119 - She started as a foreigner with nothing: Tom interviews Patricia Fripp - Screw The Commute

119 – She started as a foreigner with nothing: Tom interviews Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp is a CSP and CPAE. And that's a Hall of Fame keynote speaker. She's an executive speech coach, sales presentation skills trainer and an online learning expert. And companies hire Patricia when they want to gain a competitive edge by mastering conversations and presentations. Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine wrote that one of the best investments you can make is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp.

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Screw The Commute Podcast Show Notes Episode 119

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[03:40] Tom's introduction to Patricia Fripp

[07:07] First woman President of the National Speakers Association

[11:01] She taught Tom the “split story” technique

[18:53] Never really got screwed over in business

[20:23] The best and worst parts of working for yourself

[32:04] Sponsor message

[33:21] A typical day for Patricia and how she stays motivated

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entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

entrepreneurship distance learning school, home based business, lifestyle business

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Episode 119 – Patricia Fripp
[00:00:09] Welcome to Screw the Commute. The entrepreneurial podcast dedicated to getting you out of the car and into the money, with your host, lifelong entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Tom Antion.

[00:00:24] Hey everybody it's Tom here with episode 119 of screw the commute podcast I'm here with Patricia Fripp she's a longtime friend of mine from the National Speakers Association and she's got a very impressive Web site and an online learning platform that'll rock your world and she shows you how to be a powerful persuasive presenter and heck she's got five hundred youtube videos out there even then she's definitely got the record for attending my butt camp seminars over the years I think it's eight times all right so we'll talk to her about that the minute and then her friends just call her Fripp so I'm going to be calling her Fripp hopefully I'm considered a friend and I can get away with it. Now our last episode is 118 broadcast e-mail and that episode I gave you tons of tips on sending broadcast email. And guess what. That's still where the money is. With all this crazy stuff we got going now compared to when I first started online. The big money still comes in from e-mail. So don't miss that episode. Now our podcast app is in the App Store or you can stop at screwthecommute.com/app and it does all kinds of cool stuff. You can put it on your phone or tablet and keep your favorite episodes and it'll pause automatically when you're on a phone call and all kinds of cool stuff. We have full instructions on how to use it at screwthecommute.com/app now our on demand TV program is going now with Roku TV. If you have Roku TV it's an on demand service which a lot of people are using and get rid of cable because you could buy a 40 dollar box and get thousands of channels then you can hook up your Netflix in your prime video and everything in the same place. But our first channel's called the public speaking channel. We have a couple others in development brutal self-defense protection dogs elite and several Internet marketing channels. And then tonight I'm actually working on moving the whole smear also onto Amazon Fire TV. So this is on demand is going crazy because people can binge watch the shows that they want anytime they want. So we have Roku go install the public speaking channel on You get about 100 grand worth of free public speaking training. All right our youth program is in full swing. We like to highlight entrepreneurial youth. And when I say youth that's up to about 20 years old or early 20s. So if you know anybody that's really doing great things and the entrepreneur world that's young have them contact me and I'll show them how they could get featured on an episode of screw the commute. [Send an email to orders@antion.com and Tom will send back what he's looking for] Now our sponsor today is the distance learning school the internet marketing training center of Virginia. Don't even think about retraining yourself or sending your kids to college until you check out our webinar on higher education. I do not want you wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and putting yourself and your kids under crushing debt. And we'll have the webinar in the show notes at screwthecommute.com or you can go directly to screwthecommute.com/webinars.

[00:03:42] All right. Let's get to the main event. Patricia Fripp is a CSP and CPAE. And that's a Hall of Fame keynote speaker. She's an executive speech coach, sales presentation skills trainer and an online learning expert. And companies hire Patricia when they want to gain a competitive edge by mastering conversations and presentations. Listen to this. Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine wrote that one of the best investments you can make is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp. Fripp, Are you ready to screw. The commute.

[00:04:22] I can't believe I'm going to say this. Tom I'm ready to screw.

[00:04:26] I've been waiting to hear you say that ever since I met you. How are you doing, Frippy.

[00:04:31] Well I am doing amazingly well and I would like to endorse that. I knew nothing about the Internet Web sites until I sat through butt Camp eight times which was very generous. And some of the principles that I learned from Tom just by seeing what he did I incorporate in my own raining and work that said thank you thank you thank you. You would be very proud of how your student has blossomed.

[00:05:03] I am absolutely proud and I'm also proud of how smart you were. Because I believe every single time you brought a young person with you that was going to implement some of the things right.

[00:05:16] Well yes it's. But what I'm a great believer even if you delegate you have to have a fairly good overview of specifically what it is you want them to do for you. It's the only way you can understand if they know what they're talking about.

[00:05:34] Yeah. And if you don't you know I really hate it when you see people up on stage delegate everything you know and you know you're just asking to put a target on yourself to be robbed because you don't understand how long things should take and how much they should cost and I hope that's one of the things you gain from coming to butt camp all the time is that something that should cost 100 bucks shouldn't cost 5000.

[00:05:59] Exactly. And it is very easy to get wrapped up with a good sales presentation but you you're right.

[00:06:07] I was raised by a father Tom who basically said if you want 10 buy a hundred wholesale and my favorite expression over the years was always well what was the next price break which means you have basements full of cassette packs. And I I had an assistant who worked for me in 1984 and 1985. Would you believe this is 2018. I am still using paper clips and post it notes that she bought then. She got a little carried away. So when you delegate you need to delegate from someone who understands the principle but doesn't go crazy.

[00:06:54] Yeah. And not only that I think she forgot your calendar because it's two thousand and nineteen.

[00:07:01] Oh sorry. It's been a very long day.

[00:07:08] So tell everybody. I mean you were quite an inspiration to me I don't think in your introduction it said and I don't know why but you were the first woman president of the National Speakers Association right.

[00:07:23] Yes. So just to put my whole comments and experience in the context I arrived in England I arrived from England in San Francisco at 20. I was a hairstylist I had no job no where to live. Didn't know anyone had five hundred dollars and because I was a hairstylist I got a job in a very nice salon in a hotel which meant I could be busy without having a clientele. And then when I was 23 years old I had the opportunity to work in what was the first really posh men's hairstyling salon when hairstyling was a a new really a new profession. And I worked for the legendary Hollywood Hairstylist Jay Sebring which some of your listeners certainly are not old enough to remember but he was murdered by the Manson family with Sharon Tate. So he shook my hands kissed me on the cheek said you're doing terrific haircuts and flew that down to Los Angeles for the weekend and we never saw him again. Anyway what happened was once Jay died I became the star of the salon and did all the radio and television and publicity and I started traveling nationwide for a hair product company doing seminars. Now being the star of my Dale Carnegie class and Toastmasters I always. Put together presentations. I didn't I didn't have notes I had notes in my head but I wasn't reading notes. So all my Executive Clientele were saying oh well you're speaking come speak to my rotary club cabanas clubs Lions Club and to cut a long story short I turned up at my first National Speakers Association convention in 1977. I tell you I was president and our 10th yay. Which was 84 to 85. So it was a few years old and two situations appeared at that convention one. I realized that this was a profession I could do after my hairstyling career because you start at 15 when my lease was up. I would have been behind a chair for twenty five years and I loved the business but I knew there would be another career. And secondly I got discovered by Mike Franc who was a big time promoter of rallies and he booked me to speak to two thousand people on the same program with Dr. Robert Schuller the minister from Garden Grove. He was a big speaker at the time so only in American the NSA convention and then seven years after my first convention attending my first convention that's when I became the first woman president. And that's when I went full time as a speaker and and since those early days when I was a keynote speaker it's evolved by listening to my clients. So now although I still speak at conferences I really make my living Tom by helping executives sales teams engineers win more business or deliver presentations at the customer conferences or any manner of communications.

[00:11:02] Well you were a great inspiration to me. I came running ninety one out of a comic background then I and I thought wow she looks exactly like me. I can wear a hat. No I tell you what the one thing that's that's done me really well. I'm sure you don't know this is that I learned from you. Years and years ago I don't remember where when and how but you taught a split story technique where you start a story at the beginning and then you leave them at a cliffhanger and then come back and finish it. And then I did a lot of MPI meetings over the years which in the day was meeting for meeting planners international now it's meeting professionals and they would always come up to me and say Oh Tom don't worry if people have to get up and leave to go to lunch or to me to go back to work or to go to work whatever. I'm just nodding thinking yeah me and fripp are saying you watch. Nobody left and the meeting planner would come up. They loved you. I can't believe you know nobody left. So yeah you've touched a lot of people over the years. How does somebody work with you now.

[00:12:20] Well I rather like you Tom in a different world. Certainly I I'm sure if I had all your money I'd throw mine away. However now I'm lucky enough to have more demand for my time than I have time. But one principle that's worked well for me that perhaps some of your your your fans could benefit from if you're doing some personal service. So for example when somebody is recommended to me for speech coaching say awful to help with the sales. their sales team's message. I book and I spend a lot of my life in Zoom and I book a what I call Pretend you already hired to me session. So it is really often up to an hour of free coaching. So I say Tom if we were locked in a room together what presentation would we be working on. And I talk through their presentation. So I am giving them free advice. And this is what I call. I sell people by showing them I don't sell people by telling them. In other words I give them an experience because one there are a lot of speech coaches however it's not only the quality of the information it's the rapport that you have and because most of my clients are very busy and I always say and I if I'm talking to somebody who is recommending me wants to set up the appointment full of the president of a company. I always say I will be very respectful with my feedback. However because of my maturity. They're not gonna get away with anything because some of my coaching clients what I've done in group you know they're 6 foot 5 ex military. They're not used for people. Tell them no I'm sorry. You've got to know what your opening line is. And. So I I know that most speech coaches. Will not spend as much time preparing as I did. So for example a new client that I worked with for the first time yesterday in Zoom I had he sent me a link to it a 40 minute presentation which was an important part of his business. So I mean I I had it on while I was you know I listened to the entire presentation while I was tidying my desk my email. But I heard it so when I talked to him and he is free Pretend you already hired me meeting. I told him exactly how we could improve his presentation know what he was talking to other coaches and they hadn't done that. Plus there were some people if they called for my advice and I asked them one question. and 15 minutes later they're still talking and I have not made another comment. I don't. I don't engage with them because they're not going to listen. So I said so that's how it starts. But but. So that's how they start knowing if they want to work with me and I want to work with them. Now if I work with a sales team I'll say I want to listen to your best sales presenter. I want to listen because if I could give recommendations on how to improve your best person you know your new hires and those that aren't quite making it can certainly improve I'm going to take their presentation tighten it up and then we'll we'll teach it to everyone.

[00:16:20] Now is this always on zoom or is that if they hire you.

[00:16:25] I always say if we were locked in a room together because if they're on the East Coast it's not that we won't be but a lot of it is going to be in zone. So my biggest client. And this is an interesting point for anyone in the speaking consulting world. In the years of keynotes. You know that the same company doesn't refer you or you don't speak for the same group again but you aren't guaranteed. Once they know you and they think you're the best at what you do. They keep giving you more work and next year it's you do the same project again. So now you know I have big projects and so certainly it's a lot of it's with zoom with people all over the world but certainly part of it is is in person in Silicon Valley. That's great. I can go to them all. A lot of my clients have San Francisco offices we meet them they it can work. I will certainly go on location. But if you're going to take me to Montreal I'm going to price it such that you're not going to hire me for one day you're going to hire me for three.

[00:17:45] Right. Right. It's a big production. No I mean. And luckily you are a petite young lady where I saw that they're reducing the bathroom sizes on the airplanes to get a few more seats.

[00:17:59] And the aisles are getting narrower. I can't go through the coach section I can't wheel my bag and it's heavy. I have to carry it sideways so yes traveling. We used to think it was so glamorous. and. And after you've done it for a few years you're saying if I can make a living and just drive down to Silicon Valley I'll walk in the office and I have eight zoom meetings for the same money at. Now what I do do is make every vacay every business trip a vacation.

[00:18:37] Well yes of course. I always had a couple extra days or a week depending on what glamorous place you happen to be.

[00:18:45] Yeah. And I have not been on a plane for over a year and a half and I am just thrilled to death. So have you ever gotten screwed in business. Screwed over. What do you do about.

[00:19:02] Well. In the speaking world I believe there is once or twice. I haven't got paid. But that is unusual. I would say I've lent friends money that I've never paid it back. But that isn't in business. So I would say in business. No. Not dramatically.

[00:19:28] That's good. And so did you change your On the times you didn't get paid. Were you not getting a deposit.

[00:19:39] I think what it was you remember of course our great friend Charlie Jones. Remember he recommended me for one of his friends it was last minute. There wasn't time. Well you'd think if Charlie Jones recommended you. You're gonna get paid. And so the other one I can't I can't even remember what it was. But in my mind it was two.

[00:20:00] Yeah. You know his favorite line. You know he could get away with saying things because of his age. The funniest thing I ever heard him say is that with his mother in law was the test pilot in a broom factory.

[00:20:18] Oh yes I remember that. That was a great laugh.

[00:20:24] So what do you like best about working for yourself and what's the worst part. I mean you've done it for a long time since.

[00:20:30] Yes. Because if you think when I came to America even though I worked for other people for the first ten years I worked 100 percent on commission no guarantee no sick pay no vacation.

[00:20:41] Ok so this is all you know pretty much right.

[00:20:44] Yes. And so I worked. I mean I outworked and I produced anyone to have a word with so naturally I made more money and I started investing in real estate fairly early on. And then when I went into business for myself and then of course this is all in business for yourself. So what I like most. Is. Well you can say the freedom of managing your own time. What I like most about our business is that it's such an education learning about different companies and industries. Now I also I work in my Victorian home. I have real you know you see this office I got big computer screens I got a backdrop I got lights from my web meeting so it's it's a real meeting I have my own recording studio downstairs I have another office where I do creative work. Another office if if people come in to have some meetings or coaching with me so it's a lovely house where you live but I of course spend more time in the rooms that you work in of course but I like it that you do not waste time. Going downtown it's every minute as soon as you are ready. You'll walk downstairs and you're being productive. And for me every I organize my life it's all units of time.

[00:22:19] Well you screwed the commute. When people look at probably your resume and my resume. They like how could you do so many things in your life. Well I wasn't sitting in traffic making somebody else rich for 40 some years.

[00:22:37] This is interesting because one of my coaching clients this morning and I was helping him with his presentation and he was talking about when he grew up you know his dad always said you have to work hard. But what he realized very young is yes you got to work hard however you're not going to get rich if you're working for somebody else. You might make a comfortable living. You might have security you might have great benefits but there is always going to be a limitation.

[00:23:07] And so tell us about your online course. Is it finished yet or is that.

[00:23:13] Oh yes my dear we've been selling this for probably now we launched it in 2014. And this is and I learned at NSA early the first person that I heard say it and I know you teach your students this and it's there's no point creating a product if you don't have a way to market or you don't have an audience. And it's just when clients start saying yeah we you know we want to train our sales people we want to train our engineers we want our people a bit give better presentations but we never get them together all day all over the world. All you and I both have fans in our communities but they can't afford our personal one on one coaching or at least not as much as they might need. So it's as a result of a demand. And so I have it's highly interactive learn at your own pace. Very high quality. This is recorded with a company called lightspeed. So it's very interactive. But like old training that people want it now I want it in digestible chunks. I want it on my phone I want it on my tablet. I can't sleep. I want to be able to take another chapter. So it was designed based on room on demand. And for anyone interested in sales presentations or presentation skills however you define presentation skills it modestly speaking it is the most superb training on those subjects with FrippVT and what it is it's own powerful persuasive presentations and it's very cost effective. A year is less than one hour of my coaching so even my executives go through this to help get them better prepared so they save time on the more expensive coaching.

[00:25:32] Yeah. And how long did it take you to develop it.

[00:25:40] Really. From when I signed the contract and when it was ready it was 18 months.

[00:25:46] Did you create a lot of it in-house there.

[00:25:49] I create well I CREATED IT ALL IN LIGHTSPEED because I although I have plenty of content Tom and plenty of video. What I do for whatever format I'm doing. I said How was your system designed to be used. And so I wrote 18 1/2 hours of scripts. Now I am a short term project person. This was a long term project so I learned a lot about myself and I forced myself to have habits and disciplines that don't come naturally and just so you know you write it you record it and then you got to proof it and that and because it's interactive. You see you record we say let's see if you've been paying attention when are you going to do this. What you do one two or three well people click on what they think is the answer. So of course you go to record with three answers so it's very time consuming doing and putting it together. But it was it's it's I have never had children but all mothers. Tell me that once you've had your baby and your body is flooded by these wonderful hormones it makes you forget the pain and inconvenience. So now that I have my beautiful learning system that's all done now I can really enjoy watching it.

[00:27:20] You heard me say forever work get paid paid paid paid paid. Usually probably evergreen.

[00:27:27] It is ever it is evergreen because it's a subject that's evergreen and of course we recorded it you know some more chapters that put in and we have other programs so for example if someone has been all through the program they can close it if they've had enough or we can turn them over I have FrippVT Live which is which is very good for Toastmasters or people who like to listen to speakers. So it's not interactive but we took 11 of my live speeches which of course a lot about by speaking. So I'm teaching you about how to be a better speaker but it's cut into the same digestible chunks so you can watch them you know five to eight minutes at a time. So people often swatch I for a while and then come back.

[00:28:15] Can somebody by one or the other or they're combined.

[00:28:22] No they're not combined you can buy one or the other but if you. So for example if you watched all my speeches on FrippVT which is with with Fripp virtual training the first month is 297 Then it's 29 a month with with FrippVT Live it's just 25 dollars a month. But if anyone says OK I to spend three months watching all your videos you know all the speeches the money that they've invested in that I put towards the FrippVT time if they want to upgrade. So if someone is already been through FrippVT we just so they continue paying them but we just give them access.

[00:29:13] Yes but it could be a hobbyist and still buy something from you if they're not doing sales presentations or taking it through a high level.

[00:29:20] Oh yes and then certainly I bet some of your listeners are fans of my brother Robert Fripp who has a rock band called King Crimson. This is their fiftieth anniversary now and they are doing a amazingly well. They don't go out all year round. They go twice a year for two to three months and they are doing superbly well all over the world. So all over the world they have a worldwide fan base and. My brother happens to be a very articulate speaker. You can't think rock star because you would not believe a rock star. This is this thoughtful articulate and so many different subjects. So brother and I have and we were at a conference together and we recorded full full presentations together and the format we use I ask him questions and he might spend eight minutes to answer them but it's brilliant. So although many of them are principles on how we got to be successful as a musician the principles are exactly the same in any other discipline. And because he played on David Bowie's Heroes we have another talk on how to be a hero for more than one day. Well I took those speeches Tom and I put them in a VT system. So Robert Fripp VT is Robert Fripp fan even if some of my fans. I don't even familiar with his music. The articulation and his ideas in the way develops they will say oh I've watched FrippVT Live so we can keep our clients engaged. Now if you and also a probably like you Tom you know I still have MP3s I have DVDs I have CDs so Fripp.com you click on products everything is on sale.

[00:31:28] I'll tell you what I think I had a part in creating an online monster.

[00:31:33] Yes you did. Yes you did.

[00:31:37] Well we're going to have links to all this stuff in our show notes. So we got to take a brief break for our sponsor message here when we come back we're going to ask the prolific Patricia Fripp. What's a typical day look like for her and how she stays motivated after all these years.

[00:32:19] So today's sponsor is the distance learning school the internet marketing Training Center of Virginia. That's IMTCVA.org and you'll have that in the show notes. Now let me ask you folks do you know what colleges and universities are doing. Well according to gradeinflation.com they're raising grade point averages to make it look like they're doing a better job of teaching when there's a mountain of evidence that says that they aren't. So I want you to watch the eye opening higher education webinar at screwthecommute.com/webinars to potentially save yourself and possibly your loved ones friends and neighbors hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt when they go for higher education but be prepared to be mad when you watch this. Because I in my not so humble opinion say that some of these things that the colleges and universities are doing are downright fraudulent. So I don't want to get caught up in that mess. So check it out at screwthecommute.com/webinars and watch that webinar.

[00:33:23] All right. Let's get back to Frippy. So what's a typical day look like for you. Let's let's do a couple of like if you're in the office or if you are on the road doing a job.

[00:33:36] Ok. Well for example let's look at yesterday. I got up at 530 had my makeup on was glamorous drank my coffee I'm in the office at 7:00 in the morning and yesterday I spent six hours in zoom with my SEO guy we were looking through we're redoing my Web site. So we were checking my thousand blog posts. Which we haven't finished them all but see what do you keep what you delete. What do you make more glamorous. And that was a project we're working on that then and then and then after that all through the day I had meetings with prospects and clients in zoom. So yesterday was a Zoom day of which I had. Eleven hours ensued naturally after that I treated myself to a delicious dinner got on the treadmill cleaned up the office the end of you respond to all proposals etc. staggered into bed. So that was and that is a somewhat perhaps not six hours on one project but a typical day is I have a lot of meetings coaching working with my team that are all over in zoom but because people see me unlike here I do look good. I don't do the I might be casually dressed from the waist down and elegant from the waist up.

[00:35:13] I'm thinking get your makeup on at five thirty in the morning Oh my God I'm glad I don't do that.

[00:35:19] I know well girls do that Tom. Now on the road on the road. I the best investment for any traveler as far as I'm concerned is clear. So you even beat the the TSA line and in San Francisco we have clear in Las Vegas where I also have a home. We have players so that is wonderful and that saves you time. Well Clear is a program that you pay I think it's one hundred and seventy five dollars a year and it's not in every airport but it's a lot. You walk in you don't have to show your I.D. You put it because you set this up. You put your two fingers on the pad and your identity comes up. And so a nice person from clear stamps your ticket takes you through past the person who checks your ticket and your I.D. He just shows them. So you get in line to just go straight through through security and of course because I'm also TSA approved you jump the line but then you go straight through because you don't take your shoes off and laptop.

[00:36:35] So Clear is a separate thing from pre checked the TSA. You're going to be about 300 bucks but there's 85 for TSA pre check right.

[00:36:47] Oh yes I suppose. So I paid. Yeah. And then of course I would be united as my traveler of choice. So I go and have a nice breakfast in the club room and you know and just I'd like getting there and I'd like to get there early so I can enjoy my breakfast check my email respond to anything that I need to before I get on the plane. So I will work on the plane I. My treat is reading thrillers so I will read my thriller until maybe 10 minutes off and you can bring out your laptop. And so you always. And in case you're delayed you have to have a thriller because if you're hanging around and you know what happens Tom they 10 minute you to death so you can't go have lunch you can't go back to the United club room because you keep to oh in ten minutes we'll know in ten minutes Oh we're waiting for the pilot you know and and it's three hours well work doesn't usually do it for me you have to have something fun to do in case and I don't get upset because there's nothing I can do. And I always try and go a day early for an event especially if it's on the East Coast I must just to adjust to the time change in and just be settled and I turn every trip to a vacation and a day I like go museums I like walking around nice downtowns.

[00:38:25] Well I'll tell you what. You sound exactly like me on being early like we say if you're not early you're late and always go one to two days in advance. Whenever I speak but I was doing interviews over the past month or so there was two people on air one was the Gen Z expert. These like maximum 18 years old. One was a millennial expert and I'm telling him they're telling her they're telling me oh you know time doesn't really matter so much to that generation. What do you mean by that. What's. What am I supposed to do put you know. OK. We open at nine maybe 10. It depends on when the people here. So you get some of those people in your coaching or is it all higher level older people.

[00:39:11] Mine are older because and and as I say I let people know if they don't know me personally. And you know I say I'm mature. I like to say you know I you I've been helping executives for 35 years. So they have an idea that I am older in case that's an issue. I think I lost one job because I was too old.

[00:39:34] Well the thing is is I would just not take some jobs because of the people I can't relate to the people because I'm more or more early all the time I say please and thank you I'm polite. Yes I mean I'm not entitled to those kinds of things. So I just wondered if you ran into them.

[00:39:54] Not very much in my work when they have been rare occasions when they say you know our entire sales team is twenty five hundred or under twenty five years or under they have three computer screens they've taken all this training and all that and I saying no I don't want them to look at me and think she's as old as my grandmother and have them be right.

[00:40:18] You know if they were twenty five hundred years old it would be perfect.

[00:40:23] Yeah but you know I have I coached executives who were 28 years old in Silicon Valley but that's that's really the youngest I have younger people in the teams. But most of my clients are 30s 40s 50s.

[00:40:41] And you're still what we consider a solopreneur you farm out.

[00:40:46] Well I have more help than I've ever had. So I have I have an assistant who lives in San Francisco he lives downstairs in my building. So. He's a techie so he makes all my computers work. And we have a recording studio. He's a photographer so we make videos and he's very good with editing and runs credit cards go to the post office drives me to the airport has food ready for when I come home. So very convenient then I have a virtual assistant that helps me with my FrippVT my webinars my website. I have someone else who helps me with websites and SEO. I have a young lady who does you know who does my social media. I mean and really watches it you know every I mean she watches it all the time. I am her only customer.

[00:41:44] You have to. I mean it changes it changed when we were talking right now.

[00:41:48] Exactly. And it might interest you know Tom the people who watch my YouTube videos more than any other men from 40 to 55.

[00:42:00] Oh perfect potential clients for sure.

[00:42:03] I don't know why I said women like me. I'm the person type of person. Men like women like young people like me older people like me. That's what kinds of what was said. You have a broad appeal but on YouTube it's 9 o'clock at night. 40 to 55.

[00:42:20] Well I think they're probably fantasizing about you.

[00:42:24] Well who knows.

[00:42:27] It's so good to catch up with you after it's been out. Been a while and I just love you to death. You've been an inspiration to me and thousands of other folks that will you'll never hear from. But you can be sure somebody like you has has really meant something to people's lives. That's for sure.

[00:42:45] So you're very gracious and I throw it back to you the same compliment with different ways of how you've helped us.

[00:42:55] Well thanks so much. We're gonna have all that stuff in the show notes and so people can click right over and jump into your stuff and they will never forget it or regret it. I'll tell you that for sure. So thanks for coming on. And anytime you want to come back you just let me know your door's open for you.

[00:43:14] Well thank you very much I look forward to it.

[00:43:17] All right folks this has been episode 119 the prolific Patricia Fripp who is with us and just love her and like I said she was an inspiration to me when I first started in professional speaking and and to many many others. So check out all her stuff in the show notes click on over make sure you grab our podcast app so you can listen to this over and over again. You can take it with on your cell phone or on your tablet. And if you get a chance for over to iTunes and subscribe and review and really helps the show out so we'll catch y'all on the next episode.

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