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Electronic Marketing BUTT Camp

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You Invested in Tom Antion's Infamous Electronic Marketing
BUTT Camp Videos

This event will be held January 25th, 2020

You made a great decision to attend Buttcamp via Video. Remember, if you pay once, you attend all regular Buttcamps for FREE forever.

Whether you are a new Buttcamp attendee, a past Buttcamp Graduate or one of my current or past mentees you know the Internet is everchanging and success for you means keeping up.

We will email you when the videos are ready. Since it's an all day event, it could take a week or a little more to get them ready.


At the end of day two I'll have my famous mentor program available at a discounted rate for one week after the videos are made available and I finance the entry fee for you if you need it. Details of the program are at
https://www.GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com Since you are not there to talk to me about it, you can email to orders@antion.com cc to tom@imtcva.org with your phone number and acceptable times to call. Remember to tell me what time zone you are in.

Note: Buttcamp has never been and never will be a "pitchfest". As my reputation has shown over many years, you will get far more value from me than you will ever spend…and that's only if you choose on your own to take further training. I never twist anyone's arm or use any of the tactics I'm fighting against in my https://www.ScamBrigade.com   movement.
https://www.Antion.com/top20seminarscams.htm  Please like the page and comment.

Questions? Call Tom's office 757-431-1366 or his cell at 301-346-7403