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TONIGHT! Make a marketing piece 4 your biz (online workshop)

Brand New complimentary Webinar/Workshop for your business.

You will make a marketing piece you can use forever, on the fly, using one of Jeff
Herring's "Genius Templates".

What's a "Genius Template?"

A Genius Template is designed to make a specific online task "fill-in-the-blank"
simple, easy, and fast for you.

In this very special online event, I'm bringing in Jeff to walk you through using
one of his Genius Templates to create a marketing asset you can use over and over

This is NOT the same old "fluff & pitch" webinar you see all over the internet.
You'll be using Jeff's exclusive "WorkShop-It!" technology to create your marketing
asset LIVE on the show.

"Create Your Own Marketing Asset In Minutes Using These Genius Templates"

TONIGHT! Thursday, August 19th, 9 pm Eastern / 6 pm Pacific

Join us here!

Those of you there live 5 minutes early get one of my best-selling ebooks (it won't
be on the replay)

Get started here!

And let's create your evergreen marketing asset you can use forever!

~ Tom Antion

P.S. You will really get value out of this webinar ....Not fluff... What a concept?