Make 'em Laugh 
3 Hours and 24 Minutes of Professional Level Speaker Humor Training.

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You can watch this pro level webinar over and over until you master the techniques in it. I can tell you from experience that adding entertainment value to your material can catapault you to stardom in the speaking world.

If you're just starting out, using humor effectively will highly accelerate you into the paid speaking arena and push your speaking fees up quickly.

It's Not That Hard

None of the things I teach in this webinar are particular hard to master. There are just lots of them and you'll have to practice them to make sure you deliver them flawlessly when you're in front of a live audience.

Some of This Stuff You Can Just Read

When you do proper research about your audience you will uncover things you can simply read and have the audience members rolling in the aisles. There is truly something for everyone in this webinar whether you are loud and boisterous like I am or a more quiet and serious presenter.  . . . Heck I've trained them all and no one fails when they apply the techniques you'll learn here.

Multiple Techniques and Formulas

One of the techniques I use to make fast paced and funny presentations is to vary the forms of humor throughout the presentation so people won't know what to expect and they also won't get up to go to the bathroom for fear of missing something.

This webinar has more than 30 techniques, it's 3 hours and 24 minutes long and includes the PowerPoint slides. PLUS almost all of the techniques can be adjusted for boisterous or serious presenters. (Don't forget. Serious presenters have the greatest chance that audience members will zone out if you don't jazz up the presentation a bit.)

Get your copy now. An email will come to you with a link where you can start watching  immediately or anytime so long as I'm breathing.

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60 Day Guarantee:

Here's the deal. You have 60 days to watch the webinar and practice the techniques. If you don't think this was great training and taught you tons of things you didn't know about using humor in speeches, just contact me for a full refund.

But, do me a favor. If you ask for a refund, don't tell me you knew all this stuff. If you knew all this stuff, you'd be a top pro speaker and probably not even be reading this. You'd be able to show me tons of videos of you putting the techniques into action. I.e. don't steal my material and then ask for a refund. Sure, I'll give it to you, but do you really want to get a reputation in the speaking industry of being that kind of person? . . . Hopefully not.

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