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Butt Camp Free Forever

Keeping up with the Internet is not easy!
(Graduates come to all future regular Butt Camps FREE FOREVER)

Internet marketing is a rapidly changing field. Something that works today may not work in the future. If you don't know about the change, you could go a long time with declining visits to your website and declining revenues. On the other hand, new techniques are arriving on the scene all the time. If you don't hear about them, then you can't take advantage of the increased income they could make for you.

My organization is dedicated to keeping up with the changes and reporting them to you so you don't have to do it yourself. I can tell you that it is a full time job and you would have to have several staff members on it 40 hours a week just to keep up. 

That's why I allow all Butt Camp graduates to return for updates to any regular Butt Camp at no charge. Once in awhile I hold an advanced Butt Camp. Graduates of regular Butt Camps get to attend at half price. Occasionally I have a special ButtCamp with a guest expert. In those Butt Camps Graduates will get a discount determined by the guest expert.

I also want you to bring a teenager with you for free for two reasons:
1. I can help our youth by exposing them to this material at a young age.
2. They could be very valuable in helping you implement the ideas.