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Quick Subscribe Banner

Adding a Quick Subscribe Banner to your website
This link will give you more details on the hows and whys of adding a banner

Here is the code you need to add a subscribe banner to the header of your website.

You only need the “meta name” line, but it never hurts to add comments, like I did here, so that you remember why the code is there. This is very easy for your favorite tech/geek person to add if you need help with this.

The “app-id” is the ID from Apple Podcasts. So, you replace that number with the one for your podcast. Do a search for Apple Podcasts followed by the name of the podcast. That should bring up the direct link from Apple in the first few matches.


  • This is for Apple devices ONLY.
  • This will work only with Safari – not Chrome or any other mobile browser.
  • Tapping the “X” on the banner will dismiss it PERMANENTLY, unless you tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase ALL Content and Settings — Keep in mind when testing this out! You can tap View multiple times, but the “X” is only once.