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Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals Start Today and End Friday Midnight

Internet Marketing Mentor Program

– Includes unlimited one-on-one consultation with me and my entire team, immersion weekend at the
retreat center and lots of other perks.

Now's the time. This program is virtually NEVER discounted. If
you've been considering this for a while, this is the decision time.
Details of the program are here:

You must talk to me for discount and special financing.
Ofc. 757-431-1366, evenings, weekends and holidays 301-346-7403


Pro Speaking Mentor Program – Includes one-on-one consultations
(the number of them depends on which speaking program you choose)

For details on the speaking mentor programs visit:

Pick which program you want and use Discount Code


If you need better financing on any speaker mentor programs, call to discuss.
Ofc. 757-431-1366, evenings, weekends and holidays 301-346-7403



Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System

Over 1000 tips and techniques to be GREAT on stage. Plus you'll learn how to get the speaking engagements. Includes six one-on-one consults and FREE Shipping
Regular $997 Sale Price $597 (You save $400.00)
Use Discount code BLACK597

Click here for the deal

$2000.00 off a personal or business protection dog.