Guest Application - Screw The Commute

Guest Application

​Want to be on our launch team?

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​ Do You Want to Be Interviewed on "Screw the Commute" podcast? 
If you have everything in section one, then proceed to Section 2

​​​​Section 1

You must:

  • Be in your own business.
  • check
    Have a good quality Microphone with a pop filter
  • check
    Have headphones or earbuds
  • check
    Have a good wired skype connection and know how to use your equipment
  • check
    ​This means:
  • ​You must have a tested system where you can provide a clear, high quality signal free of hum and distortion.
  • ​You must know how to listen through headphones or earbuds so Tom's voice doesn't go into your microphone which causes feedback.
  • ​You understand we will have to cancel the interview if your audio is not acceptable. This is a high quality podcast and Tom wants you to sound great.

Section 2

​Your answers in this section will not necessarily get you chosen to be a guest or disqualify you. Tom has many people who want to be guests on the show and 1.) he has to bring great value and inspiration to the listeners and 2.) the show must be profitable so Tom can devote the time to keeping it going.

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