well.

[00:27:49] Yeah. And then I'd say you develop that while you were still working or.

[00:27:54] Yes okay. While I was still working I'd develop that one and then and then it came that time where. I was just it was getting to you know I guess all those years had finally beat up my body and had killed the back in the shoulders. And so I retired. Now and then was able to go full time into working non on Internet marketing and I helped my husband for the last couple of years build his.

[00:28:24] Yeah he was on. Do you remember what no episode he was on with Howard Haller for the commercial real estate 44 or 47 or something. Yeah. Check that out because that really opens your eyes to commercial real estate. It's actually easier to buy than a house. And I never realized that.

[00:28:43] The fun part about that one was I didn't know that you know he was he'd always before we'd gotten married he had done all those kinds of things and then I you know and so it was great building that for him because he was talking way over my head I'm like well I'm a smart lady and I did not know what you're saying. So I said if I don't understand it nobody's gonna. You need to adopt this staff. You need to dumb this down and so and so it is completely at a beginner. Level. Even if you don't know what you're doing you can follow this online course on how to invest in commercial real estate.

[00:29:14] Yeah yeah. And it's really cool. So we worked on that and we launched that out last year. And then I said OK my turn. And so now I'm launching out my restaurant safety.

[00:29:24] I guess is gonna be a thousand times bigger than the commercial real estate. I really do because there's just restaurants. I mean how many restaurants are there in the US.

[00:29:34] I mean there's fifty four hundred thousand.

[00:29:38] Thousands of them. I mean even just like Wendy's has over 6000 units. If you get like McDonald's I think it's thirteen thousand I think or something like that. That's all it's a lot. If you go outside of the country now we're talking you know 20 and 30 thousand units. So yeah I mean there's just yeah there's a lot of big guns going on here.

[00:30:04] Yeah I'm glad I got you on here before you're too big to talk to me.

[00:30:08] I'll never be. I just I consider you like my greatest friend dearest friend cause you're the person who taught me how to do so now. Yeah. So it's been a it's been really really fun. Know it's been great.

[00:30:21] All right. So what's the best thing you like working for yourself and what's the worst part.

[00:30:28] Best thing working for myself is if I want to sleep in I can you know if I want to work in my slippers. I do in fact I have them on right now. You know sometimes I'll just I'll wake up in my robe I go back to sleep in my robe. I mean I just you know if I'm really on a tangent where there's something I'm trying to build you know to be building a website and building a business like this is like the best of Tetris and chess at the same time. And and because of that you get in these things where you're there then you're like. You can't stop because you know if you do you'll forget what the next move was and so you'll be on this roll. And sometimes the end of the day I'll go. Gee did I eat I don't get a good diet program. You know I guess you know. Yeah I keep a big I keep a big picture out of my desk.

[00:31:17] You got tell people what Tetris is some of the young people on here will say what is she talking about.

[00:31:25] Yeah well I think most people know what chess. Yeah. Yeah. Tetris was like an old video game right. You know you click on things and then they would fall into place and then you'd click on the next and put things together and then that would work and things would go away and then the next thing would fall into place and so that's how I'm feeling this is it's like you make certain moves and things fall into place you know. And so yeah that's. I just that's the part I love best about it is that it's always intriguing. It's always fun when I was growing up my daddy had a little thing that was on the wall that had all these different you know like the best this the best at the best that and it said on there I grew up with the best the best play was work. The next line the next line was the next the best work. What you like. when you work real hard or what you like. You're never working you're playing. And so every is like oh you work so hard know I play so hard because that's what is. You know. Yeah. It's what you want to do you know and if I if I want to go on to a plane and go spent while we're gonna be going to Maui next week you know I could just you know I could bring my computer or not bring my computer I can walk away not walk away if I want to go and see my grandchildren I can do that you know go spend four days with my grandchildren and never have to look at a computer and then get back and then do what I need to do. That's the best part about it is that you are free you are free to do what you want. And I don't have to drive down downtown anymore to go to work which is great. And right now we're under two foot of snow. You know I don't have to go out in 90 degree weather. I could stay at home with my hot chocolate a big pitcher of water in my nice little warm house.

[00:33:12] So what's the worst part.

[00:33:17] Is there a worst part. You know I I guess the only worst part is that it's on you. You know it's on you to make it or not make it. But I think if you have the right training which is why you know I really wanted to work with you when we very first started out I am constantly taking classes on education on. how you know how to do what it is that you do. You know I'm always up. You know you don't. You know I'm saying yes do you think you know self educate. There's always new things that are out there you know.

[00:33:53] I mean you know Facebook wasn't a huge they I don't think Twitter even existed when I started. You know there just there's all these new things that you can have that could get you. OK. Here's other places where you can get your traffic from. So then you have to learn about those. There's always things that are changing you know and then you know you can always get better at learning how to do copywriting. You can always get better at learning how to work with numbers. You know I taught myself a lot of html. You know I didn't know how to do html and when I first started out and there were certain things where I wanted to switch stuff. So I started learning about how to do that. You know like I wanted to make text a different color and when I first set up wedding LDS for example I knew that I wanted to have it look like an iPhone because the iPhone you know give us this or the iPhones that are coming out back then. But you know like I like the phones would have like these little squares with the pictures on them right. And you could just pick on those and that's what I wanted to have happen and that's what I wanted the website to look like. And no one didn't do that and none of the WordPress which is where I started out templates did that. And so I thought OK there's gotta be a way to set up these pictures. And so I started doing the research on that and I learned how to put the html together so I could put the pictures next to each other.

[00:35:14] For everybody out there you don't have to do that she. She just likes doing that.

[00:35:20] I like doing it. Well I had had you know my mother was always one of those people that if you ever had a question you say hey mommy what about whatever and she'd go well let's go look it up. This is courses in the 60s when I'm growing up right. You always had the big thing of psychology right. Right. Sitting in the hardcopy ones and so we he she would have us go and look it up. And so I I learned that if you had a question you just went looked it up. Well now you've got everything's online so you know I still to this day I look things up. I mean I think the day you stop learning is a day it means we'll just give it up.

[00:35:58] Yeah. But I just think there's an old coal miner friend of mine it's the schoolhouse door is always open.

[00:36:05] Yeah. Yeah. And it should be you know that's fun.

[00:36:08] I mean that's fun and now though now it's Google Earth and so there's this spoof site out there called Let Me Google That For You. So when people call with with all these simple questions. That's what we always say because they could have done it themselves in two seconds rather than waiting for a support call. So tell him tell him what your product is about how much it cost how how they get ahold of.

[00:36:38] Ok. So what it is it's it's 13 different subjects within restaurant safety. And so I've got it cuts slip trip falls Burns ergonomic hazards emergency exits robbery prevention fire safety ABCs of fire extinguishers etc. down to the 13 and every. When you first start out as if you were a restaurant owner you would sign or you know or a manager whoever it is it's signing up for this would sign up and the cost on it depends on how many employees you have in your store or what some people call a unit. So from from like 1 to 10 people or 10 employees then it's thirty nine dollars a month 11 to 30 employees is fifty nine dollars a month and then thirty one to 70 employees is seventy nine dollars a month and for that you're getting then I create.

[00:37:36] When you sign up i create for you a special custom landing page and then I give you that link and that's where your employees then sign up for free. And so that way I collect the employees email address and then I'm the person then who always emails your employees. So no impact to your time whatsoever. So I'd be saying EMPLOYEE 1 employee 2 EMPLOYEE 3 employee 40 you know hey it's time to take the cut training.

[00:38:04] And so then they go they would log in and then they take the training on cuts. There is a video that runs anywhere from 12 to 17 minutes. And like I said it's all with micro learning so it's really fun. They're really fun to watch. And then there's a participant guide that you can download if you want to to follow along.

[00:38:23] And then there's 10 quick quizzes ten question quiz. And it's actually really a nine question quiz because question 10 is always the same question and the same answer. Who is. at the bottom line responsible for your safety. And the answers are Me myself I know. So anyways that's a give me. But as long as you know the answer there you know that it's me myself and I definitely get you know bottom line responsible for my own safety.

[00:38:55] People miss that question.

[00:38:59] Not yet.

[00:39:00] But you know I would have perfect probably got number 10 right.

[00:39:05] Yeah. So anyway. And so then there's this online quiz and the second that you pass the online quiz and you can take it as many times as you need to. If you fail you can take retake it right then use your participant guide. We watch the video whatever it takes.

[00:39:18] Once you pass it you instantly get a certificate of completion and it's a digital certificate but you could print it out. It's an 8 1/2 by eleven but it also has its setup so that you can just click it when you earn it and send it off to Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and say Hey I got my certificate. The manager also gets an instant I send out a report saying Hey susie Q. One two three just past your you know the cut and then also I compile that at the end of the month. So that at the end of each 28 days the manager gets the complete list of who passed. And of course who didn't. So if they wanted to they could print that out or they could just keep an electronic copy of it but if let's say heaven for you know Betsy somebody did have an accident within their restaurant and they tried to say oh well it's not my fault.

[00:40:16] You know the restaurants at fault or the whoever is at fault that nobody ever told me anything. Guess what. You just pull that out. You say hey we trained you on cuts on this date and you took the one on Burns on this date and slip trip falls and ergonomics and you know we're training you every 28 days telling you you need to be safe. You need to be careful. You need to be aware. And and then we have you have the. actual written and or electronic. report. saying this is what happened and yes we did train you and you knew better.

[00:40:49] And see that could save way more than that hundred nine thousand that you owe way back on premiums. Yeah. Yeah. The one accident. It could be millions. Right.

[00:41:01] Oh yeah. The workman's comp multiplier. That's just that's that's kind of like an afterthought of how much you could save the average burn can cost you five to fifty thousand dollars. The average cut you know with direct and indirect costs right. The average cuts right behind at your average slip trip fall is anywhere from five to twenty five and up. More people die from slip trip and falls than from any other accident and Burns is right behind it. So between your actual costs of how much you're paying out to the doctor or the emergency care or whoever else or somebody that gets hurt. Then there's those indirect costs of like your workman's comp going up and then you're also and also on workman's comp if you don't know this when you someone has an accident like that it stays on there for five years. So and your pay. So you're paying a higher premium for five years before that drops off. So if somebody had a bad trip and fall or they have you know and then they hurt their shoulder for example you OK. And then you know that stays on there for five years and so you're paying for that. And so when you keep having accidents you're paying those start layering up and you're paying for those. And conversely if you're not having accidents and everything starts falling off boom you're getting down to you know that's when you start getting back these discounts because you're not having all these accidents and then that's another indirect costs that you don't necessarily look at but you have to. If somebody gets hurt. They're out of work. Yeah take days off. You're having to pay for somebody else maybe overtime to come in because you don't have someone else that can maybe work that station or you don't have enough crew that's cross train you know. And then if you have to buy you know hire a whole new person. The time that the costs of training that new person and then your morale starts going down. So then you can start losing other crew because of that.

[00:43:04] So now you don't have a tight connected team that's working anymore so there are a lot of things that you have to take into account here when people know that you care and that you're concerned about their safety and they know then that makes a difference because and also the the managers also get this training by the way. And it also comes with posters that they can put up that match whatever the training is that we're talking about cuts. Boom. Up goes the cut posters but the managers also take this training. So do the assistant managers all the supervisors everyone so that everyone's on the same page. Everything one can talk is same safety language everyone knows what it is that you're doing.

[00:43:48] Well this is really an important topic.

[00:43:53] Yeah. You know I was thinking of something funny that was kind of happening. So like I said I think I just mentioned offhand but each video ends with a with a. with a. Music video and the music videos is this funny little catchy tune you know and it ends with restaurant safety video. Well let's get in accidents to zero become a restaurant safety hero. So each one you know avoid slips trips and falls at restaurants wear your safety shoes and it always ends with a that. And so my daughter is like Oh that is just so ridiculous. That is so crazy I don't even know why you would think that's so weird. I'm like you know she goes and I said yes but it's going to stick in their head. And so they're gonna be thinking. And so I actually went down there to visit her. This just in January a couple of months ago and she wanted me to come down and so the my grandbabies just loved to all we want to watch you another one we want to watch another one. So they were watching em and and then later on that night she's cooking dinner and I hear are going doo doo doo. You can make all the fun you want it's in your head. So it was so it really does work. You know it's. Yeah. Between the court. It's just and I don't think it matters so much that we're. I mean yes you shouldn't talk about cuts and burns and individual each thing is each. Each thing has its own hazards and its own. you know things that could happen to you but it's that it's that constant reminder of. Be safe Be safe Be safe Be safe every 28 days. They say that you lose about 90 percent of what you learn within a 30 day period. So just about the time people could possibly maybe be thinking about not remembering this but we hit them with another one. And so it's that constant gentle pressure of being safe being safe. Be safe.

[00:45:58] All right. No I don't think you. You're going to have time to do what I'm going to talk about right now. But because this is going to go so big big big big big. But just think about adapting the material for other markets like warehouses and other types of things.

[00:46:18] It considered that but I think their restaurant list.

[00:46:22] Well I mean there's certainly plenty of business where you're at.

[00:46:25] There there and restauranting is what I know. And I if I had to branch out to other people which I could I think it would be. That would be work. Now because now I'm now I'm in an area that I'm not the expert. You know when it comes to restauranting I'm you know I'm Safe certified I've been in the business for you know twenty five plus years and all those years I've never had an employee ever need more than a Band-Aid. You know so I pride myself on that. And then you know and then I'm the hospitality Queen. You know I did think about maybe redoing this as a hospitality training.

[00:47:07] You know how to how to really work together as a team for hospitality to increase sales in your restaurant. But I think that this one was so much more important because hospitality is one thing. OK let's. Let's make more money in the restaurant that's great. That's fun. Whereas if I can save you and one of your employees from the pain and suffering and the money that goes out because they didn't have that slip Trip fall because they didn't get burnt because they didn't get cut because they didn't hurt their back to the point where they're never gonna be able to work again. You know and then you're paying off for that. Then they go out and get a lawyer. I mean if you google any kind of restaurant injury all those lawyers come. And we'll help you get you know it's not your fault and workman's comp is paying you enough. And we need to go after them and we need to sue them. I mean oh my goodness. I mean you know we live in the most litigious society that there is.

[00:48:01] I had a buddy who was in the construction industry and I called him a backhoe chaser.

[00:48:09] Yeah. Yeah. Right. Because. Yeah same thing. It's just you know. Yeah. They're out there to try to get you for anything. You know so. And I think also not only does this help you with your employees because your employees are thinking safety. It also helps to keep your guests safe because then I say that I'll give you a really good example. You know if if there's water on the floor out in the dining room area and someone goes to you know clean that up hopefully someone's going to see it and you go oh you know and they'll be more aware of the fact that their guests could be slipping. All right. And then when you put up the Hey do not fall sign those actually become a trip hazard. If you leave him up there for too long. People don't see him and they trip over. Now you've got a different problem. So it's sort of slipping you're tripping and either way you could fall.

[00:48:58] So you know and so I think it helps you be more aware in the dining room as well because it's not just you're back at the house that are taking this training it's your buzzers it's your servers because all those people are also you know the servers are working along the top what they call the expediting window where you take all those hot plates out of those hot lights you know so they have the possibility of getting burned if you're a buzzer and you know you have to pick up broken glass you know you could be cut if you're a buzzer and you're taking trash out. You need to know how to properly pick up a trash bag and do it from the top and not from the bottom because if you lift it up from the bottom and somebody threw a hypodermic needle in there. Yeah. Boom. Ok. Or broken glass. Same thing. You know and you're just talk a little bit of plastic between you and your hand. So you also we talk about how to properly take care of your you know your trash and how to you know what do you do if there's a hypodermic needle on the table that someone left there or left in the bathroom or you know and so in Bloodborne Pathogens is another one of the safety modules that we talk about.

[00:50:05] I'm going to change the way I think my garbage. Oh yeah.

[00:50:09] Yeah. I mean you know people just don't think about that. You know what else. I mean here's a Sharp tin can or something else and you're lifting it from the bottom and band you know and yeah you can get cut and then those can you know.

[00:50:21] All right. This is this has been a really crazy grade of how the importance of this and the importance of safety expands far above her expertise in the restaurant business. But for all the small business people out there. But you got to take a quick break for our sponsor. When we come back we're going to ask Rose what's a typical day look like for her and how she stays motivated.

[00:50:44] Folks today sponsors the distance learning school the internet marketing training center of Virginia IMTCVA.org that will be in the show notes. And let me ask you know what colleges and universities are doing. According to gradeinflation.com they're raising grade point averages to make it look like they're doing a better job at teaching when there's a mountain of evidence that says they aren't. So I want you to watch the eye opening higher education webinar at screwthecommute.com/webinars and you potentially save yourself and your and your loved ones friends maybe neighbors hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt when they go for higher education but be prepared to be mad when you listen to this thing because a lot of the things that are happening to the youth out there is really really bad. So check it out at scrwethecommute.com/webinars.

[00:51:43] All right. So let's get back to Rose Haller a super super safety expert. And. What's a typical day look like for you Rose.

[00:51:54] A typical day I when I decide to wake up in the morning once I do I usually just make up my breakfast and I do my little bit of the house cleaning that I want to do and then I go into. I make sure I have all my water next to my computer. I like to stay hydrated so I get my big glasses of water and my big pitcher of water and then I put on my cheaters and I turn on my computer and I go for part two. I've always. I'm a big note taker and so each day as I'm building the next thing I'm looking for the next thing that I think would be important to add I'm always taking notes about OK I need to add this or you know tomorrow I need to look into this or I should be building that page or you know. And so I lay out my day of what it is that I want to accomplish that day whether it's going to be a new landing page or whether it's going to be a new offer that I'm going to put together or whether I'm going to take time for training for something else like oh I'm not sure exactly how to do this or hey I need to use this new kind of software. Today is gonna be the day I'm going to learn how to do that and lay out my day to do that. I'll take out time in between to make a really nice lunch if my hubby is home. He will be making lunch and dinner for me so I can keep going. He's like oh you helped me build mine I have to help you build yours and I can't help you build yours so I'm going to feed you so you can say I said that works for me. So when he's here then he makes he makes breakfast lunch and dinner which is great.

[00:53:28] Because I think the kitchen is a very dangerous place to be one time. I was exploding eggs into the ceiling and I'm I'm crawling like an army man on the floor of my kitchen trying to turn the heat off because the let all the water runs out.

[00:53:43] Oh yeah I know it's scary and it's scary. You know I just read the other day about about an employee who was pretty new to the restaurant. They and a. Pressure cooker exploded. Yeah. And so that poor person you know had you know it was like whoa and they knew they couldn't run away fast and national they tried to turn their back to it but then all down the back just you know second and third degree burns. Yeah it was it was pretty awful. So it could get scary. Yeah it is scary stuff. And that's that's another thing. You know he asked what keeps me motivated. I think that's what keeps me motivated the most is knowing that I'm helping not only the employees stay away from danger but I'm also helping the managers because they now can give this information without impacting their time. You know the the worst thing you have to do as a manager is like you know how people have these bingo games right on safety bingo games OK. They're not effective. B nobody cares. And c it takes a lot of time to put those things together. Then you have to try to get motivated to do it you know or if you're trying to get them to watch one of these old grandpa what I call the grandpa safety videos because they're so boring. You know you're setting up the computer somewhere. You know and turning it on and then making them sit there and watch it and then you have to put that all away and you just don't have time to do that. You're running a restaurant. And for anyone who's ever run restaurants that is a. you know it is a quick business. You were always you are always right.

[00:55:20] You know what's really cool though that you're doing this from like Big Ben in England.

[00:55:25] It's going to hit us with 10 things here.

[00:55:32] Is that the time of day or that's you a door bell.

[00:55:38] That's not a time of day. The grandfather clock.

[00:55:41] You were talking about Grandfathers and the clock got mad I think. Yeah. Well thanks so much for now tell everybody where they can find you because I don't think we ever mentioned where they go to get this course.

[00:55:59] Oh so it is. It's about restaurant employee safety. It's osharestaurants.com

[00:56:05] Ok. We'll have that in the show notes for everybody. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you Tom. There you go. Asked you or else there you go. And they can contact you through the site also right. Yes. Yes again. There we go. All right. OK.

[00:56:21] My pleasure. I know that's going to be massive. It's going to help a lot of people. And you're going to get really rich on this.

[00:56:28] And also that would be great. Your class. There you go.

[00:56:32] All right. So thanks for coming on and everybody. Next episode is how to make money with quizzes. And do us a favor please subscribe and review overtime tunes it gives us a little boost in the show if you give us a star rating over there and leave some text on what you thought about the shows. And this is one of our Wednesday and Friday interviews with great entrepreneurs and on Mondays we do in-depth training sessions. That's what the this Monday will be teaching you how to use quizzes to make a lot of money. So this is Episode 120. So you want to see the show notes go to screwthecommute.com/120. And we'll see on that next episode. Catch you later.

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