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  • The demand for GREAT podcast guests is massive and you can be one of those in-demand guests.
  • The number of podcasts is increasing like crazy and they need YOU to satisfy their hungry audiences.
  • I'll teach you how to WOW podcast hosts so they refer you and invite you back over and over.

Hi, I'm Tom Antion. I host a podcast with over 700 episodes (Screw the Commute) and I've been a media guest over 1000 times. I know what it takes to be invited back over and over again. 

Podcast Guesting is One of the Best Ways to Promote Yourself.

  • The demand for GREAT podcast guests is skyrocketing. 
  • New cars can now play podcasts right from their dashboard. . . there's a 100 Million new listeners right there.
  • In-home devices like Amazon's Echo and the Google Assistant add another Billion potential listeners.
  • According to ListenNotes in 2022 there were 173,588 new podcasts which equated to 21,294,832 episodes. If you just got on a couple of those shows a week you could be in front of conservatively 100,000 potential customers next year.
  • Hit on some big shows by being a GREAT guest and you could push that to half a million. 

Getting on podcasts can put you in front of all those people with a warm introduction.

What do I mean by "warm introduction"?
The fact you are on the podcast is an implied endorsement from the host. The listeners obviously like/love the host, so this is FAR better than advertising.
And guess what? ... All this promotion is FREE.

You can build your mailing list and sell directly from most podcasts and most hosts are glad to promote you... that is if you do the things that make you a GREAT Guest.

NOTE: I didn't say "good guest". . . . I didn't say "OK guest". . . . I said GREAT Guest. ...
... That gets invited back over and over and gets referred to other podcast hosts because you are so good.

Why do I have the right to teach this to you?

I've been:

  • On over 1000 free publicity appearances in all formats. (almost all recently have been podcasts)
  • On the Austrailian Broadcast Network, the Canadian Broadcast Network, hundreds of podcasts and shows all across the USA and I even did the Tokyo Today Show.
  • Invited back as many as 13 times on one show
  • Featured on one of the top podcasts in the world twice and put in their classics section.
  • Hosting My podcast "Screw the Commute" (706 episodes) for 5 years and interviewed over 400 guests. . . . Believe me. . . I know which ones were great and which ones sucked.

So Here's the Deal

I'm introducing a new one-on-one program to turn you into a GREAT Podcast Guest so you can get millions of dollars of free publicity.
It's 3 one-on-one sessions with me personally which will include live practice sessions as if you were on a real show.
Plus, when you complete the course you will get a "special edition" feature on "Screw the Commute" podcast that you can also use when promoting yourself to other podcasts. . . .oh, did I mention that I'm also going to teach you how to get on podcasts? . . . Well, absolutely, I am going to teach you that as part of the deal.

This one-on-one training experience is going to cost $997.00 when I roll it out big time. For the first ten people who take the course I have a special deal. If after the course you give me a video testimonial of how you liked the course and what it's meant to you, your price will only be 3 easy payments of $199, or you can save $100.00 bucks and pay all at once for only $497.

By doing this, you can spread your name and business around the world all the while getting leads and sales from people who never heard of you before. 

The Accelerated Course

This course is designed to get you on podcasts as fast as humanly possible. I can go as fast as you can go, however, I will NOT sacrifice quality for speed. 

Session 1 - Great Guest Training and Material Preparation

Session 2 - Review of Materials and Practice Session

Session 3 - Marketing Yourself Training and Continued Practice

Grand Finale - We record a special edition of "Screw the Commute" for you to use as a demo (edited to remove any screwups)

To Recap You Will Get

  • An hour-long one-on-one session on what to do to be a great guest and what simple promo materials you have to prepare to be ready.
  • An hour-long one-on-one session that reviews your promo materials and starts your live practice in a safe and supportive environment. 
  • An hour-long practice session that gets you ready for Prime Time.
  • An hour-long session that trains you and records your finished demo podcast appearance on the top 1% "Screw the Commute" podcast

With my heavy schedule and the amount of time I'm going to spend with you, I can only let 10 people have this deal before the price goes to $997.00

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