Wednesday 7PM Eastern Mastermind Thanks - Screw The Commute

Wednesday 7PM Eastern Mastermind Thanks

You made a great decision investing in my Ebook Mastermind

The 12th Wednesday session is 7PM Eastern, Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Zoom Link is always

For each session your Assignments and Replays will be at the bottom of the page 

Prior to the first meeting please send me:

  • Any particular goals you have
  • Ideas you have for non-fiction ebooks (Just sample titles and a sentence or two about the topic.)
  • Best email and phone number to reach you

For each session, PLEASE BE ON TIME and reduce your distraction to simple chaos instead of maximum chaos. hahaha

Make sure you have the ability to take notes, have gone to the bathroom, and have some beverage and snacks available, if you need them.

Also, make sure you have a good internet connection and you know how to get your microphone and webcam working on a Zoom call.

If you don't know how to do this, get in touch with me right away and myself or Larry will walk you through it.

I'll talk to you then.

Tom Antion

Hey Kids! Larry here. If you run into any trouble using Zoom, please ensure you're using the LATEST VERSION first before you do anything else. Reach out to me at, let me know you're in this Mastermind and tell me what the issue is. I'll try my best to help you out!

Wednesday 7 pm Replay Session 1

Assignment for Session 1


=> Let me know if you want to participate in the accountability program. If so, email me your name, time zone, best contact method, best times you can be available. 

=> Listen to Episode 1 of my podcast and 130 keyword research. 

Sign up for the "Google Keyword Planner"

=> Read These Title Articles: 

=> Graphics Stuff

Start experimenting with graphics site

Royalty free pictures 

Royalty free pictures, cartoons, clipart (paid site)

Royalty free pictures 

Take my quiz. Each picture came from Pexels. 

=> Secure a way to record your thoughts wherever you are

=> Decide on a Topic

Surprise Gift

Those of you that paid get to pick one of my ebooks. Just email me afterwards. My Mentees get these free anyway. 

Ultimate Guide to List Building

JV: How to be in front of a million warm prospects in the next 90 days.

Kick Start Viral.

One Sentence Business Plan

50 Email ads that made me money

Kick Start guide to advertising your business online

How to Create an Online Income Generator in One hour or less

Wake ‘em Up Business Presentations

How to Get more people to show up for your webinars

Ultimate Guide to Professional Speaking

Transcript Repurposing: How to Sell Your Knowledge in 19 Different ways

Wedding Celebration Toasts

Wedding Celebration Speeches

Wedding Receptions

Instant Eulogy

=> Download PDF Formatting Guide

Download your document here

Use the above guide to create your skeleton / template

=> Google (your topic) plus the abbreviation "PLR" or term "White Label" 

Wednesday 7 pm Replay Session 2

Assignment Session 2

  • Continue populating your PDF book with info.
  • Finish your copyright /disclaimer page
  • Make sure you have a footer with at least page number on every page
  • Decide on colors for inside book. Look at color chart
  • Get in the habit of putting in placeholders for graphics, make a folder for graphics, name them with a descriptive name and eventually where they will go in the book.
  • Start to learn
  • Make a Facebook Story
  • Make a Facebook Ad
  • Get a free account at 
  • Take a first stab at a book cover OR
  • Commission a book cover from OR
  • Get an e-book cover generator.  (Get a rough out of your cover however you choose to do so.)
  • Get an account at and look through the  “Marketplace”

  • Wednesday 7PM Replay Session 3 

    Assignment Session 3

    => Continue collecting and resizing graphics using

    => Continue fleshing out the PDF E-book

    => Click Here to Download the Copywriting901 Transcript

    => Watch the Copywriting Webinar at the link just below: 

    => Start a separate file for copywriting for this Book. Start filling it with everything the person would learn, discover, or get if they had the book. 

    => Start a separate file for general copywriting tips

    => If you want (it's not mandatory) to get my "secret weapon" for headline, and title generation ideas. This is my affiliate link.

    Wednesday 7PM Replay Session 4 

    Assignment Session 4 

    => Finalize the e-book cover

    => Just look at tons of book descriptions on Amazon and ClickBank

    => Start roughing out your sales letter

    => Come up with a headline

    Free Headline Generator,

    My Secret Weapon Headline Generator 

    => Develop Guarantee with Graphic,

    Book Recommendation:
    "Words That Sell” by Richard Byan 

    Find an "Add to Cart" Graphic and create a text link with a command and a benefit. has many sales graphics

    To "Borrow" a Graphic off the webb
    'Right click' and 'save image as'

    Always Increase sales.

    Some people buy the entire product to get a unique bonus.

    One strategy with bonuses is that the bonus is not available anywhere else. Only with the purchase of the product.
    Your bonuses should be good enough to sell or you have sold them. A free email subscription is NOT a bonus.

    Odd numbers
     between 3 and 7,   3 is enough for a book.  

    Sample Ideas for Bonuses:
    Checklists, Special Reports, Consultations, Other ebooks, Cheat Sheets, White Papers, Mind Maps, Premium Content, Social Media Shoutouts, Interview on Your Podcast, For pre-sales - acknowledgement in the book, Bonus from other marketers customized with your affiliate link.


     – (put bonus here) (a $50.00 value)

    Bonus Testimonials – If the bonus was so good and you have sold it before, someone probably gave you a testimonial. Put a testimonial pointed toward your bonus.

    Watch the Kindle Masterclass and take careful notes 

    Download Kindle Masterclass handout and PowerPoint slides and get links to individual videos 

    => Download and install Kindle Create Software  (if link breaks, just Google "Kindle Create Software and make sure you are at Amazon before you click on anything)

    Play with it with something other than your book.

    Talk to you next week.

    Wednesday 7 PM Replay Session 5

    Assignment Session 5

    Finish the PDF Ebook (Heavy Emphasis)

    Add any appropriate affiliate links or links to your site for further training (optional)

    Start Adding Graphics

    Do the best you can at roughing out your salesletter in Word

    Do the best you can at roughing out your description for Amazon Kindle

    Get really competent at using the kindle create software
    Link to Tutorial:

    Start exploring Kindle Categories (as seen in the Kindle Masterclass)


    Wednesday 7PM Replay Session 6

    Assignment Session 6

    Finish the darn PDF Ebook

    Pre Headline -

    Theory of Parallel Tracks

    Story and Case Study Formula – Problem, Intervention, Results

    Cost Comparisons – Apples to Oranges, Expensive that’s good, to something cheap that’s better

    Teaser – A little later I’m going to tell you x, but right now I’m going to tell you Y




    8 x 12

    1000 x 1500

    2400 x 3600

    8 x 16

    1000 x 2000

    2400 x 4800

    8 x 24

    1000 x 3000

    2400 x 7200

    8.5 x 11

    1063 x 1375

    2550 x 3300

    Wednesday 7pm Replay Session 7 

    Assignment Session 7...

    Whatever you have done I want it by end of business this Friday

    Kindle Conversion

    No Tables, lists or footnotes Slide 110 Slide 111 Slide 112-115 Slide 116 - 118 Graphics JPG only

    Urgency / Scarcity

    Recap Paragraph

    Signature (Free Signature Maker on Right Sidebar of )

    P.S. (Article “What can you put in a P.S.”) Not secure

    Book: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

    Wednesday 7pm Replay Session 8

    Assignment Session 8

    => Less new Stuff so you can get the last lessons finished.

    Note on headlines: If it didn't make it as a headline it can be a subheading

    => Start Getting Testimonials - Results based. 

    => Pick an important part of your sales letter and put it in a "Johnson Box"

    => Think about the future and how you can Upsell

    => Listen or download the audio file below. It's 10 years old and I did my best to clean up the audio. It's a review of the famous book "Triggers" by Joe Sugarman. The information is classic and still current as it deals with psychology.

    Wednesday 7PM Replay Session 9

    Assignment Session 9

    => Book Cover to Tom for Showcase

    => Pricing

    => FAQ

    => Top Ten List

    Review Advertorial - Write a blog  post 350-500 words

    Wednesday 7PM Replay Session 10

    Assignment Session 10

    Changing to an audio Script

    You do NOT have to comply with these stringent regulations to create an audio book you sell yourself.

    Each piece of the book is a separate audio file.

    Whispersync – If you want to participate in that ,audio book has to be near identical to kindle book

    Narrator or Not:? If you make a deal, you could be subject to an 8 year commitment

    Click here if you are interested in  my podcast course

    Use:   Master25 for 25% discount

    Suggestions if you will record yourself::

    => Good Microphone, recording environment,

    => Pay attention to what you eat, milk, chocolate, and carbonated beverages. are no good.

    => Drink lots of water the day before. You can’t hydrate your vocal cords the same day.

    => Watch your enthusiasm level. If you get tired, quit and start back fresh another time.

    => Do mono only, NOT Stereo

    => For Audible, each file no more than 2 hours (120 minutes) NOTE: This does not mean the entire audio book is only 2 hours. Each section of the book is maximum of 2 hours.

    Just below is a good article on the differences between and ebook and an audio script::

    Anything that refers to the book itself may need changed.

    If the book says “As you see in figure 1 on page 18”

    That could be, “If you were to see a chart of xyz it would look like.”


    You can see a chart of this data in your "companion document"

    A "companion document" is simply a transcript that would include the graphics and photos.

    Fancier Ebooks

    Video ebooks. I’m ok with a book where you link to videos from the text of the book.

    Overall I'm not in favor of any of these.   Fancy ebooks  (show sample Internet Marketing Ebook)

    Pros: Look really nice and professional

    Cons: Large file size, a little harder to create, People don’t want to print. Eat up entire ink cartridge. Nothing but trouble. Error messages. Claims to go both ways, blog to ebook and ebook to blog posting

    Pros: You can work up your content a little at a time over time.

    Cons: Enormous editing to make a coherent product, takes a long time to write your book one blog post at a time.

    Flip Page Ebooks 4 year old video has flash all over it.

    Make sure pdf book is completed and proofread

    Make sure kindle version is complete in Kindle Create Software

    Audio Script ready  (should be easy) you may want to reduce number of graphs and pics

    Decide on Sales process and if you plan to do more books.

    Sales Process on Website

    Home page is salesletter  

    Home Page leads to salesletter on a page by itself for product 

    Wednesday 7 PM Replay Session 11 

    Assignment Session 11

    Make sure pdf book is completed and proofread

    Make sure kindle version is complete in Kindle Create Software

    Audio Script ready  (should be easy) you may want to reduce number of graphs and pics

    Decide on Sales process and if you plan to do more books.

    Sales Process on Website

    Home page is salesletter  

    Home Page leads to salesletter on a page by itself for product 

    Default Alt Tag for this page

    Home page or sidebar leads to Products page which leads to individual sales letters

    Default Alt Tag for this page

    Blog post leads to product (advertorial)

    Default Alt Tag for this page

    Sales Process YouTube 33 thousand views sending traffic to a 97.00/year product 

    Squeeze Page

    Squeeze page leads to excerpt, or ecourse, or video series or other lead magnet which leads to product

    Page Builder and Entire Suite of Tools (this is what all my students use)

    Thrive Suite  $19.00 per month billed yearly (we give unlimited free training on this)

    Shopping Cart

    Shopping Cart $129/mo or two free months if paying yearly  (we give unlimited free training on this)

    Complete ebook on Shopping Cart

    Runs on it’s own server so unlimited websites (can only dump into one checking account

    Delivers digital files and the link becomes disabled automatically after 24 hours.

    Plus Tons of other things you need. See the ebook or call Tom

    Wednesday 7 pm Replay Session 12

    Assignment Session 12

    Paid Traffic

    Obsess on pay per click

    Best Bargains Youtube Instream ads

    Amazon Sponsored Ads

    Instagram Video Stories pointing toward your profile

    Don’t "boost". It's made for Dummies

    Put out Multiple ads and watch the numbers. Pause non performing ads/increase budget on performing ads.

    Only increase budget 10-20 percent and let it run a couple days.

    If you are going to do this, you must take deeper study.

    We provide it in my mentor program.