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Brand New Laser Focused E-Book

KickStart Viral 3.0:
How to Get Thousands of People to Share Your Content and Send You Money

By Tom Antion

If you run a business,
this is an absolute MUST e-book for you.

Why Should You Get This E-Book?

Implementing even a few ideas instruction can mean an enormous return on your investment. In this immediately downloadable e-book I teach you how to use quizzes, contests and content lockers to make your name, content, and products get put in front of thousands of people that never heard of you before. 

In This Laser Focused 80 Page E-book
You Will Learn How To:

  • Use Targeted Quizzes to tap into the minds of vast numbers of people who not only take the quiz but share it with their friends.

  • Copy examples of other successful quizzes by just plugging in your info into proven quiz formats.

  • Use contests that virtually command contest lovers to tell everyone they can about it.....because it gives them more chances to win.

  • Use content lockers to use natural curiosity to make people share your blog posting, articles and videos.

  • Use all three of these techniques to build massive email lists, create tremendous buzz and sell tons of your products and services.

Get Started in Minutes

Some of the software and services will have you creating your own viral mechanisms in minutes. Some require installing some software. All of it means by plugging in your info to established formats you'll be going viral in no time flat.

There's no shortage of examples to follow all over the web (I'll show you where to look) and people never get tired of this stuff. Quizzes, contests and offline content lockers have been around for ages. . . long before the Internet was even conceived. Now, because of cheap software and online technology YOU have the power at your fingertips to send your info, products and services all around the world . . . and guess what? . . . other people are spreading the word for you for FREE!

You'll Sell More Automatically

I don't do things just to brag about how much traffic I created:

The point of this is to make money. Advertising of your products and services is coupled to all the methods I show.

Heck, I even show you how to make losers of your contest give you money. 

You'll Learn All About:

  • Listbuilding. . . we all know the money is in the list

  • Generating massive numbers of social shares . . . you'll bring in tons of people who never heard of you before.

  • What sites to visit to see massive numbers of viral examples . . . many of the examples have had multi-millions of shares.

  • 5 Steps to Viral Success . . . these steps can mean the difference between a smashing success and a dud of a promotion.

  • 5 Title Formulas . . . The right title virtually guarantees people will jump all over your promo.

  • 8 Software and Services we use in all our viral promotions . . .  you won't have to search around for ever to find stuff that actually works.

  • An advanced technique that will SUPERCHARGE all your "Going Viral" efforts.


Many of these tools and tricks are exhibited right in front of your face every time you surf the web. It's just that nobody ever showed you what they can do for you and your business.

And like all my stuff, you'll learn much, much more!

This e-book is a 80 page, fully illustrated, tightly focused document that will take you about an hour to read and look at the examples. My guarantee is that your mind will be racing with ways you could use the same techniques by plugging in your content, products and services.

All this for only $27.00. Get your copy now!

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Let me throw in a nice bonus:

"How to Create Quality Products Out of Nothing"
65 minute audio

Listen online or download the file (a $29.95 value)

This is an extremely popular audio file (immediately downloadable MP3). I recorded this to cause you lots of problems hahaha. After listening to this file, you'll have so darn many ideas for products, you won't know which one to start with. . . . That's a great problem to have!


For your viral e-book, you'll have a full 60 days to check it out. Literally you can read just part of  it and start to implement some of the ideas in 10 minutes.

Here's what I hate though. Someone asks for a refund saying "All this stuff can be found for free on the web". My answer is "No shi** Sherlock hahaha. Everything can be found free on the web if you're willing to search for many hours, try programs out for weeks only to find out they won't do what you want, find good ones and prove that they work for years and then compile what works all in a concise format to save people hundreds of hours of trial and error. Add to that the fact that many of the things in this e-book they didn't even know existed and wouldn't even have known to look for in the first place. Please don't purchase if the above person is you. If that's not you, get your order in and start automating yourself!

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