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Show Up

Brand New Laser Focused E-Book

How to Get More People to Show Up for Your Live Webinars and Replays

By Tom Antion

What This E-Book is NOT?

This e-book is NOT about getting more people to sign up for your webinars. It's totally focused on getting those that signed up to ACTUALLY SHOW UP!

If you do webinars, this is an absolute MUST e-book for you.

Why Should You Get This E-Book?

Implementing even a few ideas in this brief e-book can mean an enormous return on your investment. In this immediately downloadable e-book I teach you how to double or even triple your show up rates. Higher showup rates mean higher evaluations if you do corporate webinars and much higher sales if you sell on webinars.

In This Laser Focused E-book You Will Learn:

  • How to choose the time of day to hold your webinar . . . make the wrong choice and you'll hear crickets chirping.
  • How to choose the day of the week to hold your webinar . . . same as above. . . consistently messing this up to suit your own schedule will drive you to the poor house.
  • How to make a fortune delivering webinars and replays at odd times . . . I've made lots of extra money catering to people with weird schedules.
  • 3 Types of show up incentives . . . It doesn't take much to take advantage of people's love for freebies to get them to show up.
  • How to maximize the response from your e-mail announcements and reminders . . . You won't waste e-mail blasts or annoy people with your promotions.
  • Details of creating e-mail subject lines . . . if your subject line fails, nothing else you do or write matters.
  • What to put on a registration page to make people WANT to show up . . . just the time, date and a lame title won't do it.

My Last 24 Webinar Replays

I ran some numbers over my last 24 webinar replays. These figures are comprised of only 5 different webinars that were played over and over to the same audience/database.

Overall for the 24 webinars I got an average of 56.2% show up rate with a low of 32% and a high of 79%

Note: The low of 32% was on Superbowl Sunday where I scheduled a webinar to cater to those that didn't want to watch football all day. (You learn about scheduling odd times on page 7)

So, to be fair, I eliminated the Superbowl Sunday figures and also the high of 79%. When doing that I got an average show up rate of a whopping 65.8%!


It's just nobody ever compiled them for you in one easily downloadable document.

You'll Also Learn:

  • How to make a ton of money before your webinar even starts . . . Frequently I get $1000.00 in sales days before people have to show up.
  • What to put on your confirmation page . . .after people register you invite them to give you money.  . . . and they will if you do it right.
  • How to make a “show up” video which can get even more people to actually show up . . . I even give you my script that you can adapt with your info….
    IT'S EASY!
  • A Super Last Minute Trick to grab extra showups . . . it only takes you 30 seconds to implement
  • How to Use Contests and Prizes to get more showups . . . people will show up when they know they can win something.

And like all my stuff, you'll learn much, much more!

This e-book is a short (34 pages), tightly focused document that will absolutely increase your show up rates.

Grab it now for only $17.00. As soon as we roll it out to everyone it will be $27.00. Save that ten bucks Now!

Yes, I'm yelling. In the introduction, I show you how increasing your show up rate can mean a big jump in income.

Look What Else You'll Get

  • My Hybrid Webinar method . . . that sells tons more than the average replay.
  • Little known scheduling techniques for fully automated webinars . . . hardly anyone knows this.
  • The technique to follow up and get even more sales. . . showups are better, but you can't forget those that couldn't make it.

Let me throw in a nice bonus:

You will get a handy checklist of all the ideas in the book, so you'll have it handy every time you do a webinar.

You have a full 60 days to check this ebook. Literally, you can read it and start to implement the ideas in 60 minutes. So get your order in and start getting more showups!