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Butt Camp Testimonials

Essential material presented well. No techie talk. Just plain information. This has unlimited possibilities and would be an easy sell at $495.00 per participant.
— Gloria Starr, Member National Speakers Association

Two years later
Tom because of what I learned at ButtCamp I'm now an e-millionaire.
— Gloria Starr, Member National Speakers Association

Gloria Star Tom's first e-millionaire

Tom, you delivered, BIG TIME. So much so that my wife is kicking herself for not attending. There were at least five sections that each more than paid for the entire day.  
— John Hersey, Member National Speakers Association

I don't know where my business would be today if it weren't for my online leads. I learned how to get them at ButtCamp from Tom Antion.
— Bill Brooks, the Brooks Group

Tom gave me one little idea as we spoke in the hallway of a conference in Thailand. I implemented it and have already made thousands of dollars. I'm crossing my fingers because the same idea has a five figure deal now pending.
— Tim Gard, CSP

Great info.  Tom knows his stuff and explains it so even I could understand it!
Shep Hyken, CSP  

Just one idea I got from Tom made me over $400,000.00 so far.
— Rob Dale, Australia

Tom, I had my best month ever. . . .$6000.00 in online sales
— Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound

Five months later
Tom, I hit $12,000.00 this month
— Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound

Since the Butt Camp I've really been in gear. I finally finished my online product, the “InfoGuru Online Marketing Manual” and started to sell it online yesterday. In two days I've sold 120 copies at $49 each. That's $5,400 pure profit. Plus, in the process, I sold 3 tapessets and almost 20 hard-copy manuals. I used many of your ideas to improve my site and to really leverage the web to market both my consulting services and my new information products. I'm now looking for affiliates.
Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing

Six months later
Tom I'm now up to $10,000.00 a month in online sales.
Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing

Your style and knowledge on a HOT topic is incredible. We have gotten a ROI from the NSA convention and it hasn’t started!
Phil Sorentino, CSP

Tom Antion knows more about e-marketing for speakers than anyone, anywhere.
–Patricia Fripp,

Thanks for a jam packed day full of great ideas.
Lindsay Adams, Australia

All was helpful.  No Fluff – all valuable.  This was worth 10 times the price!!
David Glickman

This practical information is going to totally re-direct my business and take it up several levels.
Janelle Brittain, CSP

BUTT CAMP is an incredible value marketing seminar for speakers and business owners who really want to design websites that will make them big money!
Margo Pachona, Owner Connections Unlimited Speakers Bureau

Useful information.  Best ROI of any seminar I attended in 2000. (spoken immediately after Butt Camp)
James Feldman

Follow up for James Feldman
Your suggestions were implemented within days of BUTT Camp. The response was immediate. Within the first month of making your changes our income increased 5 fold. I recommend your BUTT Camp to anyone that can stop saying ‘but I can't' to learning how to ‘kick butt' instead.

I am so new to marketing electronically, this gave me a simple, easy to follow format to start kicking butt and staying home.
Melinda Brody, CSP

“I've been to 4 Internet Seminars and this one was the Best.” 
— Vera Gilford, Member, National Speakers Association

“Great! You could potentially pull in $1,000,000.00 by using the information given by Tom.” — Joe Rodriguez, Member, National Speakers Association

Great info even for advanced web users.
Stephen Fairley

“I've learned more about my website and Internet marketing from you than from any other source. Within two weeks of your course I was number 1 for my keywords in several search engines.”  
— Michael Stahl,
 Member National Speakers Association

“I attended Tom Antion's “Electronic Marketing Butt Camp” yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale. It was worth 10 times what I paid for it…I got my investment back in the 1st 30 minutes!

Tom gave me incredible ideas for my website…stuff NOBODY's doing…secrets to get noticed, keep people there.. and use your site to make money! He also shared some amazing ideas for e-zines and tele-seminars…stuff I plan to implement immediately.” 
— Ed Peters, Member National Speakers Association

You have provided a mind-opening practical seminar showing how to use technology to market and earn money.
Gary Yamamoto

Tom delivers exactly what he promises: Electronic Marketing wisdom, tools, techniques.
Burt Dubin

Take three years off your ‘teach-myself’ learning curve and optimize your time, talents, and information by taking Tom Antion’s Electronic Marketing Butt Camp.  Absolutely the best use of my time and training dollars!
Rhoberta Shaler, PhD

Awesome, jaw dropping seminar worth more in the first hour than I paid for the whole day. I gained years of expertise in a day that I would have missed for years otherwise.
Jim Zawiski

Tom really shortens the learning curve for using electronic marketing.
Jeff Fleming

 An absolute must for any speaker interested in making money on the Internet!
Karyn Buxman

“You can't afford to miss this information packed presentation! Tom Antion has helped me get my speaking career on the fast track and he can do the same for you. It is amazing how many bookings I have received from marketing on-line with Tom's strategies.” 
— Debbie Allen, Member National Speakers Association

This seminar is well worth the price!  Period.  Recommend to anyone who wants a website to make money.  Just Great!
John Cantu

If you want hands-on information you can immediately apply to make more money in the net, you must take this seminar!
David Garfinkel

Tom is absolutely fantastic!  I can just imagine how my income will skyrocket as a result of my time here.  I can’t wait to get started.
Serena Williamson

You’ll want to bee-line it to your computer and fix something, or lots of things the minute you leave.  And you’ll know exactly how to do it yourself – thanks to Tom.
Terri Langhans

 I feel like I have been given the secrets of the game – time to play!
Gaz Gregory

“WOW! So much valuable information, clearly organized in one powerful profit-generating day! Don't miss it!” 
— Rosalind Sedacca, Member, National Speakers Association

“Awesome! I couldn't have gotten this information at the local community college. It is industry specific, and field tested.”  
— Cecelia Jones,
 Member National Speakers Association

Tom, this is the most valuable investment I’ve made all year!!  And fun too!!
Dr. Milt Saunders

Wide scope with nitty-gritty details and practical tips.  Advice reached all levels of internet users.
Ann Bloch

Your information-packed seminar clearly shows anyone how to turn a computer into a money-making machine.
Sam Wieder

This seminar presented the most useable, $ making ideas presented in a clear non-techie way I’ve ever attended.
Mary Jo Wagner

Tom and Mark Victor Hansen of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” fame horsing around at “MEGA BOOK MARKETING” convention.